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Temari sighed again, shifting the large box in her arms once more as she waited for the elevator to reach the lobby. The phone call to her dad had been weird, because she couldn't clarify why she all of a sudden decided to come home, not to mention the fact she had to calmly explain to her dad that Gaara was okay and had been staying with her. Her dad had been furious at first but like Temari guessed, he let it go since his little girl was coming home. "Wonderful" muttered Temari to herself, after that phone call she had missed the next two days of school packing her things with Gaara.

The elevator made a ting sound, indicating it had reached the lobby, Temari shifted the box once more as the doors opened and she stepped out. She had called Jiraiya and had told him to help shift the boxes from her apartment to the lobby, so the movers could just pick them up. They were going to come day after tomorrow, 'So this is final.' Thought Temari, 'only three more days in this place, and then goodbye for real.' Temari reached the end of the lobby and put the box onto a pile of similar brown boxes in different sizes. Sasori had made a little squared off corner for her to pile up her things until the movers arrived.

The corner was packed with brown boxes, filled with different things. Most of her belongings were in those boxes, her clothes, her books, even some of her furniture had been taken apart and packed. Since nearly everything was down here, Temari's apartment was oddly empty, with only basic necessities left, like her beds, and the kitchen stuff.

Letting out another breath, Temari was walking back to the elevator when she noticed her brother standing next to Jiraiya near the exit, both of them listening to someone very intently. The person had his back to her but he was slightly taller than her brother and had brilliant blonde hair, he was wearing jeans and an orange hoodie, the sleeves pulled up to his elbows. He was moving his hands as though making a point, he said something, and Jiraiya burst out laughing, while Gaara simple widened his eyes and cracked a grin.

Curious, Temari walked over to stand next to her brother, only to find that the oh-so captivating person was Naruto from her school. They weren't exactly close but like most people would agree, he seemed to possess a gift of having a comforting air about him, which Temari liked, his laid back attitude and friendly smiles made him a loved person by everyone, including Shikamaru, since they had been best friends since pre-school. Thinking of Shikamaru, Temari's chest felt crushed once more, an increasingly more common pain for her these days. When Naruto saw her, his bright blue eyes widened and he smiled, "Hey, Temari, how's it going?"

Temari couldn't help but smile back, "I'm good, but really tired."

"Well, that's natural for someone who's been sick." At that, both the Suna siblings frowned.

"Wait…what? Sick?" Temari asked.

Naruto frowned, "You were sick, that's why you didn't come to school right?"

Sensing where this conversation was going, Temari turned to her brother and Jiraiya, "Hey you both don't just stand there, I seem to be doing all the work. Get both your behinds up stairs and do the rest of the kitchen packing." Both of them looked at her, and understood what she really meant, before looking at each other, they silently walked over to the elevator. Temari waited till she heard the doors close fully before she turned her attention back to Naruto.

"About that…uhm, I haven't exactly been sick" Temari stated, Naruto looked puzzled.

"Then why hadn't you been coming?" He asked while tilting his head, Temari almost laughed at this boy's genuine concern.

She took a deep breath, "Uhm…It's because, I had been busy with packing and stuff."

Naruto continued to look utterly confused, "Why would you be packing?"

'God, just tell him…it's not like he'll care' thought Temari, out loud she said, "Due to a few difficulties..erm..I'm moving back to Suna"

Naruto instantly widened his eyes, "What? Is everything oka-"

Temari raised her hand, "Yea, everything is okay, just a few personal reasons, and I'm trying to keep it on the down low, so could you please, please not tell anyone." Temari looked into Naruto's eyes, and thought miserably, 'especially not Shikamaru'.

Naruto looked shocked, "Uhm, yea, sure I won't. You're gona be missed, I'll tell you that much, especially by Sakura." Temari scoffed at the comment, she looked down. She knew exactly what Naruto was doing. He was trying to make her feel guilty, so that she'll stay. And it was working. Pressing further, Naruto asked, "When are you leaving?"

Temari looked at him, "Tomorrow," she lied, she knew lying was wrong, but knowing how close Naruto and Shikamaru were, she didn't want to give either one of them a chance to try something. She just wanted to go home without any hiccups.

Naruto looked at her sadly, "Wow, you really want to get away from someone that badly, huh?"

