Notes: I prefer writing Lopmon as a guy like he's supposed to be, so he is in this. Shuichon is about 14 here.

For as long as she can remember, Lopmon has always been by her side. She knows that before they became partners, Lopmon was a Deva. She knows that the Digital World is an unforgiving place, full of battle and brutality and loss. She learned everything she knows from Jen-niichan, but also from her partner.

When Lopmon requests for them to sit down, Shuichon does. She watches him glance this way and that, a worried look on his face before he starts speaking. He explains to her that when he was a Deva, he was ordered to do...things. Bad things. Terrifying things. His voice is filled with sorrow and guilt as he speaks, his head bowed and paws cupped together in front of him, like he's praying, like he's a sinner confessing.

He finishes speaking, and Shuichon falls from her bed to her knees, reaching forward and wrapping her arms around him, bringing him close. He blinks, turning his head to look at her. "Shuichon..."

"It's alright, Lopmon," she tells him, her eyes closed. "You don't have to do those horrible things anymore. You don't have to do anything like that ever again."

"...thank you."