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Chapter 1 – Return to Waterfall and a mission…

Naruto was now on his return trip to Konoha and Jiraiya figured it would take them around six months before they would return to Konoha. They had kept a fairly low profile for the last couple years. Naruto had known that he had grown over the past two years and at age fifteen he was a 'strapping youth', at least according to Jiraiya.

"So where to next, Ero-Sennin?" Naruto asked.

Jiraiya chuckled, making Naruto worried that he was going to go on a 'peeking' binge. "Naruto, my boy, we are going to a place that defies the imagination. Where there are beautiful woman and co-ed baths," he stated with too much enthusiasm for Naruto's tastes.

Naruto just rolled his eyes, "How is you chasing after women going to help me with my training?" he asked.

Jiraiya clapped his hands, as he then rubbed them together, and grinned manically. "My boy, we are going to make you a man," he enthusiastically replied.

Naruto gave the old pervert a confused look. "We are going to find you a girl to make you forget about that pink haired one back in Konoha, for a little bit anyways. I also need to do some actual research. We are going to be looking for the jinchuuriki of Waterfall," he explained.

Naruto wore a smile across his face. "I've been to Waterfall before. We helped protect the 'Hero's water'," he explained, and then his look then turned sour. "Why would I want to forget Sakura-chan?" he asked.

Jiraiya gave Naruto a warm smile the put his arm over Naruto's shoulder, "Naruto, be honest with me. What are the chances you and her are ever going to get together?" he asked the sadness evident in his voice.

Naruto look surprised up at Jiraiya, and asked, "What do you mean?"

Jiraiya looked up and smiled, "You know, there is one woman in the world that I've ever loved. She only sees me as an idiot. I don't want you to make the same mistake. There are other women out there, you know?" he queried.

Naruto looked up at Jiraiya, sadness evident in his eyes, "So does Baa-chan know?"

Jiraiya was shocked, and asked, "How did you know it was her?"

Naruto smirked at the question. "You, like me, let yourself be hit. It makes them feel better," he explained.

Jiraiya chuckled at his student, if he only knew. "You're right, but there is more to it than that. If you ever tell her I told you this, not even your three tailed state will help you. Both she and I would kill you to keep it secret," he said.

Naruto became excited, and asked, "Really? What happened?"

"She had a child, but it was during the war we… I mean she had to give him up," Jiraiya said, as Naruto read the sadness in his eyes.

"He was your son too, wasn't he?" Naruto asked.

Jiraiya nodded, as a tear rolled down his face, "I don't talk much about it, as it is too painful, and the reason why I want you to learn that there are other women out there. I learned it too late in life, she loved me, but not in that way, Naruto. Do you understand? Sakura, will not get past your ignorance and personality quirks. Hime and I spent one night together. It was more of a trial, and it didn't work out. I've longed for her ever since, eventually she found another and I found that I could only satisfy my need for attention with being with other women. You're a special case, you're a jinchuuriki and the village has not treated you kindly," Jiraiya admitted sadly, as Naruto scowled. "Even so, you have persevered. I'm proud of you, Naruto. You're like the Fourth in a lot of ways and well on your way to becoming a great Hokage," he admitted.

Naruto blushed at the compliment. "Thanks Ero-Sennin," he said thanking him.

Naruto and Jiraiya became aware of several other presences, Jiraiya looked at Naruto, as he then smirked, "Good, you felt them. How many?" he asked.

Naruto looked around, "I feel four, and one has a very strong presence. They are making themselves known now," he commented, as he and Jiraiya both took defensive stances.

Suddenly a lithe girl wearing white pants and a white tank top, with pale green hair and red eyes, jumped down in front of the two. "Halt and state your business," she ordered.

Naruto became mesmerized with her red eyes, but soon shook himself out of that trance. He looked the girl over and thought that she was cute, he also noticed the Waterfall hitatai on her right arm, and relaxed visibly. Naruto looked at Jiraiya who nodded, "Uzumaki Naruto and my sensei, Jiraiya of the Sanin. We are looking to stay for a little while here in Waterfall, to do some training and then move on," he answered, as he never lost eye contact with the girl, he also felt something familiar, but couldn't place it. Her eyes looked sad, but her face only showed happiness.

"Welcome Uzumaki Naruto, hero of Waterfall. We welcome you and hope you enjoy your stay, please follow me, as we lead you to the village," the girl said, as three others dropped from the trees around the pair, and bowed deeply. "It has been a while, Uzumaki-sama. You certainly have grown," the girl nearly growled out happily.