Temari's breath hitched, and she looked at Naruto slowly with her poker face on. He didn't seem to be referring to anyone in particular. She tried to get rid of the small lump in her throat, "No, of course not, just..Just got to get back home." Even to her ears it sounded like a lie.

"Alright, I guess there's nothing I can say to make you stay, so I guess this is goodbye." He smiled his smile, except he it wasn't his toothy grin smile, he genuinely looked sad. He held open his arms, and Temari rolled her eyes, and stepped forward and hugged the boy.

Temari stepped back, and coughed desperately trying to get rid of that ridiculous lump in her throat. She looked at him and smiled, she didn't know why she was being so emotional at this moment. It wasn't as if she was extremely close with Naruto, but then again, he was one of few people in school, who she had felt extremely comfortable with at the start, and his presence was constantly a reminder that Shikamaru was always close by. Once again that name brought forth a pain within Temari because she knew how much she'd miss him. "Goodbye Naruto." She turned around and began walking to the elevator.

Unknown to her, Naruto was still standing there biting his tongue, and a moment he called out to the retreating figure, "Does Shikamaru know you're leaving?"

Temari froze, she turned and looked at him steadily, "Why would I have to tell him?" she questioned.

Naruto shrugged his shoulders, "I just thought he'd want to know."

For some reason she felt angry, obviously he didn't see the way Shikamaru had treated her, she laughed almost mockingly, her voice steady , "Trust me. He made it very clear that he wants nothing to do with me." With that she turned once again and didn't stop until she was safely inside the elevator, once inside, she crouched on the floor, and hugged her knees. 'God, what's wrong with me?' thought Temari. When the elevator had reached her floor, she got off the floor and walked to her door.

She walked into Jiraiya and Gaara, sitting on the floor sorting through cutlery, she smiled at the sight, truly Jiraiya was so helpful. She remembered when she had told him she was planning on moving back home, he had been frustrated at her giving up the "fight" against her parents but had didn't question her decision and supported her every step of the way. He looked at her and smiled when she walked in, "Hey kiddo, we're just about done here. Just got to put them into the boxes."

Temari smiled warmly at the old man, "Thanks so much Jiraiya, for everything, you can go back downstairs, I don't you to get in trouble for skipping your shift, I'll take it from here." She helped him stand up, and waved as he left their apartment. She turned back at Gaara, and silently sat down and started placing the cutlery into the boxes. Both siblings worked for 10 minutes, before Gaara decide to say something.

"Uhm, sis?" He asked her hesitantly.

"Yea?" she answered without looking at him, continuing the task at hand.

"You know that guy Naruto?" Temari visibly stiffened, Gaara not seeming to notice carried on, "Well, while we were talking just now, he was telling me about this amazing video game that he has. He got the cheats and everythin-"

"Your point?" asked Temari, looking at him.

He looked nervous, "Well, he asked if I wanted to try them out some time I should let him know."

"Gaara we're movin-"

"Exactly!" he stated rather unusually enthusiastically, "It's because we're moving that I won't get a chance, that game isn't available back home"

Temari looked at her brother and sighed. She had told Naruto that they were leaving tomorrow, so her brother had to go now, if he was going. She bit her lip, it was the first time Gaara seemed genuinely interested in spending time with someone other than herself or Jiraiya. Maybe Naruto wouldn't be such a bad thing for Gaara. After all, her brother needs a few friends. She rolled her eyes, and smiled at him, "Well you better get going."

He looked shocked, "Wait, you mean now?"

Temari nodded, "I told Naruto we were leaving tomorrow." She continued before her brother could interrupt, "I said it because…well, because I have my reasons. So don't ask, and don't tell him when we're actually leaving" She held out at her hand, and looked at him, "Deal?"

Gaara looked at her hand, then at her, and smiled, "Deal." And shook it.

And so, by the time Temari had gotten round to calling Naruto, it was already 7pm, but he said he had a few guys over and they were staying the night, and asked if Gaara still wanted to come along, to which her brother said yes. Not once had either Naruto or Temari bring up their previous conversation. They avoided the subject all together. "So I guess my brother will be there in a little while, since he's leaving now." She turned round to wave bye to her brother walking out with a duffle bag, with things he'll if he was spending the night. The door closed with a click.

