Messages from No One – Part 10

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Rachel felt like a fool.

Although she told herself she really should have seen this coming, she still couldn't quite believe it. Had she really been too foolish to believe he had changed – that he actually wanted her?

Of course she had.

And of course he didn't.

The words echoed deafeningly within Rachel's mind as she pulled away from him house, trying desperately not to allow any tears to fall.


'I can't do this.'

His voice hung in the air; and despite their actions just moments before, Rachel suddenly felt very cold. Cold and exposed, and well, stupid.

It had to be a joke. It just had to be.

But then again, of course it was.

The joke was on her. It always was.

His features remained impassive after the words slipped out of his mouth, his dumbfounded face staring up at her. The words seemed to register in both their minds simultaneously; his eyes widening in what looked like shock, while her own expression turned to anger.

'Wait –' he started, but Rachel cut him off, already clambering of his lap.

'Don't'. She stated, stumbling slightly in her haste to get away from him. She was suddenly very aware that she was barely clothed; half-naked and standing in his cold bedroom.

But the situation was far worse than that.

She had offered him sex. And he had said no. Him! Puck, of all people, was saying no to sex.

And then it her. Like a speeding bullet.

Puck wasn't saying 'no' to sex.

He was saying 'no' to her.

She needed to get out of there.

Right now.

Rachel scrambled around his room, rushing to collect all her belongings.

'Don't.' She repeated, holding up her hand as he opened and closed mouth, obviously trying to decide what excuse to give her. But she didn't want to hear it. 'Just. Don't.' His mouth snapped shut after that, and he watched her get dressed in silence. Once she was sufficiently decent, her coat wrapped tightly around her body, she tugged her shoes back on and headed for the window without saying another word.

He finally spoke just as her hand landed on the open window sill.

'Wait –' He tried again, but she cut him off once more, her voice filled with anger and disappointment.

'Just tell me one thing, Puck.' He flinched almost imperceptively as she spat out his name. 'Why did you even bother? I mean, you invested so much time and effort in your endeavour to seduce me, and now what? Was it some childish dare that the other boys on the football team put you up to?' She wanted to pause and wait for an answer, but she couldn't bear to listen to his voice; the voice that had whispered so many sweet promises in her ear, making her heart race fast and unpredictably. 'On second thought, I don't want to know. Nor do I care. It's my fault really. My brain was telling me to reject your advances. To remember all the hurtful things you had done in the past. And yet, I chose to believe differently. I chose to follow my intuition, I never fathomed that I would be so wrong. And what's worse is you had already won. To think that you find me so repulsive, you couldn't even follow through with this sick, elaborate game of yours is just...'

She couldn't bring herself to finish. It was all just too much. So instead, Rachel turned away from the still silent Puck and disappeared out his window.

She couldn't honestly say how she managed to climb down that wall without breaking her neck (or at the very least, falling). Everything was a blur as she blinked back her threatening tears. A blur of hurt, anger and disappointment.

Some of it aimed at him.

But truthfully, most of it aimed at herself for being so foolish.


Even as Rachel ran to her front door and entered her cold, dark house, she was sure not to allow herself to shed a single tear. She kept reminding herself that it wasn't worth it. He wasn't worth it. And yet...

She felt herself deflate as soon as she closed the door behind her, leaning back against it until she couldn't hold herself up any longer. Slowly, Rachel sank to the floor, her back sliding against the cool wood.

She couldn't believe this is how it had all ended. From the moment she had received her very first slip of paper, Rachel had felt something awaken inside her. Rationally, it was probably her libido, but truthfully, she believed it was hope. Hope that she wasn't as invisible in those lonely hallways as she always felt.

When Puck had come along, he hadn't just filled that void; he had lit a fire within her. A fire that caused her to experience passion she hadn't even known she was capable of.

And now, it was all for nothing.


