To say the least what meals were served, after the great battle, at Spitzweg Castle, snacks, afternoon tea, and dinner were dreadfully awful! Lunch, for who ever had it, had been nice since Wolfram had basically cooked it in the morning before his planned departure. Now that Cinderfell was a noble called Lord Wolfram von Bielefeld he no longer needed to cook, clean, tend to the garden, etc, etc, etc... That left the kitchen staff utterly bewildered. The "cook" did not know one end of a ladle from the other. Dinner was so bad that Wolfram ended up throwing a temper tantrum, which no one seemed to know what to do. Yuuri, who thought he had been lucky to be able to sit next to Wolfram, attempted to calm him down and saw that sitting next to Wolfram during a tantrum was not a good idea. Gunter who knew Wolfram well enough finally had had enough of the brat and barked, "Well if you don't like it go make something!"

Wolfram huffed and crossed his arms. He looked around the table and saw that no one had touched their food either. He then stared at Yuuri, thought of something, and a crooked smile graced his lips. He pushed his chair back and stood up. "Give me fourty-five minutes and I'll have a decent meal ready!" Everyone looked at him surprised and no one was more surprised than Yuuri. Wolfram grabbed Yuuri by the arm, pulled him out of the chair, and dragged him out of the dinning room towards the kitchen. Yuuri did not have time to protest.

Once they reached the kitchen Wolfram ordered everyone to get out. The staff happily obliged. "Why did you drag me here for?" asked Yuuri.

"Because I'm hungry!" replied Wolfram with a lustful smile on his face still holding Yuuri's arm.

"Yu…you want me to help you?" asked Yuuri attempting to gently pull his arm away.

"Wwwwwellllll…we have fifteen minutes to ourselves," said Wolfram turning and grabbing Yuuri's other arm pushing him against a wall. Yuuri gulped.

"You said that…that…that you need fourty-five minutes…"

"I only need thirty," said Wolfram as he put his whole body weight against Yuuri. The only thing Yuuri could say was "Oh!" before Wolfram began to hungrily eat Yuuri lips, and of course Yuuri did not mind.

Ten minutes later: Conrart barged into the kitchen. What he saw left him speechless and in shock. Wolfram had Yuuri wearing a pink and red, lacy, polka-dot, ruffled apron, and he was leaning over the stove stirring something in a pot. Wolfram was wearing a simple white apron, and he was grilling some steaks.

Conrart could not help it. He had to comment! "Your Majesty that apron REALLY suits you," smirked Conrart!

"Grrrrrrrrrrrr!" Yuuri turned red matching the apron.

"I happen to agree brother," said Wolfram while holding back laughter. "I tried to get to wear the matching pink scarf with polka-dots but he wouldn't," whined Wolfram.

"Grrrrrrrrrrrr!" He went from red to vermilion.

"Your Majesty it would have been the perfect ensemble for you," said Conrart. Then he pointed out, "Maybe I should go and fetch the Sage. I bet he would love to help out."

Yuuri quickly turned and barked, "DON'T YOU DARE LORD WELLER!" Yuuri was a deep shade of purple.

"As you wish Your Majesty," said Conrart smiling. Conrart still had to hit the last nail that on the coffee. "Pity I don't of a camera. I bet Your Majesty's mother would have looooveeeee to have a picture of you right now!"

"WELLER!" yelled Yurri as he faced Conrart and lunged the wooden spoon at him. Conrart ducked at the last second, and the spoon missed him. He ran out of the kitchen, leaving Wolfram in a fit of laughter.

Wolfram quieted his laugh and went over to Yuuri. "See I told you that he would never suspect a thing if you wore that silly apron." He was beginning to know his middle brother quite well, and began to kiss Yuuri again.

Yuuri stopped him and pushed him away. "You better finish grilling before it all burns" he said. Wolfram pouted and went back to the grill. Yuuri picked up a clean wooden spoon and stirred his pot. "Wolfram," he called out without removing his eyes from the contents of the pot.

"Yes Yuuri?" Wolfram looked at Yuuri.

Yuuri smiled but kept looking inside the pot and stirring. "I love you."


Wolfram smiled and returned his sight back to the grill. "I love you too."

The following morning Hube had two carriages readied to take Stofel, Raven, Gunter and Wolfram back to Blood Pledge castle. At first Stofel did not want to go, but Conrart and Yuuri had convinced him to do so. They wanted to make sure the esoteric stones did not have any long term side effects on Stofel and Raven. Also Conrart added he wanted for his uncle to make peace with his sister.

