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~Christmas Day (December 25)~

In the throne room, once again, Gin, Aizen and Tousen stood waiting for the Espada to arrive with their presents.

Grimmjow, with a pocket full of mistletoes and eager to see Ulquiorra, ran towards the throne room with such speed, that he could not stop fast enough when he realized the enormous doors to the throne room were closed.

OH SHIT! Grimmjow's eyes widened upon that realization-

SMACK! Right into those doors.

"OW! FUCK!!!" Grimmjow yelled at the top of his lungs. His hands shot up, covering the lower half of his face. Not only did he bite his lower lip, blood gushed out of his nose and dripped down his chin. Damnit why now?! Of all the fucking times for this to happen.

The noise that Grimmjow had caused was so loud, that even Gin, Aizen, and Tousen, who were all on the other side of the door jumped.

"Hm… Someone's a little excited. Ain't he?" Gin commented with a fox-like grin. Aizen could not hide his smile.

Back on the other side of the doors, Grimmjow frantically tried to stop the bleeding when Yammy arrived in front of the doors. Yammy, upon seeing Grimmjow in his present state could not stifle a laugh.

"What the hell happened to you?" Yammy said, clearly amused that his comrade was in pain. Serves him right anyways for slamming the door in my face. Talk about Karma.

"What does it LOOK LIKE?!" Grimmjow was very pissed now. Although the bleeding had stopped for the most part, his lower lip stung like hell.

"You might want to go to the restroom and wash the blood off," Starrk said with a yawn.

Grimmjow whipped his head around to the source of the voice. He narrowed his eyes. "When the hell did you get here?"

"Just now. But seriously, get the blood washed off. Aizen-sama won't be too pleased."

"Fine," Grimmjow grumbled, before walking into the nearest restroom.


Szayel walked out of his room and towards his lab, where Ulquiorra, still knocked out, was lying in a wrapped gift box. Opening the doors to his lab, he was greeted by the comforting smell of preserving fluids and walked towards the present he made just last night.

"Good morning, Ulquiorra," the Octava said with an evil grin.

Szayel, then, walked to the other side of the room to get a cart to put the present in. When he walked back with the cart, he lifted Ulquiorra and put him in the cart. He looked at the clock hanging on the wall. Five more hours until the sleep medication wears off, he mentally calculated.

He then covered the box with a white cloth, making it seem he was carting out one of his experimental subjects out of the lab, in case anyone asked.

Before Szayel set out for Grimmjow's room, he opened the lab door and peeked out to see if the coast was clear. It was. Everything was quiet in the hall. Szayel looked back at the clock in the lab and figured that everyone should be at the throne room by now. Just in case, he waited ten minutes before pushing out his present and made his way to Grimmjow's room.

He tried opening the door and to his luck, in Grimmjow's rush to get to the throne room, Grimmjow had forgotten to lock his door. Szayel took a quick look around to make sure no one was around before opening the door to Grimmjow's room. To his surprise, Grimmjow's room was pretty clean – the floor was clean, the bed was made, everything was put away neatly. He had an entirely different image of what Grimmjow's room would be like, and neat and clean was not of them. It was almost as if Grimmjow was expecting someone today.

Szayel threw off the white cloth hiding his present before picking the present up and placing it on Grimmjow's bed. As soon as that was done, he exited out of Grimmjow's room as quickly as possible and closed the door slowly, not wanting to make any noise. He then proceeded to pushing the cart back to his lab before heading towards the throne room. He was so going to be late.

~Back in the throne room~

It seemed that all of the Espada had arrived and the throne room door was unlocked and open. Well, all of them were present except for Szayel and Ulquiorra.

When those that were present walked into the throne room, they were greeted by a gigantic Christmas tree and Gin with a box full of decorations.

"Welcome and merry Christmas!" Gin cried joyfully at the bewildered Espada. But his festive mood was cut short when he noticed the absence of pink hair and a certain emerald eyed arrancar.

"Eh? Where's Ulqui-chan and Szayel?" Gin asked, his smile falling slightly.