She didn't know exactly how long she had sat there, wallowing in the heavy sting of rejection, but she did know that it was him at her door even before the loud chime of doorbell resounded throughout her empty house; had heard his noisy truck rumbling down the quiet street even as he rounded the corner.

'Berry,' He called urgently through the door, obviously torn between yelling at the top of his lungs and not wanting to wake her neighbours. 'Open up! I know you're there!'

Rachel sat as still as possibly, hoping that if she didn't make a sound, he would just give up and leave. She didn't want to deal with him right now. (Or ever again for that matter.)

She heard some shuffling behind the door and she had a feeling that he was attempting to see through the column of windows lining her front door.

'I can see your feet, Berry.'

She closed her eyes and released a silent sigh. It was possibly that he was lying. Her legs were currently tucked tightly against her chest, her arms hugging them closer to her body. He could just be saying that to get her move and reveal her presence. Or he could actually see her. Either way, Rachel was hesitant to believe him.

'Damn it, Berry,' He swore with obvious frustration after a minute of silence. 'Just give a chance to explain.' She heard a soft thud against the glass, and she pictured his forehead falling against it in defeat, his hand splayed against the cool surface. 'Rachel.' His tone changed drastically, the urgency replaced by a gentle pleading. 'Please.'

Opening her eyes, Rachel hated herself for wanting to listen to him. Despite everything he had put her through; she still needed to give him the benefit of the doubt. It was just the kind of person she was, and a part of her (a small, tiny, insignificantly significant part) needed to hear what he had to say.

She slowly stood up, hearing a soft sigh of relief at her movement, but before she turned around, Rachel masked her features, summoning up all her anger and distrust, because there was no way she was going to allow him to get the better of her once again.

'What are you doing here, Puck?' She asked icily as she forcefully swung the door open, and even though she's trying really hard to hate him in that moment, she can't stop herself from thinking how good he looked in his baggy trousers and crumpled t-shirt; his Mohawk was even a little mussed either from sleep, or... their 'other' activities. Rachel tried desperately not to remember how soft his hair felt beneath her fingers.

They just stood there, staring at each other, until Puck finally opened his mouth to speak.

'Here.' He said calmly before thrusting a red 'big gulp' cup into her hand.

Rachel stared blankly at the grape slushie for a moment, but as she looked up to meet Pucks eyes, she can't help but feel a little insulted. 'This gesture is far less impressive the second time.' She stated flatly; her tone as chilly as ever.

But instead of being taken aback like she expected, Puck's mouth simply twitched into a small (almost sad) smile, before he lifted his arms, spreading them slightly on either side of his body. 'Hit me.'

She blinked.

'Excuse me?' She asked in disbelief and confusion, absolutely positive she had heard wrong, but his smile only widened in return.

'Come on, Rach, hit me.'

Rachel blinked again. 'I'm afraid I don't understand.'

He looked at her with the same (sad) smile for a moment, before he released a deep sigh, shaking his head slightly as he ran a hand over his Mohawk.

'Look,' He began, obviously trying to find the words to say. 'I'm kind of a jerk.' It was a statement. Not a question. And given his past actions, Rachel would be inclined to agree, but she didn't say anything; just waited for him to continue. 'I've done some really fucked up things before, especially...' His eyes rose to meet hers for the first time since he started talking. ' you.'

'Oh.' Rachel's eyes widened as she processed his words. 'It's okay.' Her voice was light and reassuring, and on some level she really meant it, but her eyes still darted away as she spoke, and she couldn't quite bring herself to meet his gaze once more.

'No, it isn't.' He released a haggard breath as he disagreed. 'No one deserves to feel that way.' His hand moved to her chin, tenderly lifting it so he could look her in the eye. 'Least of all you.' He dropped his hand again, running over his head again as he took another breath before continuing 'I really tried not to think about it. All the shit I've done. But I just, well, I just couldn't ignore it anymore. Which is why...'

'Which is why, you stopped.' Her lips tilted into a small smile as she completed his sentence, and her smile only widened as everything seemed to fall into place.