"Cool, tell him can't wait." Stated Naruto, trying to talk over the noise in the background from his end.

"Who all do you have over?" Asked Temari out of curiosity.

There was a pause, "Uhm, let's see, Kiba, Chouji, Sasuke…And now your brother." Temari frowned, that was their normal group the only person missing was, 'Shikamaru.' She felt her heart drop. Did he really hate her that much, that he was now also avoiding her brother.

Not wanting to think about it too much, Temari ended the phone call. After that, she spent the next hour finishing any possible packing, trying to keep her mind occupied. After having finished dinner, Temari changed into a pair of blue PJ bottoms and a white tank top, getting ready for bed. She yawned as she walked into her room, she slid into her covers, and looked at her bedside table. There was the little wrapped gift box, inside was the present she had gotten for Shikamaru. Too bad he was never going to get it now. Just as Temari's eyes started to close, and she started to drift off to sleep, the doorbell rang.

Temari frowned, who on earth was that? Did Gaara forget something, most probably not, he would've called. After two minutes it rang again. And again, and again. Getting irritated, Temari forced herself out of bed, and made her way to the front door. By that time, the person had decided to bang on the front door instead of ringing the doorbell.

Temari grabbed the front doors handle with more force than necessarily, and opened the door while shouting, "FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! What do you wan-" and froze instantly, in the next second she shoved the door closed, only to have it stopped by a foot in the door way. "Go away!" she growled at the person on the other side.

"Sure, just as soon as you stop trying to mutilate my foot." Scoffed Shikamaru. "Look, I know you don't want to talk me right now, but I'm not leaving until you do, so you might as well just open up."

Temari only pushed harder against the door, leaning against it with all her might. "Not wanting to talk to you is an understatement. I don't want to SEE you…So just go away." She repeated. She felt that lump rising in her throat, her chest hurting once more, and felt her eyes tear up.

"Why are you moving? Do you hate me that much?" Temari froze, her heart dropping deeper inside her stomach, if that was possible.

Letting a tear slide down her cheek, she asked in a sand-paper voice, "What?"

"I said, do you hate me tha-"

"I heard you the first time," said Temari, irritated, "I meant…Why do you think I hate you?" She waited for Shikamaru to reply honestly, instead he replied with.

"Let me in, and I'll tell you." Temari mentally cursed herself, but after wiping away her tear and gaining control over herself, she slowly yet surely edged the door open, allowing Shikamaru inside. Only then did Temari notice Shikamaru's attire, a pair of jeans with black and green trainers, a green t-shirt, and one silver cuff on his wrist. He looked extremely tired, out of breath and sweaty.

She frowned, "What happened to you?"

He looked at her and then looked at his feet, "I ran over here from Naruto's place."

Temari widened her eyes, "Wait, he told you! After I asked him not to tell anyone! And you? Are you insane? Do you know how far away he lives? That's got to be at least 7 blocks away. Do you enjoy being an idiot? Why would you be so stupid, and RUN over here?" scolded Temari.

"Because I had to know." He looked dead straight into her eyes.

Temari stilled, the blonde girl returned Shikamaru's gaze with a steady one of her own, "Know what?" she asked.

"Are you leaving?" She could see the determination in his eyes, she sighed, defeated.

"So what if I am? What are you going to do?"

He grabbed her wrist, none to gently, and looked at her with pleading eyes, "Don't go. I'll make you stay. Please…" His voice wavered ever so slightly, "Please, I know you hate me, but, please?"

Temari's eyes once again watered up, it was as thought her heart was battling against her rib cage, she tried to find her voice and tell him that she wanted to stay just for him, only for him, but couldn't, scared she would lose the little control she had over herself, so she simply shook her head.

"You're lying." He said, and smiled at her "You want to stay here. I can see it in your eyes. Please, please stay. If not for me but for Sakura, Sasuke, Chouji, Kiba or even Naruto."

"Stop!" cried Temari, with a firm voice to her surprise, for now all she felt was anger. Anger towards what Shikamaru had done to her, anger towards to how he had played with her heart, "Stop trying to guilt me into staying. I don't want to stay here...I can't stay here thinking…knowing you can't stand the sight me" Temari pulled her wrist free. "So get out!" Without waiting to watch him walk out, Temari returned to her room, slamming the door behind.

