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Warning: Yaoi (boyxboy), some gore, lemon eventually.

Summary: Naruto and his friends are invited to an old mansion in order to investigate reports of a demon living there. Needless to say, the blonde is in for one hell of a ride as he comes face to face with said demon. Will Naruto and his friends survive?

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Chapter 1

A young blonde man was sitting in a small dinner sorting out folders as he sipped on some hot chocolate. His blue eyes roamed over newspaper clippings, as well as notes him and his crew had written during their investigations. The blonde separated the folders into two piles ones that they had gotten done and the others that still needed to be investigated and debunked.

"Naruto, what's up man?" A loud voice called as the bell above the door ring signaling that someone had entered. Looking up the blonde now known as Naruto grinned widely.

"Dog breath, nice to see you up and moving this early did you have a nice fuck last night or something?" Kiba's eyes widened as he stood there looking mortified and Naruto spotted the slim shy looking girl that stood beside the brunette, her face as red as a tomato and her long flowing hair with a purple sheen quickly covered her face as she bowed her head in embarrassment. The blonde smirked with amusement playing in his bright orbs.

After regaining his composer Kiba launched himself at Naruto pulling him into a choke hold. "Bastard, have some dignity in the presence of a lady." The brunette growled. The blonde just laughed and laughed harder as the hold around his neck tightened faintly hearing the bell ring as more costumers came in.

"Oi, brats that's enough take it up stairs I don't need you scaring off my costumers!" The owner's voice boomed causing Naruto and Kiba to stop instantly.

"Yes ba-chan." At the narrowing of her golden eyes the two young men darted up the stairs in a flash. Upon reaching the office that they used as headquarters for their investigation team, also known as Konoha Paranormal Investigators, the two flopped down in their seats. "Geez, Tsunade ba-chan is scarier that any ghost I've ever come across." Kiba nodded in agreement as they both sighed.

"N-naruto-kun, you forgot the f-files down stairs s-so I-I brought them up f-for you." The young girl from before said as she walked in with the stack of folders. Naruto rushed over to take most of the files that where teetering and sat them on an empty desk.

"Thanks, Hinata-chan!" The blonde said with a big smile showing neat rows of white shiny teeth. Hinata blushed and smiled back with a small shy smile.

About a half hour later Naruto was sitting there with his feet propped up on his desk staring at the ceiling, Kiba was throwing a small ball in the air to entertain himself, and Hinata was organizing the filing cabinet when the door flew open and in stormed an angry pinkette and a smirking bleach blonde. Naruto looked over in their direction with half-lidded eyes and regarded the pinkette lazily. "Sakura-chan what happened this time? Did you get rejected by another good looking guy or perhaps he had a boyfriend?" The blonde smirked as his blue eyes sparkled with mirth.

Sakura growled turning away from Naruto and stormed over to her desk flopping down in the chair with her arms crossed. "Hehe, wow Naruto you're really good at guessing what happens to people aren't you?" The bleach blonde laughed flinging her hair over her shoulder and Naruto's smirk widened.

"Ah, it's a natural talent I've always been good at reading people." The blonde boasted puffing his chest out proudly.

"You're nothing but a jerk that likes to use your talents to torment people by rubbing salt in their wounds or embarrassing them in front of others!!" Sakura growled and snapped at the moronic blonde.

Naruto scoffed and sneered at the pinkette. "It was people like you in school that caused me to act the way I do now just because you populars' never could understand or accept people who were different." He snapped eyes darkening. Sakura looked shocked for a minute then she guiltily looked away mumbling an 'I'm sorry'. At that moment the phone rang as if to cut the tension that was filling the room.

Hinata answered the phone while Naruto glared daggers at the pinkette. "K-konoha Paranormal I-investigators how m-may I help y-you?" Kiba stood up and went over to calm the fuming blonde down while the bleach blonde walked over to her desk and flopped down on her chair.

"Yo, man calm down we don't want spirits attracted to this place like that time back in school now do we?" The brunette said jokingly. Naruto closed his eyes as he took a deep breath and relaxed in his chair.

"Right." The blonde then opened his eyes and smirked. "Though I would love to see ba-chan running around screaming at them to get the hell out of her dinner." Both of them snickered as they pictured the older blonde woman chasing the spirits with holy water and smudge sticks. The two looked over at Hinata as she said a polite goodbye then hung up. "What's up Hinata-chan?" Naruto asked getting up and walking over to the shy dark haired girl.

