A young sixteen year old girl was walking back home from the grocery store, she was wearing black skinny fit jeans with red converse, and had a blue & purple top with a black jacket on top. Temari took a deep breath and looked up at the sky, it was a cold September night, and you could hardly see any of the fading sunlight. Once she reached her street, she saw the building she was currently staying at, she wanted to live somewhere less grand but she didn't have a say in the matter at the time. It was recently built and it showed, everything about it was sleek and modern. Entering through the main doors, she smiled at the door man. He was wearing a red and gray uniform, with a matching hat. He was in his early fifties with white spiky hair. He was always bright and chirpy, though at times he could be a bit of a perv.

"Hey Jiraiya, how are you today?" asked Temari

"I feel great, and how about you? Any luck with getting your parents to budge"

Temari laughed, though she was never one prone to giggling.

"Nope. Guess my dreams of being a normal teenage girl have to be put on hold. Anyway, I'll talk to you later, bye." She waved as she walked past. Jiraiya responded by simply raising his hat.

She walked into the main reception; it was a grand room, with clear marble floors and high ceilings with elegant chandeliers. Making her way to the reception desk which was at the end of the room, it had a few sofas and chairs in the middle and the elevator was on the left.

"Good evening Temari, how may I help you today?" asked the man behind the desk, he looked up from his computer screen; he had long blonde hair and bright blue eyes. Temari smirked and tilted her head.

"Why Deidara, someone's being extra courteous today, what happened? Finally get shouted at."

"You guess right, Sasori threatened to fire me and I really need this job as a support for my art classes."

"Good luck with that. Where is Sasori?"

"He had some convention to go to, I don't even remember what it was about; I think it was puppets but I'm not sure. He was all excited but he didn't want to miss work. I told him to go have a blast, and I would cover his shift, I regret that now"

"Fascinating as that is, I actually came to see if I have any mail?"

"As a matter of fact you do" Deidara reached under the counter and pulled out a few letters, as he was handing the letters to Temari she noticed the black nail polish. Deidara was a pleasant person but like everyone else there were a few odd things about him. As Temari turned to leave, Deidara called out, "I just want to give you a heads up on the guest upstairs who is already waiting for you."

Temari turned and smiled at him. In side the elevator though, she cursed loudly. Once she reached her floor, which was number 17, she walked out into the carpeted hall her apartment was on the last one on the left side. Quietly sliding in her key, she twisted it, unlocking her door. She stepped in silently, there was a wide circular space, which Temari had filled with sofa's and bean bags and a big plaza tv, on the left she had built a curved book case, on the right side was her kitchen separated by a small bar, the kitchen unlike her living room was wooden floor with cabinets on the wall. She walked over to it and placed her groceries on the counter. As a second thought, she also left her mail there, she would read it later, right now she had some one to confront. She made her way past the living room into the hallway, on the right was her linen closet and opposite was her room. And the end of the hall was the guest bedroom. The door was closed; Temari walked up to it and pushed it open with some force. The guest bedroom was relatively small compared to the main bedroom; it had a cupboard in one corner with a desk next to it and the bed in the opposite. Sitting on the bed was a young man reading a magazine, he had red curly hair, his green eyes looked up from the sudden noise and he slightly smiled when he saw Temari.

"Someone doesn't look too happy this eveni-"

"Cut the crap Gaara" interrupted Temari, "Why are you here?"

"Such a rude welcome sister, aren't you happy to see me?"

"Sure, because we always have such a great time together, don't we?"

"True, true." He raised his hands "they don't always want war you know, so stop pushing them away."

She tilted her head slightly "When did it become them and not us?"

He smirked, which was a very odd thing for Gaara because he hardly ever showed any emotion, "Now you can finally say I'm on your side, just not to them because they don't know it yet" He then grinned, it was very strange to Temari. Her eyes then widened at his words as she realized what he meant.

"You ran away?! Mom and dad are going to kill you! They knew I was leaving because I explained why I wanted to live a normal life, and not cooped up under their roof, i negotiated with them like a sensible, mature adult. Running away is not an option, don't you know they're just going to drag you back and they'll never give any form of freedom."

"I don't have any freedom now as it is; I'm their precious little baby. Temari please let me stay here for a while, they'll never know if you won't tell them. Kankuro and I planned really hard for me to get out of that place and I'm not going back." Gaara's eyes were filled with determination; she knew it was best to let him stay so she could keep a close eye on him. Finally rolling her eyes, she let out a breath she didn't even realize she was holding.

"Fine stay, but, on one condition. Try not to stand out too much, I'm trying to live a normal life. A concept which is wasted on you."

Gaara's eyes lit up at his sister's approval. He sighed and said, "Thanks a bunch sis. You want to help me unpack?"

"No, because normal people unpack their own clothes. Besides, I have to go to bed, I have my first day of school in the morning."

"Didn't your high school already start?" asked her brother curiously

"Yea it did, but there seemed to be some payment problems. So I only missed a week or so, why do you care?"

"Just asking, anyway, night sis"

"Night." Temari turned around and closed the door behind her. She made her way to her own bedroom, it was carpeted with posters of rock bands all over the walls her bed in one corner, a desk opposite, and her wardrobe on the left wall, she had her bad next to her desk. Getting inside her bed, she was too lazy to change, she started to drift off to sleep. Tomorrow was her first day at her life as a normal sixteen year old girl. Who knows what it held for her?