She once again returned to the comfort of her bed. As Temari lay there staring up at the ceiling, she tried to listen to the sound of retreating footsteps. She heard none. She rolled her eyes when she heard a soft knock at her door, 'sure, now be quiet' She hide her face with one the pillows as she heard her door open. "Get out, before I kick you out myself." She threatened from under the cushion. She tried once again to hear him leave, but didn't. She felt her bed dip slightly from the side as Shikamaru sat down beside her leg.

"God, stop being so troublesomely stubborn and let me talk." Stated Shikamaru as he tried to wrestle the pillow out of the girls' hands. When Temari gave in, Shikamaru took the pillow and placed it on his lap as he crossed his legs and sat comfortably on her bed.

Temari looked at him and the only thing that she could think of to ease the tension was, "Troublesomely isn't a word."

Shikamaru rolled his eyes, "It is for me, and it fit perfectly in the sentence, so why not? If I want to use it, why can't I?" He looked at her more seriously and said, "And don't try to change the topic, I am not going to let you move away so easily, you should know me better than that. I understand why you'd want to move, but still. I thought you liked it here."

Temari sat up and looked at Shikamaru amazed, and before she could stop herself, blurted out "For a genius you sure are stupid. It's not like I want to go back home to over-protective parents, and a non-existent social life, always having to care take of my brothers, do you think I want to give up all this new found freedom? Course not, but I would rather live in that shit hole than stay here and watch you hate me"

"What?" Shikamaru looked taken aback. "I don't hate you. Just trust me."

Temari frowned, "Really? Because it sure seemed you were sure hell bent on avoiding me." And again, before she could stop herself, said, "Especially after you think I am dirty."

Shikamaru widened his eyes, and stared at Temari, he then looked away immediately, at the pillow on his lap, "I don't think you're dirty."

Temari looked at him with narrowed eyes, and whispered fiercely, "You could've at least said that to my face." When Shikamaru still didn't look at her, she mumbled, "I knew it."

And before she knew what happened, she felt a hand on her chin, pulling her face upwards, and warm moist pressure on her lips, green orbs stared straight into brown ones. However, Temari soon closed them, and pushed the boy away, touching her lips with her fingers. She opened her eyes to look at the boy in front of her.

"If I truly thought you were dirty, would I do that?" Shikamaru raised his hand before Temari could interrupt, "That day in school after I brought you home from Ino's party, I was looking for you before class so I asked Ino." Shikamaru grimaced at the memory, looking down he continued, "And…and well, she said she had a few things to say to me." Now he chose to look at her, "She said I was pathetic because not even a full day had passed and I was acting like nothing happened to you. She called me an insensitive jerk because I wasn't giving you any space and you were too nice to tell me this."

Hearing this Temari didn't know what to feel, Shikamaru had looked so distressed that day, was it all for her? she felt almost pleased at that thought, she wordlessly reached out and took hold of Shikamaru's hand, holding it between both of hers, squeezing lightly, she kept silent looking at him, encouraging him to continue, and he did, "Under normal pretences I would never believe her, but, it got me thinking, here you are having to deal with what happened with Sai, needing some space and here I am refusing to do that. I thought you kicked me out that day because you got fed up of my persistence. And between you and me, I don't think your brother likes me very much either. I knew it was too late but I tried to give you that needed space during school, but you just seemed all the more angrier, and when you called me I just knew it was going to be a repeat of what Ino had said, and I don't think I would have been able to handle all that coming from you, I'm sorry if I was rude. But…but, when I heard you were moving, I had this horrible feeling that you had called as if you wanted to clear things up…I don't know."

Shikamaru closed his eyes and sighed, he slowly opened them at look at Temari, lifting his free hand, he stroked Temari's right cheek, slightly smiling when a light blush crept onto her face, "All I knew was that I couldn't bear you moving away from me, not even for a minute…" Another pause, "And that criminology class killed me you know, Kiba breathes so loudly I couldn't even sleep for five minutes." His smile grew a few centimeters when Temari laughed at the comment, "But one thing amongst all this confusion is that I definitely do not find you dirty. You are beautiful and so very pure to me…" And after what seemed like the longest pause, "I love you Temari, please never forget that."

