Title: Xmas Loving.

Summary: Hp/Dm, Ss/Rl, Fw/Gw/Sb. M/M sex. Graphic. Holiday fanfic. All of age.

Disclaimer: I own nothing but the idea. All the characters belong to J.K. Rowling and other various corporations.


Harry pulled on his black Pea coat, and ran out into the snow after his lover, "Draco!" His voice got carried away by the heavily falling snow and whooshing wind. "Come on love! Draco...Wait up for me, please!"

The blonde flipped him off over his shoulder and continued to push through the snow quickly. Harry chuckled and ran to catch up with his quicker than usual boyfriend. He doubted that Draco was really moving that fast just to get away from him. Despite the man's icy hair, skin and eyes, he hated the cold, hated it with a burning passion. Just the sight of snow clouds hovering in the sky, just hours before snow actually began to fall, Harry would often find Draco staring out the window at the clouds with hate filled eyes and cursing quietly.

"Aw come on babe!" Harry was reaching Draco just as the man hurried into the hotel lobby, heading for the room they rented.

He finally managed to get right behind Draco, but his lover just shook his hand off his arm and snarled over his shoulder "Get off me!" He slammed into their room, Harry following close behind.

Watching his lover pull off his own black coat, Harry sighed and sat on their comfy king sized bed. Draco had wanted the best room in the hotel and so he'd gotten in it, he would get anything for Draco. The room held a king-sized bed, draped in comforters of Gold silk, a large fire place with a 'Never flicker out' spell on the flames, a comfy loveseat and a desk that held wine, firewhiskey and brandy bottles. Draco had lit up the moment he'd seen the room and that had convinced Harry that the cost didn't matter.

At the moment he was watching his very angry lover pace around the room, shedding his coat, shoes, gloves and mittens. Draco turned and poured himself a glass of firewhiskey taking a long drink before turning his burning silver eyes on Harry. He stared at Harry for a long moment and then Harry smiled sheepishly, "Can you at least tell me what I did?"

"Like you don't know? I told you that bloody party was going to be a bad idea, especially with him there!" Draco snarled, his pale hands turning even whiter as he clenched the glass of firewhiskey so hard that Harry feared the glass would shatter.

Thinking rapidly Harry went over the last couple of hours. Sirius, Remus and a hesitant Severus had planned a Christmas weekend at a fancy ski lodge in the north of France for their select group of friends. Remus had shown up of course with his lover, Severus. Fred and George had agreed, stating that they were bored with London. Hermione and Ron couldn't make the trip as they couldn't travel with their young daughter. Harry, at the last moment convinced Draco that the weekend could be fun, a romantic weekend in the mountains.

Christmas Eve had been their first night at the lodge, and they'd all agreed to a friendly little party. He thought that it'd gone well; the drinks had been flowing, the music good, the food excellent and tons of laughter. It was nice seeing his godfather, and the rest of his adopted family.

Ever since he had finally fulfilled his ambition of becoming and auror, and then become partnered with Draco in a business and romantic way, he really hadn't seen much of them. His lover liked to keep him to himself. Which was fine with him...But he did miss seeing his loved ones.

And so that explained why he was so confused about what Draco was talking about and who...He completely had no idea what was going on in his beautiful lovers head. Pushing his shaggy, black curls out of his face, Harry frowned, "Love...I don't know what or who you're talking about!"

Draco scowled and took another drink before exploding, "Sirius! That's who I mean!"

Now Harry was even more confused, he and Sirius had joked around all night. What had his godfather done that had offended Draco so? His blonde lover scowled as he read the confusion in his lovers eyes, "Harry you are so thick! The...Man had his hands all over you all night, flirting with you, practically crawling into your lap! And you just let it happen! How do you think I felt about that, seeing my lover of two years letting another man get so bloody touchy with him...In public?"

Shock spiraled through Harry's body when he finally realized what was going through his jealous lovers head. After the shock wore off just a bit he chuckled in surprise, instantly realizing that that was the wrong thing to do, especially when Draco's eyes narrowed on his and his hand twitched toward his wand.


Remus twined his fingers through Severus's and hummed to himself. He'd had a good time at the party; in fact he was a little drunk. The alcohol was filtering through his body and mind, conjuring images to pop up randomly, mostly of his lover, the dark and domineering Severus Snape.

At the beginning of their relationship no one had been more surprised that Severus had chosen him out of any man or woman to court. But the man had been persistent with courting of the werewolf. And over time and the persuasion of the very gorgeous man, Remus had given in. He couldn't really help it. The potions master was just so damn sexy and aggressive, just what the tame librarian had needed in his life.

And with his mental filter finally loosening up a bit, Remus was feeling a little horny. And there was only one man that could soothe the burn that was building up across his skin. And at the moment he was staring right at him, studying his tall, thin and dark profile. Severus had, with the urging of Remus, let his black hair grow long, halfway down his back. It was clean now, now that Severus had discovered a spell that protected his skin and hair from the grease that would build up from his constant potion making.

He waited until Severus closed their hotel room door and wrapped his arms around his back, pressing his body into his lovers back. Thankful that Sev's hair was bound in a leather band, he began kissing across his neck, his teeth nipping at the skin. His potion master stiffened, before sighing out, "Mm...Remy." He allowed the kissing just for the briefest moment before clearing his throat, "Remus, really I'm exhausted and I have to finish my work on the new version of the Wolfs bane potion."