It was then that they realized the absence of the Octava and the Cuatra. Everyone began to scan the room wondering the exact same thing. Ulquiorra and Szayel were always so punctual. They were usually the first ones to arrive, so this was so unlike them. Even Aizen had a worried expression on his face.

Suddenly, Szayel burst into the room. The moment that he did, the tension immediately calmed.

"My greatest apologies everyone, Aizen-sama." Szayel bowed respectfully. "I had something in the lab I had to take care of immediately."

"Well, now there's jus' Ulqui-chan," Gin sighed. "Szayel, have you seen Ulquiorra on the way here?"

"No sir, I haven't," Szayel lied, trying to keep himself from smiling.

"Oh. Well, we can't jus' waste precious time. Everyone, let's decorate the tree. The decorations are next to the tree."

And so everyone got to work. They were getting pretty excited, even Starrk – he stayed awake the entire time! This was officially going to be their first Christmas, and they were eager to see how it would be like.

Everyone was having a wonderful time, except Grimmjow. He stood in front of the tree, watching everyone decorate it. His hands went into his pockets and felt the mistletoe he hid for this occasion. Does Ulquiorra hate me so much that he wouldn't even show his face here?

Szayel, noticing Grimmjow's dejected look, walked over to try to comfort him.

"Grimmjow, what's wrong?" Szayel asked, trying to be concerned.

"Nothing. I'm fine," Grimmjow said as he wiped his nose.

"Hey, no worries, I'm sure Ulquiorra has a good reason for being really late. Don't worry, okay?" Szayel patted Grimmjow on the back and tried to get Grimmjow to join in the festivities but Grimmjow would not budge. The blue haired arrancar remained stubbornly where he was.

Hm… this isn't really starting off as I hoped, Szayel thought to himself. I hope this won't take five hours. But even if he does wake up, the aphrodisiac should weaken him dramatically.

"Okay, it's time ta exchange presents!" Gin chimed in. "Starrk, why don't you go first?"

So while everyone exchanged presents, Grimmjow and Szayel stood watching as everyone opened their presents. Some squealed in delight while others were a bit disappointed. One of the disappointed ones had received tampons. Seriously. Why would anyone give a guy tampons? After everyone that brought gifts had all exchanged them, Nnoitra walked up to Grimmjow.

"Hey, what's with the long face?" Nnoitra asked sympathetically. "Here, take this." Nnoitra handed him a present, wrapped in silver paper and tied with a green ribbon. "That's for Ulquiorra, if you happen to see him. And here's yours." And he handed Grimmjow another present wrapped in different shades of blue.

"Um… thanks," Grimmjow mumbled, a bit surprised by the kind gesture.

"No worries," Nnoitra said casually. "And by the way, Ulquiorra doesn't hate you at all," he added before walking away, leaving Grimmjow to his thoughts.


What the hell was that about? Grimmjow leaned against the wall as he stared at the ground.

Szayel, still looking at Grimmjow, did not really like the way things had turned out. He began to feel a tad guilty for making his friend sad. He looked at his watch. Crap only ten more minutes before the sleeping medication wears off. Damnit. If Ulquiorra wakes up now, I am SO fucking dead.

Then, he noticed Grimmjow walking out of the throne room, his head hanging in a dejected manner and his eyes downcast as his stared at the ground, his hands in his pockets.

"Hey! Wait, where are you off to?" Szayel asked as he ran to catch up.

"I'm going back to my room," Grimmjow mumbled.

"Oh." YES! I'm saved! "Do you want me to walk with you?"

"Nah, I just wanna be alone for a while."

"I'm heading over to the lab anyway. I just got some new test subjects and I need to get those cleaned and stored right away," he lied. "So I guess we're heading over to the same general area whether you like it or not." He just wanted to be near when all the fun starts.

So they walked together and stopped in front of Grimmjow's room. Szayel gave him a pat on the shoulder and walked towards the lab.

When Grimmjow opened his door, he realized his door was unlocked. Oops. He walked in anyway, though, and shut the door behind him before turning on the lights. The first thing he saw was a big present wrapped in red wrapping paper topped with a green bow on his bed. Grimmjow furrowed his eyebrows.

Where the hell did that come from?