Stofel, Raven, and at Conrart's instance - Yuuri sat in the first carriage. Yuuri at first wanted to sit with Wolfram, and have Gunter and the Sage travel with Stofel and Raven. BUT, Conrart had insisted that he travel with Stofel. "Your Majesty, I believe that you should attend to Lord Stofel. Please remember that he is one of the ten nobles. Also, Your Majesty is the most qualified person to bring Lord Stofel up to date on the events taking place in the kingdom."

"But Conrad," whined Yuuri, "I want to sit with Wolfram. I should get to know him better!" Yuuri stomped a foot on the ground.

"As King you should attended to the nobles," added Ken as he approached them with a sly smile.

"Why don't you tell him what's going on Murata? Also Gunter knows a lot of daily occurrences," said Yuuri.

"Tsk, tsk, Shibuya. You are the King!" said Ken and began to push Yuuri towards the first carriage.

Yuuri turned to his so called friend and said, "How much do you like the inn in Stratton?"

The Sage quickly turned to Conrart and said, "You know I believe that His Majesty would be much better company for Lord von Bielefeld."

Conrart still did not believe so and dragged Yuuri to the first carriage.

The travelling column consisted of: Yuuri's men, Conrart's men, four Spitzweg guards that Gunter trusted, the first carriage with a pouting Yuuri, Stofel, and Raven, tied to the first carriage Ao and two extra horses for Stofel and Raven, the second carriage with a disgruntled Wolfram, Gunter, and Ken, tied to the second carriage were Willow and Gunter's and Ken's horses, and on horseback Contrart and Hube.

It took them three days to reach Blood Pledge Castle. It had been an uneventful journey with the exception of Conrart prying Wolfram away from Yuuri when Yuuri had managed to sneak into Wolfram's carriage.

Upon entering the city gates both Wolfram and Gunter became slightly anxious. They both did not know what to expect from their respective families. Wolfram wondered how his mother and older brother would receive him. He remembered talking to them. His mother had seemed to be a caring and loving person. His older brother, although had seemed he had seemed stoic and grumpy, had somewhat hidden warmth emanating from him. He wondered how they would accept him. Would his mother be happy? Would his brother Gwendal be happy? What if they turned around and did not like him. Would he be sent away? Wolfram played with the buttons on the cuff of his jacket the he had borrowed from Sara's closet.

Gunter thoughts were along the same line. He knew that is father already liked him as Gunter von Spitzweg, but would he love him as his son? What would the other nobles think of him? Would they accept him as Gunter von Christ? He watched Wolfram play with the bottoms on his sleeve. He reached over and tapped Wolfram's hand in understanding. Wolfram looked up at him and smiled weakly.

They approached the castle. Ken looked out the window of the carriage. He was not surprised to see Gwendal holding Celi back from running to the carriages, and Ludwig waiting for them. He was surprised to see a very excited Lord Waltorana von Bielefeld standing next to Celi, and six nobles standing behind the foursome. The carriages pulled up to the main steps entering the castle.

Celi pulled free from Gwendal and ran to the second carriage, swung the door open, and flung herself inside. She fell onto the floor of the carriage at Wolfram's feet. Startled, Wolfram looked at the mad woman. She looked up and …"WOLFRAM MY BABY!" she screamed and threw her arms around him. She pulled his face into her ample breast and gave him a bear hug. "I'm never ever letting you go my baby, never, ever, ever." She held Wolfram tightly as tears of joy streamed down her face. She felt him try to push her away several times, but her hold was so tight that he did not manage to loosen her hold.

Ken and Gunter, who had witnessed Celi's dramatic entrance into the carriage, watched Wolfram attempting to push her away. Finally Wolfram's arm began to slowly fall to his sides and that is when Ken yelled, "SHE'S SUFFOCATING HIM!" Gunter grabbed hold of her shoulders while Ken attempted to extricate Wolfram from her deadly hug.

"MOTHER!" barked Gwendal from the outside of the carriage. He watched his baby brother die by his mother's bosom. "DO YOU WANT TO KILL HIM?"

"Noooo…why?" she asked. She looked down and noticed the Wolfram was about to pass out from lack of air. She released him. His face was turning blue, and as soon as she released him he took in a deep breath and started to cough. She went to hug him again and he jumped back onto Ken. Celi took notice that Wolfram did not want to be hugged. She felt hurt that her baby son did not want his mother.

