Author's Note: I'm finally back! I'm so sorry for the wait. Part of it was work, part was me losing the momentum I'd picked up earlier, and part me just not writing as much as I could have. But I hope the length of this chapter makes up for the wait at least somewhat. It's unbetaed though, so I apologize for any mistakes – feel free to point out any particularly embarrassing ones to me. ;)

Just a warning though, anyone concerned about where this is leading should probably not read. I don't treat this as canon with my other stories, so there's no reason you need to either. Hopefully I'll have something within that canon for you to enjoy soon enough.

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Title: Shizuru's Game

Rating: M

Chapter 4: Endgame

Smut level: ****/***** (Yes, it could conceivably get smuttier than this)



Ara, welcome back everyone! It's been some time since the last chapter, so I would like to take a quick moment to catch everyone up on the present state of the game.

First, yours truly, Fujino Shizuru. As the mastermind behind the game, of course I showed no reluctance to reveal myself. It's just a shame that I'm only down to my underwear so far, as each piece removed has proved to be quite fun. But I do quite like the lingerie I picked out for tonight. I'm wearing an understated-but-sexy black camisole with red trim, along with matching briefs, and Natsuki tells me that I look both cute and sexy in it.

Ah, Natsuki... I think we should do her next, no? I would certainly like to do her right now. It's just a shame that she hasn't shown too much yet. She's showing a nice, blue, demi-cup bra right now, but her lower body is still covered up by her pants. Yes, pants. I made a note about attire in the invitations I sent out, so everyone else is wearing a skirt, but Natsuki didn't seem to pick up on my hints about that. I'll have to make sure to punish her for this later.

Why don't we just continue around the circle for this? That would make Nao next. She's been quite the sport for this game. I suspect that may have to do with the other sexy redhead sitting across from her. She's down to just her underwear now, and certainly quite the sight. Try as she might, Sister Yukariko was never able to strip Nao of her penchant for sexy clothing, though I may have some luck with stripping her of the clothing. Not that there's much left. All she has on right now is a skimpy red demi-cut bra and matching red hipster briefs. Quite nice, though I suspect Natsuki may show her up once those pants come off.

This brings us to the most clothed member of our group, Yukino. She's been getting off lucky so far, and only had to remove her socks with my "everyone strip" card. Unlike Natsuki, she took the hint and dressed up a little, wearing a nice white blouse with a black skirt. She actually looks quite formal like that, and it somehow makes me want to see even more what she has on underneath. I wonder if she's practical like Haruka, or if she secretly sports a bit more style.

That brings up Haruka. Poor Haruka... exposed wearing a simple set of white cotton panties and bra...

"Oi, hold on!" Haruka tells me to say. "I told you before, no fair not giving us any warning, or I would have worn something much nicer for this."

Ara, Haruka, but I'm surprised you'd wear that at all...

"Laundering day's tomorrow and I'm running low, so sue me, you dumb Bubuzuke woman! Trust me, you'll get yours soon."

"I think you mean 'Laundry day,' Haruka-chan..."

"That's what I said!"

Hmm, I think I'll just leave them to that. Last, but certainly not least, we have the lovely Tokiha Mai. I can certainly see why Natsuki lusts for her; she fills out quite the figure. I particularly like the choice of pink for her lingerie. It's close enough to skin tone to give the illusion that she's naked for just a second. Mmm... I wonder if she's noticed me staring? I hope so.

~End Recap~


"What did you get this time, Miss Bubuzuke?" Haruka asked as Shizuru returned to the room. "You know, you could have just gotten all of this at the beginning so you wouldn't have to keep us waiting."

"Ara," Shizuru said as she sat down in her spot. "I think Haruka has misunderstood what she's supposed to be doing. She had the perfect time to eye up her friends in just their underwear. Is she now telling me that she wasted it?"

Haruka glared at Shizuru, her eye twitching for a moment. "Never mind that!" she said at last. "What did you go and get?"

"Oh yes," Shizuru said, as if she'd forgotten until that moment. She pulled an egg timer out of her pocket and placed it in the center of the group as she sat down. "A couple of the red cards will need this. Plus, I think we should use it for the kisses. It's not that I want people to kiss less, but I don't want the rest of the group to get impatient while it isn't their turn. Does one minute sound alright as a limit?"

"Sounds like more than enough," Mai said. "Wouldn't, I don't know, 30 seconds work a bit better?"

"Well, it's only an upper limit, right?" Yukino said. "We don't have to go up to it. But why bother with it at all? If other people are getting impatient, then just pull the kissers apart."

"I guess that would work," Shizuru said. "Then we'll just use this for the cards that require it and the 'Shizuru special.'" The rest of the girls looked at each other, no one wanting to be the one to ask the obvious question. Eventually, Shizuru pouted. "No one is curious? Ikezu..."

Natsuki rolled her eyes. "Fine, fine. What's the 'Shizuru special'?"

Shizuru tilted her head with a happy "Ara!" and she said, "I thought you'd never ask. The Shizuru special is what you have to do if you're already naked and are supposed to strip. You get to choose someone else who's still clothed and ask them to strip, but in return you must do a dare of their choosing. If you don't wish to do the dare, or everyone is already naked, then you have to let a random person feel you up for one minute, with their only limit being that they have to try not to hurt you. Beyond that, anything goes."

"Um, anything?" Mai said. She could feel a blush starting to form on her cheeks. "I mean, you know I'm still a... you know..."

"Me too," Nao said, her eyes glancing at Mai briefly.

Shizuru took a moment to consider this. "I suppose the rest of us can hold ourselves back. Very well, one more limit then: Don't do anything to Mai or Nao that they might consider sex. Unless they do it to you first."

"You just had to add that last part in, didn't you?" Nao said. She rolled her eyes. "Whatever. It's fair. Now can we get back to the game, or do you have any other rules to spring on us?"

"Hmm, nope, I think we're ready to begin," Shizuru said. "I do believe it is Mai's turn." A twinkle formed in Shizuru's eye as she looked at Mai. "I might warn you that every card involves stripping in some way, so you may wish to take this chance to prepare yourself." Shizuru glanced down at Mai's bra, then back up at her eyes and gave a wink.

Great. She had to say that... Mai took a breath to calm her nerves. "Don't try to scare me out of this. Even if I am the first one topless, that kiss I just got was worth it." Mai caught Nao's eyes for a brief moment before she took the top red card off of the deck. With another breath to prepare herself, she read it out: "'Choose someone else to tickle you for one minute. If you say "stop" in this time, they must stop, but you must then strip off an item of clothing. If you last the entire minute, the person you chose to tickle must instead strip.' I guess that could be fun..."

"Hah, looks like you might have yourself a reprieve, Mai," Natsuki said. "At a price." Mai caught Natsuki's gaze. From her expression, it seemed that Natsuki was daring Mai to choose her. That probably wouldn't be a good idea, though. Mai had seen how Natsuki had tickled Shizuru early; she was practiced. Yeah. Not gonna happen.

Mai would bet that Shizuru was quite the expert tickler as well, so that was out. She didn't want to risk making Nao be the first one to go topless so soon, so that left her Yukino and Haruka to choose between. Her instinct was telling her that Yukino would be a bit better at tickling, but she was also far more clothed than Haruka. It was the diplomatic pick, at least. "Yukino."

A soft blush appeared on Yukino's cheeks at this. After a moment she let out a sigh. "I guess it's time my luck ran out..."

"Oi, don't give up that easily, Yukino!" Haruka said. "You can take her, easy."

"Thanks, Haruka," Yukino said. She crawled across the circle to Mai and said, "Er, so how do you want to do this?"

"I think I'll lie down," Mai said. "Wouldn't be fair if I try to protect myself, and I'll probably end up in that position anyway." She took a breath to prepare herself as she lay down. She considered whether it would be worth biting her tongue to keep herself from saying "stop," but decided against it. It wasn't worth risking really hurting herself for the sake of holding onto her bra a bit longer. Judging by what Shizuru had said, they'd all be naked before the game was through, so it was best to just enjoy the ride.

Straining her head a bit, Mai could see Shizuru adjusting the timer for one minute. "Ready?" she said. With a nod from Yukino, but not waiting for any confirmation from Mai, Shizuru said, "Go!"

The only time a minute seemed longer to Mai was when it was the last minute before her shift ended at work. It was easy to think that a minute would be nothing when she wasn't being tickled to death throughout it. When she was, however, she lost all sense of time, and focusing on the timer was an impossibility.