Curious, he walked towards his bed slowly – wondering if it was some sort of prank or trap. When he was finally standing in front of his bed, he also noticed a handmade card placed beside the wrapped box. The handwriting on the card was large, slanted and flamboyant. Upon closer inspection, he recognized it as Szayel's handwriting:

Merry Christmas!

I hope you enjoy your gift.

It was short, but touching. The Sexta Espada could not help, but smile a little upon reading it. Grimmjow put the two gifts Nnoitra gave him on his desk before proceeding to unwrap his gift.

He carefully unwrapped the box – trying not to tear the paper too much. And when it was finally unwrapped, Grimmjow noticed tiny holes on the sides of the box and he heard… breathing?!

Grimmjow quickly opened the box and jumped back with a yelp when he saw what was in there. His eyes widened. Inside lay Ulquiorra, unconscious, with an unnatural blush spread across his pale face. When he had gotten over his shock over seeing an unconscious Ulquiorra, Grimmjow neared the box and proceeded to poke him a few times for two reasons; one, to check if he was alive, and two, to check if this was some sort of mirage.

Well, at least he knew for certain whether or not this was a mirage now, for when he had poked Ulquiorra, his finger pressed against soft skin. This was definitely not a mirage. But no matter how hard Grimmjow tried to wake him up, Ulquiorra would not even budge. Okay, he's not dead since he's breathing. But what the hell happened to him?

After a few tries, he gave up, but decided to take Ulquiorra out of the box. He scooped him up and carried him with one arm easily, surprised at how light Ulquiorra was. With the other arm, he cleared the bed and gently put Ulquiorra on it. Grimmjow sat beside his bed-ridden comrade and felt his forehead – his temperature was normal. He found his right hand stroking Ulquiorra's fair skin. It was perfect and smooth. Looking at Ulquiorra's sleeping form, he realized that it was like he was looking at a sleeping porcelain doll, lips slightly parted.

Grimmjow really wanted to touch those lips but… what if Ulquiorra woke up? Slowly, he lifted his left hand and gingerly brushed Ulquiorra's lips. They were so smooth and soft. Mesmerized, he leaned towards Ulquiorra's sleeping form and stopped when their faces were less than an inch away.

What am I doing?!

Grimmjow tried to sit up but a pale hand grabbed his jacket and pulled him down to a gentle kiss.

Grimmjow, eyes open the whole time, saw Ulquiorra's eyes slowly opening. But when they did, they were not cold like they usually were. There were no heartless stares. They were warm and beautiful. When they parted, all Grimmjow could do was to stare at Ulquiorra in disbelief.

"Merry Christmas, Grimmjow," Ulquiorra whispered with a small smile. "Isn't that the kiss you always wanted?" His pale arms hooked around Grimmjow's neck.


Szayel, bored, decided to do an inventory count; syringes, 940 – check; disinfectant spray – check; Aphrodisiac – wait what? Szayel checked the label. What was it still doing here? He only had one since he had planned to use it on Ulquiorra.

Frantically, Szayel searched through his discarded containers. After a few minutes, he found the one he was looking for – with a third still left. He carefully looked at the label:

Diluted Scorpion Poison .001 ml

That explains the rise in temperature.

Oh, shit. Szayel's eyes widened in panic. Calm down Szayel – it's not near enough to kill him… I hope.

Ulquiorra pulled Grimmjow closer. "Aren't you going to unwrap your present?" Ulquiorra whispered while playing with Grimmjow's teal-colored hair.

"Oh yeah!" Grimmjow got up, untangling himself from Ulquiorra and went to his desk to retrieve the presents Nnoitra had given him.

Grimmjow came back with the presents, helped Ulquiorra sit up and handed him his.

"Nnoitra gave them to us," Grimmjow informed a confused Cuatra.

Ulquiorra fingered his present curiously, lifting it up, and raising his eyebrow as he tried to guess what it was from the weight of it. It was not usual for Nnoitra to be this nice. "I wonder what they could be," Ulquiorra mused.

"As long as it's not something perverted," Grimmjow replied, "You should've seen it – he gave Yammy tampons."

