In a dark hotel room, in the Kanto region of Japan, two figures, both clad in white, sat in silence, one unaware of the other's presence.

L, the world's top three detectives, hammered away on the keys of his laptop, processing data at incredible speed. No less than ten windows, flashed around the screen of, not only the laptop screen in front of him, but the two large monitors set up to either side of it.

On the left of the three screens, a bio of Light Yagami and his immediate family could be viewed, along with a video feed of a boy in black, with his hands restrained behind him. He appeared to be in a cell. Upon further inspection, one could tell that they were actually the same person. The middle screen flickered between a word processor and a spreadsheet, presumably containing data concerning Kira's killings. Finally, on the right, a demographic of the people killed, systematically divided into various categories.

Beyond Birthday took in all of this information from his silent vigil behind his prey, as he had been doing for the last hour or so.

How had he found L? He created a decoy website, filled with information about Kira, and his hypothesis about why he killed. Of course, he cared for Kira no more than any other petty criminal, he just needed to attract L's computer signal. When an encrypted IP address logged onto his site, Beyond unscrambled it and found the code he was looking for. He used a simple program to triangulate the location of the signal, leading him straight to L.

And now, he sat, not even five yards from his target, patiently waiting. Observing. Memorizing.

Call it obsessive if you will, but Beyond wanted to rehearse his plan of attack in his mind as many times as possible; he would not be caught off guard.

L, bathed in the blue light of his computer, looked inhuman. From his curved back, to his precarious perch, he seemed an impossible being.

With both minds in the room running a million miles an hour, Beyond decided that it was time to move.

From his mimicked crouch, he stood towering over L.

The second L heard the rustle of clothing, his thinking screeched to a halt. Watari was asleep. Room service closed four hours and twenty seven minutes ago. Light was still in his cell. Who could be in his room? He dared not turn around.

Beyond sauntered forward, until he was exactly next to L, then crouched down. The two mirror images sat in silence; one too nervous to speak, while the other had so much to say that he wasn't sure where to start.

"Hiya, L."

"B," L replied curtly.

The copy pouted slightly at the detective's tone.

"What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be somewhere? I don't know, say, prison?" L demanded.

Beyond raised his thumb to his lip, in mock thought, "Oh that place? I got bored. Why would you send me to somewhere so completely mind-numbing, L? A few dead bodies doesn't warrant that sort of torture, now does it?"

The original shook with rage.

"Backup, I'm not going to play your games. I put you in prison because you deserved it. The death penalty would have been a light sentence for you. Nothing is worse for a particularly sharp person, such as yourself, than to see their own mind unravel, and feel their self decline into insanity. Though, you couldn't exactly be called 'sane' either before I locked you up," the detective retorted.

Beyond hummed in thought before replying, "Neither can you, really. You stay up all night, you show no emotions, and have a fixation with sweets. Normal? I doubt it. By the way, can I call you Sherlock?"

"No you may not."

L helped himself to another bite of strawberry cheesecake before finally turning, to lock eyes with his unwanted company.

It really was like looking into a mirror. The unruly hair, the slightly pointed nose, the pale lips, dark circles under his eyes, lithe frame, and attire, it was all there. Except for the eyes themselves. L's slate grey eyes bore into B's bloody crimson orbs.

"So why are you really here?" the original questioned.

"Well that's a secret, Lawliet," Backup replied.

Before the shock from the use of his real name subsided, B pulled a syringe from his pocket, and sunk it into L's neck.

A misty fog descended into the detective's mind, clouding his wild thoughts. He managed a slurred, "What's…in…this stuff?"

"Don't worry, Sherlock, nothing too major. Just don't want you trying to escape just yet, you know?" Beyond replied lightly, as though he hadn't just drugged someone.

As L started to cease functioning, his balance deceased, which left him teetering around all over the place. Anticipating his fall, his protégé caught him under his arms, and hefted him up. Beyond shifted L's weight into his left arm, where he touched the laptop monitor once, with his thumb, in the middle of the ornate gothic L. Watari would check the scene for prints later, and he wanted him to know the gravity of the situation.

Carrying him bridal style, the copy walked out into the grey night, carrying his prey gently through the city of Winchester.

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