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"NO!" Alvin shouted.

"Yes!" Simon countered.

"No!" Alvin retorted.

"Yes!" Simon snapped.

"Theodore!" They shouted in unison, making their baby brother shiver and cower backwards. "Tell him I'm right!" They shouted again, pointing at each other. "You?!" They glared at each other.

"I'm right!" Alvin shouted.

"No way! I'm always right, Alvin!" Simon stated. Alvin laughed.

"That's where you're wrong, Simon. I'm always right." Alvin stated with a cocky attitude. Simon glared, looking around. He went over and grabbed his pillow, went back to Alvin and beat him over the head with it.

"OW! Geez!" Alvin pulled on the pillow and hit Simon in the face with it. "OW! Alvin! Glasses!" Simon stumbled back, adjusting his glasses.

"Oh! Like it matters?!" Alvin continued hitting him. Theodore scurried out of the room, sensing the situation was getting out of hand.

"Alvin! Stop it!" Simon covered what he could of his face and head as Alvin put more force behind each hit. Letting out a angry breath, Alvin stopped hitting him. Standing quickly, Simon shoved Alvin. "Ugh! You're such a pain!" Simon stormed off.

Alvin blinked, wondering if he had seen correctly. Had Simon been crying? No. Couldn't be. He stood in place, silent, as he listened to his brother's footsteps echo down the hall to his room. A second or two later his door shut quietly. The older chipmunk dared not to move a muscle––surely Dave had heard their arguing, even from downstairs. And if that weren't the case, Theodore wouldn't waste a second to rat them out in order to get the fighting to stop.

While as the minutes passed by, Alvin crept silently to his door after discarding the well-used pillow. The high pitched notes of the piano twinkled up from the den. That explained Dave's absence during his and Simon's fight; he was in the middle of a new song for them. Curiosity piqued at Alvin when his eyes traveled from the first floor up to his sibling's room.

With the speed and skill associated with a troublemaker such as he, Alvin slunk across the upstairs hall, avoided the creaky floorboards and pried open Simon's bedroom door without so much as a squeak.

There sat Simon on the edge of his bed, staring out his window that overlooked the street. Alvin saw that he held his glasses in one hand, and used the other to brush a stray tear off his cheek. Simon really had been crying after all.

His brotherly instincts kicked in, as he also kicked himself mentally for knowing he had been the cause. Reacting on only pure instinct, he went in as quietly as he had made his way to his room. Watching him intently to be sure he didn't startle Simon, he climbed onto his bed from behind.

Feeling a dip in the bed from Alvin's weight, Simon instantly tensed. He put on his glasses and looked back, feeling both anger, and shame. Anger at seeing Alvin in his room, shame for the fact that he may have noticed he had been crying. "What do you want?" He snapped. Alvin flinched mentally. Maybe he should have given Simon some time before coming in so soon after they had the fight.

Pride overruling his judgement, Alvin scowled. "Hey! Is it a crime to see if my little brother was crying or not? I think not!" Simon rolled his eyes and turned his body to face Alvin's.

"Well, you can go. Because I wasn't crying." Simon stated. Alvin folded his arms, arching an eyebrow. "Hey, this is MY room! If I don't want you in here, then you need to leave!" Simon snapped.

"I'm the older sibling. You can't order me around." Alvin retorted. Simon's gray eyes darkened.

"You're only older by five minutes, Alvin! And you hardly ever act like an older brother!" Simon shouted. Alvin glared at him.

"That doesn't change the fact that by age, I'm older, Simon!" Alvin shouted back, pressing his forehead onto Simon's. Simon pushed against Alvin, irritated beyond all measure. "So, as the older sibling, I'm telling you to tell me if you were crying just now." Alvin ordered.

Simon pulled back. "Why bother? Even if I had been, and I'm not saying I was! You wouldn't care! Everything revolves are you and your big ego, Alvin! Once you feel better about yourself, that's the end of it. Forget everyone else, because once you feel good, nothing else matters. Just like when we were fighting earlier." Alvin blinked in astonishment, at a loss for words.

Does Simon really believe all that? That I don't care about anyone but myself? Refusing to give up, Alvin sighed. "Simon, I have a heart. I do care about you and how you feel." Simon chuckled humorlessly.

"Since when!?" He demanded. Alvin let out an annoyed breath.

"Since always! Why don't you believe me?!" Alvin demanded.

"I have no reason to believe you, Alvin! You've given me no proof! Face it! The world doesn't revolve around you!" Simon climbed off his bed and pulled Alvin with him, pulling him to the door. He pushed him out into the hall. "And the day you learn that, will be the day the world ends up flat!" He slammed his door. Alvin blinked, dumbfounded. Well, that wasn't the least bit the way he had imagined it going.

* * *

Simon huffed as he stomped downstairs into the den and plopped down on the comfortable recliner. He picked a random thick book off the bookcase resting next to him and opened it––reading but not really taking in any of the text.

Dave didn't let any of this go unnoticed and put down his pencil and blank sheet music. "What's up, Simon?"

After giving a few seconds' worth of thought Simon replied, "Oh, nothing really. Everything's fine."

"I have a hard time believing that," Dave said, turning around on his chair. "The footsteps were a little heavy and your eyes are a little too bloodshot... what's wrong?"

The chipmunk resigned with a sigh and put the book down. "Alvin and I got into a bit of a fight."

"Another one? I'm surprised with you Simon. That's got to be the fifth one this week and it's only Tuesday."

"I know, I'm sorry." Simon bowed his head and stared down at his feet.

Dave chuckled, "Well, I can't say that I'm happy with all the fighting and everything, but I'm glad you're standing up for yourself more. Your brother can definitely be more than a handful."

Simon brought his eyes back up to Dave. "I'm just tired of it... after all these years nothing has changed. Why does it have to be like this? I don't want to keep fighting, nor do I want to be pushed around."

"You boys are growing up," Dave said, standing up, stretching out. "Maybe you can both can try talking things out? I don't think Alvin is going to want to fight all the time. Even he has the potential to mature."

Maybe he really did want to talk, Simon thought. I blew up him way too fast to even hear him out... God. I'm just like him. The bespectacled chipmunk smiled weakly at his dad and nodded. "Hopefully we can work something out."

Simon excused himself from the den and bounded upstairs, bent on resolving everything with Alvin. All the senseless arguing had to end––before anyone ended up saying or doing anything they regretted. Alvin's door was closed. Locked too. He knocked lightly. "Alvin? May I come in?"

Silence greeted him.

"Please... we need to talk."

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