A Cracky Christmas Crime





Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto and have no wish to, nor am I making any money from this.

This is dedicated to KakashiKrazed. I look forward to each and every Naruto story this amazing writer creates.


"Pakkun, what is that?" Kakashi asked while pointing towards the extremely suspicious package sitting on his door mat.

Pakkun stared at Kakashi with an 'are you daft' look. "What do you think it is? It's a present! For you."

Kakashi looked even more confused at Pakkun's statement. "I can see that. It must be some kind of mistake. I don't get presents. Ever."

Pakkun looked sad at that truth but stated what obviously needed to be said "Well someone thinks you deserve one. Go on. Open it." At Kakashi's suspicious look Pakkun added "You know I'd tell you if I smelled something wrong. In fact, I think you might like this. Whoever sent it knows you quite well."

Kakashi bent down to retrieve the present and quickly stepped back into his apartment, closing his door. While moving towards his kitchen counter Kakashi removed the sparkling pink bow from the box shaped present. Next came the bright neon green polka doted black paper. Kakashi stared at the unopened plain box with a dubious expression, then looked to Pakkun for reassurance. This was given by way of a low inpatient growl in Kakashi's direction.

Kakashi quickly opened the box and looked inside then just as quickly pulled his present out. "Icha Icha chocolate shapes, Pakkun! It's got volume 1, page 15, panel 3 in dark chocolate filled with chocolate ganache; volume 2, page 27, panel 2 in white chocolate filled with raspberry cream; and volume 5, page 45, panel 1 in solid milk chocolate."

"Who knows me so well that they would get this for me?" Kakashi asked with a confused but happy look. Pakkun had no answer.


Iruka looked down at his list. "Only three more people to go."


The End