Sooo, this took for-evur (yes I spelt that wrong on purpose lol) . This is a big point in the story, very important! This is also a belated birthday present for my best friend, Munk19! This chapter starts off with a brief sex scene. You have been warned.



"Hmm, so good, Alvin," Simon said in a low voice, rubbing his lover's thighs as he rocked into him in swift, smooth motions.

Alvin moaned, arching against each thrust, gasping as Simon ran a hand over his aching erection, pumping it once before going back to rubbing his thighs.

"You like it?" Simon leaned over to nip at Alvin's neck. "Tell me you like it, and I'll give you more."

Alvin let out an accidental whine, bucking up into Simon's thrusts eagerly. "I like it..." he breathed out, gasping at a particularly hard thrust.

Simon chuckled, straightening up and lifting Alvin's legs higher. A deeper thrust sent shock through Alvin's body, making him cry out.

And then...

He woke up with a start, heart pounding and trembling in sweat soaked clothes. He was also incredibly hard. He groaned, rubbing his eyes with his palms.

This needed to stop happening! Ever since his and Simon's conversation, he's been even hornier than usual. Before, it was bearable enough that Simon's attempts at seduction hadn't made him cave.

Although, if Simon tried it at this point in time, Alvin was fucked. Literally. Hopefully. Alvin covered his head with his pillow, willing his body to calm down. He was so tired of finishing himself off. It was obvious he wasn't nearly as good at handjobs as Simon was, and his releases were moderately satisfying, if that.

With a soft whimper, he reached into his pants.


"Simon, are you okay?" Theodore asked his thoughtful older brother who had joined him in the kitchen but hasn't spoken since he sat down.

Simon looked over at Theodore, smiling softly. "I'm fine. Just figuring some stuff out."

"Are you and Alvin fighting again?" It's been quiet between his older brothers, but that didn't mean it was a peaceful silence.

"No, we're just giving each other space, Theo. Everything is fine."

Dave walked into the kitchen, Alvin close behind him. "Fellas, I have to work late tonight."

Alvin sat down across from Simon, keeping his gaze on the table. He could feel Simon's eyes on him and he immediately blushed darkly.

"Simon," Dave said, catching his middle child's attention. "You're in charge." Simon nodded, watching as Theodore approached with their plates and set them down in front of them. "Alvin." Alvin looked up at Dave. Whatever Dave was about to say didn't come. He was sitting beside Alvin in seconds, feeling his forehead and cheeks. "Are you sick, Alvin? You're all red."

Alvin blushed more, pushing Dave's hands away. He didn't like the way his stomach flipped at the fact that he had Simon's undivided attention thanks to Dave's announcement. "I'm fine, Dave. Really."

Dave was still checking his son's temperature. "Maybe I should call in and request the evening off. You feel really warm, Alvin."

"I'm not sick, Dave, honest!"

Simon furrowed his eyebrows as he studied Alvin. This wasn't unfamiliar at all. "Dave, if you want, I can keep an eye on Alvin while you're at work."

Deja vu, anyone?

Dave looked reluctant, but he eventually nodded. "Alright. Alvin, I want you to rest for the remainder of the evening." Alvin nodded, chancing a glance at Simon. Their eyes locked instantly and Alvin was quick to break it.

"Dave," Theodore chimed in. "Can I still go to Eleanor's?" Dave checked his watch, going over to the counter and picking up his keys.

"As long as you leave before dark."

Alvin felt his heart stop. He was going to be alone with Simon? This wasn't good. Pushing his untouched plate aside, Alvin followed Theodore upstairs. Maybe he could avoid Simon if he pretended to be asleep.

Theodore stopped Alvin before he passed. "Make sure you let Simon take care of you, Alvin." Alvin blushed, his mind processing the words all wrong. "Boy, you are flushed. You should go lie down."

"Have fun at Eleanor's," Alvin said before continuing to his room. He made sure to close the door softly before he gathered up his pajamas and got changed. He was dreading going to sleep.


Simon handed Dave his coat. "Don't worry, Dave. Alvin and I will be fine."

"Are you sure? You two have been pretty tense around each other lately." Dave made his way to the door, stopping and looking down at Simon.

Simon smiled reassuringly. "Trust me, Dave. I'll call if things get out of hand."

Dave smiled and nodded. "Okay." He ruffled Simon's hair. "Make sure Theodore leaves before it gets dark."