Wolfram actually liked the hug, but he did not want to die at the hands of the 'Killer Breasts'. He noticed the pout that she gave him when he refused the second hug. He decided to correct that pout by giving her a bright smile and saying, "Hello Mother!" That was strange. He had never called anyone mother before, and he gently hugged her while his face sat on her shoulder and not in the 'Killer Breasts'.

"Ahem, Mother?" said Gwendal.

"Yes Gwenie?"

"Can you at least let the Sage and Gunter out of the carriage?"

Celi had not noticed Ken and Gunter and said, "Your Highness! Gunter darling!" She released Wolfram and bear hugged Ken and Gunter at the same time.

Wolfram made is move to exit the carriage. Outside the carriage he looked up at Gwendal. Gwendal looked down at him and blushed. His little baby brother was surely cute and hugged him. Thankfully for Wolfram it was not a bear hug like his mother had given him. They broke apart and Wolfram asked, "Is mother always like that?" Gwendal closed his eyes, nodded affirmatively, and from his coat pocket pulled out a knitted stuff animal. He gave it to Wolfram and Wolfram kindly accepted it.

Wolfram inspected the knitted animal. "It's a horse," said Gwendal. Wolfram looked at it again. He was sure that it was a giraffe. "Thank you Gwendal. It's really cute," said Wolfram. He was saved from making any further comments when Waltorana approached them.

"Wolfram," said Waltorana.

Wolfram turned to the man that had approached him. He remembered who he was from the ball, Lord von Bielefeld. Wolfram wondered if they were related. "Lord von Bielefeld it is a pleasure to see you again," said Wolfram. What was he doing here?

"Lord von Bielefeld? I expect you to call me Uncle from now on my dear nephew," said Waltorana and he also hugged Wolfram. Celi joined them.

When Celi finally released the Sage and Gunter, they both made a quick exit through the opposite carriage door. Gunter stepped out and saw Ludwig who had gone around the carriage after Celi's dramatic carriage entrance.

The smiled at each other as Ken excused himself. "Hello," they said to each other and smiled. They both thought the same thing. Should the shake hands, or hug each other? Ludwig decided to break the odd moment by doing the latter. He hugged Gunter and Gunter hugged back. "We have a lot of talking and catching up to do," said Ludwig as he released Gunter. Gunter looked at his father and smiled. Ludwig wrapped an arm around Gunter and led him to the other side of the carriage.

Yuuri had watched Celi make a mad dash to the second carriage. He could not blame her. What mother wouldn't? As soon as the carriage stopped he exited the carriage. He noticed Gwendal and Waltorana head to the second carriage as well. He looked up at the steps where the rest of the nobles were waiting. He turned back to his carriage, and helped Stofel and Raven out of it. He looked back at the other nobles and noticed most of them had their mouths dropped open. The last time they had seen Stofel was at the ball. He looked healthy and robust. There before them was an ill looking man. His beard had been cut very short, his blonde hair was also cut extremely short, and he was so thin that his clothing almost fell off him. Also to their amazement Raven was standing next to him. Lord von Wincott was the first to approach them and greet them. Stofel looked at him and wondered who he was.

Yuuri noticing the awkward atmosphere soon realised that Stofel did not know the Lord von Wincott had taken over for his father only 15 years prior. Yuuri introduced von Wincott to Stofel, making Wincott even more perplexed. They had just seen each other two weeks ago thought Wincott. Yuuri explained that everything would be explained in a few minutes.

Celi looked around for Conrart since she wanted to see her three sons together for the first time in over 80 years. She looked for him and saw him approaching Stofel, and took him by the arm. He then motioned to Roger and his healers who had been waiting off to the side. She frowned. Why was Conrart being so kind with Stofel? And since when did Stofel look at Conrart in such a grateful manner? Then she took a good look at Stofel. Why was he so thin and haggard looking? And how come was Raven there also? Where was Sara?

Stofel said something to Conrart and Conrart nodded back as he looked at his mother. They both walked towards the family reunion. Celi frowned.

"Hello sister," said Stofel. She looked at him quizzically and with an air of distrust. Conrart noticed his mother's coldness and said, "Alazon has been impersonating Stofel for over 80 years, and she had him and Raven imprisoned with esoteric stones." That was enough to cause a major outbreak of gaping mouths and resounding WHATs!

