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The cart made it's way through the force of a single tired horse. Metal wheel's jingling disappeared to the noise of the crowd. Natsuki looked out of the dirtied window. A narrow street after another. It all seemed the same to the girl. It looked puzzling.

It was the pride of France and envy of the rest. It was Paris in between 19th and 20th century, and it was trying to mend it's wounds.

All Natsuki knew was that there was once a man named Napoleon, who as far as her mother told, was a greedy son of France. During his reign, after 400 years, Paris for the first time was conquered by foreign power; Russia to be exact. Then there was something about a second Franco-Prussian war and of course in between were the cholera epidemics that had even spread it's roots to the little peaceful village her youth had occupied. It was a long time ago and Natsuki faintly remembered her mother's history lessons. Though faint, they were the young girl's only warm memories.

What would her mother do if she had seen her daughter in a horse cart eying Paris for the first time under these circumstances.

Probably fall to her knees and start mourning? No. Mother was strong woman. She would probably kill the man in front of you Natsuki. Yes. Definitely so. Then she would grab you by the hand and run... Run to a place where only you and her existed.

It was the only dream the young girl held onto. But the shear truth of it forever sealed to be a dream broke her heart every time nonetheless.

Saeko Louve Kuga was a Japanese origin woman who had fallen in love with a French vigneron named Jean Rothschild. The woman was a rare beauty to come across in France and Jean Rothschild knew he had come across a true treasure, spending no minute to waste and asking her hand in marriage immediately.

The couple's happiness had doubled on a beautiful summer day when Saeko gave birth to a split image of herself. Château Mouton Rothschild had never been so lively, as the little princess of the Château took her first steps on the fertile soils of their vineyard.

She was named Natsuki, and like every mother, Saeko believed her child would live the happiest life one could. Though as time showed, wishes rarely came true.

When little Natsuki turned 10, she lost her mother to an unidentified disease. Shortly after her father changed into a man no one could ever imagine.

The loss of her dear wife had driven the poor man wild, insane to be medically appropriate. He had started to consume every drop of what he breed in the yards and soon was left with nothing. It goes without saying that, series of unpaid debts, meant crime punishable by death in France.

All the love Natsuki presumed to be granted forever, had turned into living with verbally and physically abusing insane man. When she reached 18, her father had sold her to some guy she had never seen before, so that he could be somewhat cleared of his debts and perhaps indulge in more alcohol.

After 8 years of never ending assaults, Natsuki had grown up to be a young woman whose heart was made of steel, and her body made of bruises. And right now after a long voyage, she was to be sold in Paris. Her expectations were not so high. She had a feeling these narrow brothels would end up in front of a whore house.

Finally the cart came to a halt and the greasy haired fellow who had been sitting in front of Natsuki jumped out of the cart immediately. The two girls sitting next to Natsuki shivered in fear of their future, only one sitting by the far end seemed calm as if she already accepted her fate.

''Alright ladies hop out now. And don't dare say a single word inside, for I myself will make sure to cut your tongues if you dare to oppose.'' He gestured for girls to come out with his dirty hands.

''You should count yourselves among the lucky ones if indeed you're selected. Lady Viola rarely asks for girls, therefore I can't make her wait. Now move!''

With that all four girls jumped out of the cart and stared at the building that rose in front of them. It looked like a lavish and surprisingly a decent looking white building. Quickly they made their way inside.

Their first impression was right. The entrance of the building was in fact tastefully decorated between black and white. Before having a chance to observe her surroundings Natsuki and the rest was made to rush downstairs to the basement. Apparently it was a crowded basement with cooks and helps running around. The man showed them inside a cellar and walked upstairs only to arrive with a red haired woman by her side.

''Are these the girls Philip?''

''Yes, Lady Nao I br-''

''Cut the Lady nonsense you greedy bastard. There is only one lady in this house and you know how her displeased side is. So I hope you brought something I can present her with. So far it seems the seeds of France produce the ugliest bastards I witnessed.''

''You can be sure I brought you only the best.''

''We'll see.''

The figure came closer and looked at the four girls standing in front of her, a pair of emerald eyes looked back.

She can't be any older than me. Maybe even younger.

Natsuki observed the girl that stood in front of her. She had a cunning and deadly aura about her, her lime green eyes shone with great power.

While Natsuki tried to make more of the girl, failing miserably due to the dim light, the latter walked closer to the far end, making her way towards Natsuki.

Now they faced each other. Natsuki saw the lime eyes tighten in concentration, then a nod came and the girl turned.