Jiraiya smirked at the way the girl was treating Naruto, he nudged Naruto only to notice him watching her swaying hips, as they walked towards a huge waterfall. Jiraiya grinned lecherously, "You think she is cute don't you, Naruto?" he asked, as he watched Naruto's face go red. "Maybe we can ask her to train with us?" he prodded his student, as his student turned even redder.

The girl turned and noticed Naruto's gaze and blushed, as no one in the village would ever look at her that way, she then said, "I would enjoy training with Naruto-sama and Jiraiya-sama, if my duties will allow it. My name is Fuu, by the way," the girl said.

Naruto wore a look of frustration and confusion, and asked "Why are you calling me 'sama'?"

Fuu giggled at his question. "Because silly, you're revered here, as a hero, and thus you deserves the title of 'sama'. I also think you carry yourself as a 'sama' should," she said proudly, but Naruto missed the blush that graced her cheeks, Jiraiya on the other hand did not.

"So, tell me Fuu. What did Naruto here, do that was such that he deserves to be revered as a hero?" Jiraiya asked, actually wanting to know.

Fuu cleared her throat and began. "A couple years ago, Naruto-sama and his team came to Waterfall on a simple cleanup mission," she explained, as Naruto scowled at being called 'sama' yet again, she ignored Naruto's scowl, then continued, "In the end Naruto-sama protected the son of the village chief and also the Hero's water. I was merely a genin at the time and watched the fight from a distance, as there was no way for me to get involved at the time. When I saw his strength and power, it woke something within me. Thanks to Naruto-sama I was able to find the power to become a chuunin of my village. Thank you Naruto-sama," she said affectionately, this finally got Naruto's attention.

Naruto looked at the others in the Waterfall group, he saw the looks of both disgust and distrust, as they glared at Fuu, this reminded of him of how he was treated in Konoha. Naruto got the idea that she might be who Jiraiya was looking for. He would have to let him know about this later. "So are we going to be blindfolded, as we enter the village?" he asked.

Fuu turned and smiled, "You know us well, but as both of you know the way into the village we will not have to do that. Also there is someone who would like to see you Naruto-sama, besides me that is," she smiled warmly at Naruto, but he also saw the pain and longing in her eyes.

The group quietly proceeded past the waterfall and through the caves and into the village. The group led Naruto and Jiraiya to a nice cottage on the lake shore, Naruto noticed that some of the damage done during the fight was still evident. Fuu saw Naruto wince, as he surveyed the damage that was still evident, and said, "We do not hold you responsible Naruto-sama, as we know you did all you could to help us. You helped defeat a jounin under the influence of the 'Hero's water', quite an accomplishment for a genin," she praised Naruto, but noticed him wince at her mentioning him being a genin. "I will leave you here in this house and return when the leader has a chance to speak with you. I will see you later Naruto-sama," she said, as she winked at Naruto and left.

Jiraiya's jaw dropped, turned to Naruto and asked, "Can't you see she likes you?"

Naruto looked at Jiraiya, as if he were insane. "What do you mean? She seems nice enough, but I'm after Sakura-chan," Naruto countered.

Jiraiya set his pack down and turned to Naruto, and said, "Doesn't hurt to look around and see what is out there."

Naruto huffed in frustration, and replied, "If it will get you off my back then fine I will ask her then."

Jiraiya rolled his eyes at his student, who was clueless about women.


Fuu entered the chief's building and was greeted by glares as she entered the chief's office. "Fuu reporting, the guests are settled into their bungalow, and are expecting your summons," she reported.

The young man in the chair looked up, but wore a frown, "Thank you Fuu-chan. The council has heard and are now going to have a meeting. I think that you may come up, along with our 'hero'. What are you impressions of the pair?" The man asked, as his demeanor softened.

Fuu smiled wistfully, and blushed, as she said, "Naruto-sama has grown a lot since he was here last. I might even say that he is attractive," she admitted with a blush. "Jiraiya-sama doesn't act as his status would show. He acts more like an old man, I can tell though that he is hiding something."

The man nodded, and said, "Good, your observation skills have improved. Go spend some time with Naruto-san and get to know him. He is more than he appears," he suggested, as a smile broke across his face.

Fuu looked surprised at his statement. "You want me to get to know Naruto-sama, are you trying to recruit him into the village or ship me off to Konoha?" She angrily asked.