Those last few words were spoken with such intensity that Temari heart jolted, and at that moment, everything felt okay. 'High school drama' thought Temari, 'How do girls put up with this?' Sarcasm aside, relief was flowing softly through Temari's veins, she felt as sense of calm take over her as she had listened to Shikamaru's explanation, she should be angry at Ino for playing both of them, but instead of plotting her payback she just leaned forward and put both her arms around the boys neck, and whispered in his ear, "I will always remember that, and…" with a very own pause of her own, "I love you Shikamaru. Don't you forget that either."

Shikamaru looked at her and truly smiled, he wrapped his arms around her waist and gently pulled Temari onto his lap. The pair sat there for five minutes, taking in the warmth of the embrace, when finally Shikamaru leaned down, while Temari looked up and they kissed. It wasn't as quick as the one they shared moments ago, this kiss was different, it conveyed all that had and had not been said, it was filled with everything they both felt, good and bad. Temari entwined her fingers in Shikamaru's hair after she had pulled his hair tie off. Shikamaru started drawing circles on her back with one hand, while the other started tracing delicate designs on her arms. Every single one of his feather touches was a new sensation for Temari. Every inch of her skin where his fingers had ghosted upon was on fire, and not in a bad way, definitely not in a bad way. The teens finally broke apart for a chance to breathe. There was a small trial of saliva trailing down the chin of Temari, Shikamaru simply let his tongue lick it clean. His mouth rested upon Temari's chin, the boy looked up from beneath his lashes, and whispered, "You looked like you were heading for bed." Temari looked down at his brown eyes, and couldn't help but blush once more.

Shikamaru gently laid Temari down onto her bed, before wordlessly crawling next to her, he placed on arm around her waist, holding her close while the other was tenderly stroking her hair, Temari curled into his side, tucking her head under Shikamaru's cheek, and placing one arm on top of his chest. Whispering more to herself than him, "That was my first kiss."

"It was my first as well." Shikamaru whispered back. After a moment, Temari had made up her mind on what she wanted to happen next. She broke free from the boys light grasp, slowly climbing on top of him, and straddling his legs. Shikamaru propped himself onto his elbows, and lifted one of his eyebrows, "You okay?"

"I love you Shikamaru, and you love me, I know that now. And I know I would never forgive myself if I don't get to spend this night with you. I may not be able to take you with me, but I can always take a memory." Temari simply leaned down, placing her palms on his stomach, slowly pushing his shirt up, she then bent down and kissed his naval tenderly. She looked up from beneath her lashes, and saw that he had understood what she wanted. Shikamaru sat up and pulled off his shirt, revealing a smooth tanned chest. He smirked at Temari, whose eyes were now on his abs. He had to admit, he hadn't exactly worked for the six pack, he just had one. His father always said it was ironic that someone as lazy as him had something most guys work 6 days at the gym for.

Shikamaru now focused on what was about to come, he wasn't sure if Temari was ready for this just yet, so he placed his hands on either side of her hips, and spoke very soothingly, "Are you sure? I don't want to rush you into doing something you don't want to." Temari placed her hands on top of his, and pushed his hands up her waist, the movement sliding her shirt upwards as well, sensually, revealing her stomach. She looked at him and smiled genuinely, replying in the same tone, "I couldn't be surer. We won't get any opportunity like this." Red hue started pouring onto Shikamaru's cheeks, he coughed and pulled his hands away, choosing to watch Temari take off her top and toss it onto the floor. The pair continued to strip among themselves, shedding their clothes one-by-one, all of which ended up as a big pile on the floor beside Temari's bed, until they were both bare.

Shikamaru once again placed Temari flat on her back, climbing on top of her, kissing her passionately, he slid his tongue inside, trying to wrap it around hers, strangely Temari tasted like vanilla to him, who would've guessed, he rested one hand on her soft breast, while the fingers on his other hand placed feather touches running up and down her stomach, creating different designs, circles, stars, spirals, you name it. Temari wrapped her arms around Shikamaru's neck, letting everything else take over, every touch was a tiny flame, setting her nerves and skin on fire, warming her entire being inside and out. She gasped silently into the kiss when she felt his fingers rub against her slit, if she was feeling hot before, well she's sizzling now, because it felt so much better than what she had been craving for. "Again" she moaned into her kiss, Shikamaru complied and traced his digits along her slit once again, this time when they returned to her waist, Temari noticed an odd dampness on the tips of Shikamaru's fingers, the wet was a strange combination to the heat of her skin, but it peculiarly felt refreshing.

