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Recap:"We better get moving." Naruto said to the group. "Titanos, I want you to assemble all Squires, Medics, and Tacticians. Ryu, take all of the Pages and inform the civilians of what's happening. When both of your are done, leave for Fire Country and go as fast as you can. As it is, you're about a day's travel from the Army if you go at full speed. Konan, I want you to contact Mifune-sama and tell him what's going on. The rest of you: we leave now."

Titanos and Ryu observed the stone-soldier army marching beneath them, on the valley floor. Behind them were over a dozen Tetsu Pages and Squires with a pair of Medics and a Tactician, all illuminated by the moonlight.

"How do you want to go about this, Titanos?" Ryu questioned.

"I personally think we should just jump down and start wrecking the lot of them, but we need to make sure they're destroyed for good this time." Titanos responded. Just then they were joined by the Kunoichi from Iwa, Deidana.

She was a tall, slender, blonde Kunoichi with silvery-blue eyes. Her hair was tied back in a ponytail, but her bangs framed her face. She was dressed in a pair of black pants that had leather padding around the knees, like a pair of medical braces. For a top, she wore a black tank-top over what appeared to be a mesh shirt but what was really a chain mail shirt. On her feet were a pair of heavy duty black combat boots and her belt was fastened by an Iwagakure plate.

"You look just like your brother." Titanos told her as she knelt down next to them.

"Deidara was a fool for leaving the Village and getting himself killed." Deidana told them in a feminine voice that contrasted the masculinity of her apparel.

"Well, what's your opinion about our course of action?" Ryu asked her.

"From what I've read from the mission report of the last Terracotta march, we're not going to be able to simply bury them or pulverize them." Deidana began. "My assumption is that these are the same soldiers as last time because they don't look even remotely fresh. In fact, some of them look like they were previously destroyed and put back together."

Titanos and Ryu looked more closely and saw narrow cracks on several dozen of the stone soldiers, thereby supporting Deidana's assumption.

"Impressive." Titanos told the Iwa Kunoichi. "You have excellent deduction skills. So if these are in fact the same soldiers, then there is some way to repair them."

"And if that's the case, then we have to completely disintegrate them." Ryu concluded. "This brings us back to the original point: what are we going to do?"

"Alright, let's go over what we can use." Deidana said as she started writing in the dirt with a kunai. "The two of you have the Shōgeki Hadō and the Perfect Katon. As for me, I have my Bakuton Kekkai Genkai. So the problem isn't with taking them apart, it's with keeping them apart."

"What if we blow them apart and sink them into lava?" Ryu suggested. "If they went into the lava intact, there might be someway to get them out, so we'll need to make sure they're in pieces. Then we'll turn the floor of the valley into lava and make sure every single piece goes in."

"Sounds good." Deidana commented. "Titanos and I can lead your heavy hitters in breaking the soldiers apart. Then Ryu, you and any Katon users you have can handle the lava. Finally, any Futon users you have can blow all of the pieces into the lava."

"Good plan." Titanos said when she finished. "Let's put it into action before they cause any more damage."

As Titanos, Ryu, and Deidana made their plans, Keiko and Darui made their way to the western shrine of the sealing temple. This was something that hadn't been an issue during Mōryō's last resurrection attempt. In an ideal scenario, the Four Servants of Yomi would each take a position at one of four shrines located a kilometer from the temple. These shrines were created to produce a barrier around the Sealing Temple. Once Mōryō was returned to his body, this barrier would shield the demon from detection as he regained his full power.

As the two reached the shrine, they found a lone shinobi awaiting them. However, it was someone Keiko had never expected to fight.

"N-no way." Keiko sputtered in shock.

The shinobi before them was an older man, but his hair was a solid shade of red and was tied up in a knot. This hair also formed sideburns that lead into a red beard. He was wearing a long sleeved purple shirt that matched his purple pants. Over this, he was wearing a set of brown ANBU-style armor, specifically the chest plate, back plate, and leg armor. On his head was a brown headpiece that gave the appearance of three horns. This headpiece came down along his sideburns and was connected to a black piece of armor that went across his face, covering the bridge of his nose. This headpiece also featured an Iwagakure plate.

"Who's this cat?" Darui questioned to his partner.

"A better question would be 'who's this monkey?'." Keiko responded. "That's Rōshi, former Jinchuriki of the Four-Tailed Primate."

Darui's eyes widened in shock.

"I recognize him now!" the Kumo-nin exclaimed. "He's the lava one, right?"

"Yeah." his partner answered. "Which means we have a dangerous fight on our hands."

