Me + my brother + car ride + lateness = ...insanity. Just so you know.

I have no idea how we got here, but somehow or other we ended up writing a commercial about headcrabs and... I don't know. XD


Disclaimer: No.

SIAPNIAN: Happy Christmas! :D Stay away from Xen aliens. Unless they're Vortiguants. They're lovely. ^_^ Usually.


[Exterior Day, basketball game]

I have Headcrabs.

[Exterior Day, Picnic]

And it's been a long time since I've had an outbreak...

[Interior Day, Well-lit Office]

...but I still want to be safe.

You never know when some scientist will wander into the room, and I just can't help my newfound cannibalistic cravings.

That's why I take Zolafraxestra. Just one daily pill helps keep my Headcrabs under control.


Side effects were minimal, but may include swollen, dry mouth, nausea, uncontrollable bleeding and fear of crowbars.

Ask your doctor if Zolafraxestra is right for you.


Remember, the blame for this lies mostly on my brother's shoulders, so there. ^_^

Hugs to all!