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Naruto of the Elves….

This is a crossover between Dungeons and Dragons and Naruto.

We will start on or near the manga chapter 438… I do apologize for the near rewrite of cannon… But there is a purpose and you will find out soon enough… Enjoy my little story…

Chapter 1 –

Naruto knelt before the gates of the Kyuubi in his mindspace. Blood poured out of the seal on his stomach. The Kyuubi looked on in delight. 'Yes… that's it…' it thought to itself. It knew the time was almost right for it to make its escape. Playing on Naruto's emotional state it said quietly, "Come here and pull the seal off…"

Naruto wearily stood and walked towards the gate. He reached up and grabbed the corner of the seal and started to pull. 'Why not there is nothing to live for anymore. The village is destroyed, Hinata, who confessed that she loved me enough to die for me is dead…' he thought.

His hand was grabbed by another hand. Naruto looked at the other figure in surprise.


Outside in the real world the body of an eight-tailed Kyuubi had broken the prison of Pain's jutsu. It began to hurl large boulders at the body of Yahiko. Pain looked at the boulders and knew this would not be an easy fight. What he didn't know was that Kyuubi had started a chakra cannon attack just after throwing the rocks.

He stared on in awe, and said, "I can't believe it." He finally registered the boulders coming his way. 'I might not be able to make it,' he thought to himself, as he gathered chakra. "Shinra Tensai!" he yelled, as the boulders reversed direction, only to reveal the chakra attack fired by the Kyuubi. 'I can't do anything, there isn't the time,' he though as the chakra ball destroyed him and a large area around him. As he died he didn't notice a couple other chakra balls being thrown in two other directions.


Konan and Nagato both felt the ball of chakra near them, but had no idea that it was on a direct course for their location. They were engulfed in a titanic explosion and were dead within moments of the impact.


Naruto looked up and saw a white coat with the kanji for 'Fourth' on it. The coat had flames at the bottom of the coat. The man quickly grabbed Naruto and pulled him away from the seal.

The Kyuubi growled loudly and said angrily, "You!"

Naruto had gotten over his initial surprise at seeing this person and said, "The Fourth Hokage…"

"The seal is setup, so that if eight tails are released, I'll appear in your consciousness. I didn't want this to happen… I never wanted to see you again… Nine-tails," Minato explained. He then continued, "But I looked forward to seeing how my son had grown… so I guess you could call it even."

The Kyuubi growled and angrily yelled, "Fourth Hokage!! Come here!! I'll rip you to shreds!!!"

Minato chuckled and replied, "Saying that you're going to rip me to shreds, isn't going to make me come closer." He then looked at Naruto and said, "Just the opposite, right Naruto?"

This woke Naruto out of his stupor. "Huh… Naruto? That's my name. How?" he asked, wanting to know the answer.

Minato looked at him in confusion. "Huh? Cause I gave you that name, of course. You're my heir after all," he explained.

Naruto looked even more confused. "Heir? Then you mean?" he asked in a confused tone, with the Kyuubi roaring in the background.

Minato smiled and said, "Yeah! Just what I said. You're my son."

Naruto's expression slowly changed from confusion to exuberance and he began to laugh lightly. The Kyuubi annoyed by what was going on growled and yelled, "Fourth!"

Minato pointed his thumb back at the cage and asked, "He's a noisy one isn't he? Let's go talk somewhere else." He snapped his fingers and the sewer disappeared and they were surrounded by a white mist. Naruto continued to laugh lightly and wipe away the tears from his eyes. "I guess the Third didn't tell you anything. He probably wanted to keep everything about the fox secret. If people knew you were my son, there might be trouble," he explained with a sigh. He then said, "I'm sorry Naruto."

Naruto began to shake and said, "Dad…" He astonished Minato by hitting him square in the stomach, hard. Minato grunted, as Naruto exclaimed loudly, "Why did you seal the fox in your own son!? Do you know how much trouble it's caused me?!" Naruto again began to shake with rage and sorrow. "I don't know whether to be happy or pissed!" he yelled with his eyes closed and tears falling from his eyes.

He began to sob and Minato gathered his breath. He approached Naruto only to have him slam another fist into his face. Minato got up, wiped the blood from his lip and then sighed. He then asked, "Naruto… how old are you now?"