Yukino was good. So good that the first thought that ran through Mai's mind was, bad choice bad choice bad choice. She started by quickly tickling various parts of Mai's body until she zeroed in on the most vulnerable spot. Unfortunately for Mai, this turned out to be around her breasts and ribs, so the tickling had the side-effect of also getting her incredibly aroused. Before too long, the idea of taking her bra off didn't seem like a bad idea. But then again, the idea of getting to strip someone else and exposing even more feminine flesh to her eyes seemed like an even better idea.

Kami... I don't care, whatever, I can't take it, I...


In a few hazy seconds, Mai fell back to earth. Yukino was returning to her seat with a slight pout, while Mai took a moment to catch her breath. Feeling some moisture on her face, she wiped off her leaked tears. Her hands still a bit shaky, she pushed herself back up to a sitting position. With a smile that still lingered from her tickle-torture, she pointed at Yukino and said, "Strip." Yukino blushed at this, nervously bringing her hands to start unbuttoning her blouse. A bit worried at her friend's nervousness, Mai immediately switched over to trying to reassure her. "Don't worry, you don't have to be embarrassed. Everyone else is already showing at least as much."

Yukino gave a small smile. "I'm afraid I'm about to prove you wrong, Mai..."

Is she not wearing anything beneath her blouse? Mai wondered, her heart starting to race at the prospect. But she caught a flash of yellow beneath Yukino's blouse, so that theory was out.

Haruka seemed to be thinking along the same lines. "Yukino...?" she said. "Don't tell me you're wearing... you know..."

Yukino smiled at Haruka, giving her girlfriend a small smile as she finished unbuttoning her blouse. "I was hoping to surprise you tonight. But I guess I'll be surprising everyone..." With a deep breath, Yukino finally pulled her blouse open, revealing one of the most erotic sights Mai had ever seen. She was wearing a yellow camisole beneath her shirt, but the bust of it was so shear as to be nearly transparent. Yukino's breasts were on full display for everyone through it. It was such a perfect mix of cute and sexy that Mai didn't know if she was going to have a nosebleed or squeal.

In the end, she settled for clapping her hands and cheering. "Way to go, Yukino!" she said. Yukino had taken a huge step in being the first to really reveal herself this game, and she deserved the applause for that. She might have needed it too, judging by how deep her blush was. Soon, the other girls joined in with Mai in supporting Yukino.

"Thanks..." Yukino said. "But you might want to hold your applause till after my turn. You haven't seen everything yet..." As Yukino bent forward to pick up a card, Mai found her eyes glued to the sight of Yukino's breasts. She quickly shook herself out of it as Yukino began to read. "Haa... I knew it. 'Strip off an item of the clothing, then spin the bottle. The chosen person gets to kiss the revealed area of your body.'"

Yukino stared at the card for a minute, a blush slowly filling her cheeks. Worried that she might back out, Mai caught her gaze and said, "Don't worry Yukino. You've already shown your breasts. Letting us see a bit more of your legs is nothing."

Unfortunately, this just made Yukino's blush worse. "Mai... if that was all I'd be showing, don't you think I would have taken off my skirt first?"

Mai blinked. "Oh."

"You don't have to worry, Yukino," Shizuru said. "I can promise you that there are more than enough stripping cards left to leave everyone naked by the end of the game."

This seemed to get Yukino's attention. "Oi, I never said I wasn't going to do it, you know." With this, she stood up from her seat and brought her hands to the waist of her skirt. "You may all be getting naked, but I'm not afraid to be the first. Or at least, the first to show you this..." Yukino unbuttoned her skirt and let it drop to her feet.

The air in the room was still; everyone had stopped breathing at the same time. Just as she'd worn a sheer top, Yukino's panties were transparent as well. The material was mostly a yellow color, to match her top, but Mai was trying to look through it rather than at it. If Shizuru hadn't already outed her as bi, there was no way she could have hidden it now. Yukino's brown curls were easily visible beneath her panties, and Mai could even make out the outline of her lips. Mai had to shake herself out of a trance. It really wasn't polite to stare, but... Damn.

At last, Yukino sat down, and her crotch was briefly out of sight as she leaned forward to spin the bottle. Mai's mind raced over what she'd do if the bottle landed on her. It slowed down just as the tip was in front of her, paused, and then rolled over towards Haruka. Stupid rules...

Haruka didn't seem to have any problem with the rules. She practically pounced on Yukino, smothering the girl's legs with kisses. Yukino's breathing started to get shaky from this treatment, and Mai found her eyes drawn to the girl's breasts, watching as they jiggled with each sharp breath. They stopped all too soon though, for both Mai's taste and Yukino's. Somehow, despite Haruka's initial enthusiasm, she was able to pull herself away early. Perhaps it was just to see the delicious blush that formed on Yukino's cheeks.

Haruka barely gave Yukino a chance to recover before she grabbed the top card off of the deck. Her face split into a huge grin as she read the card. "Looks like my luck was due – just what I needed!"

"What does it say, Haruka-chan?" Yukino asked, leaning over to get a look at the card.

"'Strip off an item of clothing, then choose another player. You and that player may kiss and grope each other,'" Haruka read. She looked across the circle at Shizuru, a gleam in her eye.

"Um, how is that good?" Yukino asked.

"Because I chose the wrong underwear to wear today," Haruka said simply. She pushed herself up to her feet. "Why don't you all judge for yourselves. Which looks better: this," she gestured to her bra-clad breasts, "or this?" Haruka reached a hand behind her back an unfastened her bra. She dropped her arm to her side, and it took a mere moment for the bra to fall off of her chest, her breasts pouring out.

Damn... they're even bigger than mine... was all Mai could think. She sat, so entranced in the sight of Haruka's bare breasts that she nearly missed it when Haruka removed her panties as well. Fortunately, she didn't, as the sight of Haruka completely naked was simply breathtaking. Her body was very well-toned, and it seemed that every ounce of fat in her body had gone to her breasts. She'd let her pubic hair grow out a bit, though she still kept it well-groomed, forming blond curls that just begged to be touched.

"I think I've made my point," Haruka said. She didn't show an ounce of shame in her body, and she certainly had good reason to be proud of it. "Now, Shizuru..." she said, the gleam returning to her eye. "I'm using my stripping option to nix the part of the card where you get to kiss and grope me back. You're all mine, unless you want to chicken out and say the rules won't allow it."

Haruka might have been stretching the rules a bit, but no one was complaining. Even Shizuru just said, "Ara, if Haruka wishes to use her stripping option for that, I will allow it."

Haruka smiled at this. As she approached Shizuru, Mai could see Natsuki also moving a bit closer to her girlfriend. Her hand sought out Shizuru's, and she intertwined her fingers with those of her girlfriend. She didn't say anything, but she did watch Haruka closely. Mai silently hoped that Haruka would be careful and wouldn't go too far. She didn't want the night to be ruined through a bout of jealousy, even if Natsuki would be entirely justified in it. Natsuki hadn't had any problems so far, but it might have been the "grope" part of Haruka's card that had her on edge.

Perhaps Haruka got the message, or more likely, she just wasn't planning to go too far anyway. She started out by placing a hand gently on Shizuru's breast, just getting a feel for it. "Not bad I guess... for a Bubuzuke," she said.

"I regret that I cannot give Haruka the same compliment," Shizuru said, "as she would prefer me not to touch her."

"I don't need it. I know how good mine are," Haruka said. "I wonder if you remember, Miss Bubuzuke, what you threatened to do to me for our first kiss?"

"I remember qui-" Shizuru started to say, though Haruka captured her in a kiss before she could finish. Shizuru let out a brief whimper of surprise, but she didn't protest further, if she even could. Her eyes were open wide throughout Haruka's kiss. If Haruka's tongue was indeed going down Shizuru's throat, this might actually have been something she hadn't experienced before. Then again, it was hard to tell what Natsuki might actually have been doing with her.

Shizuru did seem to settle into the kiss a bit as it went on, though she had to gasp out for air at a couple points. When Haruka released her, Shizuru had to pant a bit to get back her breath. Haruka didn't seem to be too satisfied with this, but the strangest reaction in the room came from Natsuki: She laughed. I think the eggnog may be getting to her... Mai thought.

"Oh, thank you, Haruka," she said, to everyone's confusion.