'Yeah.' He gave her a small smile back, his face relaxing with relief. 'I just couldn't go through with it without you knowing, but I do, you know, want you. I never lied about that. I want you so bad, I just know I'm gonna do something to fuck it all up. And don't think I don't know how whack it sounds, that the best sex I've ever had was with a girl who's still technically a virgin.'

Rachel couldn't help but laugh at his proclamation. 'Noah...' She begun to tell him it was all okay, but Puck took a determined step forward, his serious eyes boring in hers, and the words just died on her lips while her heart started beating wildly.

'Rachel...' His hand moved to hold her free hand; her other still clutched around the slushie. 'I'm really sorry I ever made you feel that way.' His face was inches from hers, so close she could feel his warm breath fan across her face. Rachel licked her lips involuntarily, anticipating the kiss to come, but then Puck unexpectedly stepped away again, spreading out his arms once more. 'So, come on, hit me. I definitely deserve it.'

Rachel laughed again, only now understanding the purpose of the slushie. She shook her head as she spoke, 'Noah, I don't want revenge for what has happened in the past. Nor do I need it. You're not that person anymore. And I truly believe that you haven't been in a long time.'

'But...' He tried to protest.

But she interrupted him and her smile brightened. 'Noah...' This time she took a step closer to him. 'Just shut and kiss me already.'

He laughed as he pulled her closer, his arms wrapping around her. 'I can do that.' He said just as his lips touched hers. He kissed her slowly, taking his time to deepen the kiss and, quite literally, steal her breath away. She almost lost herself in the wonderful feeling of his mouth against hers.


Rachel smiled against his lips as a truly wicked idea came to her. Slowly, she raised one hand to settle on his shoulder, the other lifting to hover above his head and Puck didn't even notice until the very last second. His eyes opened wide with shock, while hers opened in amusement. He gasped as he felt the cold slushie ice land on his head, the feeling sending shivers down his spine as the liquid gradually melted down his back.

He pulled away and shot Rachel a small, shocked smile. 'What happened to not needing revenge?'

She laughed as she shook her head gently. 'Oh, that wasn't revenge for the slushies.' She joked, her free hand clutching the front of his t-shirt and pulling his face closer to hers. 'That was revenge for the chocolate sauce.' She captured his lips once more, and both their eyes fluttered close as she deepened the kiss. 'And,' she spoke through smiling lips still firmly pressed against his. 'If you're lucky, I just might help you get cleaned up.'

He growled at her teasing and she moaned as his tongue swiped across her bottom lip, begging for access. 'So,' she gasped between kisses. 'The question is, Noah...' Her mouth left his and moved to whisper in his ear. 'Are you feeling lucky?'

'Fuck yeah.' He groaned as he slowly backed her into the house, kicking the door shut behind them with a loud bang.


They slowly fumbled up the stairs, neither willing to break their kisses to watch where they were going. But after stumbling for the third time, Puck grumbled in impatience before slipping his hands down over hips and onto the back of her thighs. Rachel instinctively jumped up, her legs moving to encircle his waist as he hurriedly made his way up to her bedroom. He kicked her door closed once they were inside, turning around to press her back against it.

'Noah...' she moaned as his head moved to the side, trailing kisses along her jaw line.

'Hmmm?' He grunted.

'Your hair.' She gasped as his lips landed on her – his – their favourite spot at the base of her neck.

'Fuck it.' He mumbled against her skin.

She moaned in acquiescence. 'We could... but I was thinking, shower.'

He growled his approval as he quickly spun them around and carried her to her bathroom. Once inside, he pressed her up against the wall again as her sticky fingers moved from being threaded in his hair to the bottom of his t-shirt. In one smooth movement it was gone; thrown somewhere haphazardly over his head. Not that either of them cared.

