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Chapter 8 – Changing the future…

Naruto spent a few days in the hospital for a total of week, so as to not cause too many questions on how he healed so quickly. Naruto took this time to have his mother put security seals on the room and he then explained everything to those present in the room. Naruto sighed and smiled warmly when Hinata took his hand and squeezed gently. Present were Haku, Akemi, and Ami.

Naruto had read the scroll that the toad had delivered to him and showed it to Hinata. He knew that he would have to extend his 'harem' even further, but it was a sacrifice that he had to make. He would have been happy to have left it to Hinata, but adding Haku and Akemi didn't bother him or Hinata. Ami had proven to them that she was trustworthy and thus if she wanted to join. They wouldn't stop her, since she knew her place as the omega of the girls. This news would be a shocker to the girls.

"I have some news for you. Ami, since you've proven yourself… Hina-chan and I have agreed that if you want to marry me later you will be allowed," Naruto explained. The girl smiled happily. He then continued, "I will apparently be adding a couple more girls to the harem. I know this is a surprise, but it is more for their safety than any other reason. Both girls are from Taki, but that village doesn't want them, so we're going to take them. Now I have to tell you a secret and you have to understand why they will be added."

He waited for the girls to nod and then he continued, "First is Fu, she is the jinchuuriki of the Seven-tails. Second is Misa, she is a T'nari, a half demon. Her mother was a succubus. She will be… hopefully the last girl I will have to marry. Now for the reason that I'm having to marry them both. Fu being a jinchuuriki needs caring and affection, which we both lacked as children, she was also raped recently and because she couldn't manifest her bijuu, she was dumped by Taki. I figure that she will need time and love to heal. My mother has found some people to help her through this and I hope you all will help too."

Ami looked at him and asked, "But Naru-kun, why do you have to help?"

Naruto sighed and then said, "What I'm about to tell you is even a bigger secret." He waited for the girls to nod and then he continued, "Hina… Hinata-chan and I are from an alternate world. My actual name is Uzumaki-Namikaze Naruto, while Hina-hime's name is Hyuuga Hinata. We were both about seventeen when we came here, even though we look to be nearly nine, right now. She was chuunin and I was genin, but I also understand sage techniques, so we're a lot stronger than we appear. There are a limited number of people who know this, my mother, some of the elven elders, some of the goblins, along with the Hokage and Jiraiya. Also like the younger Naruto, I'm a jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi. I wanted to let you girls know, so that you can back out now if you wanted too."

He closed his eyes and waited for the sound of the door opening and then closing afterwards. He wasn't ready for the three girls to slam into his chest in a hug. Hinata smiled warmly and growled happily at the affection that he was receiving. She felt an arm reach up and grab her, as she was pulled into the group hug and happily joined in.

Selene waited for a few minutes and then said, "Now Fu-chan might have problems with contact with Naruto-chan, but I expect you girls to help her also. She was hurt and we need to welcome her into the family. It is good thing that intimacy is a ways off, Naruto-chan and I mean that Hinata-chan."

A quiet "Darn…" was heard from Hinata. This caused the girls to break out in light laughter.

Selene then said, "I'm going to push that Haku-chan, Hinata-chan and Naruto-chan be moved up, so that they can graduate early. I know that this will leave the younger Naruto-chan without your protection, but he will still have Akemi and Ami, along with a teacher that you specifically asked for to help him out. He just failed a mission and has asked to become a teacher at the academy. I will speak to him personally. We will also go over what he learned in school during our weekend sessions. In other news, Ayaka has told me that Sasuke is doing better since you and he talked. He is still working himself to the bone, but seems to have taken the edge off of his training and what his goals seemed to have been."

Naruto nodded at this good news. Maybe his speech helped save Sasuke from himself and might keep him alive in this world. Also his younger self might become friends with him.


Naruto laughed at the sight of when he returned to the elven forest home. A young girl with small bat like wings ran towards him and embraced him in a tight hug. She quickly exclaimed, "Naru-koi!"

Naruto looked at Jiraiya who just smiled and chuckled lightly. He returned the hug and kissed the girl on the forehead. "It is good to finally meet you Misa-chan. Now remember, if you find someone you actually want to marry I will allow you to marry them instead of me."

Misa shook her head and exclaimed, "Nee-chan and I have been wanting to meet you. You are the only one for me!"