Shikamaru broke the kiss, only to clamp his mouth onto Temari's shoulder, his ear was positioned right to her mouth, he enjoyed hearing every sound she was making, from the tiniest hitch of her breath to the deep mouthfuls of air she was taking. He worked his mouth upward along her neck, kissing each spot, until he reached her ear, he not only kissed it but, he bit softly onto her earlobe, sucking a little, knowing it would drive Temari insane. Getting serious, Shikamaru kissed Temari once more, distracting her, while he slipped one of his fingers inside her womanhood. Temari instantly stiffened, thinking back to what Sai had done, 'But this isn't Sai' she told herself, 'It's Shikamaru…he'll make you forget every single one of Sai's touches'. The kiss finished, Shikamaru rested his forehead on top of Temari's, who once again was trying to relax herself, she looked into Shikamaru's face, memorizing every one of his features. She winced slightly when another finger was added, Shikamaru was moving his fingers in scissor motions and Temari tried not to bite the boys tongue when a third joined the other two.

"Ssh" whispered Shikamaru, reassuringly, "Just bear it for a few minutes."

He slowly began to pump his fingers, trying to help Temari adjust to the intrusion, when his finger brushed past something that made Temari yell out, smiling more to himself, he began to quicken his pumps, in, out, sweeping past that same spot again and again. It wasn't before long Temari came, her body was truly burning up. "You good at this, much better than Sai." Joked Temari.

She felt the boy stiffen and before she could anything else to comfort him, he replied in the same joking tone, "That was nothing, I'm only getting warmed up." He brought his fingers up to his lips, and slowly slipped them inside his mouth, he cleaned them up before he pulled them out again. Now he slipped one hand behind Temari's head, and the other behind her back. He watched as Temari automatically widened her legs giving him the space he needed, so he positioned himself at her entrance, he looked at her once to make sure she was ready, when she nodded he slowly pushed into her virgin passage. He closed his eyes when he heard the pain filled shriek that came out of Temari's mouth and tried to ignore the deep nails clawing his back.

Temari threw her head back, god this hurt so much, where Shikamaru's fingers had filled her, this stretched her. She knew that Shikamaru must be in pain from her ripping the skin off his back but she couldn't focus on anything other than the pain. She felt the boy nip at her neck once more, she could barely make out the feeble reassurances he was telling her, something along the lines of, relax, I'm sorry, just a few more minutes. But she didn't exactly care at this moment, she could feel the thick blood slowly oozing down the inside of her thighs. She tried to divert her attention to the feeling of Shikamaru's mouth on her cheek, on her forehead, on her nose. Poor boy, he really is trying to take the pain away.

Shikamaru kissed every part of Temari's face, her smooth curved cheek, her frowned forehead, her perfect shaped nose, anything to distract the girl. He stayed still for several minutes, waiting for her to adjust, before he slid his hand down Temari's back, passed her butt, further down the back of left thigh, until it reached the back of her knee, he lifted her leg slightly to create more room for movement. Once he thought that sufficient amount of time had passed, he pulled out a little before he pushed back in, trying to ignore the wince Temari made. The blood had almost formed a sort of lube for him, making it easier from him to thrust. He aimed for the spot he knew would change the noises Temari was making right now, and once he found her prostate, those sounds of agony turned into sounds of desire.

Instead of pain, Temari felt good, really good. She noticed that Shikamaru's movements had become slicker, smoother. Whatever discomfort she felt before was completely forgotten now. Temari's mouth was making sounds on its own accord, "Aah" and there it was, that feeling. The one in the pit of her stomach, slowly growing, it was a need, an ache. Growing with every thrust, her hips bucked upwards, and Temari couldn't believe her ears when a long, stretched whine came from her lips when Shikamaru held her hips down with his hands. She needed release and needed it now. If she was sizzling before, she was ablaze now.