"Huh? What do you mean?" Haruka asked.

"For that kiss. It proved to me that I have nothing to worry about with Shizuru. Whatever lust there may be with you two, you just don't have that spark."

"Lust? What lust!?" Haruka protested.

"Ara, I don't think-" Shizuru started to say. Her sentence was once again cut off by a kiss, this time Natsuki's. Natsuki kept it softer than Haruka had, and Mai could immediately tell the difference in Shizuru's reaction. She melted almost immediately, letting out a gentle moan. It wasn't just that Natsuki was a better kisser than Haruka, or even that her style fit Shizuru better – which it certainly did. There was something special between them. Something that kept Shizuru under Natsuki's spell even as they parted from the kiss. It was a lover's kiss, not just a kiss to satisfy lust, like Haruka had given to Shizuru.

"Mine," Natsuki said, tapping a finger to Shizuru's nose and giving Haruka a quick glance to make sure she got the message that Shizuru was Natsuki's. "But don't let that stop you from having some fun. Just as long as everyone knows that Shizuru will be sharing my bed at the end of the night."

"Oi, what gives!?" Nao said. "I thought Kuga was supposed to be the whipped one! How the hell am I gonna tease her now?"

Shizuru was able to break out of Natsuki's spell at this. She tilted her head to the side and said, "Perhaps I should show Nao what happens when I touch my finger to a certain spot on Natsuki's hip..." Her hand started to creep up Natsuki's leg, causing the girl to pull back with a nervous squeak.

"Oi, um, it's your turn, Shizuru!" she said, trying to hide her blush. "Get to it already." With a slight sigh, Shizuru pulled her hand back from Natsuki. Then, in a move too fast to track by eye, she shot her arm forward again and quickly touched a spot just above Natsuki's left hip. Natsuki let out a strangled gasp as her face filled with red. "No... fair..."

"Quite fair," Shizuru said, "and quite cute too. But Natsuki's right, it is my turn..." While Natsuki pouted off to her side, Shizuru picked up the next card from the deck. "'Spin the bottle. The chosen player must strip completely naked. Do not respin if it points to you.' Ara... I seem to be getting all the fun ones..." Shizuru said with a glint in her eye.

Mai was barely able to hold herself back from gulping at this. Her heart pounded in her chest as Shizuru spun the bottle. Shizuru definitely knew how to get the excitement up with the way she wrote the cards. The nervousness of possibly being chosen for this one somehow made her even more excited as she waited. Of course, it would be even better if it were to point to someone else. Getting to see Natsuki or Nao nervously strip naked would be quite the treat.

Though preferably Natsuki, Mai thought as she glanced at Nao and sensed the nervousness in her. Somehow the thrill shrunk a little when she thought Nao feeling awkward about it. Hope she's at least getting a little excited at the prospect...

When the bottle started to slow down, Shizuru's hand suddenly came down on it, catching it just as it pointed at Nao. "Ara, this is certainly a fun trick Nao came up with..." Shizuru said, looking over at Nao with an evil glint in her eye.

"What? You can't be serious..." Nao said, her eyes widening as she looked at Shizuru.

Shizuru raised an eyebrow. "You had your fun, but you did break the rules. Though I suppose if it sweetens the deal, Mai has been sitting on a certain green card for quite some time now..."

"Huh?" Nao said, looking over at Mai. She didn't seem to be afraid at this point, though there was still a touch of nervousness left.

It was a good thing Shizuru brought that card up. Mai had completely forgotten about this. Had Shizuru planned this when she pointed the bottle at Nao? Knowing her, it wouldn't be surprising. Shizuru turned her head and gave Mai a wink that Nao couldn't see, confirming Mai's suspicions.

Mai caught Nao's eyes as she found the card she'd stashed beside her. She smiled at the girl as she tossed the card across the circle. "You're mine." Nao blinked at Mai in a mix of confusion and nervousness. When she picked up the card to read it, her face filled with a blush.

"What does it say?" Natsuki prodded Nao.

"Er, um... she gets to strip me..." Nao said.

"Aha, so that's what that was about..." Natsuki said, grinning at Nao. "You'd better enjoy the service, or I suspect Shizuru will have to take your enjoyment into her own hands."

"I agree," Shizuru said. "It would be much better if Mai were the one to take it into her own hands." Shizuru glanced back at Mai. "I trust she knows what I mean."

"Oh, I do," Mai said. She stood up and walked across to Nao. Nao was still visibly nervous, but at least it didn't get any worse as Mai approached her. I think I know how to handle that... Mai thought. She held her hand out to Nao, and after a moment of hesitation, Nao took it with her own hand and used it to pull herself up to her feet. As soon as Nao was standing, Mai caught her lips in a kiss.

She'd been planning to give Nao a kiss like Natsuki had just given to Shizuru, mimicking what she'd seen of Natsuki's style, but that effort just ended up sending her lips too many mixed signals. Her own instincts were getting in the way, so at last she relented to them. It was much better this way, in the end. She could feel Nao slowly relaxing into the kiss, so she started to think of the most enjoyable way to strip the girl.

Once an idea popped into her mind, Mai slowly walked around Nao until she was on the opposite side of the girl from the rest of the group, managing to maintain her kiss with the girl all the while. She backed up a couple steps before she finally released her lips from Nao's. She was quite delighted to see that Nao seemed to be a bit dazed from her kiss, so she hadn't noticed until now that she'd been turned around. Mai leaned her head forward and whispered into Nao's ear, "This is so I can be the first to see you."

Nao snapped out of the daze at this. When Mai drew her head back, she could see the girl's eyes focused on her. Her expression was a bit hard to read; it seemed to mix both nervousness and eagerness at the moment. Even though she'd briefly fantasized about seeing Nao have to nervously strip, Mai knew that she didn't really want the girl to be too nervous about it now. It was best to take it slow.

Mai trailed a hand down Nao's chest, her fingers coming to the edge of her bra once more and starting to trace along it. Mai gave Nao a brief kiss on the cheek and whispered, "Just try to deny you want this." Nao let out a soft moan and blushed a bit, but she wasn't protesting. With this tacit permission, Mai placed her hand to cup Nao's breast while her other hand circled around the girl's back to find the clasp of her bra.

Mai caught Natsuki out of the corner of her eye moving to get a better view, but she shot the girl a warning glance to get back. That was all the attention she spared for the rest of the room. She unclasped Nao's bra just at the moment she gave the girl another quick kiss on the lips. She seemed to be getting more adorable by the minute. She had the cutest shy expression on her face as Mai slid the bra straps off of her shoulders, until the bra was being held up only by the pressure of Mai's hand on her breast.

This is it... Mai took a step back from Nao, pulling the bra with her and revealing those delicious breasts to her eyes at last. As sexy as Nao was in that bra, the sight of her bare breasts was much better. They might not have been as big as Haruka's, but they had such perfect form. Her nipples were perfectly erect now, attesting to Nao's arousal from the situation. They were such a lovely shade of pink, nearly red even. Experimentally, Mai brushed her hand across Nao's nipple, finding that it was as hard as rock right now.

"Don't tease..." The words were soft, and it took a moment for Mai to realize that they'd come out of Nao's mouth. Nao seemed to be a bit slow in realizing it as well, as the blush on her cheeks suddenly deepened when Mai caught her eyes. Mai wasn't going to disobey such a request, so she brought both of her hands to Nao's breasts and let her instincts take control, finally doing everything she'd been wanting to do with those sweet mounds of flesh.

It didn't take long before Nao was melting in Mai's hands, and she knew it was time to have some more fun with her. Mai slowly walked around behind Nao, saying to the rest of the group, "I think you've all waited long enough."

"Huh?" Nao said. She started to turn around, but Mai placed a hand on her shoulder to stop her.

"Don't worry, Nao, you can show yourself off soon enough, but I'll be the one to decide when." With this, Mai slipped her arms around Nao's sides, cupping a breast in each of her hands. She couldn't turn herself and Nao around as easily as she'd hoped, but she was able to get it done. By this time, Nao had regained enough of her senses to realize just what position she was in, with only Mai's hands between her breasts and the rest of their friends, and Mai could feel her tensing up.

Both to help with Nao's nerves and just for fun, Mai gave Nao's breasts a couple of gentle squeezes. This prompted a raised eyebrow and a smile from Shizuru, and it also succeeded in getting Nao to relax. Mai waited just until Nao started to fidget, and then she made her move. She released her hands from Nao's breasts and dropped down to her knees, pulling the girl's briefs down to her feet before she realized what was going on.