Simon nodded and Dave left. He closed the door behind him and Simon locked it. He let out a breath before heading upstairs to see what Theodore was up to.

Theodore looked up at Simon as he came into his room. "Hi, Simon. I'm just getting some stuff ready."

"Staying the night again?" Simon guessed. Theodore nodded. "You've been doing that a lot."

"I know."

"Is it because of me and Alvin?" Theodore stopped what he was doing and looked at Simon.

"Kinda," he said. "You guys sure love to fight."

"No, we don't. It just happens."

"So you guys don't pick out days you decide to be mad at each other? Because it sure seems like it." Simon blinked at Theodore in surprise. "Well, Simon, what did you expect my opinion to be? You guys have been going in circles all our lives. Only until a few months ago it's gotten bad."

Simon walked further into the room and sat on his brother's bed. "You're right. I don't know what to do, Theodore." Theodore sat his bag down by his door and sat beside Simon.

"Has Alvin talked to you at all? He seems flustered."

Flustered? It didn't take Simon long to fill in the blanks. After all, he was very well acquainted with a horny red clad chipmunk. Now he had to figure out if he should do something about it.

"Simon?" Simon looked over at Theodore. "You and Alvin still love each other, right?"

Simon felt himself blushing. That question should not have made him blush. "Yeah, we love each other. And we love you, too, Theo." Theodore smiled. "You better get going. The sun will set soon."

"Oh! Right!"

Simon chuckled as he left Theodore to finish packing. He'll pay Alvin a visit once Theodore left.


Alvin was laying against his pillows, headphones on and handheld game system in his hands. He had decided a little bit ago that playing his game was a good idea.

It kept him distracted and from going to sleep. He quickly lost track of time.

Simon knocked on Alvin's door. He had waited for Theodore to call once he got to the Chipettes' house before coming to Alvin's door. He frowned at the silence he received. Alvin couldn't possibly be asleep so early.

He turned the knob slowly, being quiet if in fact his brother was asleep. He peeked in and saw Alvin was playing his game. Taking note the large headphones resting on Alvin's head. No wonder he didn't hear him.

Stepping in, Simon approached his distracted brother. He debated a moment on whether or not he should climb onto Alvin's bed. He figured it wouldn't hurt.

Alvin felt a sudden dip beside him and looked over. He paused his game and sat up. "Simon? What are you doing in here?" He pulled his headphones off.

Simon shrugged in response, picking up Alvin's game and pressing play, he continued where Alvin left off. Alvin frowned but let it go. He scooted away from Simon a little, sitting against his pillows and folding his arms.

It was like that for a while until Simon eventually lost all of Alvin's lives on the game. He turned it off and set it on the nightstand. He looked over at Alvin, immediately noticing the rigidity of his posture. He got onto his knees and made his way over to him.

"You're pretty tense, Alvin," Simon observed. He pushed against Alvin's shoulders, making him sit up more so he could sit behind him.

"What are you doing?" Alvin tried to move away, but Simon held him in place by his shoulders.

"Just relax, okay?" He started at Alvin's neck, running the pads of his thumbs in circular motions along the back of it. Alvin shuddered and tried to move away once more but Simon held him there. "It's just a massage, Alvin."

Alvin stopped squirming and closed his eyes, concentrating on Simon's hands. It felt good, but he refused to relax. Who knew what would happen if he relaxed.

Simon worked his hands to Alvin's shoulders, feeling the tension there and the way Alvin was adamant in not allowing the massage to work like it should. He bit his lip in thought and continued his motions.

Hands trailed down his spine, tickling Alvin and making him arch away from the sensation. "Simon... "

"Just relax. You'll feel good, I promise." He ran his palms up and down Alvin's back, adding pressure wherever he felt knots and tension. He trailed his hands back up to Alvin's shoulders and kneaded them thoroughly.

Alvin gasped, fisting his pants as a small shock shot through his system. He knew immediately that Simon was unaware of this new discovery. This couldn't be happening. His body can't seriously be turning a simple massage into something more sensual, can it?

In answer, a different spot was activated, and he fought hard not to shudder visibly. God, this felt too good. He licked his lips, making sure his breathing was under control before speaking up. "Simon... I feel fine now, thanks."

Simon forced him to stay seated before slipping Alvin's shirt up and over his head. Alvin shivered, hugging his arms to his chest with a blush. "Let me make you feel good, Alvin."