The man shook his head. "No Fuu-chan, I don't want either," he said, but his tone then softened, "Fuu-chan, you are spurned by most if not all the village for what you carry. I just want you to find another friend. I also know that Naruto-san is lonely too, he pines for his teammate, but she does not return his affection. If you get together with him I will not be mad, I would actually be happy for both of you. You're my friend, but my position will not allow me to help you any other way. The Shichibi sealed within you causes fear in people in the village, and I know that Jiraiya-sama might actually be able to help you with controlling it to some extent. Also, Naruto-san seems to have a special way with people. You would do well to become his friend, if nothing else," the chief said.

Fuu moved forward and slammed her hands on the desk, "But Shibuki-sama, I have accepted my lot in life to be alone!" She yelled, but the tears running down her face said otherwise.

Shibuki sighed, and then said, "Go speak with Naruto-san, I'm sure he won't judge you for what you carry and if he does, it will be insightful to say the least. Now go, I have a meeting to attend," he ordered, as she bowed and left the office. "I hope you can help her Naruto, like you helped me."


Shibuki entered the council chambers and the group seemed more lively than normal, he wondered if the news of Naruto and Jiraiya had them acting like this. He sat down and began to speak, "I call this meeting to order. Is there any business from last meeting that carried over?" he asked, as the others shook their heads.

One of the council members stood and she gained the attention of the assembled council, "I wish to speak on the matter of the hero Uzumaki Naruto appearing in the village."

Shibuki nodded, and asked, "What is it that you wish to discuss, council member Kaori?"

Kaori nodded being acknowledged and asked, "Is there any way we can persuade Uzumaki-sama to stay here in the village?"

Shibuki shook his head in frustration. "He is a Konoha shinobi and we would be hard pressed to get him to stay for any reason. He is also very hard headed and not one prone to being manipulated," he answered.

Kaori took a thinking pose. She then appeared to have an idea, "What if we offer Fuu as a bride? How could he refuse such an offering?" Several of the other members scoffed at the idea.

Shibuki chuckled, "Easily, he is infatuated by his teammate, Haruno Sakura. It would take all of Fuu's charm to try to snare him from her. She isn't too good with people, mostly because of those of you who are older," he said angrily.

One of the older members coughed, "How could you offer, that monster to our hero?"

Kaori and Shibuki both glared at the old man. Kaori took a deep breath and then spoke, "Fuu is the only girl in his age bracket, or one who isn't attached. She also could use the companionship he would offer. Thanks to you old folks, she is alone and feels she should be that way," she said in attempt to shame the older members of the village council.

This caused the meeting to degrade down to an out and out argument.


Fuu felt a chill run down her spine, as she attempted to do a simple water jutsu, as she stood out on the lake. "I wonder what is going on and what does it have to do with me?" she asked no one in particular. She felt a presence coming towards her on the lake surface. She turned to see a black and orange blur heading her direction. She smiled, as she could tell it was Naruto, she also felt a blush begin to cover her face.

Naruto slowed and stopped right near her, he noticed her blush but mistook it for a fever. He reached over and touched her forehead, "Are you okay, are you running a fever?" he asked in a concerned voice.

She smirked, and said, "I do have fever, and it is because of you." She teased, as Naruto's look of concern turned to confusion. She shook her head, and then said, "You don't know much about girls do you?"

Naruto looked down and away, he felt crushed, as he didn't understand what she was talking about. He felt a gentle hand touch his shoulder and he turned to see a concerned smile. For an instant he saw his own reflection in the girl's eyes.

As Naruto turned she saw herself reflected in his eyes. She saw the loneliness, the fear, and all the hatred that had been heaped upon her over the years for being a jinchuuriki. She remembered back to the fight between Suien, Shibuki and Naruto. Naruto had been covered several times with a red chakra, 'could he also be one too, a jinchuuriki?' She thought as her studies had found that most villages didn't treat their jinchuuriki very well, even if they used them as weapons.

On impulse she grabbed the older boy and embraced him, she noticed him freeze from the embrace but slowly relax. She then asked, "Do you know what a jinchuuriki is?" She felt him go stiff as a board. She signed and said sadly, "So you're one too?"

Naruto was scared, the one question he wanted to avoid had been asked. How could he respond to this questioning? Her next question blew away all of his fears and answered his one question, 'Is she like me?' He didn't know how to answer, as he looked down into her eyes, they held hope of acceptance, but they also carried the fear of rejection. Naruto closed his eyes and wrapped his arms around the girl who had embraced him where others had not.

Fuu became rigid herself, as she felt him embrace her, but then she quickly relaxed, as she saw that he had accepted her. "So which do you carry? I carry Shichibi, the seven tailed demon," she explained, as she closed her eyes and laid her head on his chest.

Naruto was taken aback at the forwardness of this girl. "Kyu… the Kyuubi. I carry the Kyuubi," he admitted and placed his chin on her head.