"W-well that was a Kakashi Hatake and he said t-that he wants us to check out t-the Uchiha Mansion on the e-edge of town. Supposedly t-there I-is a demon that lives there a-and doesn't l-like trespassers." At the word demon the blonde perked up and the others blinked a bit taken aback, they had never come across demons before. "I-I told him that w-we where b-booked at the-" Naruto swiftly cut the poor girl off.

"Nonsense, will go out there today. Call him back and let him know we are on our way." The blonde said as he turned and walked to the door.

"Naruto, you can't be serious we can't go out there right now!" The bleach blonde scolded Naruto like he was a child as she stood and walked over to him.

The blonde glared. "And why the hell not Ino." Naruto growled and Ino smirked poking his nose. She laughed when he growled again and snapped his teeth at her finger.

"Silly fox, we need to call Neji up first he is the demonologist after all. And we need to call Gaara as well seeing as he is our tech guy and has the van with him with all the equipment." Ino said then laughed again when the blonde's shoulders slumped in defeat and grumbled a 'fine' then drug his feet as he went back to his seat letting his head slam down on the desk as he flopped down.

Naruto groaned it was already getting late before they were able to get a hold of the other two team members and it was going to take Neji nine hours to get home from where every the hell he was and Gaara was out of town till tomorrow afternoon. "It's not fair." The blonde whined, slumped down in his chair kicking his feet wildly like a child throwing a tantrum. "I wanted to do this today! But no the people we need are out of town and won't be back till tomorrow!" Naruto cried his arms joining his feet in their wild thrashing.

Ino rolled her eyes at the childish antics. "You just don't want Iruka-san to find out because you know he'll flip and tell you 'no'. Isn't he coming home tomorrow as well?" Naruto pouted while he nodded his head. Iruka was the blonde's adoptive father, he had been a friend of the family ever since Naruto could remember and when the blonde's parents died the kind brunette took him in.

Naruto's mother was able to communicate with spirits and she would do her best to help them move on. The blonde could still remember when his own ability kicked in He was five and one night he woke up to a child spirit hovering over him, of course he was terrified and screamed bloody murder until his parents barged into the room. His mother had told him it was alright that he shouldn't be afraid the ghost just wanted some comfort. From that day on Naruto had spoken to thousands of spirits and even played with some when he was younger.

The blonde's father would make potions and talismans and all that had to deal with magic he had once said that he came from a long line of hunters. Naruto never did find out more about what kind of hunter his father was talking about he would always tell the blonde 'I'll tell you when you're older' but that time never came. His parents were killed in a shootout one night when they had gone out to the movies and dinner for their anniversary they were just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Naruto had always been teased at school and called a freak at times so he would go off on his own and hide from the bullies, though if he was caught and got hurt any spirit nearby would come to help him. This only caused all the kids to call him a monster and other bad hurtful names telling him that he was the one who cursed his parents and caused them to die, of course the blonde believed them. How could he not when his gift was more powerful than his mothers and he couldn't control it when he became emotional, causing the spirits to lash out at those around him at those times?

The blonde sighed. "Fine I'll wait, but Iruka better let me go or I'll be pissed." Naruto said huffing and crossed his arms over his chest. He narrowed his eyes at the others. "Just warning you now." The blonde hid a smirk as the others paled no one wanted to be around when he was pissed even if Naruto was able to control his ability better now than back then his control could still slip. "Ah, Hinata could you please call Hatake-san back and tell him we will stop by sometime tomorrow." Hinata nodded her head with a quite 'yes' and dialed up the number to let their new client know when they would arrive.

"Ah, yes thank you so much that you can make it out on such short notice. Sorry for any inconvenience. Okay then, see you tomorrow bye." The silver haired man hung the phone up and glanced off to the side then turned and walked upstairs with a sigh. When he was gone from sight a figure stepped out of the shadows with a smirk gracing his pale face, a dark chuckle echoed throughout the room.

The raven haired man walked over to the large window in the front room and lifted a pale hand to the windowpane. His other hand played with a blue amulet around his neck as his red eyes peered out into the night. "Soon I'll be free of this place." His dark voice was like silk that would caress your body. Then a wide grin stretched across his face his red eyes flickered with insanity for a mere second. "I'll have my revenge and be free of this curse." A deep laugh sounded through the house as he disappeared back into the shadows.

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