His hands quickly removed her coat, pulling back a little so she could slip her arms out and let it drop to the floor. He pushed her back up against the wall once more, one hand propped up for leverage while the other settled on her thigh. Slowly, Puck gathered the hem of her nightgown in his hand, slowly revealing more of her skin until it was bunched around her waist. Rachel loosened her legs from around him, and he slowly lowered her feet back onto the floor, pulling the nightgown up over her body as she moved; waiting for her to lift her arms before pulling it completely off.

When Rachel lowered her arms, her hands landed on the waist of his pants. Slowly, she moved downwards, dragging Puck's trousers down his legs before watching him step out of them as she raised herself up again. Her eyes raked over his almost naked body, and even though she had seen him like this before, she couldn't help but admire how sexy this boy looked with his shirt off. God, she could look at his body all day. She finally raised her gaze to meet his again and felt herself blush when she realised he was doing the exact same thing to her.

Feeling a little self-conscious Rachel turned around to face the shower, and her face grew even warmer when she heard Puck release a soft groan, obviously appreciating her back as she leant forward to turn the water on.

He came up behind her, his arms encircling her waist to press her back against his chest. 'God, you look so hot.' He whispered in her ear as she felt Puck's hands begin to skim along her stomach. His head moved and she felt his mouth lower to her neck again, one hand sweeping her long hair to one side. She could feel his warm breath tickling the tiny hairs at the base of her neck as his fingers danced lightly over her skin, back down to her stomach.

His hands moved up to her waist and ghosted up her side underneath her arms. He trailed them along the bottom her bra, one hand cupping her breast as the other moved traced the curve to her back. He found the clasp and deftly unfastened it, the straps falling from her shoulders. Slowly, he peeled her bra down, his hand moving to cup her bare breast.

Rachel moaned, pressing herself forward as his nimble fingers grazed over her nipples, the bra dropping to join her coat and nightgown and whatever else had been left discarded on the floor. She released a shaky breath as Puck softly caressed her, causing her to relax beneath his touch. His thumbs moved in slow circles around her quickly hardening nipples as his mouth landed on her pulse point once more.

He pulled her back, closer to his chest, and she could feel his hard cock pressing against her through his boxers. Her eyes slid close as his hand left her breasts to trail her stomach, causing her to whimper as his fingers fan over a particularly sensitive spot. She felt Puck smirk into her neck as she shuddered at the sensation.

Unable to take it anymore, Rachel turned in his arms, moving her hand to thread itself in the base of his Mohawk before pulling his lips down to meet hers. She slowly stepped backward into the now warm stream of water, leading Puck inside until he was able to slide the shower door close. She felt as though she could feel each individual droplet as it slid down her body, the sensation almost too much to handle.

'Noah...' She breathed out as she felt his fingers hook into the waistband of her panties.

'Shh, sexy.' He whispered as his lips left hers and began trailing downwards, his kisses fluttering over her skin as he lowered himself to his knees, pulling her panties along with him.

'What are you doing?' She asked, even as her head dropped backwards to lean against the cool tiles of the shower wall.

He chuckled against her skin. 'Giving you better access to clean the mess you made in my studly Mo'' He teased even as his lips moved lower.

She moved to swat the back of his head, but was instead caught in a gasp as his mouth settled over her centre, placing feather light kisses along her mound. Her hand moved to press him closer, the water effectively washing away the remnants of the sticky slushie syrup. He lifted her legs one at a time to remove her panties from around her ankles, not caring that they were now soaked as he flung them over his shoulder into a forgotten corner.

She could feel her breathing become even more erratic as his tongue moved up and down her slit, delving inside her folds. She spread her stance slightly to allow him better access, but Puck has other ideas. He lifted one of her legs once more, hooking it over his shoulder before his hands slid up the side of her legs to rest on her hips.

Rachel sucked in a sharp breath as Puck repositioned her lower half, allowing him to reach her with more ease. His tongue dance over her skin; lightly sucking her clit into his mouth before travelling down to circle her entrance. He traced small, nonsensical patterns over her core, even dipping his tongue inside her every once in a while.