"Fucking hot..." Natsuki said.

"And she's all mine," Mai said as she stood up and circled around to Nao's front. She'd denied herself the first view of Nao's naked glory for the sake of the tease, but she wasn't going to put it off any longer. Natsuki turned out to be quite right; Mai couldn't think of a sexier sight than what she saw at that moment, at least until she looked up at Nao's face and found one. Nao's gaze was smoldering, and she seemed to be very aroused now, and not at angry as Mai feared she might be. So she likes a firm hand, does she? Good to know.

Mai took the chance to give Nao one more kiss, being sure to gently bite the girl's lip between her teeth at the end of it for a little extra show of dominance. Nao let out a moan from deep in her throat at this treatment, and Mai used just that moment to slip her hand down and explore Nao's newly-revealed sex. There was still much more to do in the game, so she contented herself with simply exploring around Nao's neatly-trimmed mound of hair and then cupping her hand over the girl's slit. Nao started to squirm her legs at this, trying to get Mai to touch a more sensitive spot, but Mai simply withdrew, returning to her seat.

Nao let out a growl at this and sat down. Her face filled with a blush as she looked around the room and noticed the gazes of the other girls, but she made no motion to hide her body. After a few seconds, she said, "Oh fuck, it's my turn now isn't it?" With a roll of her eyes, she picked up the next card from the deck. "Just my luck. 'Strip, then spin and kiss.'"

"Ara, it looks like Nao gets to be the first one to try out the Shizuru special," Shizuru said. Mai caught Yukino fidgeting a bit next to Nao. Was she worried about having to strip? She really had the least to worry about, as she was already showing pretty much everything. Mai, on the other hand, felt like she'd better get herself mentally prepared to show her breasts.

Nao sighed, looking around the circle. Perhaps her mind was more on what dare she might have to do, as she did look a bit concerned. When her eyes caught Mai's, Mai tried to give her a reassuring expression, but Nao shook her head slightly in response. Mai widened her eyes, surprised by this. Did Nao think she'd go hard on her with a dare? Or maybe she didn't like how Mai stripped her.

A flash of panic hit Nao's face. "No, don't think that!" she said to Mai. "I just thought, er... " Nao's eyes glanced down to Mai's breasts, but she quickly turned her head away. Mai could make out a slight blush forming on Nao's cheeks. It was nothing bad then. Perhaps Nao just liked the sight of Mai in her underwear. "Forget it," Nao said. She ran a hand through her hair, which Mai suspected was meant to cover up her blush. "Kuga, dare me. You've been overdressed for far too long now."

"Hmph, you have to do my dare first," Natsuki said. She stared at Nao, and Mai could see evil thoughts dancing behind her eyes.

"Remember Natsuki," Shizuru said, putting a hand on the girl's shoulder. "The goal is to make it a dare she'll actually do."

This didn't seem to dampen Natsuki's spirits, oddly enough. "I think I can work with that..." After some thought, she whispered something into Shizuru's ear. A twinkle formed in Shizuru's eyes, and she nodded. Natsuki turned back to Nao. "Alright then, Yuuki, here's your dare. Let Shizuru play with your breasts for one minute."

Nao seemed surprised by how easy this seemed. "That's it?"

That was just it, but Mai knew just how much that actually was. She'd had the misfortune of having Shizuru help to fit her for a bra on one occasion, and she knew exactly how good Shizuru was with her hands. Perhaps, in retrospect, she should have taken that as a hint about her inclinations towards women. The fact that she let Shizuru do it a second time when she was bra-shopping should have been an even bigger hint. Apparently it was enough for Shizuru to figure out that Mai was bi, at least.

How long was that, though? She couldn't have touched me for more than 15 seconds. Maybe 30... damn, it was hard to tell time... A minute will be tough though.

"Tch, whatever, I'll do it," Nao said. Mai considered warning her, but it probably wouldn't have changed anything. There was also the fact to consider that it would be a pleasant surprise for Nao.

"Ara, I'll have to thank Natsuki later for giving me such a special treat," Shizuru said as Nao approached her. She motioned for Nao to turn around and take a seat on her lap. "Mmm, thank you. I can get a much better grip this way." Shizuru slid her arms around Nao's sides, placing them on her breasts just like Mai had a minute ago. She let them rest there for a moment before saying, "Would someone mind setting the timer for me?"

"Oh! Sure, I'll do it," Yukino said. She grabbed the timer from the center of the circle. "You sure one minute will be long enough, Shizuru?"

Mai blinked at this. Had Yukino been "helped out" by Shizuru as well?

"Ara, well let's just see how long it takes," Shizuru said.

"Hey, don't I get a say in this?" Nao protested.

As soon as Nao finished her sentence, Shizuru's hands gave a gentle squeeze, prompting a small squeak of pleasure from the girl. "I think that sound is all the say you need," Shizuru said. "Why don't you set it to stopwatch mode, Yukino? We'll see how long it takes me."

Nao was starting to realize that she'd gotten more than she'd bargained for here, but she wasn't able to get out any more words as Shizuru went right to work on her breasts. Her fingers traced intricate patterns on Nao's flesh, squeezing one after the other in sequence, then at random. She was soft at first, then firm with Nao, pressing in on her breasts and circling her hands around. When Nao started to let out a series of soft moans, Shizuru placed her lips on the girl's neck, kissing her firmly and sucking in on the girl's flesh.

Mai couldn't resist. The sight of Nao in such a pleasurable state, with Shizuru's hands squeezing her breasts like that was just too much for her. She placed a hand on Nao's shoulder and leaned forward, capturing the girl's lips with hers once more. She could just never get enough of kissing this girl. Even when she was kissing her, the burning in her chest only seemed to get worse. She was able to satisfy it a bit by stroking a hand across Nao's stomach, circling her fingers around and causing a shudder to run through Nao's body.

Mai wanted to let her hand travel lower, but she resisted. The night was far from over, and she didn't want to go too far too fast. Besides, it didn't look like Nao would be able to handle that at this moment. She was already moaning too fiercely to continue kissing Mai, and her body seemed to be shaking constantly. At last, after a long hard squeeze on both of Nao's breasts, Shizuru released her. Nao fell into Mai's arms, gasping for breath.

"55 seconds," Yukino said, stopping the timer. "I see you haven't lost your touch."

"Hah!" Natsuki said. "Not with the way she practices..." It took her a moment to realize what she'd just said, but when she did, the blush on Natsuki's face was priceless. Shizuru was unable to resist it, and she grabbed the girl in a hug.

"R-right..." Nao said. With some effort she was able to get out of her Shizuru-induced daze. "Now come on, Kuga. You owe me for that."

"You know you liked it," Natsuki said. "But fine, fine... Wha-hey!" Before Natsuki had a chance to start removing her own pants, Shizuru had taken the job into her own hands. Natsuki instinctively tried to fight her, but Shizuru just took one of Natsuki's hands in her own, brought it to her mouth, and gave it a soft kiss.

"May I, my love?" Shizuru said, giving Natsuki a pleading look. Unsurprisingly, this look disarmed the girl, and Natsuki nodded and leaned back while Shizuru helped to remove her pants. "Ara, you wore this pair?" Shizuru said as Natsuki's panties came into view. "Mmm, we'll have to show them off!"

Mai leaned over to try to see what Shizuru was talking about. Natsuki appeared to be wearing a pair of dark blue boyshorts, though Mai didn't see why there would be anything in particular to show off about them.

Natsuki seemed about to protest Shizuru's plans once her pants were off, though Shizuru struck first, rolling the girl over onto her back with a surprised yelp. "Natsuki picked these out with my tastes in mind," Shizuru said. "They're called 'Cheekies,' for a very obvious reason."

The reason was indeed quite obvious. The panties were cut high in the back, framing Natsuki's round ass quite perfectly. It was no wonder Shizuru loved them. She even demonstrated her love by giving each of Natsuki's cheeks a quick kiss before backing off again to give the rest of the girls a view.

"Oi, that's enough staring at me!" Natsuki said as she struggled out of Shizuru's grasp and rolled back over, revealing a deep blush on her face. "Haruka and Nao are both naked! Ogle them, not me!"