Simon's warm hands on his body made him want to groan. He could feel his body flushing with desire, he had to breathe deeper to keep from panting with want.

This was going to get out of hand soon, he could feel it. His breath hitched as Simon trailed his fingers up his neck, brushing against his hair before dragging them back down and across his shoulders, massaging any knots from Alvin's body with a few accurately placed touches of pressure.

Simon could feel each of the minutest of flinches that hit Alvin's body. He chalked it up to the brief pain that came with massaging the tense muscles. His suspicions, though, were tested when he brushed against an already soothed spot.

Hmm... Curious now, he leaned forward, nuzzling Alvin's neck with his mouth, kissing it softly.

Alvin swallowed, "Simon?" He gripped his pants tightly, forcing his body not to respond to the softness of his brother's lips.

"You're so soft, you know that?" Simon whispered, trailing his hands down Alvin's arms and back up again.

"Making me feel girly here, Si..." Alvin breathed out, blushing hotly as Simon trailed a finger down the center of his chest.

There was another flinch, a brief spasm as Alvin fought not to arch into the caress. That was all the hint Simon needed to understand why his brother was so tense to begin with.

"You need to relax for the massage to work, Alvin," Simon whispered against his neck. He dragged his hands up to Alvin's shoulders and rubbed them firmly.

"H-How can I relax with you touching me like this?" Alvin asked softly.

"That's what a massage is supposed to do, Alvin." He nuzzled Alvin's neck with his cheek, sliding his hands up and down his brother's back. Inhaling, he sighed against Alvin's neck, and once more felt a slight tremble before Alvin tensed once more. "I love your smell. Cinnamon."

Alvin squirmed once more in an attempt to escape, but Simon held fast. No, no, no... He was turned on now, and that was not good. If Simon figured that out, Alvin knew he'd have little to no fight in him if his brother decided to do something about it. He still wanted them to be on the same romantic level, and he refused to let his lust overrule his requirements for anything sex related. Well.. he hoped he could refuse.

"You know what else I love about you?" Simon whispered, breaking into Alvin's scattered thoughts. Alvin stopped squirming, but he couldn't relax if he wanted to. "Your taste." Moist warmth traveled up his neck to just below his ear before it latched onto his skin and sucked.

Alvin let out a silent moan, his eyes closing tightly and his knuckles white as he gripped his pants over his thighs. He struggled to keep his breathing under control, vaguely aware of Simon's arms wrapping around his stomach.

Simon pulled away from Alvin's neck to see his work of art and pecked it softly. "I love how easy it is to read your body, Alvin," he said softly, trailing his hands up and down his brother's stomach. "I knew you were horny the first time we made eye contact today."

Alvin almost groaned. Whether it was due to Simon's words or his hands on his stomach, Alvin couldn't decide. Most likely both.

"I love your self control, Alvin. It must be so...hard for you right now." There was definitely a double meaning in that sentence, Alvin knew it. "I can make it easier for you." Alvin gasped at the faint touch over his concealed erection.

With one hand holding his brother in place against his chest, Simon used his other hand to rub Alvin's thigh in a soothing, reassuring manner. "S-Simon..."

"I love the way you say my name when we mess around." The faint touch on his thigh was traveling towards his front and Alvin squirmed slightly once more. Simon stopped his hand before it reached his goal. "If you want me to stop, tell me."

Alvin went still. There it was, his way out. All he had to do was speak up. Just say the word "stop", Alvin, and you'll be out of this predicament. And right back to having wet dreams and waking up at full mast every night...

Against his better judgment, Alvin said, "Keep going... please?" He knew, had predicted, that if Simon approached him in this manner, he wouldn't be able to push him away.

"Are you sure?" Simon whispered, his hand resting lightly on it's goal, running his palm over it through the thin layers of clothes. Alvin gasped sharply, fighting down a shudder. "If I keep going, you can't hold back, Alvin. That's my only exception."

Alvin nodded, his cheeks blushing furiously and his mind going fuzzy under the ministrations of his brother's hand. God, he was so gonna regret this later.

A kiss to his neck had him sighing softly in content. He felt Simon push against his stomach, making him lean more on him and he allowed it. "Do you have any requests?"

"Requests?" He was thinking while Simon turned him so he was facing him. Alvin would be lying to himself if he didn't admit he seriously wanted Simon to have sex with him. If his dreams were anything to go on, he had a feeling that was what he'd need to stop having those dreams.