When he realized that Remus wasn't going to stop in his efforts to arouse him just as much as he was, Severus pried his arms from around his waist and turned, pecking the perturbed werewolf on the lips. "I'm sorry love... Just tonight, I have much too much work to finish. Tomorrow I promise. Mm...I'm thinking on the floor by the fireplace...Just me and you, naked and writhing." He winked at Remus and then turned to the bed, opening his bag as he did.

Remus watched as Sev pulled out his notes and books and settled in at the desk, already completely absorbed by his research. He scowled and sat on the bed huffily. He wanted sex, in particular he wanted sex with Severus and most importantly he wanted it now!

But usually when his lover was so absorbed it was almost impossible to distract him. Usually he liked that in a man the amazing skill to concentrate on what he loved to do. Right now he wanted to be the one with all the concentration focused on him. Sev's burning black eyes locked on his when he evoked such pleasure in him that Remus could be heard moaning and whimpering three floors down if they had company at their home.

Merlin be damned if he was just going to give up so easily. No, he thought as he watched Severus stretch in his chair, he was not going give up on getting his lover to worship his body when he was so horny.


Sirius wandered the halls of the hotel, a cigarette held loosely in his fingers as he wandered aimlessly. He was sure that his best friend and, (shuddering as he thought of it), his godson were busy making love and cuddling with their devoted lovers. Disturbing as that thought was he still envied them, because they had what he did not, devoted lovers, someone to rely on, to lean on and to have returned all the same love and comfort. He would give his last bullock to have someone love him.

He'd been alone so bloody long, he'd almost forgotten what it was like to have someone there for him, mind and body. Of course Sirius put up a front that he was happy to be alone and independent. And yes he sometimes told his friends tall tales about how every other weekend he would bag a new bloke or bird, take them home for a night of fun, wild and meaningless sex. But really...he held love making in the highest esteem. He believed that it should only be done with someone who loved you and who you loved back. It was a deep connection to another person, another person's soul and...He'd really missed that.

Taking a long drag off is cigarette, Sirius tossed it haphazardly into a vase filled with potting soil and some strangely arousing purple flower's pot and continued on. He passed by a room and heard loud, identical laughter inside. He paused when he realized it was the Weasley twin's room.

That was just what he needed, to spend some time with two blokes who besides being as single as he was, were hilarious and a cut of his cloth. Those two men knew just how to have fun! They were never the serious ones in a crowd and could no doubt take his mind off how blindingly lonely he was.

He waved his wand happily, transferring a bottle of whiskey from the hotel's kitchen into his own hand and knocked twice on the door. Sirius frowned when he heard two startled noises, then what sounded like rushed and low talking and the sound of two people moving very quickly inside of the room.

In the next instant, the door pulled open and one of the twins stood in the door way. Fred, he figured as the man had a necklace hanging low on his bare chest, a silver pendant with the letter F, twined beautifully around an overlapping circle.

Fred smiled at him, his face red, "Oh Sirius...h-hey, what's up mate?"

Sirius took a step inside, sure that the twins wouldn't mind, usually they flocked around him adoringly. He was after all, (and in their own words), 'their idol and inspiration'. "I was wondering what you two were doing. I'm bloody bored and I brought whisky. There are a number of things we could do to raise hell in this hotel. After all, our chaperone' are busy." He snorted at his little nickname for Remus and Harry. But even as he was speaking his eyes were sweeping across the room looking for George to include in the conversation.

What he didn't expect to see was that the room held only one bed...And on that bed was George, hastily pulling his shirt back on. Before he could get it completely pulled over though, Sirius noted the matching necklace he wore, identical to Fred's only where the F had been on his twins, George's held a G. he also noticed the bright purpling love bites littering his chest, neck and abdomen.

It took a moment, but with the help of George's bright red cheeks and the way he constantly kept glancing at Fred with frightened eyes, Sirius figured it out.

The twins weren't the other two unattached men in their group...They very much had lovers, each other. His own cheeks blushing, Sirius suddenly began recalling how close the twins always were, not just mentally, but physically. They were always together, always close enough to reach out and touch if they so chose too. They hadn't found lovers from an outside source, they'd look to the person they were closest to, they'd looked to each other for comfort, support and love.

He probably should have felt appalled, or even disgusted at the idea of the twins loving each other beyond familial ties. And yet...he didn't, he just felt another rush of envy, and of heavy sadness and loneliness. Even these two had what he did not.

Love and partnership.

He could feel his flush as he stepped backwards towards the door. He ignored the curious glances the twins were giving him, not that they realized he wasn't a threat to their love, wasn't going to reprimand them or spread the word about their forbidden and secret relationship. Sirius just ducked his head and muttered, "Er...I can see that you're busy. I-I'll just go then."

Turning he reached for the doorknob but Fred was instantly there blocking his way, George a step behind him, flanking his right side. They instantly clasped hands, but their eyes were glued to his and nothing else, a curious and excited burning deep in both pairs of the light blue eyes gazing at him.

Fred smiled softly before saying, "Or...You could stay."

George picked up where his twin left off his own mischievous grin lighting up his angelic face, "And join us."

Sirius heard himself gasp.


Hope you all like the first part of my Christmas fic. I have no promises that this will actually be finished before the day is done but expect two more chapters in the next two days!

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