She snuggled into his chest in an attempt to both comfort him and be comforted. They stood there for a couple minutes, as all they wanted to do was to be held, as both enjoyed the moment. As with all good things, they must come to an end. They felt several chakra signatures appear around them. Both opened their eyes and saw that they were surrounded by Taki shinobi.

"What is the meaning of this, Kegon?" Fuu asked in an angry tone.

A man with a small goatee stepped forward and knelt before the two, "I'm sorry to disturb you Naruto-sama, Fuu, but the council requests your presence, Fuu. Shibuki-sama will want to speak to you a little later Naruto-sama. If you will accompany us Fuu," Kegon asked, as Fuu broke the embrace.

She looked at Naruto with a sad look, as if to say 'sorry'. Naruto smiled and nodded to her as the group left.


Fuu stepped into the council chambers and was immediately put on edge, as she saw the angry look on Shibuki. 'What are they up too?' she thought, as she took the seat offered her.

The old council member by the name of Shoufuu smiled at Fuu, this put her even more on edge, as he was one of the elders that would always give her a hard time. He spread his hands as if to welcome her into the meeting and said, "Welcome Fuu-chan."

Fuu bowed her head, as she accepted the welcome, "Thank you Shoufuu-sama. To what do I owe this summons to the village council?" She asked, not wanting to beat around the bush.

Emuru smiled at her this time, and spoke, "Relax child, the village has a long term job for you, and refusal isn't an option." This had alarms going off in Fuu's head, as Emaru continued, "We want you to do the village a great service."

Fuu cocked her head, "What type of service?" She asked, as she was not even certain she wanted to know.

"We wish to have you tame the power of Shichibi, and the hero of Waterfall," Emuru replied.

"Huh?" Fuu asked, confused.

Shibuki screamed, as he couldn't take it anymore. "They want you to seduce Naruto-san and have his child! They either want you to bring him into the village or bare his child for the village," he yelled in frustration.

Fuu stood so swiftly that the chair she was sitting in was imbedded in the wall. She looked around the room with indignation, "You want me to what?" she yelled her question in indignation.

Shoufuu moved his hands in an attempt to calm her down, and said, "Easy child, we ask this for the village. We also know you have feelings for the boy. Isn't that enough for a creature like yourself?"

Fuu was pissed, while she might not mind taking Naruto into her bed, she would have preferred it on her own schedule and not as an order from her village. The village had the audacity to order her to either win Naruto to the village or at the very least take him into her bed, insuring that she became pregnant. She was both angry and confused, so she did the only thing she could think of, run. She left the chamber in tears.


Naruto was working his meditation as he heard soft whimpering coming from close by. He opened his eyes to investigate, but he left his shirt and jacket behind as he proceeded towards the sound. He looked over the rock to find Fuu crying.

Naruto rounded the rock, knelt and placed a hand on her shoulder, only to be enfolded by tight embrace. Naruto not knowing what to do, he put his arms around her and began to slowly move his right hand down her head to the middle of her back in an attempt to soothe the crying girl. She began to openly cry and said, "Why does it have to be you? You of all people. I was hoping to maybe get to know you better before…" She pushed her head into his chest. He felt the burning tears run down his chest and across his stomach.

He squeezed tighter, "What about me?" He quietly asked.

She squeezed him tightly and continued to cry, before she spoke, "The village wants you…"

"Do they know about Kyuubi?"Naruto asked, as he felt her shake her head. "Then what do they want with me?" he asked.

"Just hold me, Naruto-kun, please," she pleaded.

Naruto smiled warmly, as he shifted position and sat against the rock. Fuu quickly fell asleep in his arms, as Naruto smiled, as he saw steady rhythm of her chest moving up and down. Naruto laid back and looked up into the sky. 'She is kind of cute, what would Sakura say if I gave up on her and started to look elsewhere? She is like me, and as such we do have several things in common. This is what I always wanted with Sakura, but she wouldn't ever allow this. Is this what it is to care for someone?' Naruto pondered his thoughts, as his eyes close and he fell asleep.

Naruto woke in the morning to find his shirt under his head and his jacket draped over Fuu and himself. He looked around to find Jiraiya sitting on the shore of the lake with a fishing pole. Two small notebooks caught Naruto's attention as he groaned. "Ero-sennin, I'm not going to be part of your books am I?" he asked hoping for a negative answer, but prepared himself for the worst.

Jiraiya chuckled and shook his head as he answered, "No Naruto, I'm not writing about the two of you. I'm happy you found someone to share your pain. No, I was worried that you had gotten into trouble, which by the looks of it you have. A good sort of trouble though," he said happily.