Rōshi said nothing during this exchange, simply staring at the two with lifeless black eyes.

"So how are we going to handle this?" the Kumo Jonin asked of his temporary partner.

"From what we know of the Impure World Resurrection, there are only three ways to destroy the resurrected. The first way is to kill the one who used the technique, which is what Naruto-sama will be doing. The second way is to remove the soul through the Reaper Death Seal. However, I'm pretty certain you're not too fond of that idea."

"Nope, can't say that I am."

"Neither am I. Which brings us to the third way, which at this point is only theoretical."

"And that is…"

"Complete disintegration of the body."

"I vote for the third one." Darui decided.

"Me too, 'cause there's now telling how long it'll take for Naruto-sama to deal with Kabuto."

"What'd you mean? You're usually pretty confident of his abilities."

"Oh don't get me wrong, I know he'll kill the little slime. The only thing is that I don't know what Kabuto is going to use to slow…"

At this point, Keiko and Darui found out that Rōshi was through with waiting. A large stream of lava rushed towards them, barely missing the two as they leapt backwards.

"You know, it's really unproper to interupt a lady when she's talking." Keiko said as she glared at the undead Jinchuriki.

"I don't think he cares too much about that, Keiko-san." Darui observed as another glob of lava was launched.

"Well then, I guess he'll have to be taught his manners." Keiko said as she drew her sword. "In the afterlife that is."

As Keiko and Darui tried to avoid Rōshi's lava, Tenten and Kasumi had to deal with their own problem: steam.

"You know, I've always heard stories about the Five-Tails' Jinchuriki," Kasumi mentioned when the two kunoichi finally got a chance to catch their breath, "but Han is a lot more powerful than I expected.

Next to her, Tenten stood in a defensive kenjutsu stance. Her blade was made out of a solid pearl that was seemed to glow in the moonlight.

"I have to say, this is an interesting fight." Tenten agreed. "Unfortunately we have to stop messing around and go help Naruto-ku.. I mean –san!"

Despite Tenten's quick recovery, Kasumi caught on to the brunette's slip.

"Naruto-kun?" she questioned with a raised eyebrow as Tenten's face reddened. "Well, well. It seems that Tetsugakure's White Jolt has a thing going on with…"

Suddenly Kasumi had to gulp as she found Tenten's blade leveled at her throat.

"Tell anyone of this and you won't make it back to Kiri." Tenten threatened with an icy glare. "Understood?"

"Metal Style: Iron Rain!"

"Wind Style: Great Breakthrough!"

Temari's Wind technique created a large gust of wind that sent the thousands of small iron pellets – created by Kazo's technique – towards their opponent at a very high rate of speed. Their target was the former Jinchuriki of the Three-Tailed Turtle, Yagura of the Mist. Said target was shredded by the pellets, but the remains soon reverted back into water.

As the Suna Kunoichi and her partner searched for their adversary, Temari noticed the fluorescent green shade of Kazo's Tāgettogan.

"Night Vision." Kazo explained when he saw Temari's questioning look. "Great for this kind of night fighting."

This fact was proven when Kazo unsheathed his sword just in time to block a strike from Yagura's staff.

"I'm beginning to hate this guy." Kazo said as he struggled to hold off the deceased Mizukage.

The last of the Foursome was giving Polaris and Hana just as hard a time as the rest. He, like the others, was a revived Jinchuriki. They were fighting Utakata, the former Jinchuriki of the Six-Tailed Slug.

The two Kunoichi (and Hana's three canines) were currently taking cover from a hail of acidic bubbles. In fact, the bubbles were proving powerful enough to melt Polaris's hastily constructed wall of ice.

"So, any ideas?" Hana questioned of her partner.

"Not a one." Polaris responded. "How about you?"


"Well then, I guess there's only one thing to do."

"What's that?" Hana asked, uncertain about the smirk on Polaris's face.

"We make it up as we go."

Hana barely had time to utter a "Huh?" before Polaris was diving out from behind the rapidly melting wall, launching a jutsu as she went.

"Ice Style: Kunai Blizzard!"

As she completed the technique,dozens of kunai-shaped icicles formed in the air before launching at Utakata. This caused the stream of bubbles to cease and allowed Hana to move out and join Polaris.

This was the start of a routine. Utakata would attack with bubbles. Polaris would then defend with an ice wall, and then reciprocate with her ice kunai. After a few minutes of this, Hana stopped Polaris from countering.

"This is getting us nowhere." Hana told the Knight. "All we're doing is wasting our time and chakra."

"I'm hoping this means you have a plan then." Polaris responded.