Off in the background a certain Great Sage laughed.

As predicted by Gwendal, Celi threw a ball in honour of Wolfram, Gunter, Stofel and Raven two weeks after their arrival. During that time all the nobles, Celi, Ludwig, and Gwendal had been informed of all the details involving Wolfram, Gunter, Stofel, Raven, Sara, and Alazon. Yuuri had been disappointed that Wolfram's bedroom had been set up between Gwendal and Conrart. Actually Conrart moved his room next to Wolfram's so Wolfram's would be in the middle of his two older brothers.

During the two weeks leading up to the ball, Yuuri and Wolfram had only had a few instances where they were alone and those only lasted a few minutes. Someone always seemed to show up at the most inopportune time. Yuuri understood that Wolfram needed to spend time with his family, but really did they have to hog it all up?

It was also decided that Wolfram would spend a month, much to Yuuri's dislike, with his mother cruising the ten seas. It was supposed to be a way for mother and child to bond. Afterwards, Wolfram was to go the Bielefeld territory with his uncle. Wolfram was to learn as much as possible about being a Bielefeld, and possibly in the future become the head of the Bielefeld family. His length of stay was undetermined. He could stay for six months, a year, or possibly for ever. Yuuri knew that it was something that Wolfram had to do, but not knowing when the blond beauty or if he was coming back did not sit well with Yuuri. He had to do something and desperate times called for desperate measures.

Gunter and Ludwig had become inseparable. Ludwig not wanting to abandon their most beloved king had Gunter help him out with Yuuri's lessons. One afternoon, they went looking for him in his bedroom, office, garden, kitchen, stables, and anywhere Yuuri could hide. Gunter was about to set out an alarm that their Magnificent Majesty had been kidnapped until they ran into Gwendal.

"Ooooooh Gwendaaaaaal our beloved king is missing!" both men bawled out at the same. Just what Gwendal needed! Not one fanboy but two and both became flighty over the Maou! He rubbed his left temple while his left eye twitched and with a groan he said, "Have you checked the library? That is where is said he was going after signing today's documents."

Both von Christs looked at each other and said, "You must be kidding! The library?"

Gwendal nodded his head. "Trust me I was as surprised as you two."

Ludwig and Gunter turned and ran leaving Gwendal in their dust. They arrived at the library doors and threw the doors open. What they saw left them flabbergasted. At one of the long tables was their king surrounded by mountains of books. He was reading a large tome and did not see or hear Ludwig and Gunter come in. They quietly walked over to him wondering what he was so intensely reading. They began to spy at the different books and noticed that they were about the kingdom's traditions and their histories. Ludwig cleared his throat abut Yuuri did not hear him. He was too engrossed with whatever tradition he was reading. Gunter watched Yuuri's facial expressions go from a surprised look, to a frown, to a pensive expression, and then finally a broad smile. "I GOT IT!!" he exclaimed as he jumped out of his chair and pointed a finger to the ceiling.

"You got what Your Majesty?" asked Gunter.

"Uuuuh..oh!" Yuuri saw them and realised that Ludwig and Gunter were looking at him with very perplexed faces. He scratched the back of his head and gave them his innocent goofy smile. Both men saw flowers and stars dance around their king. "I wassss…wwwas…was…just checking out traditions," he said as he quickly closed the book he was reading, sat down, and placed an arm over the cover so they could not read the title.

"If you tell us what you are looking for maybe we can help you," said Ludwig.

"No, no, no, no, no," said Yuuri quickly. "Found what I was looking for. Thanks for the offer though!" He smiled brightly at them. He did not want them to know what he was up too. He picked up several books and put them on top of the one he had been reading. He then took them and began to walk towards the bookcases. "Your Majesty, let us put those books away!" said Gunter.

"That's okay, I'll clean it up since it's my mess. Why don't you go to my office and ready today's history lesson?"

"If you wish," said Ludwig.

"I'll be right there!" Yuuri smiled back at the two men. They bowed and left for the office. Yuuri felt relief wash over him. The last thing he wanted was for anyone to know what he was up to.

The night of the ball quickly approached. Yuuri paced in his room while reading a short speech he had prepared. He wanted to make sure that he had it correctly memorised. A knock was heard coming from the door. Yuuri turned and saw Conrart poke his head in. "The guests are arriving Your Majesty"

"Thank you Conrad. I'll be right out." Conrart left and Yuuri looked at himself in the full length mirror. "Good luck!" he said to his reflection.

