Draco stretched next to Harry and lazily his lips turned up into a smile, "Mm...That was nice."

Trying not to smile to smugly, Harry nodded, "I agree."

In a silent moment, loud noises from the room next to theirs broke the silence. Turning their heads at the same time, Draco and Harry raised their eyebrows at each other and then chuckled. "Well i told you that not to worry about Sirius wanting me."

"Why?" Draco gave him a confused look and cuddled into him.

"Because he's the one in the room next door, fucking his brains out, cant you tell by his voice?"

"That's...Really?" when Harry nodded, Draco burst out laughing.

Amused Harry leaned up on his elbow, and stared down at his suddenly laughing lover, "What's so funny?"

"Don't you remember who's in the room next to us?"

Harry thought for a long moment, trying to remember who'd picked what room, and then he flushed horribly, "The...The twins!"

Draco started laughing again and shook his head, "Hm, I guess I really never had to worry, apparently he prefers redheads and two of them." He smiled sweetly pecked the brunettes cheek.

"You never had to worry Draco...I love you, only you." Harry ducked down to press his lips into the blondes before settling next to him.

"I know...but you know how I get love. I'm just so worried that one day you'll realize you can do so much better than me. But then I remember that you love me, for some weird reason." He laughed again and ran his fingers through Harry's hair, "I love you so much."

"And I love you too, Mr. Malfoy." He chuckled once and tangled their fingers together, "Merry Christmas Draco."


"Mm Severus...Just leave it down and come to bed." Remus sat up on the bed and raised his arms out for Sev to fall into.

Severus gave him a look over his shoulder and ran his fingers through his long black hair, "You know I hate having it down."

"But I love it." Remus pouted.

His expression softening, Severus let his hair back down and walked over to the bed, in his graceful, sensual way. He crawled up on the bed and over to Remus, hovering over him, "You my manipulative werewolf...Are insufferable." He pressed his lips into, (as he put it), his insufferable werewolf's, ever so softly.

Pulling back only a little, Remus smirked, "Me, manipulative, insufferable? Never!"

"Oh please Remus, the strip tease in front of me, that unbearably sexy massage and then going into the bathroom where you jerked off and moaned so loudly that I could hear you out here?" Severus sat back and smirked, "I never realized how devious you could be when you were horny. I kind of like it."

Remus chuckled, "Well then maybe you should make me hornier more often."

"Perhaps we'll work on that this weekend, Hm?" Severus moved off him and stretched out on the bed, his head on Remus's chest. "Did you have a good Christmas love?"

"Oh yes. I loved my present."

Tipping his head back, Severus smiled, "You liked the book then? It was really hard to find but I knew how much you wanted it."

Remus raised their entwined fingers and kissed his their fingers, "Not the book but yes i did love it, thank you so much."

"Oh then what present?"


His black eyes widening, Severus flushed and then tipped his head away to hide the color in his cheeks, "I love you..."

"I love you too." Remus sighed and pulled the blankets over them.


Sirius turned his eyes away and tried to control the anxiety building in his chest. They were instantly drawn back when Fred sat up though and leaned over him to kiss George softly, their lips dancing slowly and obviously lovingly. They were obviously in love. Something he was beginning to think would never happen for him.

He closed his eyes and waited for the inevitable moment when the twins would ask him to leave their room and their bed. But all he heard was a soft laugh and then George saying softly, "Think he's asleep?"

Rolling his eyes behind his closed lids, Sirius shook his head, "No he's not asleep."

"Oh good." It was Fred this time, and then his lips were covering the older mans.

His twin's lips caressed his neck and he murmured, "We were worried that we wouldn't be able to tell you again tonight."

Confused, Sirius opened his eyes, "What on earth are you on about?"

Fred rolled his eyes, "He's talking about telling you how much we love you again."

Suddenly all the warmth filled his body again and he bit his bottom lip, "You really meant it then?"

"Fred I think he thinks were sexual deviants who only wanted him from his body."


"Yes, can you believe it?"

"Hardly, we're the sweetest, most compassionate twins in London."

"Fred darling we're not in London right now."

"Oh right..."

Watching in amusement, Sirius rolled his eyes before reaching up and spreading his palms across both young men's mouth. "Would you kindly shut up?" He took in a deep breath and studied them both, "You r-really meant it then? You l-love me?"

"Yes, we love you." Fred smiled happily.

"Do you...Want to be with...Us, like in an r-relationship?" George flushed and absentmindedly, traced his fingers through the hair beneath Sirius's belly button, leading down to his now soft cock.

Smiling broadly, Sirius hooked an arm around each of their waists and pulled them in to cuddle into his sides, "Well if we're going to be fucking nightly, then yes I suppose we do have to be in a relationship, wont we?"

George made a happy sighing noise and Fred kissed his shoulder just as happily. He curled into them and breathed in their warm, loving scent. His body hummed with amazing warmth. He finally had someone to love him, actually two people. Sirius smiled, he was finally loved and in love.

It was everything he'd ever asked for.

"I guess it's true what they say..." He murmured.

"What about?" Fred asked, his fingers twining with his twins across his chest.

"Christmas really is a time for miracles."


A/N: This is the end of the line guys. I told you it wouldn't be finished by Christmas! Lol. I hope you enjoyed it.