"Ara, would Natsuki prefer if I stripped her naked? Then it would be quite appropriate to gaze at her, no?"

Natsuki growled at Shizuru in response to this. "Not gonna happen. We're playing this game right; don't try to cheat me out of clothes early." With this, she turned back to Nao and said, "Alright, spin the bottle, Yuuki. It's supposed to be your turn, not mine, and you still have the 'spin and kiss' part left."

"Tch, it's been my turn for far too long, it seems..." Nao muttered. She reached out a hand to spin the bottle, which ended up pointing directly at Natsuki. "Hah! Looks like the bottle believes it is indeed your turn."

Natsuki rolled her eyes and sighed. "Yeah yeah, but not quite yet." She turned to Nao and placed a hand beneath the girl's chin, holding her face up as she closed the distance between their lips. There was a subtle change in both Natsuki and Nao as they got closer to kissing. The tension that normally existed between the two of them seemed to evaporate, and Mai could tell that they were both relaxing into the kiss now.

Natsuki held Nao firmly in her hand, allowing her to dominate the kiss. She played around with it, teasing the girl with the way her lips danced across Nao's, then playing more tricks with her tongue. At last she sealed their lips together, probably sliding her tongue into Nao's mouth. Mai could hear a soft moan come from Nao, and Natsuki took this as her cue to release her grip on the girl's chin and wrap her arms around her.

Mai felt an odd feeling rise in her chest as she watched this. Is that jealousy? No... that's not right. She found her eyes drawn to the adorable expression on Nao's face, and the feeling spiked. I... I want her. The feeling in her chest grew into a pleasant warmth as Natsuki and Nao parted from the kiss, and Nao raised her eyes to look at Mai. And I can have her... when this game is over, I promised. It's really going to happen... I can hardly believe it. This is it. My first time, tonight... and with a girl. With Nao.

Mai was barely able to make out the sound of Natsuki talking over the pounding of her heartbeat. "'-a person to give you ten playful spankings. If you're still wearing a skirt and/or panties, they may remove them once you're positioned.' Heh, great..." Natsuki looked around the circle, going over her options. "Well I don't trust Shizuru, Haruka, or Nao, certainly..."

"Hey, why am I in this?" Haruka said in protest.

"You really have to ask?" Natsuki said. "I can just imagine you getting to act out a fantasy of using corporal punishment on the delinquent. At least Shizuru is usually gentle when she does that fantasy..." Natsuki blinked a couple of times and shook her head. The alcohol must have been getting to her, with how easy those secrets were starting to come out.

Haruka let out a frustrated grunt. "I wouldn't have been too hard..." she moaned. Yukino gently stroked her arm in consolation. "Well, unless it were Shizuru..."

The comment about Haruka spanking Shizuru didn't seem to faze Natsuki. She just rolled her eyes at this. "Alright, I guess I'll go with Mai," Natsuki said. "You're showing less than Yukino, and hopefully the next card can help change that."

There was a gleam in Natsuki's eye which didn't quite fit with the fact that she was about to allow Mai to strip and spank her, so Mai took it upon herself to remind Natsuki of this fact. "Say that while you can, Natsuki, but I get to strip you bottomless first."

"Tch, that's just for the spanking..." Natsuki said, trying to shrug it off, though Mai could sense some nervousness in her friend.

"Is it?" Shizuru said, tilting her head to the side. "I don't recall writing on that card that you could put them back on after it was over."

Panic flashed onto Natsuki's face, but she quickly covered it up with her usual bravado. "Fine, I can handle it. Where's the eggnog?"

"I believe that we're all out, love. I hope Natsuki's nerves aren't getting to her..." Shizuru looked at Natsuki with puppy eyes, patting Natsuki's hand with her own.

Perhaps Shizuru's hand had a calming effect, as Natsuki's nervousness dissipated. "Alright. I guess it'll be worth it."

"Worth it?" Mai furrowed her brow at this. Did Natsuki have some other plan in mind.

"Er, like this whole thing... worth it for after," Natsuki said. "Now come on, let's get this over with..." Mai didn't buy that that was all Natsuki had in mind, but it was apparently all she was getting. Perhaps Natsuki just had a fetish for being spanked – which wouldn't be so surprising after living with Shizuru this long – and it was worth exposing herself to experience that fetish with Mai. If that was the case, then she would be glad to oblige.

Natsuki seemed a bit put off by Mai's devilish grin as she crawled across the circle. Mai just raised an eyebrow and pulled Natsuki onto her lap, lying face-down. Natsuki let out an adorably high-pitched yelp from this treatment, and Mai couldn't help but crack a smile. She wasn't quite sure how hard she was supposed to spank Natsuki. Not too hard, certainly, but if it was a fetish of Natsuki's, she wanted to make sure she did it hard enough.

But before any of that, she did get to strip off Natsuki's panties. It was a bit of a shame to remove such a nice pair so soon after they were revealed, but it would let her get a completely unobstructed view of Natsuki's butt. So, it was with a grin that Mai pulled them down and off of Natsuki, revealing the girl's perfectly-formed ass. Mai took a moment to just gaze at it, and then she brought her hand out to feel Natsuki's butt up. She was pleased to find that it felt just as good as it looked, and she was tempted to forgo the spanking and just keep groping Natsuki, particularly when the girl let out a soft moan from her treatment. She didn't let herself fall into that temptation, though. She could make the spanking quite fun as well.

The only question was how Natsuki would like it. Mai took a moment to peek up at Shizuru, in case the other girl could give her any indication of what Natsuki might prefer. She caught Shizuru in the process of licking her lips as she stared at Natsuki's bare ass. When Shizuru caught Mai's gaze, she mouthed out a few words that Mai couldn't quite lip-read. Mai shook her head, and Shizuru tried again, mouthing out, "light... then... hard." Mai smiled and nodded to thank Shizuru.

Can do. Mai started out with a light, quick slap on Natsuki's left cheek, which prompted a slight gasp from the girl. She rubbed the spot she slapped for a moment before giving Natsuki's right cheek a slightly harder slap. She repeated this for a few more slaps, getting a little bit harder each time. For her seventh and eight slaps, she had Natsuki letting out a yelp with each one. After this, Mai took a break for a moment, using her hand to rub Natsuki's ass and squeezing it tightly while she peaked over at the girl's face.

Perfect. Natsuki's face was filled with a deep red blush. She was loving this. Mai looked back at the girl's ass, and she was pleased to find that those two cheeks were both filled with red as well. Alright, time to give her a nice finale. Mai took her hand off of Natsuki's ass and held it up in the air, waiting. As soon as Natsuki starting to shuffle in impatience, Mai brought her hand down on the center of the girl's butt. She was only using a fraction of her strength, as she didn't know how far she could go before this would just be painful for Natsuki, but the slap was still harder than any she'd given so far, and Natsuki's strangled moan matched its strength. Without giving Natsuki any time to prepare, Mai brought her hand back and gave the girl another, even harder slap.

Natsuki jerked from this slap, letting out another moan which faded off over the next few seconds. Mai held her hand down on Natsuki's ass, gently rubbing it to make up for her harsh treatment of it. Natsuki took a few unsteady breaths until she seemed to realize that it was all over, at which point she quickly spun around on Mai's lap. She grabbed Mai's shoulders with both of her hands and pulled herself up. Before Mai figured out what Natsuki was doing, the girl had wrapped both of her hands around the back of Mai's head and pulled the girl in for a passionate kiss.

Mai was surprised, but she wasn't protesting. Even when Natsuki's tongue made its way into her mouth and started to explore around, Mai just found herself closing her eyes and melting into the sensations. She could feel her body starting to heat up from the kiss. She had to fight to keep her hands from starting to play with her nipples. She didn't know how much longer she could take this level of arousal. But if she did hold back, then it would be all the better when she finally got to let herself go.

No, wait! I'm getting aroused by Natsuki here. I should be wanting Nao. I mean, Natsuki's with Shizuru... But she's kissing me right now, and Shizuru isn't protesting... She wants me too. She said so earlier. Well, er... maybe if it's with both her and Shizuru they'd be alright...

Mai's cheeks filled with red at this though, and Natsuki somehow chose just that moment to pull back from the kiss. She probably couldn't pick up on the specifics, but she seemed to have some idea of what was on Mai's mind. "Soon," she whispered, causing Mai to blush even deeper. Mai's thoughts raced as she tried to figure out what Natsuki might have had in mind, but the girl quickly turned away and crawled back to her seat. Natsuki didn't even seem to notice that she was bottomless now, as she made no effort to hide it. "Gah, way too many cards left... can we just move to the post-game when everyone's naked?"