Naruto continued to sob, but was able to answer, "Sixteen…"

Minato opened his arms and sighed. "Sixteen, eh? It… must have been hard for you, Naruto. I'm sorry," he said with a sigh. He then continued, "I've done nothing, but cause trouble for you, so maybe I shouldn't try to act like your father when I'm trying to apologize."

Naruto glared at his father, but said, "I'm the son of the Fourth Hokage, so I can deal with it."

Minato smiled warmly, even with the swelling lip. He then began to speak. "The reason I sealed the Kyuubi inside of you is because I believed that could use it… because you're my son." He paused for a moment as if to collect his thoughts and then continued, "And there's another reason, too. When the fox attacked sixteen years ago, I realized something."

Naruto wore an expression of confusion, but asked, "What was it?"

Minato's expression became serious. "There was someone controlling the fox when it attacked the village. A very powerful shinobi and without some sort of special power, there would no way to fight him. I believe he'll attack the village again," he explained ominously.

Naruto sighed at this news, but was still not sure what to feel. He then said, "Konoha… has already been destroyed."

Minato smiled and said, "Yeah, I saw… from inside you."

Naruto was shocked by this revelation and yelled, "You saw?"

"I know about Jiraiya too," Minato added, but then ducked a punch from Naruto.

"Was it Pain? Was he the one who used the fox before?" Naruto asked angrily.

Minato put his hands up in his defense and replied, "No… it wasn't him."

Naruto returned to a relaxed stance and asked, "Then who?"

"A member of Akatsuki, the one with the mask," Minato explained, as a flash of Tobi crossed Naruto's mind. He then continued, "Back then he saw through everything I did… he's no ordinary ninja… Pain was probably being used by him."

Naruto balled his fists and yelled angrily, "No! Pain hates Konoha! His own village was destroyed the same way!"

Minato huffed at his son's outburst, but replied, "That's right and he was used because of that."

Naruto asked, "Being used? You mean there's someone else behind him?" Naruto sighed and then asked, "Why is all of this happening to Konoha and to me?"

Naruto watched, as his father contemplated the question. "Hm… Maybe as long as the ninja system exists, there can be no peace or order. Pain asked you about peace, but it's hard to find an answer. Trying to save things you love breeds war. As long as love exists, there will be hatred, and ninja will be used for that hatred. As long as the ninja system exists, the hatred will create another creature like Pain.

"Pain is the one who killed Jiraiya, but the more I think about it, but the more I think about it, the more I believe that he was killed by the disorder that gave birth to Pain," Minato explained sorrowfully. He then continued, "Ninjas fight that hatred. Jiraiya entrusted you with the answer to end this hatred."

Naruto sighed, but then exclaimed, "But I can't forgive Pain… I can't!"

"Yeah, I understand," Minato said in an annoyed tone.

Naruto narrowed his eyes and asked, "Tell me… what should I do?"

Minato glared at Naruto and said, "You have to find the answer yourself, because I don't know the answer."

Naruto glared back as his father and yelled, "But if you and that pervy sage couldn't do it, how can I? It's not fair!"

Naruto flinched at the touch upon his head by his father, but listened intently as Minato said, "You'll find the answer, because I believe in you."

Naruto asked, "Really? You think I can really?" He then noticed that Minato was beginning to fade.

Minato smiled warmly at him and said, "Parents always believe in their children. My time is short and I need to try to restore the seal. Konoha can be rebuilt… I'm counting on you Naruto." He reached his hand up and touched the opened seal and began to twist. The five inch hole shrunk to about an inch before Minato faded out of existence.

Naruto grunted in pain, but looked down in pain to see that the seal hadn't been completely resealed. He left his mindscape to find himself on a falling lump of ground. He jumped down and saw the destroyed body of Pain. He grabbed one of the rods and pushed it into his skin and found that there was no chakra flowing from it. He looked off to see several smoking craters like the one he was in right now. He jumped off and headed back to Konoha.


Sasuke had just attempted to hit Madara with a Chidori only to miss. He looked to see fear written all over Karin's face and felt chakra engulf the group. Madara couldn't escape the chakra ball and was incinerated with the other five people.


Hinata lay there being healed by Sakura. The slug finally said, "Naruto is returning, it appears that he has defeated Pain. He also suppressed the demon chakra himself."

"Is he injured?" Sakura asked.