"Nothing happened, she was distraught and I tried to help," Naruto attempted in an attempt to defend himself.

Jiraiya laughed at Naruto's reply, and said "Not my business, as I'm here to train you and try to find the Shichibi."

Naruto looked down at Fuu, "What if I said I had found her… I mean it?"

The slip didn't fool Jiraiya, but he wanted to play along, "Really, where is it? It is said to be a strong earth type demon."

Fuu was awakened by the conversation, but didn't want to get involved. She tensed as Naruto and Jiraiya spoke about Shichibi. Naruto felt her tense and looked down into her eyes. His words were gentle and warm, "I won't betray you, as I know the pain of being a jinchuuriki. You're not alone." She snuggled into his chest even more, not wanting to give up the warmth that it offered.

Jiraiya chuckled again, as he spoke, "I know she is the one we seek. Don't worry, we don't want to take you from your village, we only want to talk to you. If that's all right with you, Fuu-chan?" Jiraiya asked warmly.

Fuu nodded, "What do you want to know?"

Jiraiya nodded, as he acknowledged the question, "How old are you?"

"I'm seventeen," she answered.

Jiraiya nodded again in response, "When did you learn your status as a jinchuuriki?"

"Last year when I made chuunin, they figured I was mature enough to know about it," she answered, her voice unsteady.

Jiraiya's voice became solid and almost forceful, and asked, "What do you know about Akatsuki?"

Fuu looked up at Naruto, as he smiled down at her. "Nothing, who or what are they?" she responded.

Jiraiya looked over his shoulder and smiled. "They are a criminal organization that are after the Bijuu. I haven't a clue why they are after them, but they appear to want them for some reason. They will extract the demons from the hosts from what I hear and then seal the demons when they are caught. Naruto, there has had a few run-ins with them already," he explained, as Naruto frowned and nodded to his comment. "They are all S or A ranked missing nin."

Fuu moved the jacket off of Naruto and herself. She then sat up, but left a hand on Naruto's bare chest. "Jiraiya-sama, please help me to learn to control my Bijuu," she pleaded.

Jiraiya turned and faced the teens, as he looked her in the eyes, he spoke, "Is it because you want to learn from me or do you have ulterior motive?"

Naruto looked confused at Jiraiya, as he felt Fuu's hand on his chest clench. He looked at her and then back at Jiraiya. She sighed and tears formed in her eyes, as she spoke, "I'm sorry Jiraiya-sama, Naruto-kun, it is both."

Jiraiya nodded, as he watched her reactions, and said, "Go on, I'm listening."

She took a deep breath and looked at Naruto, and she said, "While I'm beginning to have feelings toward Naruto-kun, I've been given a couple missions from my village."

Naruto looked at her in surprise, 'she is having feelings for me?' His thought written all over his face, and Jiraiya chuckled at this.

Fuu giggled, as she looked kindly at Naruto's face. Her face again turned sad, as she continued, "I also have been tasked with either convincing Naruto-kun to either stay or I am to attempt to carry his seed." She looked at Jiraiya, who at first looked surprised, then smiled lecherously, his mood finally rested on a scowl.

Jiraiya scratched his head, he then asked, "So what is it going to be? Training or bagging my student?"

Fuu had the decency to blush, she then swallowed hard and answered, "I'm leaning towards both as he is alone, as am I. It would be a match that would keep us from being lonely," she admitted.

Jiraiya shook his head, and said, "You can tag along with us and we can train you some, but we are going back to Konoha, he also has a girl who he likes back home, for your information." He was trying to test her resolve.

She looked at Naruto who grinned and scratched his head, "Well… you see, she doesn't really see me yet. I'm hoping to wow her into seeing me," he said, hoping she wouldn't kill him for not telling her.

She looked at Naruto and smiled warmly. "Would you help me on my missions, Naruto-kun?" she asked.

Naruto nodded and smiled, and said happily, "It's a promise, and I don't go back on my word."

Jiraiya shook his head, 'Sakura and Tsunade are going to kill him for this. I have to save him from himself,' Jiraiya thought to himself. "Naruto, do you know what you just promised to do?" he asked, knowing he had no clue.

Naruto nodded, as he spoke, "Sure, I agreed to help Fuu on her missions."

Jiraiya could only smile and shake his head, as he explained, "One of her missions is for her to have your child." 'Three, two, one,' Jiraiya thought to himself as he counted down until Naruto figured out what he had just said.

Naruto's "What?" was heard for miles, as Fuu and Jiraiya chuckled at his misunderstanding.


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