"Ara, I wonder what Natsuki might have in mind," Shizuru said, smiling at her girlfriend.

Natsuki looked back at Shizuru, a smile of her own tugging at her lips. "You know damn well. And I'm getting fed up with waiting."

Okay, so they've talked about it, at least, Mai thought, breathing a sigh of relief. Natsuki wasn't thinking of cheating on Shizuru or anything. It was something they'd agreed on together. What it involved, though, she couldn't say. Well, I'm getting tired of waiting too, so let's get this going. "Then it's my turn, I guess," Mai said. She could feel a slight blush forming on her cheeks as she realized that it was probably going to be her turn to strip now. She took the next card from the deck and read it out, "'Spin. You and the chosen person kiss each other while removing one item of clothing from each other.'"

Yup, I called it. Mai sighed inwardly. She took a second to look around the circle. Everyone seemed to have a sparkle in their eyes at the prospect of seeing Mai's bra come off, and this knowledge gave her the courage she needed. With a smile, she gave the bottle a good spin, which ended up pointing right back at her.

"Heh, looks like you'll have to kiss yourself then strip off two pieces, Mai," Nao said, winking at her.

"You wish," Mai said. She stuck out her tongue and spun the bottle again. It looked like it was about to point to her once more, but it spun just enough that it ended up pointing more at Haruka than Mai.

"Pfft! What, am I not already naked enough for you? Stupid bottle..." Haruka muttered. "Oi wait! I can't be stripped while she's kissing me, so should I just do my dare now then?"

Shizuru tilted her head and placed a finger to her cheek as she thought about this. "Ara... I think Mai has been clothed for too long now. You may do the honors of stripping her first, Haruka."

Mai was about to protest this, but she decided it wasn't worth the fight. Haruka was almost certainly going to get Shizuru to strip on her dare, and perhaps Shizuru was putting that off. But it probably wasn't anything like that, as Shizuru would be sure to enjoy her dare in any case. In the end, it didn't really matter that much.

"Alright, Haruka," Mai said, turning to her and motioning with her finger for Haruka to come over. "Let's see what you can do." Haruka's kissing had seemed rather hit-or-miss so far this night, but she had to have learned something after being with Yukino for over six months now. At least the look on her face made it clear that she intended to prove herself to Mai now.

Haruka was a bit forceful as she grabbed Mai's chin, but she was also quite careful as she did so. She held Mai's gaze for just a moment, and her expression seemed to soften a little. Mai barely had time to blink her eyes at this before Haruka tilted her head to the side and pressed her lips gently against Mai's. It turned out that Mai was indeed right; Haruka knew quite well how to be tender with her kisses. She'd just chosen to go the other route with Shizuru. But when she went this way, it was enough to make Mai melt.

A shiver passed through Mai's body as she felt Haruka's hand graze against her breasts. The other girl started off touching them gently, but she got a bit firmer over time. She seemed to be having her fun with them before removing Mai's bra. It occurred to Mai that there was no reason she shouldn't get to return the favor to Haruka, even if she didn't have anything to strip off of her.

A bit hesitantly, Mai reached her hands out to find Haruka's breasts. They were bigger than her hands, but Mai didn't let that stop her from trying to get as good of a grip as she could on them. Just the search was half the fun; Haruka's breasts were such a joy to play with, especially once Mai noticed the girl letting small, high-pitched moans in reaction to her groping.

Haruka noticed this too, and Mai didn't even have to look at the girl's cheeks to know she was blushing; she could feel the heat coming off of them. Haruka wasn't one to let embarrassment hold her back, though. She even pulled herself up onto Mai's lap, pressing her breasts against the other girl's and letting out a low moan. As Mai started massaging Haruka's breasts even harder, Haruka reached around Mai's back to start undoing her bra.

Mai would have thought she'd be more nervous, but in the heat of the moment she could only think about how nice it would be to feel her bare breasts pressed up against Haruka's. It wasn't long before she got her wish, as she quickly moved her arms to help Haruka take her bra off once the clasp was undone. Mai let out a soft moan of her own once Haruka pressed her breasts up against Mai's.

A strangled gasp came off from Mai's side, but she couldn't identify who it was from. She only hoped whoever it was enjoyed the show as much as she was enjoying the feeling, though she doubted that was possible. She leaned back and forward a bit to rub her breasts against Haruka's, and then she wrapped her arms around the girl and squeezed her close, kissing her firmly to give the other girls a grand finale.

Haruka fell back from Mai with a sigh. She seemed almost dazed for a moment, but she regained her senses soon enough and gave Mai a smile that lacked her usual bluster. After a moment, her eyes shifted over to Shizuru and she said, "Dare me."

Shizuru smiled back at Haruka, but her smile was absent the hint of mischief that Mai would have expected from her when given such an opening. "Ara, how did I know that Haruka would choose me? Well let me see... Haruka has been such a good sport tonight that I think she deserves a reward. Your dare, my friend, is to act out your fantasy of disciplining the naughty student, Fujino Shizuru."

The group of girls was silent for a long moment when Shizuru said this. Even Natsuki seemed to be taken aback by Shizuru's willingness to submit herself to whatever Haruka might have had in mind. She didn't protest, though, giving Mai a bit more confirmation that she and Shizuru had talked about the possibility of exploring a bit. She didn't know whether Haruka would go as far as sex, but she really wouldn't be surprised.

Haruka was still staring blankly at Shizuru until Shizuru gave the other girl a small nod to confirm that she was serious. At this point, Haruka was finally able to break herself out of her stun. She jumped up to her feet, a triumphant grin on her face. "Very well then, Miss Bubuzuke, you asked for it," Haruka said. She turned to her side and said to Yukino, "Don't think I haven't noticed you eying her too, Yukino. Perhaps I could let you help as well."

Yukino opened her mouth at this, a light blush forming on her cheeks. "You... you saw that...?"

Haruka gave Yukino a half-smile. "I see everything you do." Yukino blushed at this comment, which caused a proud smile to form on Haruka's face. "Speaking of seeing, mind helping me by making sure Shizuru doesn't peek, so she won't see what I'm getting ready? Oh, and Natsuki...?" Haruka motioned to Natsuki with her finger to come over.

Natsuki understood what Haruka needed. She gave Shizuru a mischievous smile as she got up and showed Haruka where their toys were kept. Mai glanced over at Shizuru, expecting her to be a bit put off by this display, but if anything, Shizuru just seemed to be more excited about it. Damn, is there anything that doesn't turn her on? Well, maybe men...

"Oi, no peeking!" Yukino said, pointing a finger at Shizuru. With a pout, Shizuru obeyed and closed her eyes. Yukino watched her for a bit, then let out a light growl. "I don't trust you. Not with that mind of yours."

"Ara, what's wrong with my mind?" Shizuru asked as Yukino stood up and started walking over to her.

"It's far too devious," Yukino said. She took a seat down behind Shizuru, placing her hands over Shizuru's eyes while she let her arms rest on the girl's shoulders. "I'm starting to suspect Haruka might have picked some of it up from you, though. Either that or she's just having trouble finding what she needs right now."

"I would never underestimate Haruka," Shizuru said. "Much as she might not believe me there."

While Yukino and Shizuru were chatting, Mai had taken the chance to eye Nao over once more. She was starting to miss the feeling she'd gotten from when she was rubbing her breasts against Haruka's, and she'd started to wonder what it would be like to do that with Nao. Nao's breasts were nowhere near as large as Haruka's, certainly, but Mai still found herself liking them more. She still couldn't explain the spark that had formed between her and Nao, but she wasn't in the state of mind to question it.

Nao seemed to be eying Mai up just as much, now that her breasts were bared. Nao looked up at Mai's eyes just as Mai was watching her, and a light blush tinged her cheeks. Alright, screw staying in our circle positions... Mai motioned for Nao to come over to her, and the other girl was only too quick to comply. Mai was expecting her to sit down to her side and cuddle up, as she'd done before, but this time Nao chose to sit right on Mai's lap, facing her.

Mai wasn't going to complain. She even decided to indulge her curiosities and pulled Nao closer to her, prompting a cute yelp from the girl when Mai's breasts touched her chest. With a slight chuckle, Nao leaned in to give Mai a needy kiss. I don't think I can last till this game is over... I need her now...