Naruto smiled, but then said, "So you think that you will be happy here? I know that the village you came from wasn't too nice, but I wouldn't expect that much more from the villagers here. I would expect you to be treated well by my clan, the elves, the goblins, the Nara, the Yamanaka and the Sarutobi clans at least. You are officially considered an elf and are to be treated as such. My mother will explain to you the rules for being an elf. You will be going to the academy, but also understand that I care about you as someone who will be important in my life. I don't know love as much as I would like, but I think we will get along well."

He handed Misa off to Hinata who led her to Selene. Jiraiya was trying to guide Fu to Naruto, but he put his hand up and smiled warmly at the girl. He then said, "The loneliness is absolutely stifling, isn't it? No one to be there for you, everyone looking at you like you're a monster. The cold stares they give you. The things you hear when your back is turned. I know the loneliness and the pain. I offer you acceptance and affection. You will be welcomed. You may be a jinchuuriki. You may have been hurt badly, but understand that I will do my best to show you love and affection. If at any time you want out of the marriage, you can, but please give me time to at least get to know you before you decide to leave. You are always welcome in my house no matter what. I will apologize now, so that if I have hurt or offended you now or in the future, you have my apology."

A tear ran down Fu's face. She quickly wiped it away only for a steady stream to begin to run down her face. "Why would you marry someone like me? A monster and someone who… who… has been damaged?" she asked, while yelling and crying full force.

Naruto sighed and said, "I'm like you a jinchuuriki. I hold the Kyuubi and my village hated me for what I held. I know that you were hurt in a way that a girl should never be hurt, but I don't hold that against you. They say that to protect you I have to marry you, but I… I want to be your friend and see if you and I can work. If we do there will be others who will also show you affection. Hinata-chan who just took Misa to see my mother, my mother of course who will talk to you about anything, Haku-chan, who was shunned because she has a bloodline limit. She's from Kirigakure you know, where they have hunted bloodlines for a while now. I promise to accept you how you are, no matter what. If you hate guys then I will be a girl, just for you. Sexy technique."

Fu looked through watery eyes at the boy who was encompassed by a cloud. His features changed from an elven boy with spiky hair to an elven girl with long blonde hair in pig tails. Fu hesitated and asked, "You… you would do that for me? But aren't you still a boy?"

Naruto chuckled and replied, "Yes I would do that for you. To answer your question, I am still mentally a boy, but physically a girl. While I admit that I don't really have a clue what it is like to be a girl. I will keep this form around you if it makes you feel better."

Fu collapsed to her knees and began to sob heavily. Naruto rushed forward and caught her before she hit the ground. Fu continued to cry uncontrollably, but also stuttered out, "No one has ever done anything for me. What they did… it hurt…"

Naruto looked up at Jiraiya who just shrugged. Naruto began to brush the girls mint green hair. Naruto quietly whispered, "No matter what, you're perfect just how you are. I will be there for you, Fu-chan."

The girl sobbed into Naruto for the next few minutes and then finally gave into her exhaustion. Ami came out of the house and asked, "Who's the blonde?"

Hinata put her arms around Ami and whispered, "Its Naruto-kun. He must have thought that being a girl would help her more than being his 'male' self. He is a master of the transformation technique."

Naruto gently picked up Fu, who quietly sobbed into Naruto's chest, but didn't let go. He took her into the house and laid down with her on the bed. Hinata raised an eyebrow at this, but only kissed Naruto and then snuggled up to 'her'.


Over the next couple months Fu and Misa got acclimated to Konoha. Fu was deeply mistrustful of males, even with sessions with Ino's mother and a couple other therapists. Naruto, Haku and Hinata all moved to the next year's class. They met and quickly trounced an angry Neji, who tried to attack Hinata. Quick reactions by the trio had the boy on the ground and with weapons on him before he was actually able to finish his attack. Only after Naruto had threatened to bring the elves back down upon the Hyuuga did the boy calm down. The younger Naruto and Hinata seemed to actually get along fine without their older counterparts in their class. The teacher was new, but also given a lecture from the elves on how to treat a student. He followed the guidelines and found that Naruto wasn't as much of a problem as other teachers had told him the boy would be.