It was as good as she remembered, only better, as his tongue glided over her. She whimpered as his tongue moved up again and he took her clit into his mouth, sucking hard as he pressed a finger inside her. He hips bucked involuntarily. It was only one finger, and yet she already felt full. She couldn't imagine what it would be like to finally feel him moving within her. She grinned sheepishly at the thought of finally finding out. He moved his finger within, in and out, with shallow thrusts. Languidly taking his time to explore her, as she edged closer and closer to the edge.

It would happen soon. She knew it. And she knew he did to. She was beginning to recognise the feeling; the gradual tightening of her core and the uncontrollable fluttering of her inner muscles. She tried to hold it in, not wanting this to end so soon. But then, Puck added another finger, curling it upwards to press against that sweet spot inside her, thrusting once, twice...

She groaned as the sensation shot her over the edge; a little surprised and disappointed at how fast she had got there. Her hands clasped his face to her, his tongue and fingers still moving as he guided her down from her high.

Eventually, as the shudders subsided and Rachel lay boneless against her shower wall, Puck started a kissing trail back up her stomach, fluttering over her skin until his face was level with hers. He wiped his mouth before kissing her, but she could still taste herself as he deepened the kiss. She always thought she'd find it disgusting to know how her juices tasted, but from him, on his lips, she found it rather arousing and soon she felt herself deepening the kiss, savouring it instead.

Her hands toyed with the waist band of his boxer shorts, gradually shifted it down his legs until she was forced to pull back to slide them the full way down. He cupped her chin and guided her face back towards his as he stepped out of the damp material. And now, Rachel was very much aware about how naked they were; his cock prominently protruding from his body. He kissed her gently once more before he pulled back and turned the water off.

She hadn't expected that.

'What's wrong, Noah?' She whispered as she moved to plant a kiss behind his ear.

'As hot as it would be to take you right here, inside this shower,' He groaned as she sucked on his earlobe, momentarily loosing focus. 'It'll be more comfortable for you in a bed. Especially since...' it's your first time. The words were left unsaid, but nevertheless, Rachel pulled back in wonder; almost awed that he'd even considered it. 'Besides,' he shot her a mischievous smile. 'Plenty of time for shower sex later.'

She laughed as they both stepped out of the shower before grabbing some towels to dry themselves off. It was strange how normal it felt to be standing in front of him naked, but then again, nothing should surprise her anymore.

He gently lowered his head to hers, gradually guiding her to her bed, but before he pushed her down, he paused once again.

'You know,' he began, his gaze serious. 'We don't have to, you know. I mean...'

She didn't even bother listening to the rest. Instead, Rachel just reached up and wrapped her arms around his neck before pulling him down onto the bed with her. She kissed again, relaying all her assurance in this one kiss. She didn't need to say the words out loud. And when he started kissing her back, she knew he understood.

She wanted this to happen. No, needed this to happen. And despite it only being one week since this bizarre courtship started, she trusted him. Heck, they'd already done so many things that made her blush just thinking about them. And there was just no way she could stop now.

He laid his body on top of her, taking great care not to crush her. Rachel's eyes lowered to his chest, and she reached out to place her hands on his body. She ran her fingers down the middle of his chest, tracing the lines of his defined abdominal muscles. She looked up to meet his eyes, but instead found his gaze focused on her hands, hovering just above his cock. He groaned as she reached down taking the hard length in her hand and gently cupping it; allowing herself to get used to the heavy feeling. He spread her legs as he moved to kiss her once more and she laid them out of the bed on either side of him, bending at the knee.

