battlefield 300 author note: a friend tell me to get dictionary to make story better so maybe it Will now be good?

This stroy is about the battlefield of where 300 sparta were who fighting Purja.
The King of purja whom name was zerksees saw the land of spart and want for him. "I will have sparta country" roamed zerksees"but first i will need to get rid of spartaperson!"
Zerksees sent am man on horse to tell sparta king they were evicted.
author note: evicted means to be put out of home so I put in story to show that I now have dictionary But istead of evicted sparta king kick man on horse into big ana.
"We will not be evircted. Tonite we will make dinner in HELL!" yerlled King of Spa All spartan solders howled and graped gun and sord.

This is all the story I have. Is is better? Please making reviews and thankyou for reading maybe I will make chapter 2!