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Author's Note: Hi everyone! Merry Christmas! This little song just popped into my head a while ago, but I decided to wait for Christmas to post it. Enjoy!

Heartnet, the Thirteenth Number

To the tune of Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer


Heartnet, the Thirteenth Number

Was a very lonely cat

'Til one day Saya joined him

While up on the roof he sat

All of the other people

Thought he had a heart of stone

They couldn't know, like Saya

The choice to kill was not his own

Then one moonlit Christmas Eve

Train came up to say

"Saya, with your eyes so bright

Won't you marry me sometime?"

Then she knew that she loved him

As she shouted "Yes!" with glee

Saya and Train forever

The best pair in history

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