Training continued unaffected. Naruto, Fu and the younger Naruto began to work with using their demon chakra. Both the younger Naruto and Fu had to meet with their demons. Needless to say the pair had a sleepless weekend after meeting their respective demons. The older Naruto and Hinata had been visiting the Kyuubi and found it to be sleeping. Naruto not wanting to wake the beast kept quiet and worked on trying to reform the landscape. After a month of working with Hinata they had figured out what they wanted to do. Now that the seal was partially spread over both of them, they wanted to make sure when they had to deal with the Kyuubi it wouldn't be in a location that they didn't like. They had created a cave and world for the Kyuubi. It had a forest and a sun, but was still behind the bars. The area outside of the seal was now a forested glade that had a table and chairs. This took all of their imagination to finally figure out what the final area would look like. There were other caves that held doors to their own memories, which they decided to leave alone without the help of a mind walker.

After dealing with Nanabi, Fu was actually more comfortable with the older Naruto. Jiraiya didn't return during this time, but did send messages that he had contacted Kumo and had talked to Kirabi and Yugito about the problems that Akatsuki presented to them. He had also sent a message to his contacts in the Land of Stone to find and get in contact with the jinchuuriki there if possible. He also suggested that Naruto, Hinata and Haku meet him near Suna.


Sarutobi reluctantly agreed to allow the three students to head to Suna, but they would do so with a guard detail and also with someone to make an agreement for trade with Suna as a cover. Selena and several other elves went on this trip and headed towards Suna. It was to be a diplomatic mission to try and fix the possible problem that lead to the Chuunin exam invasion in the older Naruto's world.

Naruto decided that it would be a good challenge during the trip to try and pull moisture out of the air and use it in jutsu, but this proved to be rather hard for Haku and Hinata who didn't have the chakra reserves that Naruto did.

The group approached the gates of Suna and was guided into the village. Naruto noted the occasional sound shinobi, but nothing too big. Naruto figured that they were just scouting Suna for Orochimaru. He then found what he was looking for in a park. The one he was looking for was sitting with sand hitting a ball up in the air. Naruto approached with a smile on his face. He jumped to the side when the sand suddenly shot towards him. Naruto quickly said, "Tell your mother that it isn't nice to attack the Kyuubi container."

Naruto then had to jump away again when the sand traveled even faster towards him. He also heard a voice inside of him say, "You'll get nothing but attacks from that rat."

Gaara suddenly said, "Mother says to tell Kurama that we will decide who is stronger, now!"

The sand around the play area suddenly swirled around Gaara. Naruto looked at this and sighed. "Damn! Shukuaku! Stop manipulating Gaara! He has no issues in this fight!" Naruto exclaimed.

"Oh, but I do… you are here to kill me like all the rest, so I will prove that loving myself is the only way to survive," Gaara cryptically explained.

Naruto ran through several seals and then yelled, "Water style: Waterfall avalanche!" Water poured from a nearby fountain and erupted from the ground making a huge wall of water in front of Naruto. It then traveled at Gaara. The sand moved to intercept the water. The two elements clashed for dominance. Gaara strained under the stress of trying to force the sand to overtake the water. He suddenly jumped when he heard Naruto's voice to his right ask, "So do we want to continue this fight or talk it out like kids? I can keep this up all day and I think Kyuubi will want to help me on this one…"

Gaara appeared to anger, but then his features lessened and the sand fell, along with the water. "You may kill me now," Gaara said in resignation.

Naruto shook his head and said, "I'm not here to kill you. I'm here to try to save you. Shukaku and Kyuubi are both Bijuu and we need to make sure that they are not taken from us. They will be used for evil and it will kill us."

Gaara sat down and said, "Mother is laughing at you. She says that you are just lucky that you can use an element that puts us at a disadvantage."

Naruto laughed and said, "Gaara… we can be friends. You can get your family back and prove your existence through helping others rather than killing them."

Gaara's eyes glaze over for a second and then he asks, "Why would Kurama want to you to mediate a peace between them?"

Naruto looked at Gaara in confusion and asked, "Who is Kurama?"

Gaara giggled like a girl and replied, "The Kyuubi's name is Kurama, as my mother's name is Shukaku."

Naruto smirked at the grow he heard. "I thought your mother's name was Karura."

Gaara tilted his head and asked, "How do you know who my mother is?"

Naruto grin spread and he replied, "What else would a friend do other than find out who his family was?"

Gaara looked down and asked, "Why would you of all people want to be my friend when no one else would?"

