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Chapter 14 – Chuunin exam day…

Naruto woke to an unfamiliar body on him. Ami's red mop of hair was different from Hinata or Fu's hair, so he noticed the difference right away. He then noticed the girl was snuggled up to him. He shifted and noticed that she wasn't wearing any top and could feel her chest on his. He wasn't sure what had happened during the night since he remembered her falling asleep in his arm with a kimono on. He knew that they had a month before they needed to consummate the marriage, but it was going to be a triple wedding in Konoha and he hoped that they would become close before they did that and that he could at least take away some of her pain.

Ami's eyes fluttered open and she felt the situation she was in and said, "I am yours Naruto-sama. If you took me during the night I do not fault you."

Fu giggled and said, "Silly girl… you're wearing panties, Hinata's, but you came here only in a kimono. Either you wanted to be with Naruto-koi or you resigned yourself to him taking you last night. We have a tournament to go to today and don't think that Naruto-koi would force himself upon you. He would just as soon hurt himself than hurt you. He may not love you yet, but you're family and he will do what is needed. We have a month to get yourself ready and you only have to do it once and then you can either make love to him more or never again. This is for the family and for your freedom."

Ami began to cry onto his chest at the mint haired girl's words. Naruto hugged her gently. She then sat up and showed her nearly nude form and said, "I am yours Naruto-sama. To do with as you please, since it will be for the freedom of my clan."

Naruto lifted her chin and said, "Then I give you your freedom. If you want me then you can have me, but we have a tournament to go do. Nice panties by the way."

Ami blushed as Naruto kissed her on the cheek and began to get dressed. The other girls followed suit. Ami found that her clothes were also there. She took off the panties and found a pair of her own, she got dressed feeling that she needed to impress her future husband, not knowing that he was more interested in the person than the body.

The four made their way to the stadium.


Akihiro smirked and said happily, "I'm going to crush that guy."

"I would watch your attitude. You have lost favor with the Tsuchikage and his granddaughter," his jounin sensei chastised him.

Unnoticed by the pair there was a certain blonde who was around the corner.

"Like I care what she thinks! She will eventually be mine, since my clan is in negotiations with the Stone daimyo for her hand to be mine. Then when the old man croaks I will be Tsuchikage," Akihiro exclaimed.

"You're talking treason, Akihiro," the jounin said emphatically.

"Enough, I need to go to the participants' booth," Akihiro said in a dismissive tone.

As soon as Akihiro left the room the jounin said to no one in general, "I apologize for attempting to kill Ami-san, but I was trying to help my village. You have my deepest apologies and for what it is worth, that Fu girl is very strong. I have already been disciplined by the Tsuchikage for my actions and have been informed of your new status. I leave you with some information. The Tsuchikage does not care if that boy returns with us back to Iwa. We know your compunction for not killing, but if you do there will be no political repercussions, other than maybe our thanks." He then disappeared.

Naruto sighed and made his way to the participants' box to find an angry Fu, Ami and Hokuto, all glaring at Akihiro, who seemed full of himself. Naruto stood next to Fu and asked, "What is he so happy about?"

Fu sighed and replied, "He has been explaining to us in great detail how he was going to kill you and then take each of the women that you have any type of relationship with and use them as a personal sex toys."

Naruto was about to speak when Ami grabbed his arm and said, "Please, don't go for revenge. I just wish for someone to end his existence before he hurts someone else."

Naruto just nodded. He barely listened as Gaara did the introduction speech. He finally broke out of his stupor when he heard his name called to fight in the area.

The area appeared to be a stone slab with the desert environment on it, but was surrounded by a cascade of sand. He looked up to see Baki who smirked at Naruto and said, "You are allowed to use any jutsu, but do not fall outside of the arena or you're disqualified."

Akihiro stood with an annoyed look on his face and said, "Let's get this over with so that I can have some time with that flat chested green haired girl."

Baki sighed and said, "Begin." He quickly jumped back.

Akihiro quickly ran through several hand seals and then slammed his hand on the ground, exclaiming, "Rock spears!"