"Oi! Break it up!" Haruka said. She must have come back while the two of them were distracted. Mai and Nao jolted at being broken out of their kiss. Haruka immediately seemed to regret this when she saw their reaction. "Gah, don't worry. I'm ending this game right after we have our fun with Shizuru. You can have your fun then, but first, I have a proposal for you." Haruka walked over behind Shizuru, dropping down a small bag she'd brought with her.

"Ara, but I wanted to finish my game..." Shizuru said with a pout.

"Shut up, you're being punished," Haruka said. She knelt down and pulled out a length of cloth from the bag. She rolled it up between her hands so it would work as a blindfold, and then she used it to replace Yukino's hands in keeping Shizuru blinded. "Perfect. Now stand up."

A small smile hit Shizuru's face for a moment, but she quickly covered it up and put on a face of nervousness as she stood up. "What am I being punished for, Executive Director Suzushiro?"

Haruka seemed to love this shift in Shizuru. She was barely able to restrain her glee as she started up her own act. "You know damn well what you've done, Miss Bubuzuke. You've shirked your work all year long, dumping whatever you could on me while you took it easy. And to top it off, you're parading yourself around in slutty lingerie. This just won't do."

Shizuru looked like she was about to protest for a moment, but then she turned her head down and said, "My apologies, Haruka-sama. You may punish me as you see fit."

"Hah, good," Haruka said. Her smile seemed to be widening by the second. "First up, to punish you for wearing this outfit, the only fitting option is to strip you of it." The second she finished her sentence, Haruka knelt down and quickly pulled Shizuru's panties off, much the same way Mai had surprised Nao with stripping her.

Mai wasn't surprised at all to find that Shizuru kept her mound neatly trimmed. She had to resist the urge to move closer and get a better look at it. Nao, on the other hand, seemed to be failing to resist her own urges, as Mai found that the girl's hand had started to idly play with her breast. She certainly wasn't complaining though. She just let out a contented sigh as she watched Haruka start to unfasten Shizuru's camisole.

As cute and sexy as that camisole was, Mai couldn't say that she was disappointed to see it fall off of Shizuru, revealing a pair of gorgeous breasts that were just a bit smaller than her own. With the sight of Shizuru naked and blindfolded like that, Mai was starting to find it hard to breathe. Damn, she's sexy... so many hot girls here... I must be dreaming.

For reasons known only to her, Nao chose that moment to give Mai's nipple a firm pinch. The jolt it sent through her body proved beyond a doubt that she wasn't dreaming. Mai glanced over at Nao, finding a mischievous grin on the girl's face. She decided to return the girl's affection in kind, giving Nao's nipple an equally-firm pinch, then starting to stroke her hand over the girl's breast while she looked back over at Shizuru to see what Haruka planned to do next.

"Very nice..." Haruka said, looking up and down Shizuru's body. Shizuru even went so far as to put on a mask of nervous shame at this point. With a nod, Haruka turned to look back at the other girls. "Now here's the fun part. I'm going to make you all a deal. Anyone who's willing to strip completely naked right now will be allowed to assist me in punishing Shizuru."

Yukino and Natsuki seemed more than eager to take Haruka up on this. Mai wondered a bit about Natsuki, as she could probably do that anytime she wanted. Not with others, though. Or perhaps she just needed to make sure that if there was any sex going on with Shizuru, she was at least part of it. In any case, Mai made sure to watch the reveal of Natsuki's breasts closely. As Yukino's clothes were transparent, those were the only goods left to see, and they certainly didn't disappoint. They were as big as some of the other breasts in the room, but they were just perfectly shaped.

Mai found that she couldn't take her eyes off of Natsuki's body. It was the body of a goddess. A blushing goddess, when Natsuki caught her staring, but at least she didn't panic and try to cover herself up. "Oi, um... don't you want to help too, Mai?" Natsuki said, trying to distract her from staring at her body.

Mai chuckled a bit. "I think I'm quite good right here," she said, glancing over at Nao. She caught a flash of frustration on Nao's face when she looked over at the girl, though. "Oi, what's wrong?"

Nao let out a grunt. "How am I supposed to join in?" she said, looking over at Haruka. "I've got as much a reason to want to punish her as you do." Mai was concerned briefly that Nao's grudge against Shizuru might have resurfaced, but the expression on her face didn't bear that concern out. It seemed she just wanted to join in the fun, which was actually quite an improvement for her.

"Hrm... Tell you what," Haruka said. "Strip Mai, and you can join."

"What? Hey!" Mai protested, but it was no good. Nao was only all too eager to take Haruka up on this offer. She pushed Mai down onto her back and silenced her with a kiss. The kiss even took away Mai's will to protest as Nao stripped her of her briefs. She had to admit, they were starting to feel like they were getting in the way.

"Ara, don't I get to see the show?" Shizuru said, feigned sadness in her voice. Her protest turned into a yelp when Haruka gave her nipple a firm pinch.

"That's part of your punishment too," Haruka said. She looked at Shizuru's face and gave her an evil grin, even though Shizuru couldn't see it. "And now for the main event. I think it's only proper that we give Shizuru what deserves by overwhelming her senses. I'll start out with a classic spanking, but I'm not letting you hear anymore of what I have planned, Miss Bubuzuke. It'll be much more fun this way."

"Um, how are we supposed to know what to do then?" Yukino asked.

"Don't worry, I've got it written down for you," Haruka said, going over to pick up the bag she'd left behind Shizuru. She pulled out a few notecards, which she passed out to Natsuki, Yukino, and Nao. At a slight pout from Mai, she revealed one for her as well. Mai smiled and mouthed out thanks to Haruka, and then she read what Haruka had prepared for her: "You're on the breasts. Keep them well-tended, and also feel free to tickle her ribs and sides if you want."

Haruka might not have been in the mood to write the most eloquent notes, but her meaning was clear enough. Mai leaned over to see what Nao had in store for her, and it looked like she would have the privilege of getting to kiss Shizuru. That certainly wasn't bad, but Mai felt that she was a bit luckier in getting to play with Shizuru's breasts. She found Nao's ear with her lips and whispered to the girl, "You can help me with her breasts if you want."

"Alright, you all can join in when I signal for you," Haruka said. "I'll start, of course. And since Shizuru can't be trusted not to resist, I believe she'll have to be restrained first." Haruka reached bag into her bag of tricks, pulling out a pair of silk handcuffs. She pulled both of Shizuru's hands behind her back and cuffed them together, which caused Shizuru to give a delighted shiver. "Perfect. You're ready."

Haruka placed a hand on Shizuru's shoulder, gently bringing the girl down to her knees. She sat cross-legged just in front of Shizuru and helped the other girl lie down across her lap, with her breasts just past Haruka's leg and her bare butt in the perfect position for some punishment. Shizuru struggled a bit to hold her head up, but Nao moved in to help out with her duties, allowing Shizuru to rest her head and shoulders on Nao's lap for the time being. Mai was momentarily jealous of just how close Shizuru's face was to Nao's sex, but she shook it off.

"Fujino Shizuru, you have surrendered yourself to my punishment," Haruka said. She placed her hand on Shizuru's butt to underline the nature of the punishment. "In light of the fact that you gave yourself up, and that you have made some efforts to redeem yourself since the events in question, I've asked our friends to help give you pleasure even through your punishment. I will also ask you this: How hard do you think you deserve it?"

Shizuru let out a light moan. "Hard. Haruka-sama should take out all her frustrations with me on my rear. She deserves nothing less."

"Oh, I'm certainly frustrated," Haruka said. Mai could catch a glint in her eye that matched Shizuru's own evil glint. "For you to make us play this game even past the point where everyone was about ready to jump into bed with her girlfriend – or rival. That certainly deserves punishment."

Mai shot her gaze over to Natsuki at Haruka's mention of "rival." If she wasn't prepared for this, now would be the time to speak out. But Natsuki wasn't speaking out. Instead, she was looking right back at Mai. Mai froze as her gaze locked with Natsuki's. Mai could see the lust in Natsuki's eyes, and it was focused right on her.

Okay, so Natsuki hears Haruka talking about having sex with Shizuru, and she looks right at me. If she and Shizuru have an arrangement, does this mean I'm part of it? But I... Mai glanced over at Nao, who seemed to have noticed the way Natsuki was looking at Mai.