Naruto stayed quiet a minute. This caused Gaara to look up and see the hurt and sadness in Naruto's face. "Like I was telling Fu-chan… the loneliness can be stifling and nearly drive you mad. The pain of being alone in a crowd can be so painful. I know that if I hadn't found people to care about me eventually I would have gone mad and began to kill those around me to get attention. I just don't want you to think that you're alone. I'll be there for you no matter what."

Naruto jumped when a pair of arms wrapped around him and he looked into Gaara's eyes. Gaara simply said, "Thank you, Naruto-kun…" and returned to the hug, which Naruto returned.


Temari watched as the titanic chakras battled with sand and water for dominance. She watched and then was surprised when both the water and sand fell to the ground. She then watched as Gaara, the fear of her life and her biggest heartache, talked with a blonde boy from the Konoha delegation. She was intrigued at the boy being an elf and also later when Gaara embraced the boy and they shared tears. Temari watched and wiped away her own tears. She hoped that this would be a new chapter for Gaara, since her sister had turned cold only a year ago or so. She also got angry that her sister was hugging a boy.

She jumped when she heard a voice behind her and it asked, "Are going to tell Naruto-kun that Gaara is a girl or am I? They will become strong friends and have a connection that we could only hope to have."


After Gaara was able to stop crying she said, "What do you want to do Naruto-kun?"

Naruto looked at Gaara and then asked, "You can call me Naruto, no suffix is needed." Gaara's face turned red and Naruto's eye went wide. He then asked, "Are you girl?"

Gaara nodded and Naruto sighed at his luck. So many girls in this world were boys in his world. He would have to send a message to Gaara in his world to ask if Gaara was a boy or not just to try to make sense of this world. Gaara then asked, "Naruto-kun… would you be my boyfriend?"

Naruto sighed and said quietly, "Hinata-chan is going to kill me…" He then turned to Gaara and replied, "I'm part of a clan that has ordered me to have a harem and while I have no problem, well… no real problem with you being my girlfriend, my fiancés might. We would also have to deal with the implication of village politics and the like."

Gaara's mood seemed to sink.

Naruto pulled up Gaara's chin and said, "I didn't say no, but wanted you to know that it would be difficult in any event. Both being jinchuuriki and from different villages would be an obstacle to any romantic relationship we could have. What if you found someone here, then… ah… I can't figure these things out and why does this keep happening to me?"

"Because you're adorable, Naruto-kun," Hinata explained with a giggle. Both jinchuuriki turned to the sudden appearance of two more females. Gaara ran to and embraced Temari exclaiming that she was sorry. Hinata smiled and said, "We can't take you anywhere can we Naruto-kun? Getting two new girls and it isn't even noon…"

Naruto's jaw fell and he looked at Hinata and then to the two daughters of the Kazekage. He looked back and Hinata nodded. Naruto slapped his forehead and fell backwards. Gaara exclaimed, "Naruto-kun!" at the sight of Naruto falling backwards. All three girls surrounded the boy and tried to revive him, since he had apparently passed out.


"I refuse. We will not allow the daughters of the Kazekage to go to Konoha," the Kazekage explained while watching the scene play itself out.

Selene smiled and said, "You are just a worried father. I assure you that Naruto-chan will not hurt them."

The Kazekage glared at the woman and said, "They will stay with me and in my village."

Selene giggled and said, "Karura-chan would be angry that you're denying the girls their happiness."

The Kazekage's eye shrank to slits and his disposition became rather angry. "You will not discuss my wife in such a familiar manner," he said angrily.

"You will then address the widow of the Yondaime Hokage in a more respectful tone yourself, Kazekage-san," Selene replied angrily.

His expression showed surprise and he said, "I heard that you died."

"The tale of my demise was greatly exaggerated. Also the elves helped protect me, while we could do little for my true Naruto-chan," Selene said sadly.

He turned to the children and asked, "So he isn't your boy?"

Selene shrugged and replied, "In a way he is and he isn't. A long story and one we can discuss over the change in relations treaty. Because of him we know that the Wind Daimyo is starting to cut your budget and will start to send jobs our way. We want to stem the tide and keep your village's friendship in the coming conflict. We also need to keep the jinchuuriki close and train them how to defend themselves."

The Kazekage tilted his head and asked, "What to mean Selene-san?"

Selene's features became grim and she replied, "Madara Uchiha is back. He pulled the Kyuubi from me and Minato-kun had to seal it in our child, Naruto."

"You offer a lot of information up, what do you want in return?" he asked, wanting to know what the woman was up too.

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