Shikamaru was pleasantly surprised when Temari chose to wrap her legs around his waist pulling him closer, boy was she close to the edge, well, he was that close too but was taking it slow. It took all of his willpower not to finish this off now, but no, he wanted this to be something neither of them will forget. He wanted to erase all of Sai's touches with his own. He now wrapped both his hands around Temari's neck, once again returning to kissing her ear, he had found that was her sensitive spot. His own needs had become rather too uncomfortable that he began to thrust a little roughly, after a few minutes though he felt Temari let out a throaty roar, the words although intangible, seemed to sound familiar, something like 'shika-aaah', she arched her back so high that she was almost sitting up, her body covered in a thin layer of sweat, he felt a warm liquid which was not blood released onto him. The clenching and tightening of her walls was too much for him, that pressure sending him over the edge, and he released his own semen inside of Temari.

He pulled out slowly, and pulled Temari close to him, and covered both of them by the blankets. Both teens absorbing the tenderness of the embrace. Shikamaru looked down at Temari who was curled up at his side, her head tucked safely under his chin, he was stroking her arms and back, Temari was clearly fighting to stay awake, before she went under, he heard her whisper, "Thank you Shikamaru. Thank you for the memory." In that moment he realized, he had claimed a piece of her that no one else had, he had taken her virginity, and she had taken a piece of him that no other person had. Shikamaru in that moment decided he could not…would not let her go. But for now he would enjoy this moment, so he closed his eyes ad joined Temari in the dream world.

Temari rolled over once more in bed, hoping to go back to sleep, after a minute or two she groggily opened her eyes, aware of a slight ache in her back and between her legs. Suddenly, a flash of memories flooded her mind, she recalled everything that happened last night, right up to the part where she had fallen asleep in Shikamaru's arms. In that instant it hit her, she had given herself away to Shikamaru…they had shared something that will last till the end, they have formed a bond that can't be broken, no matter how far away they are. And she was about to go move very far indeed, the thought of moving away now after last night was too much for Temari so she turned to her side, intending to turn her attention to Shikamaru when she came across an empty bed. Empty.

Panic swept over Temari, she sat up immediately, regretting it as quickly, when pain shot up her spine, wincing she sat still for a few minutes trying to calm herself. She looked around the room, his clothes were longer on the floor. She pushed her blanket aside, and climbed out of her bed, and that's when she realized she was fully dressed in her PJ's. 'How?' thought Temari, 'More like why?' She managed to stumble to her door, numbly she pushed it open, she wanted to go to the kitchen, she didn't care if she hasn't brushed her teeth, she needed food. Now. It helped her think. Too busy in her thoughts she bumped into someone in the doorway, and fell back on her butt. She cried out in pain, her back was going to take some time to heal.

'Wait' She thought, 'who did I bump into?' looking up she saw Shikamaru standing in wrinkled t-shirt and jeans. He had a bowl and a mug in his hands, but he was already next to her with worried eyes, before she could say a word, he placed the mug and bowl on the floor and swept her into his arms lifting her with no effort, one arm under her knees and the other under her back. He carried her back to the bed and laid her down. He kissed her forehead and said in a calm voice, "You shouldn't be walking around. You should be resting your back."

"I woke up and you were gone." Temari shot back, as if this was reason enough for her to be walking around. The strange thing was that even to herself, Temari sounded like a young child.

Shikamaru scoffed, but he sobered quickly, "I'm sorry, you were sleeping so soundly that I went to get some things done, and get you some breakfast. Cereal and warm milk." He walked back to the place he had left her food, after picking them up he came back, and sat beside her placing the mug in her lap while he held onto the bowl. "It's not exactly a grand bed in breakfast-"

"It's perfect" smiled Temari, she brought the mug to her lips and took a sip. "Thank you." The words thank you reminded her, balancing the mug on her lap she reached under her pillow and took out a small gift wrapped box. It was the present Shikamaru never got, she handed it over to him. "I had been meaning to give you this." She had spent a lot of time thinking of his present, that's when she remembered what Kankuro had said, 'the best present is the one with meaning that only you both know about.'

