Chapter 3: Where Do I Go From Here?

I lay awake in bed, feeling restless. It was like I wanted to jump out of my skin.

Tugging on a T- Shirt and jeans, I decided I wasn't going to get any sleep, so I might as well get some fresh air to try and relax.

I was headed to the park that was a few blocks from the loft, I would never think of any place as my home, when I saw a struggle in an alley out of the corner of my eye.

The girl—correction, this specimen had curves that girls only dream of—struggled against her attacker, clawing at him wherever she could, trying to get free.

I felt my heart race and the blood pump furiously through my veins, as if charging me for a fight.

Well I'll be damned.

I wanted to fight this asshole for some reason, when my normal response to seeing this kind of scene, would be to brush it off, and keep on my way.

But I found myself fighting to stay rooted in place, as if there was some sort of pull coming from this woman. The panicked, yet determined expression on her face felt like an impulse to me, telling me I had to save her. What the fuck?

Before I knew what I was doing, my once heavy feet were marching me toward the struggle, my arms extended of there own will, as if to grab the assailant's neck.

"Get away from her!" I growled, rage fueling me.

"Fuck off, she's mine," said the attacker, smiling while licking her ear, which caused her to whimper, and her eyes to tear.

Then, something unexpected happened. The fear in her eyes was replaced with determination, and she kneed the bastard in the balls... hard.

Damn, he'll be feeling that tomorrow… I thought with a smirk.

Asswipe fell to the ground in a heap, his face red, and covered in sweat.

I signaled to the girl to make a getaway before the guy regained strength, and wanted to tango again, but she just stared at me.

She's in shock, moron…

"Hey, are you alright?"

Well, wasn't that a stupid question… she'd just been about to be raped.

She opened her mouth to answer, but no sound came out.

She cleared her throat, and then, in a hoarse whisper replied, "I'm fine. Thank you for what you did."

I huffed. "I didn't do shit. You handled yourself well, Miss…"

What the fuck was I doing?

The best thing for both of us right now, was if I hightailed it out of there, and never saw her again.

I could feel something raging inside me, though I didn't know what the hell it was.

"Bella" she replied, eyeing me warily. "Are you alright?" she asked, reaching for my hand, but thinking better of it.

I was eyeing the retreating hand, at the same time wondering why she was asking about me, after what almost happened to her, when I said, "I'm fine, but we should get the hell out of here before he wakes up, don't you think?"

"You're right." She said, wiping the dirt off her jeans, and then looking at me.

That was when I really saw her, her eyes were the deepest shade of brown, hot-cocoa if you will; utterly mesmerizing.

I felt drawn to her, but why…

I realized I had drifted of to God knows where, when I heard her calling out to me distantly.

"Hey…" she said, looking into my eyes with her strangely haunting eyes.

What is it about you? I thought.

I felt like taking her in my arms and—What? Kiss her? Kill her?

I shook my head. No, I would never harm this creature. Not on purpose anyway.

Damn. I. Am. Fucked.

She wiped her hands awkwardly on her jeans and said, "I… Think I'd better go…"

That snapped me back to the present. "Wait," I said, unwilling to part with her.

She looked at me confused, as we gravitated toward each other, "What?"

I recoiled from her, sensing a pull I didn't understand. "It- It's nothing." I said harshly.

She blanched. "Oh… Well, alright. Thanks again."

I nodded, if only to get out of there faster. I had to get away from this woman and what she was causing me to feel.

Which was what, exactly?

I had no fucking clue…