"He is bleeding from several wounds and should be here momentarily," the slug replied.


Shikaku, Inoichi and Ko all came upon a heavily breathing Naruto, who missed a jump between trees. "Naruto!" Ko exclaimed, as he caught the exhausted Naruto. He then said, after quickly examining Naruto, "We need to get him back to the village."


Hinata was laying in a cot setup as a temporary medical station. It appeared that she would have to have surgery to remove a small piece of the blade that Pain had stabbed her with. There was a commotion outside and suddenly a bruised and Naruto was dumped on the cot next to her. Naruto appeared to be in great pain. She slowly rose and move to his side.

"Hinata-sama, please do not strain yourself. You need rest. Especially after the fight you were in," Ko said authoritatively.

She shook her head and grabbed Naruto's hand. "Naruto-kun…" she quietly said.

Naruto wearily opened his eyes and saw Hinata holding his hand. He swallowed hard and took a deep and apparently painful breath. "Did you mean it?" he asked with trepidation painted across his face.

She nodded and replied, "I've wanted to tell you for a long while now, but haven't had the courage enough to tell you."

Naruto smiled, but then coughed, his hand covered in blood. "Courage? I think that you're the most courageous person I know. You took on a fight you knew you couldn't win, only to try to help me… thank you," he said with a blush.

She noticed the blush, but also surveyed the damage. His jumpsuit was in tatters, the vest was destroyed and the shirt underneath was only a couple sleeves with a small bit of fabric holding it together. His pants were in better shape, but also showed the ravages of battle. She looked at his stomach and saw the seal that was supposed to keep the Kyuubi at bay and it was, for a lack of a better term, odd. It had a dark 'hole' about an inch in diameter, and had spiral marking emanating from the 'hole'. She touched his stomach and it elicited a slight chuckle, which in turn caused her to giggle, but it quickly turned to fear when he began to cough again.

"That tickled and it hurts to laugh," he explained.

Hinata nodded and pulled her hand away. He didn't seem to want to let go of her other hand though, all most as if using it to hold onto, like a life line. He coughed again and then grimaced. She activated her Byakugan and was startled to see red chakra in the hole of the seal fighting Naruto's blue-white chakra. She also noticed a dark-blue and brown tinted chakra within Naruto's chakra fighting against the red chakra. "Someone, we need help here!" she exclaimed.

He looked up at her and saw the worry, concern and most of all the tears of pain, for him. He knew he had to win this battle of wills with the Kyuubi to protect the one person who had told him that they loved him. He continued to fight. She didn't notice a person on the roof of the tent drawing a seal above Naruto, because she was concentrating so hard on watching the battling chakra.

She watched in horror as the seal on his stomach actually got larger. She moved her hands to cover his stomach and push chakra into it to try to help Naruto. Naruto continued to grimace, but smiled warmly at the Hyuuga girl who seemed to be the only person in the world right now that wanted to help him.

She saw a man appear in front of her with an ANBU mask and a katana drawn. She leapt onto Naruto just before she felt a pain pierce through her back and into her crush. "This is a gift from Danzo, since you're a broken tool, we need to get rid of you," the ANBU man said.

He pushed chakra into the blade and watched as the two teens screamed in anguish. His job done he left quickly.

Naruto felt excruciating pain flow through his body, but what caught his attention were the drips of water hitting his face. He opened his eyes to see a crying Hinata holding back her pain, in an attempt to comfort him in his pain. "I'm sorry Naruto-kun. I'll try to remove it," she said weakly.

She reached around and pulled the blade up and worked on getting it out of the two of them slowly. She saw the look of gratitude in his eyes, they were their familiar blue color, but had slits for pupils. She also noticed a pulse of chakra sear through the blade just before she was able to pull it out of Naruto. She pulled the sword the last inch out of herself and collapsed on his chest, exhausted. Neither noticed the mingling of their blood from the wound and the red chakra that began to encompass their bodies. Others finally arrived only to thrown back from the release of chakra off of the pair.

Another pulse of chakra hit the roof of the tent and activated the partially completed seal. This in turn caused more chakra to bleed out of the pair, causing them more pain. Finally the pain seemed to subside and both looked into each other's eyes with a plethora of emotions, sorrow, regret, happiness, and hope. Both closed their eyes and wrapped their arms around the other. A moment later both were engulfed in a blinding flash of light.