Ulquiorra could not help, but laugh. Grimmjow only looked at Ulquiorra's face as he tried to stifle his laugh and failed.

"You have such a cute laugh Ulquiorra," Grimmjow said as he proceeded to hug Ulquiorra and buried his face in Ulquiorra's hair. A scent reached his nostrils then. The slight scent of blood.

"Grimmjow," Ulquiorra said tentatively.


"Why do you smell like blood?"

"Oh, um… well," Grimmjow stuttered, embarrassed, remembering what had happened a mere five and a half hours ago. "There's blood in your hair, what happened to you?" he asked, trying to change the subject.

"I don't remember," Ulquiorra admitted.

"Hm." Grimmjow tilted his head. It was not usual for Ulquiorra to be absentminded. After awhile, he spoke; "You should probably take a shower." Grimmjow got up. "I should probably do that too."

"Um, one thing though," Ulquiorra said as he tried to get up. His legs wobbled and he sat back down on Grimmjow's bed. "I can't walk."

Without so much as a second thought, Grimmjow scooped him up and carried Ulquiorra to his bathroom. Slightly surprised at this sudden action, Ulquiorra quickly wrapped his arms around the Sexta's neck. He could feel the heat rise from his neck, slightly embarrassed at having Grimmjow carry him. "Come on, I'll help you, we both can use one anyway," Grimmjow said.

Once inside, Grimmjow put Ulquiorra down to get the shower ready, and as the steam from the shower engulfed them both, Grimmjow helped Ulquiorra undress. Ulquiorra, not used to being exposed to anyone, tried to appear calm as each article of clothing was removed, baring his skin to the Sexta's eyes. When the last article of clothing fell to the floor, Grimmjow just could not help, but marvel at Ulquiorra's number four tattoo and perfect skin. And how slender and well toned his body was. Shaking his head, Grimmjow also removed his clothes and threw them in a pile in the corner – the mistletoes came flying out.

"Shower's ready."

Grimmjow helped Ulquiorra up and carried him into the shower. With the water from the shower raining down on them, he then proceeded to wash Ulquiorra's hair – picking a bottle of green apple shampoo and, using one arm, wrapped it around Ulquiorra's back side, to support him. Ulquiorra, was at first slightly embarrassed at being so helpless and being exposed, but chose to relax and to enjoy the moment. So he leaned closer to Grimmjow and rested his head against Grimmjow's chest, eyes closed. Somehow, it felt safe here in Grimmjow's arms.

After rinsing Ulquiorra's hair, Grimmjow then proceeded to clean the rest of his body. As expected, the Cuatra's body was lean and his hand glided easily across Ulquiorra's body. Ulquiorra shivered upon his touch.

Suddenly, Ulquiorra lost his footing.

"Oh, fuck." Grimmjow's eyes widened.

Ulquiorra was about to fall backwards and hit his head if Grimmjow was not prepared to catch him. Upon catching him, though, his leg brushed up against Ulquiorra's member, eliciting a small gasp from him.

Oh shi-

He did not just do that, did he? (Oh no he didn't. Oh YES he did!)

"I'm sorry," Grimmjow blurted out, noticing the pink spreading across Ulquiorra's cheeks. Was Ulquiorra mad at him?

Surprisingly, the Cuatra merely shook his head and mumbled, "It's fine." He averted his eyes from Grimmjow's.

Relieved, Grimmjow continued to clean Ulquiorra, and then himself. When they were done, Grimmjow wrapped a towel around his lower half and wrapped one around Ulquiorra. He carried him to his bed, once again, and used another towel to dry his hair.

"Grimmjow?" Ulquiorra said as Grimmjow dried his hair.


Ulquiorra hesitated. "Do you like me?"

At that question, Grimmjow immediately stopped his movements and did not answer. For a second there, panic was beginning to spike within Ulquiorra. He was about to retract his question, until Grimmjow spoke again, his voice incredibly clear to Ulquiorra's ears;

"Not like…" Grimmjow answered with a smile. "Love."

"Really?" Ulquiorra turned around to face him. His mesmerizing emerald eyes staring into Grimmjow's sapphire ones.


And there was not a hint of a lie in Grimmjow's words.

