Beyond Birthday grinned much like the cat who caught the canary… because he did. He grinned maniacally as he thought of his detective in a drug induced slumber, resting on the hotel bed. Walking downtown with his hands jammed in his pockets, he went towards a storage service building. When he got to the gates, he entered the code that granted him access and he continued onto his unit. 1310, 1311, 1312...1313, there it is. He swiftly took the key out of his pocket, and unlocked the padlock, allowing him to slip into the small space. He coughed from the dust that was disturbed by the opening of the door.

The room was small, but it was packed with information about L. Newspaper clippings lined all four walls. A calligraphy L was painted on the floor, only to have blood smeared on to the right side of it, turning the L into a B. There was a small desk, with some papers, and a portable TV that faced a dusty, dingy looking loveseat. It looked to be where Beyond had lived after his breakout from prison.

The copy crouched down next to the desk and dragged out a box labeled "Fun" on the side. He pushed it outside onto the sidewalk and locked down his unit once again. He hefted the box up and hurried back to the hotel. After all, the drugs wouldn't last forever, and if Lawliet woke up and left, his plans would be ruined. But there was only a 6% chance that he would.

The younger of the two slipped into the room, unnoticed by the other, seeing as he was still asleep. B opened up the box and shuffled the things around, metallic clinking emanating from the box. He found what he was looking for, and hopped up from his crouch. Bounding back to L's resting place, he started to untangle the contents. They were straps, the kind that you normally see in mental asylums. As he was working out the knots, the original started to stir.

L's mind came back online, but very, very slowly. He blinked. Where was he? Trying to run over the last things he remembered, he recalled that he talked with Beyond, he knew his name… And he had gotten drugged. He tried to bring his thumb up to his mouth, for comfort, but he found that his hand was being kept stationary. He curled his fingers around the thick leather strip, finding that it went over both his arms. Quietly, he tried out his feet. It seemed that they were tied down too. Feeling hopeless, he decided that it was time to let his protégé know that he was awake.

"Beyond, what do you think you're doing?" L slurred. His voice was raspy and quiet from disuse.

"Oh yay, you're awake Lawliet!" he plastered on a fake smile and laughed like a junkie about to get his fix. He went and sat on the side of the bed, absently stroking the leather bonds around L's wrist.

"Quite. But where are we?" the original drawled.

Beyond giggled, "I can't tell you that, what if your friend Wammy put bugs on you?"

L grumbled. "I am not bugged, Backup. There would be no reason for that."

Beyond's face went from sickly sweet, to a dangerous glower. He leaned forward, closing the distance between L and himself. They were only inches away from each other. "Do. Not. Call. Me. Backup." he growled.

"Why not? That's what the program was about. That's what you are. A replacement. A plan B. A Backup," L declared boldly.

In seconds, a knife was drawn from out of nowhere and pressed up against L's neck. "Do you want to say it again, Lawliet?" He spat his mentor's name like it tasted foul.

"Could you kill me, B? Would you kill me? I don't think you can," the original droned in monotone.

The knife gleamed as it cut a line in the older man's face, across his cheek. L winced and tried to nurse the wound with his hand, but could not. Beyond got off the bed. L tried to track him with his eyes, but had limited movement, and he kneeled out of his line of sight. When B popped back up and onto the bed, one hand held the knife, and the other was balled around something. He cupped L's cheek in the hand without the knife.

L howled. It burnt, it burnt, it BURNT. His wound felt like it was on fire, it was stinging so badly. Salt. He had salt in his hand, and now it was in his wound.

"WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?!" he screamed in pain. Beyond chose not to reply, he simply licked his hand, enjoying the taste of the salt mixed with the blood of his mentor.

"Told you not to call me names, Sherlock."

L hissed in pain as his response as Beyond laughed. Once again, he hopped off the bed and rustled in the box.

"Where the hell did it go? Oh, here it is," he spoke softly to himself. Beyond lifted himself onto his knees, where L could see him, and flashed a malicious grin. L swallowed nervously.

"Something amusing, B?" Lawliet managed, trying to sound bored, but could not.

"Oh yes," the copy stood, holding a white garment, "very amusing." He unbuckled the straps on the bed.

"Strip down to your boxers."

L looked mortified.

"Do you require motivation?" Beyond asked, twirling the knife around in his hand. The detective shook his head, and started to remove his shirt. Soon after, his pants fell away from his lithe hips. The room was cold, and he was clothed in nothing but black silk boxers. L shivered.

"This is what I wore for the last few months, Lawliet, I want you to see how it feels," the copy sneered.

Suddenly, he kicked L square in the chest, knocking him to the floor. Once he was down, B flipped him onto his back and twisted his arms behind him painfully. The original shouted in pain as he was forced into a heavy garment, he guessed it was made from thick canvas.

As the arms were put on, he felt buckles. Oh no…

It was a straight jacket.

The buckles fastened the sleeves behind his back, as a strap went between his legs from front to back, to make it impossible to remove. L struggled relentlessly, but received nothing but a kick in the side, and he was roughly pulled up by the collar of the jacket.

"How do you like it L? Is it comfortable? Imagine wearing this for months," Beyond snarled, "I didn't like it very much. Neither will you, I imagine."

L looked surprised through the pain, "You plan to keep me here for months? How are you going to avoid getting caught?"

Beyond laughed, "I'm not going to keep you here for months. I'm going to put the pain of all those months into a few days. Enjoy yourself L. Welcome to hell."