Slowly, Puck's lips left hers and began to make its way lower to her chest, his lips pressing soft kisses against the gold chain around her neck. He shifted down on the bed, the trail moving between her breasts, lightly kissing the small star pendant on his way as his hand trailed up her leg before slipping to glide over her inner thigh. His fingers inched closer to her core until he found her slit and ran his middle finger up to lightly graze over her clit. She was already so wet and so turned on from her previous orgasm. She bucked her hips towards him, aching for more, but he pulled back gently, running his finger in lazy circles around and over her clit.

Rachel's body started to tremble, the tingles of anticipation spreading throughout her entire being. (Again.) She felt Puck smirk a little into her chest before he lifted his head up. She licked her lips as he climbed up her body again until his face met hers, and she could feel his hard cock pressing against the top of her thigh. She moaned as he pressed in a little closer, wanting nothing more than for him to be inside her.

'Do you have anything?' He panted, his face hovering inches above hers.

She nodded, her mind almost incoherent as his finger flitted over her clit again. Her hand flung out, wildly gesturing for her nightstand. 'Top drawer.' She moaned in protest as his body left hers momentarily, the heat from his body leaving her shivering. In a good way. Her hands moved out to grasp him, pulling him back when he finally found what he was looking for.

She felt his body shaking softly and opened her eyes to see him chuckling, holding up the large box with a quirked eyebrow. 'Expecting a lot of action, Berry?' He teased.

Her body flushed even more as she eyed the unopened box of condoms in his hand. 'Not exactly. My fathers just believe it's always best to be prepared.' She replied shyly. 'I didn't...'

He cut her off with another searing kiss. 'It's hot.' He said reassuringly between kisses. 'Definitely a good thing, because I have plans for you, sexy. Lots and lots of plans. Some kinky. And some not so much. But all of them hot.'

Rachel slapped his arm playfully at Puck's triumphant smirk, the weight of his body settling above her once more. He fumbled slightly as he moved to open the box and retrieve a condom before tossing the remainder back onto her nightstand. She watch as he tore the packaging open with his teeth, shuddering a little at the thought of those teeth nibbling on her, especially as she remembered how good it felt on her neck.

After the condom was securely in place, Rachel watched as Puck wrapped his hand around his cock, guiding it towards her. He ran his cock up and down her slit a few times, coating it with her juices. His gaze lifted to meet hers one last time.

'This might hurt a little.' He whispered. 'Tell me if it gets too painful.'

Rachel nodded, touched by his concern. She reached up to kiss him, and then felt him push forward, his cock inching inside her. She closed her eyes at the discomfort, tears stinging a little, but she urged him to continue slowly until he was fully sheathed inside her. She heard him groan above her as she bit down on her lip. His arms shook on either side of her, his strained control obviously battling against his instinct to just go faster.

She wasn't going to lie. It hurt. Not as much as she'd expected, but it still felt weird to feel him inside her; to feel so full. He waited for her to adjust, her inner muscles flexing as she felt the pain start to dissipate. She opened her eyes and nodded slightly to his silent question, indicating for him to continue. Slowly, he started to move his hips in and out of her, while lowering his mouth to her neck, leaving hot kisses over her skin.

He felt so big, literally filling every part of her and gradually, as he moved within her, the pain began to ebb away, slowly replaced by something infinitely better. His pace was slow, entering her with controlled deep thrusts, and when Rachel began moaning softly at the sensations building up inside her, Puck started to steadily get faster, hitting places deep inside of her. Places she didn't even know existed. And despite the residual pain, Rachel found herself wanting more; wanting him deeper.

She lifted her legs to wrap them around his waist, moving her hips to meet his gentle thrusts. He groaned as he moved deeper inside her, causing him to pick up the pace even more. She continued to meet his increased pace, her breath hitching with each stroke. Her body was tingling, starting from somewhere deep inside her body and gradually building and all she knew was she wanted more.

Puck's thrusts started to become erratic, his control slipping as he pumped his cock in and out. 'Shit Rachel.' He groaned. 'You feel so good.' He was panting and she could see sweat building on his forehead. 'And so tight. I don't think...'