A few unspoken words passed between Mai and Nao, about what they were already planning to do with each other as soon as the game ended. Nao bent over for just a moment and muttered quickly, "Just don't leave me out." Mai nodded at this, blew Nao a quick kiss, then turned back to Natsuki and gave her a slow nod. Her heart seemed to leap in her chest as she made this silent promise. This almost felt like it was getting out of hand, but such an opportunity to have some fun might never come around again. As long as they all did this together, it couldn't really be considered cheating.

Mai was broken out of her thoughts by the sound of a slap followed by a sharp yelp. Apparently Haruka had decided that they'd come to enough of a decision and she'd gone ahead with Shizuru's punishment. Shizuru seemed to have been taken by surprise by it as much as Mai had been, as she didn't yelp nearly as much when Haruka slapped her again. As she was watching this time, she could see that Haruka wasn't hitting Shizuru hard at all. It must have just been the surprise that got to Shizuru first – or perhaps Haruka was just lightening up for this hit.

Mai watched as Haruka continued to spank Shizuru, a warmth steadily growing in her chest. She wasn't doing it hard at all right now, probably to make sure Shizuru would still enjoy it. Just like Mai had done earlier with Natsuki, Haruka was also taking the chance to simply feel up Shizuru's ass between swats. After a bit of this, Haruka pointed at Yukino to signal her to start with her task, but she quickly went back to spanking Shizuru so that hopefully the other girl wouldn't get any indication she'd made the signal.

Her ploy seemed to work, as Shizuru was caught quite by surprise when Yukino's fingers met the soles of her feet and started tickling her mercilessly. Shizuru proved to be quite ticklish indeed, and Mai had to help hold her still so she did wiggle free. Mai found that Shizuru's laughter from this treatment was surprisingly beautiful, even accounting for the periodic gasps and yelps from when Haruka resumed spanking her. She thought that she could make out an "Ikezu" or two among the laughter, but it was hard to know for sure.

After just a minute of this, Mai noticed Nao start running her fingers through Shizuru's hair. She must have missed Haruka's signal to Nao while gazing at Shizuru's slowly-reddening ass. Nao wasn't trying to kiss Shizuru, though. She might have just decided the position would have made it too awkward. It might also have had something to do with the fact that Shizuru was still laughing too much to kiss easily.

Again, Mai missed Haruka's signal due to her attentions lying elsewhere. But as the signal was for her this time, the result was a gentle slap on her shoulder to gather her attention. She shot her eyes over to Haruka while her mind caught up to the fact that this was her cue to get to work on Shizuru's breasts. She got a small eye-roll from Haruka when she finally did figure it out. Well forgive me for being a bit distracted here. It's a wonder I'm not even more distracted from all the exposed flesh around me.

Mai shook her head. Going there was just going to distract her further from her goal. There was one particular bit of exposed flesh she had to worry about now: the breasts of the beautiful Kaichou-sama, Fujino Shizuru. She leaned over Shizuru's back a bit so she could reach a hand around both sides of Shizuru, grasping both of her breasts at the same time. Mai was quite pleased to hear a gasp come from Shizuru's mouth, even through her laughter. But even if Shizuru was managing to enjoy this, Mai was going to take the chance to get as much enjoyment for herself as possible out of this opportunity.

Mai closed her eyes as she focused on the feeling of Shizuru's breasts in her hands. They were much softer than Haruka's breasts, and probably her own as well. Mai took a moment to trace her hands down Shizuru's sides, then around her lower back. Her suspicions were right: All of Shizuru's body was gloriously soft. With this realization, she understood a bit better why Natsuki's favorite thing in bed was just cuddling with Shizuru.

Mai was broken out of her thoughts again when Nao grabbed her arm and then pointed back towards Shizuru's rear. Mai's eyes widened in surprise when she saw that Natsuki was holding a thick purple vibrator in her hand. Mai almost blushed at the fact that she could identify it; she was supposed to be at least somewhat innocent, at least by the standards of this group. She shook it off though. There was nothing to be ashamed about, certainly not just from knowing a little. And it looks like I'm about to learn a lot more... I can't believe she's really going to do that...

The sound of her heartbeat filled Mai's ears as she watched Natsuki press the vibrator between Shizuru's legs. She had to fight off the urge to move over and get a better view of it, as she did have her task of working on Shizuru's breasts. As enticing as the thought of watching that was, it really was supposed to be about Shizuru's pleasure here. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for her, and Mai had to do her part. Perhaps later she'd ask Natsuki about borrowing one of their toys so she could try it out on Nao and see what that looked like.

As Mai brought her hands back to Shizuru's breasts, she noticed that Nao had finally figured out a way she could accomplish her job of kissing Shizuru. She'd lain down on her back with her head just under Shizuru's, and she was currently kissing Shizuru deeply with both of her hands still massaging Shizuru's head. Mai could make out many whimpers from Shizuru even through the kiss. Nao must have been having quite the time kissing Shizuru through all the noises she wanted to make.

Mai glanced back towards Natsuki, and she watched the girl press the vibrator slowly forward and into Shizuru. Shizuru let out a loud moan as it entered her, punctuated by a loud yelp when Natsuki finished and Haruka gave her butt a sharp spank. Natsuki left the vibrator where it was without moving it or turning it on for a few minutes, while the other girls got back to their tasks. It didn't take long at all before Shizuru's body was shaking under the torrent of sensations. Mai was surprised she'd managed to endure this long; she was sure Shizuru would have exploded by this point.

But it seemed that Shizuru could take still more. Natsuki began to move the vibrator in and out of Shizuru, and her voice was filled mostly with moans at this point. Not even Haruka's spankings could cause her to stop moaning. Her moans suddenly got more high-pitched at the same moment that a buzzing sound filled the air. Natsuki had turned on the vibrator. Shizuru's body kept shaking, and the shaking extended to her voice now.

"Time for you to get what you deserve now, my Bubuzuke," Haruka said, her voice oddly affectionate. "Everyone, give her your best."

Mai gave a silent nod. She didn't know how much of an impact she was really making on Shizuru's state right now, but she was still going to do everything she could. She gripped Shizuru's breasts firmly in her hands, holding them hard enough that it would surely have been painful if Shizuru weren't in such an aroused state at the moment. She could see Haruka start to give Shizuru some very hard swats with her hand.

In the end though, it was only appropriate that Natsuki got to be the one to finally push Shizuru over the edge. She pushed the vibrator deep inside Shizuru and turned it up to its highest setting. She used one hand to pump it in and out of Shizuru while her other hand reached down below it and started furiously stroking at her. It was a matter of seconds before Shizuru let out a loud shriek and her body jerked violently. Mai did all she could to hold Shizuru still through her orgasm, even as her mind started to run wild with the excitement of having helped bring someone to orgasm for the first time in her life – and a girl at that!

"Ara..." Shizuru said weakly when she finally fell back to earth. Haruka let her out of the handcuffs, and Shizuru was quick to turn around and find her way to Natsuki, almost before Natsuki was able to pull out the vibrator and turn it off. Shizuru seemed to be trying to say something for a bit, but Natsuki silenced her with a kiss.

Natsuki pulled back and let Shizuru bury her head in Natsuki's shoulder. "Post-game," Natsuki said, a twinkle forming in her eyes. She pushed herself up to her feet, supporting most of Shizuru's weight as she did so. "Mai and Nao, you can have the guest room to yourselves if you want, second door on the right. Haruka and Yukino can take the master bedroom at the end of the hall."

"Ah, mm, okay..." Haruka said, a bit awkwardly. She backed off from the group, starting to move towards the hallway. "Yukino, I'll uh... Er, could you?" A blush formed on Haruka's cheeks as she turned away, quickly disappearing from sight as she ran off into the hall.

"Okay, what was that about?" Nao asked.

"Ara, my Natsuki was just being a tease," Shizuru said, chuckling a bit as she turned around and found her footing. "Now it's my turn to have some fun with Haruka-chan. Natsuki, if you don't mind?"

"Not at all." Natsuki let go of Shizuru and swept a surprised Yukino up into her arms. Once she got a chuckle of acceptance from her, Natsuki started carrying her off down the hall, following just behind Shizuru. Just before she went out of sight, she looked over her shoulder at Mai and said, "I'll be back for you two later. Till then... Congrats."


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