The ballroom was packed with guests. Every person that had been invited had come and some that had not been invited tagged along with an invitee. They were all curious to see what the possible heir to the Bielefeld territory looked like. Most of the tag along guests consisted of young women and men. They wanted to meet the most eligible bachelor after the Maou.

Yuuri stepped into the ballroom as he was announced. He walked towards his throne greeting the guests along the way. Once he was up by the throne he stood in front of it waiting for the Gunter and Wolfram to be announced. Gunter was announced as he walked in. He walked towards the Maou and bowed as soon as he reached Yuuri. Yuuri welcomed him. Most of the guests knew Gunter or of him, and they were surprised that he was introduced as Gunter von Christ since most did not know his story.

Next was Wolfram. Wolfram stepped into the ballroom entrance. He was wearing the Bielefeld military formal dress uniform. It consisted of a tailcoat jacket in a topaz blue. The pants were a very dark blue almost black with the shoes matching them in colour. Under the jacket he wore a white silk waistcoat and a plain silk shirt. Around his neck was tied a white silk cravat with a large sapphire broach holding it in place. Covering his hands were his famous white gloves. He walked into the room proudly. All of the eligible and most of the not eligible (wishing they were or did not care if the were not) gasped. He was truly a radiating handsome young man. He walked up to Yuuri and bowed. Yuuri welcomed him.

Yuuri looked towards the band and motioned for them to start the music. He then proceeded to Gunter and asked him for the first dance. Gunter was beside himself, but he remained composed. Wolfram on the other hand was fuming. He thought that he would be dancing with Yuuri the first dance. He pouted as he watched Yuuri lead the taller man to the middle of the ballroom and begin to dance.

The dance was a slow one. Gunter's feet were not stepped on once to which Gunter was grateful. When the music ended there was a resounding applause as Yuuri and Gunter bowed to each other. Yuuri excused himself and went towards Wolfram. Yuuri extended his hand in offer for the next dance. Wolfram graciously accepted and took Yuuri's hand. Once again they stepped in the middle of the dance floor and stared into each other's eyes. The music started and they began to dance. Yuuri noticed the angry fire in Wolfram's eyes and he knew why it was there.

"I know that you were expecting me to ask you for the first dance," said Yuuri.

"I thought that you were going to ask me," said Wolfram with a pout.

"Well there is a reason for why I didn't," replied Yuuri. "Do you want to know what it is?"

"I bet it's a wimpy excuse, but go ahead."

"If I had danced with you first, then I would have had to dance with Gunter. You would have been on the side and anyone during my dance with Gunter could have approached you. Therefore, it would have been harder for us to dance the rest of the night together. Understand?"

"So you're saying that you want to dance with only me the rest of the night?" asked Wolfram while blushing.

"Yes, and with no one else."


They stopped talking and continued to dance. When the music ended, they parted and bowed at each other during the resounding applause. Yuuri smiled and brought his arms up again to dance, which Wolfram eagerly accepted. The third dance started and Yuuri and Wolfram began to dance. The guests were a little surprised and depressed as the king danced the third, forth, and fifth dances with Wolfram. During one of the dances Yuuri asked, "Wolf, I…I…want to know something?"

Wolfram could feel Yuuri's hands shaking. "What is it wimp?"

"I'm not a wimp!"

"Whatever! What do you want to ask me?"


"Spit it wimp!" Yuuri glared at Wolfram.

Yuuri took in a deep breath. "Well I just wanted to know…that…that…if in the future you could see yourself…married…to…me?"

Wolfram looked Yuuri in disbelief. Did he hear him right? "Are you asking me to marry you?" he asked hopefully.

"Uuuhh…no, no, I…I…just thought that maybe…it could be a possibility in 30 or 40 years…see?" Yuuri smiled goofily to Wolfram.

"Oh, I see - just a possibility in 30 or 40 years. Do you expect me to wait that long wimp?" groaned Wolfram. He began huffing.

"Oh, I see. I guess you are not interested," pouted Yuuri.

"Wimp! I did not say that I would not marry you, I said that I would not wait that long! I'll drag you up the isle first!" 'Honestly, how dense is he?' Wolfram asked himself.

Yuuri beamed a smile at him. He had his answer.