She nodded her understanding, feeling herself getting closer. But she wasn't quite there yet. 'It's okay.' She dug her heels into his ass, urging him to speed up even more. 'I know you'll make it up to me.'

Puck groaned again, his head tilting down to kiss her again as he continued to drive his cock into her. 'Thanks baby, but it's not okay.' He whispered against her lips. 'I'm a stud, and there's no way I'm gonna leave my girl hanging.'

Rachel gasped as he moved their position, changing the angle of his movement, and Rachel felt her eyes rolled back as his cock pressed against something inside her. She arched her back into him, as her body trembled and tightened. She breathed sharply as she felt him shudder above her, the strain almost too much, and yet he hung on, determined to make sure she was taken care of.

Over and over again, he hit that spot inside her, and then...

Her mouth opened in a silent scream as she stiffened uncontrollably, and suddenly her body seemed to explode from pleasure. She moaned his name softly as her orgasm overcame her; ripping through every single inch of her body and making her shiver involuntarily.

'Rachel...' He moaned as her pussy clenched around his cock and he finally allowed himself to let go, his movements stilling inside her with one last thrust. His head dropped down to hest on her shoulder, their breathing both erratic and laboured as they struggled to calm down.

After her breathing returned to normal, Rachel felt his lips against her shoulder beginning to trail up the line of her neck until he met her in a slow, deep kiss. He gently pulled out of her and she hissed softly at the feeling, her inner muscles a little sore now. He rolled over to dispose of the condom, throwing it in her nearby bin, but even as she felt him roll back towards her, her eyelids began drooping.

She struggled to keep her eyes open, wanting to savour this moment. Puck chuckled softly, moving to gently turn her onto her side. She felt his arms encircle her waist as he pressed her into his chest, 'Sweet dreams, sexy.' He mumbled sleepily as he lightly peppered her hair with kisses.

And with that, Rachel finally allowed herself to succumb to sleep; dreaming of messages and gold stars and him.


She woke to the feel of fingertips trailing lightly up and down her skin, starting at her neck and slowly making their down her side to the curve of her hip, lingering on her thigh before they made their way back. A purr from the back of her throat escaped her lips as she felt lips land of her neck, follwing the path of his fingers. She snuggled in deeper to the body spooning behind her before Puck's mouth moved to the base of her ear and whispered.

'Good morning, sexy.'

Rachel opened her eyes, turning her head to speak, but before she could he captured her lips in his, kissing away her greeting. She adjusted her body to face his, her hand moving up to the back of his head, pressing more deeply into the kiss.

'Hmmm.' She moaned when they finally broke apart, their breathing both rapid and shallow. 'Good morning.' Her head settled back of her pillow as he remained propped up on his elbow.

'How're you feeling?' He asked, genuinely concerned.

She smiled back lazily. 'Good. A little sore, but good.'

His smile matched hers. 'Good.'

'In fact,' she began. 'I could go for a little better and...'

'And?' He prompted, his eyebrow rising questioningly.

Her grin turned wicked as her body reacted to his expression. She pressed herself forward against his body, allowing him to feel the heat radiating from her. 'My dads won't be back until tomorrow morning.'

She didn't think it was possible, but his eyebrow shot up even higher. 'It that right? I guess I'll just have to stay to keep you company then. I wouldn't want you to get lonely.' He teased. 'So, sexy,' He said as his face moved to hover above hers. 'What would you like to do today?'

She laughed, hers fingers moving over his body, seeking to feel more of his bare form. 'Would it be cheesy if my reply was 'you'?' She purred again.

He groaned when her fingers reached the curve of his neck, tracing the line of his jaw to his waiting lips. 'Fuck no. Not when you say it like that.' She couldn't take it anymore. She needed those lips on hers, and his thoughts seemed to be exactly the same.