Seeing that Grimmjow was sincere, a small smile made its way to Ulquiorra's lips. "I love you too."

They did not know who made the first move, but they soon found their lips pressed against one another's, their eyes sliding close at the contact. Ulquiorra brushed his tongue along Grimmjow's bottom lip, begging for entrance, which Grimmjow eagerly granted, letting Ulquiorra have a taste before taking control of the kiss. Reaching up, Ulquiorra hooked his arms behind Grimmjow's neck as their kiss grew deeper. But Ulquiorra, due to a lack of balance, fell back onto Grimmjow's pillows, pulling Grimmjow on top of him, their kiss never breaking. But soon, they both had to come up for air, breathing heavily from their make out session.

Grimmjow could feel himself getting harder, and so could Ulquiorra, which made him blush even more.

"Um…" was the only thing Ulquiorra could mutter as he looked at that place in between Grimmjow's legs.

"My, my, aren't you getting a bit impatient," Grimmjow said as he played with Ulquiorra's hollow hole, earning him a small moan. He did not realize that Ulquiorra could be so sensitive. This was going to be interesting. With a chuckle, Grimmjow proceeded with nibbling Ulquiorra's left ear. Ulquiorra, not used to such contact, only blushed more and whimpered.

Ulquiorra tried to push Grimmjow off, but without his strength, it was barely even a nudge. But Grimmjow took the hint and immediately stopped. He sat up, feeling very awkward, wondering if he had done something wrong to offend Ulquiorra. Was he going too fast?

He watched as Ulquiorra, struggling, sat up, crawled towards Grimmjow and sat on his lap. He wrapped his arms around the larger arrancar's neck, his towel completely gone.

"Grimmjow," Ulquiorra whispered in his ear, his lips brushing against it slightly, "I want you inside me. Right. Now."

Grimmjow hesitated. "Only if you're completely sure."

"I am," Ulquiorra answered, his voice strong and sure.

But before they continued any further, the present Nnoitra gave to Grimmjow seemed to stand out in Grimmjow's eyes and he reached out to unwrap it. Inside, was a bottle of lube. At this, the Sexta furrowed his eyebrows in confusion.

Huh? It's like Nnoitra knew what was going to happen.

But it sure was going to come in handy.

Grimmjow put Ulquiorra down on the bed, popped the bottle of lube and rubbed it all over his hands.

"Ulquiorra," Grimmjow said, making the emerald eyed Espada turn to look at him questioningly, "this might be uncomfortable since it's your first time. But if it gets too much, tell me and I'll stop."

Ulquiorra nodded and turned around to lie on his stomach, his face buried in Grimmjow's pillows.

With Ulquiorra's consent, Grimmjow slid his index finger into Ulquiorra's puckered entrance. Ulquiorra breathed in sharply, unaccustomed to the intrusion. Then, Grimmjow moved his index finger in and out a couple of times before inserting a second and finally, a third finger, scissoring them. Ulquiorra buried his face deeper in his pillows and while Grimmjow moved his fingers around inside him to loosen him up, Ulquiorra had a death grip on Grimmjow's pillows, trying to calm himself down. By the time Grimmjow took his fingers out, Ulquiorra was shivering all over – from both nerves and pleasure, his body covered in a thin film of cold sweat.

Grimmjow flipped Ulquiorra around, making him lie on his back, and lay on top of him, wrapping his arms around Ulquiorra's body.

"Are you okay?" Grimmjow asked in concern as he brushed some of Ulquiorra's sweat-dampened hair away from his face.

Ulquiorra could only nod. "I was just cold that's all. I feel much better now," he said as he embraced Grimmjow, trying to absorb his body heat. "Please continue."

"Alright. Grab on to me if it hurts." Grimmjow squeezed more of the lube onto his palm and covered his length with it.

Ulquiorra spread his legs apart as Grimmjow positioned himself between his legs. Grimmjow used his right hand to guide his manhood towards Ulquiorra's entrance and his other hand to balance himself on top of Ulquiorra.

When he pushed the tip of his length in, he felt Ulquiorra dig his fingers into his back. Grimmjow stopped.