The sixth dance was a quick foxtrot that Wolfram was quick to decline. "I know that you really can't dance this. Plus, I treasure my feet!" he said teasingly. Yuuri pouted and took Wolfram's hand leading him off the dance floor.

Lady Celi appeared and asked Wolfram to dance. She winked at the Maou and said to him, "I promise no one else well dance with him." Yuuri blushed. Had they been that obvious? Yuuri looked around and saw all the young ladies and gentlemen's eyes on Wolfram. Their looks were hungry. He thought to himself that he would give his speech sooner than he had planned.

The Maou stepped up to his throne right before the dance music ended. Once it ended he raised his hand for the band to wait until he had finished. Everyone turned towards him. He cleared his throat. "Lord Stofel von Spitsweg, Lord Raven Troster, Lord Gunter von Christ, and Lord Wolfram von Bielefeld can you please approach. Stofel and Raven were off to a side and were surprised to be called up to the throne. Gunter and Wolfram looked at each other. They knew that the Maou was going to say a speech in welcoming them, but it was to happen much later. All four men approached the Maou.

The Maou addressed Stofel and Raven first. "Lord Stofel von Spitzweg and Lord Raven Troster please step forward." Both men did as he asked. "I will for ever be in your in your debt for saving and protecting Lord Wolfram von Bielefeld's life. This Maou, His Majesty King Shinou, and this kingdom well always feel gratitude towards you both for your bravery and selfishness. I doubt that anyone in this room will disagree with me. Thank you Lord Stofel von Spitzweg, and thank you Lord Raven Troster." Yuuri bowed at both men. He then motioned them to turn around and face the audience and began to clap. Loud applause was heard around the ballroom.

The Maou next proceeded to Gunter. "Lord Gunter von Christ please step forward." Gunter did as he was asked, and at that moment Shinou appeared along side of Yuuri.

Shinou began speak. "Lord Gunter von Christ I want to personally thank you for protecting My Great Sage, my descendant Lord Wolfram von Bielefeld and myself during the battle with the siesakoko witch and her bastard son. As I said before, I entrust you with the fourth protector sword, and with it protect King Yuuri and the Shin Makoku."

"I shall, and it will be my honour," said Gunter and bowed at Shinou.

"Gunter," said Yuuri, "I have one favour to ask of you." Gunter looked at him expectantly. "It has come to my attention that you have travelled to many foreign countries. I would like to offer you the post of the Royal Advisor of Foreign Affairs. Do you accept?" Gunter wailed and rushed over to Yuuri and hugged him. "Oh yes, yes, of course Your Majesty!"

"Gunter, can you let go of meeeee?" said Yuuri into the exuberant man's chest.

Gunter released his death grip on Yuuri, "I'm so sorry Your Majesty."

The Maou stepped away from Gunter and motioned him to turn to the audience. "I present you Lord Gunter von Christ, Royal Advisor of Foreign Affairs." Once again the room loudly applauded, and among the applause a groan was generated from the direction of Lord Gwendal von Voltaire.

Once the applause died down, Shinou vanished and The Maou called forth Wolfram. Wolfram wondered what Yuuri would say. He knew that he had done nothing special like Stofel, Raven, and Gunter. What could Yuuri appraise him for? He stepped up to Yuuri.

"Lord Wolfram von Bielefeld, I welcome you to Blood Pledge Castle," said the Maou. "I hope that you will endeavour to become a noble soldier and serve Shin Makoku and the throne to the best of your abilities."

"I will serve and protect you and Shin Makoku until death," responded Wolfram. He guessed that Yuuri wanted to make sure that he stayed loyal to him and the kingdom.

"Do you pledge your loyalty and life to Shin Makoku and the Throne?"

"I do!"

"Do you pledge you life to me, not as your sovereign, but as a friend?" Yuuri brightly smiled at Wolfram.

"I do!"

Yuuri approached Wolfram and whispered so only Wolfram could hear him, "and as your husband?"

Wolfram's heart began to pound in his chest. He blushed and managed to verbalise softly, "Yes." He looked directly into the Maou's eyes. The Maou smirked and then….SSSSSSSSSLAAAAAAAAPPPPP!

Silence reigned in the ballroom. Everyone was in shock. Did His Majesty do what they just saw him do? Did His Majesty even know what he had just done?