Looking surprised Shikamaru set aside the bowl, and took the box, slowly taking off the lid, when he opened it, he just stared at the silver cuff in the box, with one sapphire in the middle of it, under the stone was a tiny engravement which said, 'You've been put to shame'. Shikamaru laughed, thinking back to when they had been walking to Ino's party, he had told her that her blue eyes put sapphires to shame. He truly loved this girl. Looking up, he smiled at her, but there something behind his smile, as if he was planning something, with unusual enthusiasm he said, "I love it, this is fantastic. But…don't 'thank you' me just yet, we got a lot of work to do."

Temari frowned, "Work?"

"All those boxes downstairs aren't going to unpack themselves, someone's got to do it. Troublesome."

Temari widened her eyes, then sighed sadly, "look Shikamaru, trust me I do not want to move. Especially not after last night, but I gave my dad my word and we made a deal, I have to go home with Gaara."

Shikamaru just continued to smile, "Really? Well Gaara's downstairs unpacking those cardboard boxes as we speak."

Now Temari was truly confused, "Wait he's home? Wasn't he staying over at Naruto's place? What is going on? How long was I out?"

Shikamaru leaned in closer until their foreheads were touching and said, "Its 3 in the afternoon, you were out all night and morning sleeping beauty." He leaned back once he saw her blush, then added, "And damn you snore." He dodged a punch that was aimed for his head laughing. "But seriously, get changed, I'll explain everything while we go downstairs."

So that was that, Temari changed into some clothes, and made her way downstairs with Shikamaru, he had his arms wrapped around her, as if he was never letting her go. And during the way, he explained how he decided he didn't want her to move, not just because of them but because changing schools mid-way would not help her. So he went to the one person who could help him, his god-father, Asuma-sensei. Apparently this was a very friendly man, but also very firm and an influential business man, who would do anything for Shikamaru. Once Shikamaru explained his situation to his god-father, he was more than happy to call up Temari's dad, who after a little persuasion, not only decided to let Temari stay but also Gaara, of course there was some small thing about a business deal being drawn up with Asuma's billion dollar company. But the bottom line was, Temari wasn't moving, she was staying. She took comfort in the feeling that was radiating through her.

Once they were in the lobby, Temari nearly cried at the sight before her. Naruto, Jiraiya, Gaara, Sasori, even Deidara were all grouped together unpacking her things, each of them laughing and joking, surprisingly Sasori had a nice laugh. "See, you have family here as well." Whispered Shikamaru into her ear. She looked at him and nodded, not trusting herself to speak.

They both stepped forward to help the others with her unpacking. When they all saw her and Shikamaru, they smiled knowingly, Naruto from behind Gaara shouted, "Just cus you got the girl, doesn't mean you forget me, okay?" Everyone once again broke out into laughter as the blonde boy dodged the empty boxes that were being thrown his way. And just like that, between the 7 of them, everything was restored to the apartment in its rightful place within a couple of hours.

"Not bad" muttered Naruto, who was standing in the furbished sitting room of Temari's sitting room, looking around once he stopped at the big flat screen TV, "Next time, everyone stays over at your place bro, that TV is huge, can't believe you were holding out on me." He told Gaara, who only rolled his eyes along with Temari, and Shikamaru.

Temari looked between the four of them, Shikamaru was right, she had formed her family here, a family she didn't want to let go of. Gaara, who was now permanently staying with her, was now enrolled in the same school, and with the recommendation of Shikamaru, was in the same grade because of his high IQ. She had finally won her fight. She had finally got her own independent life, as well as having the best part about her old life, her brother. She was ready to enjoy it and experience all the things life decides to throw at her, especially now that she had Shikamaru at her side, ready to face whatever it was right next to her.

Standing in the small circle of her future, the doorbell rang. The teens looked at each other in confusion, who would ring at this time? Walking to the door, of course with Shikamaru close behind, Temari opened the door to find the surprise that brought her even more happiness. Standing there, with ruffled brown hair and dark eyes, with a big backpack and two duffle bags at his feet, was Kankuro. He smiled sheepishly before saying, "Hey sis, dad says he wants me to keep an eye on you both. Got place for another guest."

"Took you long enough" Shouted Gaara from behind, earning a round of smiles. Temari accepted the bear-sized hug from her brtoher, before stepping aside to let him in.

And just like that, her life with her entire family began.

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