"As a matter of fact, I do."

While the rest of the Knights battled the undead Jinchuriki, Titanos, Deidana, and several Tetsu Jonin launched their assault against the Terracotta Army.

"Explosion Style: Columns of Carnage!"

"Shōgeki Hadō: Burst Wave!"

The first of these two techniques, launched by Deidana, caused several dozen columns of earth to rise from the ground in the midst of the Terracotta soldiers. As soon as these columns reached a height of about five feet, they simultaneously exploded, shattering any soldier trapped in the blast radius.

After Deidana's attack broke apart the soldiers, Titanos' attack created a shockwave through the air which further broke apart the stone pieces.

"Alright everyone!" Titanos called to rally the Tetsugakure troops. "I want you each to go over these soldiers as quick as you can while still being thorough. Make sure there are no pieces bigger than your head and if there are, break them apart. Report any evidence that the soldiers are reforming."

As the soldiers were broken apart, Ryu lead a small group of Katon users down the valley about ten yards from the closest soldier.

"Okay gang, here's what we're going to do." Ryu addressed his group. "I need you to concentrate your strongest Katon technique in one area. We're looking to create a pool of lava twenty feet by forty feet and about fifteen feet deep."

At Ryu's command, the dozen or so Tetsugakure shinobi illuminated the whole valley with streams of fire directed at the ground before them. After twenty minutes of alternating streams of fire, the lava pit was ready and Ryu's group rejoined the main force. Finally, the last part of the plan was ready.

As everyone else moved behind the remains of the stone soldiers, two Tetsu Jonin stepped forward. They were twins, one male, one female, and their raven-black hair barely reflected any of the moonlight. They raised their hands in unison before forming the same chain of six hand seals.

"Wind Style: Gale-Force Wave!"

A large blast of air swept across the valley, made even more powerful by the geography of the area. This technique swept all of the pieces of stone up and sent them tumbling into the lava pit, where they promptly sank.

"Great work everyone!" Ryu praised. "Now let's go support our Tetsukage!"

The success of Ryu and Titanos soon spread to their fellow Knights.

"Metal Style: Steel Curtain Cage!"

Keiko's signature defensive attack rose up and surrounded Rōshi. But before the Jinchuriki could use his lava to escape, Darui added in his part of the attack.

"Storm Style: Voltic Microburst!"

A pillar of air surrounding an enourmous lightning bolt rocketed down from the sky and slammed into Rōshi, the steel walls of his cage barely containing the blast. The previously cloudy sky, made overcast by an earlier Suiton technique, returned to its clear, moonlit state.

As Keiko lowered the walls of the cage, the two could see that there was literally nothing left of Rōshi.

"I guess your theory was right." Darui said to Keiko before passing out due to chakra-exhaustion. Keiko was left to start carrying the Jonin back towards the rendezvous point.

"Water Style: Tidal Shackles!"

When Kasumi finished her technique, six streams of water shot up from the pool of water created by the numerous Suiton techniques from earlier. These streams of water wrapped around Han's arms, legs, torso, and neck.

"Hit him now, Tenten!" Kasumi told her partner. "This won't hold him for long."

"Will do." Tenten responded. "Metal Style: Silver Spear!"

A bright, metallic spear of metal formed from the ground, before being launched at Han. As soon as the spear impaled the Jinchuriki in the head, Tenten used her follow-up technique.

"Lightning Style: Disintegration!"

This caused several dozen lightning bolts to erupt from Tenten's fingertips and stream to the spear. Kasumi had to shield her eyes from the bright light, but an amber Tāgettogan shaded Tenten's eyes.

"It's okay, Kasumi." Tenten told the Swordswoman. "He's gone."

Kasumi looked back and saw that the only thing left was a blackened spear.

"Well, now that that's over," Kasumi began as she came up next to the exhausted Tenten, "let's chit-chat about 'Naruto-kun', shall we?"

Tenten only had enough energy to groan as her head slumped in defeat.

"Can you get him into the air?" Kazo asked his Suna companion.

"I think I might be able to manage that." Temari replied. "But you better not miss, 'cause this is all I got left."

"I won't." Kazo replied, eyes blue from his Tāgettogan. "Now go!"

"Alright." Temari responded. "Wind Style: Tornado!"

A wild cyclone rose up around Yagura and lifted him high into the air. As the former Mizukage reoriented himself and prepared a Suiton technique, Kazo launched his own assault.

"Metal Style: Death Spiral!"