They met in the middle, her neck stretching upwards to meet his kiss as his head bent down towards her. The resulting force was explosive; it wasn't the physical kind - no - the kiss was as soft and caressing as all the others they'd shared - but this kiss - she felt it all the way down to her toes; the stars bursting above her, around her, inside her. Just like he promised.

Rachel giggled at the thought; remembering all the other 'promises' he had made.

"What?" He asked against her mouth, his lips twitching into a matching smile.

"Nothing," she replied, moaning as he bit her bottom lip lightly.

She felt his mouth leave hers; moving to trail kisses along her jaw bone. "Tell me, sexy." He prodded as he started making his way down the side of her neck.

She shook her head, as she bit her bottom lip, trying to control her shallow breathing as he licked over that sweet spot.

"No?" He asked, but it was more rhetorical than anything, his teeth biting down gently, only to soothingly kiss away the mark.

She was shivering. Literally shivering. Which didn't make any sense since her body felt like it was on fire. Engulfed in the flames that jumped straight off his skin; leaving its burning imprint against hers.

"Noah," she moaned (more like pleaded) as his hands began moving up her inner thighs, spreading her legs so he could settle himself between them. "Please," she whispered hoarsely; his fingertips dipped down to lightly graze her clit.

She raised her hips to meet his hand, expecting him to comply but instead he pulled back; his face hovering over hers with the ghost of his usual smirk on his lips.

"Patience, sexy" He teased, his head moving in to teasingly nip at her lips before pulling back again. "I've got so much to make up for and I've barely even begun."


Rachel felt giddy. Ridiculously giddy.

She always promised herself she wouldn't allow the presence of a boy in her life to influence her state of happiness. But in this case, she was more than willing to make an exception.

Puck had left her house in the early morning the next day (after spending the entire day previous making good on several of his promises); climbing out her window and dashing off with a wink just after her dads had arrived home. She had watched him with a wide smile until his noisy truck had rumbled out of sight.

Despite spending most of the night not sleeping, she lay in bed feeling wide awake, and even though Puck was no longer in sight, it didn't stop her from blushing as she remembered their night of 'not sleeping'. She turned over and buried her face in her pillow, trying not to overheat as she pictured his devilish smirk smiling down at her.


She honestly didn't know how to feel right now.

Puck hadn't picked her up before school that morning. He'd sent her an apologetic message as she was getting dressed saying that he'd been caught by his mother and was being reprimanded for disappearing for an entire day. And night.

*But it was totally worth it.*

She had laughed at the time, imagining him trying to look remorseful to his mother (but failing miserably).

But now, it was approaching lunch time, and she hadn't seen or heard from him since then. She tried not to let it get to her; she didn't want to doubt him, not after everything. She tried to rationalise his absence; telling herself that he had probably been too busy to contact her.

She walked through the school halls, head held high as she tried not to glance around in paranoia. Usually she was use to rumours; she just brushed them off with a casual smile reminding herself that one day she would leave Lima destined for greatness. But she honestly didn't know if she'd be able to do that again if she heard something... bad.

She made her way to her locker, sighing as she twirled the combination. Dejectedly, she pulled the door open, ready to put away her books and grab her lunch, but then...

Her heart leapt from her chest, a small smile gracing her lips as she noticed a small, slightly crumpled piece of paper sitting at the bottom of her locker. Her hand reached forward to pick it up, almost trembling with excitement. Her smile widened as she read the message, and then she felt someone come up behind her.

An arm casually draped itself over her shoulders, and she turned her head to find Puck smiling down at her. They both ignored the frantic whispers of their peers as they stood smiling at each other; not caring about the ruckus their presence was causing. He moved his head closer to her, lightly pecking her on the lips before he whispered in her ear...

'Hey sexy...'


The End (for real this time :P)


Author's note: And there you have it. A nice fluffy ending, because I'm totally a fluff girl at heart. Thank you to everyone who's followed this story, you're feedback and encouragement has been awesome, and I really hope you enjoyed my final instalment, and that it lived up to all your expectations. :D