''That brown haired one and the oddly blue. I'll take them. Come back for your money next week. If we're pleased you'll take your money and we'll take the girls. Now disappear before I'm annoyed Philip.''

''Yes my lady right away.''

The girl whose name was Nao as Natsuki recorded, shouted for another girl named Mikoto. A jet black spiky hair appeared out of nowhere and Nao gave her directions while walking out of the cellar.

They were washed, they were clothed. Natsuki learned the girl who was sold with her was named Aoi. Then they were fed, and Natsuki felt weird when Mikoto somehow didn't take her eyes off of Natsuki's food.

''Okay. A little warning,'' the athletic girl now held a more serious face as she positioned herself in front of Natsuki and Aoi. ''do not expect anybody to be friendly with you. Not at least till you're counted among the family.'' The girl peeked upstairs for a moment, it was obvious she wanted to keep her speech short.

''You're now owned by the Cramoisi. Don't be fool into thinking this place as a regular whore house. Cramoisi is the Versailles of the Demimondaines. Courtesans if your vocabulary allows or mistresses. Viola is the Lady of Cramoisi. I'll take you up to her now. Don't talk. Let Nao do that for you. Now follow me.''

Shortly after the girl finished her speech they found themselves walking out of the basement. Natsuki was shocked with what she saw. There were half naked girls running around some wore Venician masks, some wore heads of what seemed like wild animals. It was total chaos as some others tried to change the decor of the Cramoisi.

Natsuki noticed it was a four story building that opened to a back garden with a pool. They seemed to be going straight up.

''Okay. Don't pouch, be straight.''

And with the final warning the slim figure opened two doors into a large room.

''Ara Mikoto right on time... Would you please tell Nao-chan here that she has to dance tonight or else I'll be very displeased.'' The woman faced her back to the incoming party, apparently she was occupied in delicately choosing among her jewelry.

''You have to dance Nao.'' was the short reply from the girl Mikoto as she walked next to the sitting woman and fell down to one knee to whisper into her ear.

''But I do not wish to Viola! Not with that creep Takeda being a spectator!''

the Red head from before lied on her stomach on a king size bed a little far away from the split group of four.

''Then I suggest you find yourself another trade. One that does not require picking your customers. Although I find it hard such a trade exists. Therefore it is not open for discussion. Now what is open to discussion would be the two girls standing behind me I presume?''

And with that the woman rose from her seat, Mikoto copying the act.

Natsuki's breath hitched.

Cabernet Sauvignon. Young. Bold. Assertive. Black cherries and... and plum! Distinctive. Mint, but only just a faint. Perhaps Tobacco? Yes. Pepper? Not so much.

And of course Natsuki was a vineyard's daughter. She had come to describe beautiful things in her own language. And this, in front of her stood the most overwhelming creature she had ever seen.

Perhaps Paris was right to held the honor of being France's pride and having rest of the world's envy. Who wouldn't after what Natsuki couldn't take her eyes off.

''Ara, I take joy when I say I'm not disappointed this time.''

The blond woman wore loose, draped, high-waisted, black gown which showed, no declared her undeniable beauty. But it was her eyes that had the greatest effect on Natsuki. They were familiar to her. It was the color she spent her childhood with.

''Yeah. I thought we can have the brown haired one, Aoi, with the innocent concept don't you think?'' It was Nao speaking or more like shrugging from the bed.

''Yes indeed we could. It's hard to find a decent innocent face these days since you have a bad influence on all of my girls.''

''It's not my fault they fail to build their own characters.''

''Be nice Nao.''


The blond gave a sly smile and walked to the next girl only to stop at her act mid way. Blue hair was indeed a rarity. Actually Viola swore she had never seen one.

''I knew she would peak your interest.'' Nao smirked.

''Ara, is that dye of some sort? Has Philip found new ways to trick his customers?''

''Actually I'm surprised as you're. I was close by when they washed her. It certainly is not dye.''

''What is your name?'' Viola ignored Nao, locking her gaze with a certain emerald.

The blue haired girl shifted her weight in discomfort, a rosy color adorning her face,

''Natsuki.'' she murmured.

''You have a rare look Nat-su-ki, though it certainly suits your name.'' the blond turned her head abruptly to face the other two people occupying the room.

But the effect of her name said in such a tone never left Natsuki.

''Take Aoi with you Mikoto and get her ready. Give her to Yukino. She'll be her help from now on.''

Mikoto nodded to her Lady's orders and moved to act on them immediately. She put her hand on the fragile girl's arm and gestured outside of the room. Aoi followed behind the black haired girl quickly.