Wolfram felt a stinging slap right across his left cheek. He was so stung by the Maou's action that he could only turn and face him with his mouth half opened.

"Do you accept?" asked the Maou hopefully.

Wolfram nodded slowly and said, "Huhu."

"Your, Your Majesty!" cried Gunter. "Do you know what you have just done?" said the crying man. Why did he slap the brat? Why could it not have been him? Why, oh why, oh whyyyyyyyyy?!

Without looking at Gunter the Maou replied, "YES!"

Lady Celi rushed up to the two young men that only had eyes for each other. "Oh Wolfie dear I'm so happy!" she said and hugged both of them. Conrart joined his brother Gwendal in several groans.

The Maou released himself and Wolfram from Celi's hug and pulled Wolfram up to the throne chair. He turned themselves towards the audience in the ballroom and said, "Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you Lord Wolfram von Bielefeld, my future husband and Royal Prince Consort."

A loud clap came from the back of the room and someone said, "WAY TO GO SHIBUYA! IT'S ABOUT TIME!"

Wheels in the brains of two uncles began to turn as they realised how advantageous the union of their nephew was with the Maou.

People started applauding and congratulating the couple, but mostly the applause and the congratulatory remarks were not heartfelt. There went the kingdom's most eligible bachelors in one singe swoop. That night several guests left quite disgruntled.

Two days after the ball, Wolfram left with his mother on her cruise ship for the son and mother bonding. Yuuri did not mind since he knew that Wolfram would now always return to him, but he would miss him dearly.

Three days later, Yuuri was called to go to the docks immediately. Yuuri rushed down wondering if something had happened to Wolfram or his mother. Or had the ship sunk? When he reached the docks he saw Celi's ship had docked and the gangplank lowered.

Wolfram was hanging off the side of the ship and looked very greenish. He slowly made his way to the gangplank. When he reached it he got on his hands and knees and crawled down the plank off the ship. Yuuri saw the state Wolfram was in and rushed up to meet him. As soon as Yuuri reached Wolfram, Wolfram jumped into Yuuri's arms and cried, "Get me off the boat! I swear I'll never get on another ship as long as I live!"

Yuuri help down on the dry land and asked, "What happened?"

Wolfram was returning to his normal pale colouring as soon as he stepped on firm ground. "I got sea sick!"

Yuuri hugged Wolfram tightly and smirked while containing his laughter. He patted Wolfram on the back and said, "You're off the ship now love, and you'll feel better soon." He pushed Wolfram to arms length and asked him, "Who's the wimp now?"

King Yuuri the 27th Maou of Shin Makoku survived the assault caused by him asking a very stupid question to a fiery blond brat.

They were married six years later after the completion of blond's training.

AND, they lived happily ever after – well with the exception of those around them that had to deal with the constant "WIMP!" "CHEATER!" and "BRAT!"


"The End" Wolfram said as he closed the book titled "Cinderfell".

"So I hope you enjoyed your bedtime story?" said Yuuri to Elle, Hube's and Nicola's son. He was seated next to Wolfram.

Elle looked at Yuuri and Wolfram. That was the 'Cinderfell' story? "That is not the same story my mother read to me before," said Elle.

"We did a little improvisation," said Wolfram.

Yuuri looked at Wolfram and said, "Hey, why did you make Sara out as a bad guy?"

"Why not?" Wolfram stared at Yuuri coldly.

Yuuri gulped and quickly added to appease the blond, "I liked your idea of kicking Murata and Shinou out of the temple as punishment!" He smiled at his fiancée.

"Why thank you Yuuri. I like your idea about making the Maou seem more mature than he really is," said Wolfram with a sly smile. Yuuri glared at him.

Elle looked back at the royal couple and yawned. "I'm tired. Thank you for reading it to me." He slid under the covers of his bed. Next time he hoped Greta would read him a story. Not those two -Not ever again! Since when were there four fairy godmothers and one of them in drag in the Cinderfell story?

Yuuri and Wolfram said their goodnights and left. As they walked down the hall he said, "You know, I should have thought of kicking Murata and Shinou out of the temple after you guys read my diary."

"Ummm, Yuuri?" asked Wolfram shyly.


"How much longer?"

"Do you want me to add another five years?"


"Then don't ask ever again!"

With that the royal couple turned in for the night.

Well there it is folks. I hope you enjoyed it.

I hope you guys liked how Wolfram and Yuuri improvised the Cinderfell story.