Kazo began rapidly spinning in place, creating a dome of chakra around his body. Temari was shocked at how similar it looked to the mighty Eight Trigrams Palm Rotation of the Hyuga clan. However, Kazo made the technique even more lethal when a stream of liquid metal rose up from the ground and began spiraling around the dome of chakra. Then Kazo entered the final phase of the technique. He launched himself from the ground with an enormous burst of chakra, propelling straight at the falling Jinchuriki. A red mist was created as the spinning Kazo tore right through Yagura. The Tetsu Knight landed about twenty yards away from Temari, but she was still able to catch him as he lost consciousness and collapsed.

"Water Style: Water Dragon Blast!" Polaris shouted.

Her technique brought forth a large dragon made from water. This dragon raced through the forest and slammed into Utakata. It barely affected the Jinchuriki, but that wasn't the point.

"That should be plenty of water." Hana observed as she and her three dogs prepared to attack. "Now you just need to freeze him."

"Right, but first I'll have to stall him." Polaris told her partner before forming hand signs. "Metal Style: Buzz Saw!"

This technique formed a large saw blade out of the metal buried ground. Polaris used her chakra to spin the blade to a very high speed before launching it at Utakata. As the Bubble-user was sliced clean in half, Polaris dashed forward and placed her hands on the large pool of water that the Jinchuriki fell into. As soon as Utakata reformed and stood up, Polaris unleashed her Kekkai Genkai.

"Ice Style: Flash Freeze!"

As it had so many years ago with Akuno Suraimu, the technique froze its victim in a solid block of ice. This done, Polaris leapt backward as Hana and the dogs fulfilled their part of the plan.

"Four Point Fang Over Fang!"

The Inuzuka and her companions tore through the ice and the reanimated corpse within, creating a shower of ice shards.

As Hana walked over to Polaris, both Kunoichi breathing heavily from the battle, Polaris grinned at her partner and addressed her.

"Good plan."

A/N: You all probably hear this a lot, but I'm really sorry this took so long to produce. I've been very busy and stressed out as of late, and haven't really had a chance to work on this. So, I'll keep this brief since you're all probably mad at me. Thanks for reading and please tell me what you think, not only of my story, but also of the addition of Deidara's twin sister, Deidana!

Here is a guide to this chapter's Saberdragon-original jutsu (there's quite a few):

[Name - Type - User(s) - Description]

Metal Style: Iron Rain – Ninjutsu – Kazo Sutomu – This technique creates small pellets made of whatever metal the user pulls from the ground. These pellets can then be launched in a hail-storm of flying metal

Ice Style: Kunai Blizzard – Ninjutsu – Polaris Kori – This technique creates kunai made out of ice, which are then launched at their target

Explosion Style: Columns of Carnage – Ninjutsu – Deidana – This technique causes several pillars of stone to rise up from the ground and then explode, causing severe damage to nearby objects and persons

Shōgeki Hadō: Burst Wave – Ninjutsu – Titanos Chikyu – This technique utilizes Titanos' Kekkai Genkai to create a large shockwave that tears across the landscape. The power depends on Titanos' intent

Wind Style: Gale-Force Wave – Collaboration Ninjutsu – Unnamed Tetsugakure Squires – This technique is a larger and more powerful version of the Wind Style: Great Breakthrough

Storm Style: Voltic Microburst – Ninjutsu – Darui – This technique causes a lightning bolt encased in a column of wind to slam descend onto and slam into an enemy from above. This technique is very taxing on its user's chakra reserves

Water Style: Tidal Shackles – Ninjutsu – Kasumi Hōseki – This technique creates streams of dense water that bind the target's limbs, neck, and torso

Lightning Style: Disintegration – Ninjutsu – Tenten Sutomu – This technique launches dozens of lightning bolts from the user's fingertips at the target. This technique is very taxing on its user's chakra reserves and is best used in conjunction with a Metal Style technique that can act as a lightning conductor

Wind Style: Tornado – Ninjutsu – Temari – This technique creates a simple whirlwind that can be used to launch the target into the air

Metal Style: Death Spiral – Ninjutsu – Naruto Namikaze; Kazo Sutomu – User spins in place rapidly similar to the Hyuga's Rotation while creating a tornado of liquid metal to surround their body before user launches himself or herself toward the target in a manner similar to the Inuzuka's Fang Over Fang

Metal Style: Buzz Saw – Ninjutsu – Naruto Namikaze; Polaris Kori – User forms a disc of metal before using chakra to rotate it at a very high rate of speed. The blade can be thrown, or held to attack or defend

Four Point Fang Over Fang – Ninjutsu – Hana Nara – This technique is a four-unit version of the Inuzuka's signature Fang Over Fang technique