"You doing okay?" he asked, concerned.

"Yeah," Ulquiorra breathed painfully, his breaths coming out in short puffs, "Keep going."

Grimmjow nodded and kept pushing in, and the deeper he went, the more painful it became for Ulquiorra. He felt like he was being split in half. Grimmjow could see Ulquiorra's face contort in pain as he tried to accommodate Grimmjow. Tears began to leak out of the corner of emerald eyes and his nails dug into Grimmjow's skin. In spite of the pain, Ulquiorra did not allow him to stop.

"Okay. You ready?" Grimmjow asked when his entire length was inside.

Through teary eyes, Ulquiorra gave a nod. Holding onto Ulquiorra's slim hips, Grimmjow began to thrust into the smaller Espada, causing the younger to inhale sharply. It was slow at first – to allow Ulquiorra to get used to the pain. Soon, the thrusts became faster and stronger and the pain began to fade away to feelings of pure ecstasy. They began to breathe heavily and their lips met once again, for a passionate kiss until Grimmjow made contact with Ulquiorra's sensitive spot making Ulquiorra moan loudly into his mouth. He hit that place again and again and with Ulquiorra's constant moaning, he doubled his efforts and felt himself come closer and closer to his climax.

"G-Grimmjow," Ulquiorra panted, sweat trickling down the side of his face, "I think I'm gonna…"

"It's alright. Me too," Grimmjow said hoarsely.

Ulquiorra, with a soft cry, climaxed, spurting his seed on both their stomachs and Grimmjow, with one last thrust, climaxed inside Ulquiorra, moaned, and collapsed on top of Ulquiorra.

Sapphire met emerald and their lips met for another kiss.

"You alright?" Grimmjow asked once their kiss was broken.

"Yeah," Ulquiorra breathed. He felt his strength returning. The medication finally wore off completely.

After lying there for a few more minutes, they both got out of the bed and went to take another shower – ridding their bodies of the mess they had made only moments ago.


Outside Grimmjow's room, two figures stood outside, their ears pressed against the door, trying to hear what was going on, only to hear the shower running.

"What do you think they're doing now?" Nnoitra asked.

"Probably making out in the shower," Szayel answered, pushing his spectacles up his nose.

"Do you think it turned out well?"

"Yeah it probably did," Szayel said, remembering the moaning they heard on the other side less than five minutes ago.

Nnoitra grabbed Szayel's arm and began to pull him towards his room.

"Hey wait – I still wanna listen!" Szayel tried to break free.

"Sorry but, I don't want them to be the only ones having fun today."

Szayel's faced turned bright red, but no longer tried to break free. And they disappeared inside Nnoitra's room.

~Back in Grimmjow's room~

The two walked out of the shower with fresh towels wrapped around their waists.

Ulquiorra sat down on the edge of Grimmjow's bed, trying not to get himself dirty from all the body fluids on the bed, and waited as Grimmjow put on some clean clothes.

Emerald eyes scanned the room, wondering how the hell he was going to get out of here without people noticing something happened. He was going to wear soiled clothing, but was going to be squeaky clean himself… Hm… this isn't going to go well.

His eyes landed on the silver-green present, still untouched.

He got up, staggering a bit, took his present and unwrapped it. Inside was a clean set of clothing. He just held the box and stared.

"Hm? What's wrong?" Grimmjow walked over to see what Ulquiorra was staring at. And his eyes grew wide.

Ulquiorra and Grimmjow stared at each other as they both came to the same realization;

Those two PLANNED everything out!

"Well, at least good things came out of this," Grimmjow said, breaking the silence, and wrapped his arms around his lover.

"Yeah," Ulquiorra agreed, a smile tugging the edge of his lips.

~Back in Nnoitra's room~

Szayel and Nnoitra leaned against the wall, trying to listen in (Grimmjow and Nnoitra's rooms were next to each other). Everything was quiet.

"Ya know what I'm wondering," Nnoitra spoke up.

"What?" Szayel asked.

"Well, if they're doing this on Christmas, what do you think they'll do to each other on Valentines Day?"

Szayel shrugged, "Beats me. We'll just have to wait and find out."

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