"Hand, mouth," Alvin looked up at him quickly at the word sex and Simon chuckled. "That bad, huh?" He eased Alvin onto his back and climbed on top of him. He nudged Alvin's legs apart and climbed between them. He leaned in and kissed his neck, down his chest, stomach and stopped when he reached his pants.

Alvin was breathless now, he could feel Simon's hardness just barely against his own and he whimpered. "Simon... please..." He couldn't take much more of this.

Simon worked his way back up and met Alvin's eyes. They were glazed, the pupils blown wide with arousal. "You haven't given me your decision yet, Alvin." He worked Alvin's pants and boxers off in one motion, setting them with his pajama top. Rubbing the soft flesh of Alvin's thighs, Simon waited. He rubbed the outer thigh first and worked his way to the inner thigh, watching with fascination as Alvin's eyes grew darker with lust.

Alvin's mind was going haywire. He was right there! Right where his body craved him most. Just the thought of Simon inside him lit his body up like a volcano. And Simon volunteered sex as an option! Alvin groaned, he wanted it more than anything...

Alvin was obviously thinking over what he wanted to be done to him, Simon could tell. Lowering his gaze to the body under him sent a wave of pleasure shooting through him. Alvin was so beautiful. He watched a small drop of precum form at the tip of Alvin's erection and he licked his lips. Alvin must be so turned on for him to be so fargone without having been touched much.

He trailed his hands up Alvin's chest, moving up to look into dark blue eyes. Alvin blinked his eyes into focus and met smoldering gray ones. Simon smiled and leaned in to kiss him. There was a mutual electric shock as soon as their lips met and Simon pulled back in surprise. Alvin smiled, warmth spreading through his body, and he pulled his brother back in for another kiss. They both felt the shock again, but didn't break the kiss.

The kiss wasn't like their last one, where it was shy and hesitant. Simon couple feel every ounce of Alvin's desire and love for him. Alvin may not have verbally expressed his true feelings, but Simon knew about them. It probably meant he was playing with his feelings doing all this stuff with him and not knowing if he felt the same.

There must be something there, Simon knew. He fell into the role of a lover much too easily, so he must feel something. And he was the one who dubbed their fights as lover's quarrels, too. But when did Alvin fall in love with him?

Simon broke the kiss slowly, his heart racing. Addicted, damn he was addicted. He pecked at Alvin's lips, loving the taste and softness. "I love kissing you," he breathed out, trailing his lips to Alvin's neck. Alvin moaned softly, causing Simon to smile. "Have you decided yet?"

Alvin nodded. "I want you...please..."


While Simon was searching for whatever he was looking for, Alvin's mind drifted down from the hazy high it was in.

Panic settled in immediately and he sat up, watching Simon as he gave an "Aha!" and turned to face him. Their eyes locked and Simon could easily recognize the nervousness he saw. "What's wrong?"

"I don't think we should do this," Alvin said as he sat up and pulled his blanket over is lap.

Frowning, Simon faced Alvin fully. "Why not?"

Alvin bit his lip, looking away. Simon gave him the time to think about the current situation and what he wanted to say. Alvin sighed. "I told myself I wouldn't let this happen again... only if..."

Simon tilted his head. "'Only if' what?"

Alvin shook his head.

"Are you worried about what happened in the attic happening again? Because it won't, I swear."

"That's good to hear...but, no, it's not about that. Not entirely."

Simon sat more comfortably, sensing this wasn't going to be a quick conversation like he thought. "Talk to me, Alvin." This was what has been bothering Alvin for months, he could feel it.

Alvin felt overly exposed. Not only was he naked, but the conversation was going into a subject that he wasn't ready to reveal. It would leave him too open for heartbreak, vulnerability, and his pride (what was left of it) would be destroyed.

Simon could see him curling back into his shell and he knew this had to stop. Whatever was happening in his head needed to be spoken. And he knew just how to get it out. He scooted over to his brother, wrapping his arms around his soft, exposed upper body and holding him close.


Why did that one word strike fear and anxiety into Alvin's heart. "Simon... don't... please.."

Simon ignored him nuzzling his neck. God, he loved everything about his brother. "I love you, Alvin."

Alvin's heart stopped for one, two, three beats before it kicked into overdrive.

"You don't..."