Now in the room stood a uncomfortable Natsuki, dozing Nao and an observing one Lady of the Cramoisi, Viola.

''I think it is time for you to get ready as well Nao.'' the blond walked back to her seat, giving her attention to the shiny pieces once again.

''What will you do with the girl? I kind of like her. I can take her if you want?'' Nao asked while raising from the bed, with interest.

''That won't be necessary since you have two other girls that you like and took under you. Which by the way reminds me, have you found a permanent suitor for Jacquelin yet?'' the blond seemed to be having trouble over which one to choose from her collection.

''I don't know V. Her company usually ends up weirder than mine. Well, I'll be taking my leave then... You did not answer my question though.''

''Ara, which question might that be?''

''What will you do with the girl?''

''Hmm...'' the blond held her porcelain to her chin giving out a thinking pose. ''I'll keep her.''


''What might be so shocking Nao?''

''Well it's just that you never take anyone.''

''I believe a change is good from time to time, would you disagree?''

''No of course not. Well good luck.''

Natsuki wasn't sure if the luck was directed on Viola or herself, but she had a feeling it was directed towards her.

When the red head left, the silence in the room was unbearable as Natsuki felt the need to cough.

It seemed like the answer to her prayers for the blond turned towards her,

''There are two basic instincts in the character of the normal individual; the will to live, and the will to propagate the species. '' The woman turned her back once again but gestured for Natsuki to help her with her necklace, and the new property of Cramoisi moved for the command quickly.

''It is from the interplay of these instincts that prostitution took origin, and it is for this reason that this profession is the oldest in human experience, the first offspring, as it were, of savagery and of civilization.''

Natsuki's hands trembled as she delicately picked the necklace from her Lady and tried on closing the little lock.

''I do not like to call anyone of this House a prostitute but it is the root of our trade nonetheless. But a distinction does lie somewhere. We do not acquire money in relation to how many man or women we took to our bed. Our expenses are covered by a group of people and more join to that circle if they wish to be entertained.''

Natsuki successfully locked the necklace as her owner held a satisfying look on her face.

''You will never die of hunger or poor health in here. If anything you'll have the same food our king famishes himself in. But you'll eventually be required to pay back your living. For now you'll watch, obey and learn.''

The woman walked towards her grand white wardrobe while Natsuki stood still, taking in the newly given information.

''I don't yet feel comfortable for you to occupy my room, therefore you'll be having your sleep downstairs, and showers as well. You see the black curtain over there?'' the porcelain hands once again gestured to the semitransparent curtain a little far away from the king size bed. Natsuki nodded in affirmation.

''You are to stand over there if I have a guest in my room. Through the night we'll be downstairs mostly and when I signal you I want you to come and put fresh towels sunk in ice close by to bed, and wine, ready for me and my guest.''

Natsuki nodded once again, although not sure about 'standing while having a guest' part. But she nodded nonetheless.

''Ara, what a loyal help I have here. In the afternoons we will go over your training. Now, which one do you think?''

Natsuki looked over to find the blond woman holding two pieces, one black dress with crinoline for support and the other was a red and black one of the same style. A brow raised as Natsuki thought it over for a second.

''Red one.''

''So you also have taste. Why red?''

''It...it brings out your eyes.'' Natsuki believed if you looked enough, the floor could turn into a very entertaining view.

''A woman most always praise her most valuable assets. Red indeed then. Now come and help me.''

It was not as easy as Natsuki thought it would be. She was a child of the wild, never once being subjected to wear dresses especially like the complicated one in front of her. Thankfully to Viola's instructions the whole thing was done without much problem.

''How do I look? Like a woman who would give life to carnal desires hidden in one I hope?''

To say that Natsuki Kuga blushed would have been the under statement of the century. The girl's face was very much the color of a good aged Merlot. In between her blushes she was able to give a nod though, and that as Natsuki would later learn was a great success.

''Ara ara... I'm pleased.'' a playful smirk reappeared. The blush did not go unnoticed.

And with that the Lady of Cramoisi gave some more instructions to her new help. Natsuki was to get changed in to simple mens' clothes, why mens' she didn't understand but she was happy nonetheless, and watch her lady from a distance.

It seemed it was going to be long night.

A night Natsuki was not really sure if her young mind should experience.

But did she have a choice?


At least her Lady was a woman whose looks made Natsuki's watching duty a bit pleasurable.

Alright maybe very pleasurable, but Natsuki would not confess that yet.