Everyone was blown several meters away with the release of chakra, but some quickly found the bodies of Naruto and Hinata, both burnt, but not. Their hair was not touched, but their bodies were darkened and appeared to be burned out. Hinata sported a hold in the middle of her back, while her body lay prone on Naruto's. If it hadn't been for the fact that the bodies were empty of life it would have appeared to be an intimate moment for the pair. Ino reached over and touched Hinata's shoulder and both bodied dissolved into dust.

Many began to cry at the loss.


A sudden pulse of chakra attracted the attention of a shinobi. She moved to the alleyway where the chakra pulse had originated and found something she had never expected in a hundred years. She saw two naked children lying in the alley. She pulled out a blanket from her scroll and proceeded to take the unconscious blue-black haired girl off of the blonde haired boy. She chuckled lightly and said, "Why Naruto-kun, aren't you a little young to be getting lucky?" She looked at the girl and figured out that she was the daughter to the Head of the Hyuuga clan. She then continued, "And with the heir to the Hyuuga clan no less. My, aren't we moving up in the world. Let's see if you have any injuries." She began to examine the unconscious bodies and noticed the seal that was on Naruto's stomach was just beginning to fade and it was etched into the Hyuuga girl's stomach. She also noticed the small bleeding wound that was on both of them in the center of the seal. 'This isn't good. The Hokage needs to be informed,' she thought when she noticed another presence approaching. She quickly covered the modesty of the children and turned to the approaching ANBU.

"Status, Grakna?" the ANBU asked.

"Uzumaki Naruto and Hyuuga Hinata are both have minor injuries, but appear to also be suffering from chakra exhaustion. Also inform the Hokage that the seal appears to have become active and both children appear to have been attacked with a bladed weapon," she replied angrily.

"Understood," the ANBU in a wolf mask said. He then nodded to one of his companions, who disappeared and the other two moved up to help take the youths to the hospital. He then turned to the short female, who sported light green skin and long pointed ears. "Tell me, how does your clan's charge end up in an alley, injured with the Hyuuga heir?"

Grakna shrugged and smiled wide enough to show her enlarged lower tusks. "I have no clue. Last time I heard, Naruto-kun was in the clan enclave playing with the other goblin children. Maybe he found a new playmate and they were attacked. I hear that she does follow him around on occasion after the academy," she said in a serious tone.

The wolf ANBU chuckled at the answer, but then said, "You may be right about the Hyuuga heir, but Naruto usually doesn't stray too far away from your people, since they are the ones who gave him shelter."

Grakna nodded, and then said, "It looks like she took a katana to the back and it pierced them both. My guess is that the seal healed them both to some extent. I haven't checked them otherwise."

"Can we move them?" Wolf asked, and Grakna nodded. "Very well… grab one and let's get them to the hospital. I'm sure that the Hokage will be waiting."


Naruto felt pain all over his body and wondered why he felt so bad. He opened his eyes and found that he couldn't see anything other than a hazy light. He tried to move his arms only to feel someone gently grab his hands and push them back to the bed. He sniffed and the odor of the hospital assaulted his senses.

"Take it easy Naruto-kun. I'm sure that you're wondering why you can't see," a familiar voice said. He nodded and the woman continued, "Well, best as I can figure out you've got flash blindness. We're not sure of the source, but it should be gone in a couple days."

"That's nice Kikiyo-san, but could it be from the Kyuubi?" he asked.

"What do you mean Naruto-kun?" she asked in response to his question. He noticed the fear and apprehension that had never been in her voice before.

"Naruto-kun… Are you alright?" Hinata's voice rang out in the room.

"Yeah, I'm fine Hinata. Can you see? Because I can't, something about flash blindness," he said in an annoyed tone.

"No, Naruto-kun, I can't see either. It must have been that burst of Kyuubi chakra when we were stabbed," Hinata explained.

Both wondered what happened when they heard a couple of bodies hit the floor.

"Kikiyo-san… Kikiyo-san? Are you still there?" Naruto asked, worry stricken in his voice.

"I would guess that she is shocked that you both know about the Kyuubi," a voice from three years ago came to their ears, the voice of the Third Hokage.

Both turned their heads to each other, but did not see the other mouth one word, 'how'.


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