When I woke up the next morning I didn't know what to expect. Alice made Jacob sleep out in the cabin while I slept upstairs in the mansion, so that she could set up in the night without worrying about me seeing. I woke up from Lily kicking anxiously inside of me, she seemed just as nervous as I was.

The minute I was awake Alice, mom, Rosalie, and Esme were in the room, laying out clothes and makeup. I had thought mom would be against all the fuss, she seemed like she almost enjoyed it more than Alice – that scared me.

I took my time showering, trying to ease the knots in my stomach. I thought I had been so ready to marry Jacob, but now that it was the morning of, I didn't know how I felt. My whole body shook, my knees knocked together, I felt like I was going to throw up. But above it all, my heart was overflowing with emotions; the strongest of these was love.

Another emotion struggled to be as strong as love, and that was rejection and doubt.

What if I'm not good enough for him?

What if in twenty years he realizes he doesn't love me?

What if after the wedding he realizes he doesn't want to deal with Lily and me?

I was pulled out of my panic when I heard a sharp tap on the door; it was Alice.

"You're clean enough!" She said through the door before heading back to my room. I let out a shaky breath and turned off the hot water. This was it.

"Tada!" Alice cheered nearly three hours later, though my skin and hair was nearly indestructible, they'd found a way to make getting me ready hurt. Alice looked at me from all angles, beaming.

"Can I see?" I asked, a little afraid to look.

Alice rotated the chair around towards the mirror, still beaming from ear to ear. My jaw dropped when I saw myself.

Though I knew I was beautiful – not because I felt beautiful, more because everyone who saw me couldn't take their eyes off me – I'd never looked this beautiful. Alice was a genius, end of story.

My bronze hair hung in thick waves down my back. The front was braided back perfectly; I doubted anyone could find an imperfection. Alice, mom, and Rosalie had skillfully weaved daisies into my waves, without a sign of a snarl or a knot.

My brown eyes shown under my bronze eyelashes, enhanced with brown eye shadow and eyeliner. My lips shone a pale pink color; and to say there was no need for blush was an understatement.

My silk dress looked like a waterfall over my growing stomach, flowing freely even from a sitting position.

I couldn't help but gasp.

"What do you think?" Alice asked when I didn't answer; a little worried.

"It's perfect!" I finally managed to whisper. It was then that dad peaked his head in; it took him a minute to finally speak.

"Nessie, you look beautiful." He said, though I never thought it was possible, it sounded like if my dad would cry he could have. Then he turned to Alice, "It's time."

Then Alice was gone, down the stairs – probably to make sure everything was perfect. Dad ghosted to my side.

"How do you feel?" He asked, kneeling down next to me. I thought for a minute, I was suddenly nervous again; but I was ready. He nodded, not waiting for me to answer. Before mom could ask what my answer was the sound of the piano downstairs started. Outside our door vampire women and werewolf men locked arms, prepared to walk down the stairs. I couldn't thank any of them enough for putting up with the other.

I inhaled deeply before rising to my feet and taking my dad's arm. As I walked toward the door I watched myself, despite my ever-growing belly I moved with absolute grace.

As we started to walk down the stairs I could barely hear anything, my mind was a blur, excitement and fear fighting within me. Dad squeezed my hand lightly.

As we neared the last step I concentrated on my breathing. In. Out. In. Out.

Then I saw him.


My Jacob.

His hair was pulled back into a leather tie, his russet skin shown against Emmett's (who stood on his right). His teeth shone bright as ever as his eyes followed me down the isle.

I'd never envisioned him in a suit before, but there he stood, his black tie loose, his top button unbuttoned – typical Jacob, just how I loved him. As I walked towards him all doubt and fear fell away. Leaving only joy and love in its place.

Finally we reached him, dad and the minister exchanged words – words that didn't matter to me now – and dad took my hand and put it in Jacob's before stepping back and moving to sit next to mom – who's body shook with invisible tears.

I turned to face Jacob; I could feel the warm tears running down my cheeks. I was glad Alice had used no-run eyeliner.

The ceremony was a blur. I barely noticed when I was supped to answer, but I doubted anyone noticed. Then, finally, the minister asked me if I took Jacob as my husband, I stared up into his eyes; my heart overflowing, closing my throat off.

It took me almost ten seconds before I could whisper, "I do". Though pretty much everyone here had heard it. When the minister turned to Jacob he answered with a soft, yet loud, "I do!"

We each slid silver bands onto each other's fingers, and then Jake slowly lowered his head towards me. I lifted my hand to his hair, delicately untying his hair and tangling my fingers in it, my creamy ivory fingers the perfect contrast against his black waves. His lips hovered only inches from mine; shell pink against burgundy, reaching.

"I love you." He whispered, his lips coming down gently on mine. My lips formed perfectly around his lower lip, searching for more…

Our kiss was interrupted by thunderous applause – and Emmett's loud chuckles; my cheeks flamed redder than ever and we stepped apart, our hands intertwined. I could take my eyes off his face.

I was his. And he was mine. Forever.

Lily kicked inside of me, celebrating with us.

We were a family.