A line of rocks came out of the earth and made line for Naruto. It hit him squarely in the chest and with a gasp and look of surprise.

"I knew you were nothing special to write home about," Akihiro said in a disinterested tone, looking up at the contestant box. He then turned when he heard a cracking sound. He then saw the color bleed out of Naruto and in his place was a sculpture of ice in the blonde's image, impaled on the stone. "Damn! How? Where did he go?" he asked angrily. He then jumped, just barely getting away from a hand rising out of the sand. He ran through some hand seals and then exclaimed, "Rock golem!"

The golem then slammed down upon Naruto who disappeared in a plume of smoke. Akihiro then jumped behind the golem, just being missed by several kunai. He smirked until he heard the distinctive sound of a fuse burning. He jumped back as his golem was destroyed in a blast. He had to control his landing to make sure that he didn't fall out of the fighting area. He then felt a sudden pain in his left arm. He looked down to find a deep cut on his forearm. He then heard Naruto's voice to his right, "You are not going to win, or escape justice."

Akihiro swung his right elbow back to try to hit Naruto in the face, only to strike air. He then saw Naruto appear in front of him and a ball of charka was forming. Akihiro ran at an angle towards the center of the ring and did several hand seals. He then exclaimed, "Rock armor!" He then turned to receive Naruto's attack. The Rasengan hit him squarely in the stomach. He felt the vibrations of the jutsu grinding against the armor. He jumped back just as Naruto pushed the jutsu forward, thus reducing the possible damage. He flew several meters back and landed in a crouched position. His breathing was heavy, but then his armor fell away. He then pulled out several kunai and then threw then in a spread pattern.

Naruto easily avoided them, but then he smirked and his eyes turned yellow, with a blocky, horizontal iris. His eyelids turned a reddish-orange. A clone appeared and the clone started to help him make a Rasengan.

Akihiro saw that this Rasengan was bigger and there was something different about it. He ran through a familiar set of seals, exclaimed, "Rock armor!" He then did another set of seals and said, "Steel skin!" He smirked and exclaimed, "Use your little toy and see just how much you can do!"

The Rasengan turned white and appeared to have a spiral shuriken as the horizontal plain. It also began to affect the winds around Naruto and made a whirring sound. He pulled back his hand and said, "I have a special present for an evil person like you. You're a rapist, and I might have let you live if you had shown any remorse for what you did, but you had to involve Fu-koi and all those that I care about. I hope your ancestors take pity on you!" He then moved his arm forward in a throwing motion. The huge shuriken flew from his hand and struck the dumbstruck Akihiro dead center.

Akihiro smirked at first as the new Rasengan hit his armor and appeared to just sit there, but suddenly it expanded to a five meter sphere. Akihiro exclaimed, "It will do nothing… Ahh!" His scream hit as small pools of blood began to appear on him and the young man appeared to be hit by dozens of attacks all at once.

Kakashi in the stands had pulled up his headband and was observing the Rasengan and said to no one in particular, "There are so many wind attacks the Sharingan can't count them or even see them all."

Yamato, Tsunade and Temari gasped at the revelation. Gaara, while surprised, was happy that his friend had become so strong. Onoki scowled and said, "Tsunade, you have one strong genin there."

"Indeed," she was just her reply.

As the jutsu faded Akihiro's body was held above the ground and after a moment fell the two and half meters to the bottom of the half sphere crater left from the jutsu. Naruto walked up and knelt beside Akihiro and said quietly, "I normally don't kill, but like I said, you lacked any remorse for your deeds. You hurt Ami-chan and I can't forgive you for it. I hope you go on to the next life in peace and can come to grips with your misdeeds. Good bye Akihiro of Iwa."

As Naruto stood to leave Akihiro moved his bloody arm and said in gasping and gaging breaths, "You are a monster! You have to be the son of that bastard Namikaze. I damn you to hell!"

Naruto turned and raised his arm with a wooden spike protruding from his right hand. His downward stroke was halted by Baki who just shook his head and said, "Winner Uzumaki Naruto."

