Bella's P.O.V

As I said goodbye to y kids I started to cry will without tears but the think is ill really miss them because they're my everything since HE left.

Today my kids Renesmee Carlie Allie Cullen and Edward Junior Jacob Cullen are going to Uni and staying in dorms without me what am I going to do.

But they wont go as Cullen they will go as Swan.


Ness and me are getting our timetables from the office lady.

Boy I really hate human girls thoughts about me especially old ladies.

I whisper into Ness ear old ladies creeping me out she thinks i'm hot Ness lets out a little giggle then she stuffs her time table and note about her dormmates in her bag and keeps her dorm key in her hand.

I do the same and we walk out of the office.

When we walk out 5 people walk in they look very familiar I look at Ness she thinking the same thing then I whisper into her ear block your thoughts then we both start singing the national anthem in our heads in every language we know which happens to be all of them and we walk down the hall to our dorms.

Ness P.O.V

Thoughts E.J they're our family we have to tell them I really want them to know E.J cant we tell them.

E.J just shakes his head and whispers that guy who is our father left our mum.

So he is still our father my whisper is almost an audible.

So E.J doesn't reply.

When we reach our dorm rooms we find out our rooms are opposite each other.

We go inside and I chose my bed and put my cloths away and then get a glass of water sit down on the lounge and watch TV while I wait for my dorm mates.

I wonder what they're like and then I hear my brother whisper from his room me to.

Then I hear the key go in the door oh hear comes my dorm mates.

Love ya from xoxogossipgirl1 aka the milky ways biggest twilight saga vampire fan ever