Baki then looked down as Akihiro breathed his last breath. He sighed and then signaled for the body to be removed. Naruto walked off and back to the booth. Hokuto was the first greet Naruto, seeing the sadness in his eyes she wrapped him in a hug. Fu smiled warmly at this and thought, 'So that is what a friend is like. I'm lucky that I found Naruto-koi. He has had such an impact on those around him.'

Hokuto released him and allowed Fu and Ami to embrace him. Ami quietly asked, "Did you do it for revenge, for what he did to me?"

Naruto shook his head and replied, "No, he wasn't going to repent, so I had to stop him before he hurt anyone else."


Onoki sighed and said, "Couldn't say that I didn't see that coming, but that projection from the boy's hand almost looks like wood, but I'm sure that it is stone, right?"

Tsunade sighed and replied, "Yes I'm sure it is, since he does have a lesser affinity for earth."

Onoki chuckled and said, "Earth, wind, water and ice, a potent combination. I think the boy is destined to do big things. I did notice that he offered mercy, but Akihiro didn't take it. Oh well, that is how it goes when promising genin make a misstep."

"There was little promising about that boy," Gaara said in a monotone voice.

"He got what he deserved. If what I have heard about him is even close to true," A exclaimed in annoyance.

Fu walked out and bowed to the Suna shinobi. He bowed in return. Fu pulled her hood over her head and lifted her arms. "I'm sorry, but I want to end this quickly," she explained.

The Suna shinobi looked up at her in confusion, until a black fog left the arms of her jacket and headed straight for him. He did several hand seals and exclaimed, "Slicing wind!"

The cloud split just as the jutsu hit it, but continued on to the shinobi. Before he could finish the second set of hand seals the cloud engulfed him and he began to scream. A minute later he fell to the ground unconscious and the cloud moved back towards Fu. Fu bowed to her opponent and said, "You did well, but I'm not in the mood right now. I thought I should end it quickly. I apologize if that hurt your chances at becoming chuunin, but you can try again." She walked off as the Suna nin was taken off on a stretcher.

Mimi and Hokuto both entered and bowed to each other. Mimi then said, "For Naruto-sama we give our best."

Hokuto smirked and replied, "For a friend I always give my best."

Both took their stances and what followed amazed the crowd.

Mimi went through several hand signs and water began to form in the air in front of her. The water then shot forward at Hokuto, who was enveloped in a light purple chakra in the form of a peacock.

Water jutsu in a desert, by the Kusa kunoichi and peacock jutsu from the Star shinobi. The deciding factor was defense, and Hokuto had it better with her jutsu, but she also showed that she had some earth jutsu to overpower Mimi's water jutsu. Ami sat and watched while holding Naruto's hand. The next match was rather boring with Sai using his drawings to overpower the other Star village shinobi.


The intermission was boring, but also let the spectators go and get some liquids to stave off the heat of the day. When Gaara announced the continuation of the matches Naruto suddenly went through several hand seals, and exclaimed, "Summoning jutsu!"

When the smoke cleared Naruto, Baki, and Fu were joined by a Gamakichi in battle armor along with a man in a black cloak with red clouds."

"Uzumaki Naruto, you will come with me," The orange haired man exclaimed.

Naruto smirked and replied, "I will do no such thing."

"Summoning jutsu!" Fu exclaimed and a ten foot tall rhinoceros beetle appeared next to her.

"Ah so you are the seven-tails. It is good that we have finally found you and can collect you too," the man explained cryptically.

Fu laughed and then said, "You are worse than the villages! You kill jinchuuriki, who already have had terrible lives and then think that you're doing a good thing."

"I am! I will stop war!" the man explained.

Naruto chuckled and replied as Yugito and Gaara landed beside the pair, "No actually you just started a war with at least three of the major villages if not all five."

"Your power is nothing compared to mine!" the man exclaimed.

Naruto ran through several seals and smirked. The man pointed his hands towards the four jinchuuriki and exclaimed, "Almighty push!"

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