Rayn: I got the idea for this from Void of a Lullaby by imafrickinprincess, it's an amazing story, extremely well written. The plot is nothing like it, but the darkness of the story was what really struck

me…..And If That's What It Takes wasn't really much past the Halloween party, and I wanted to have some Christmas-y stuff, so yeah…..

Trannie: Now, for the disclaimer- Rayn doesn't own Shugo Chara!

*' ' is thought

**" " is speech

Ikuto- 24

Amu, and Rima-20

Nagi and Kukai- 23

Yaya- 18

Utau- 22

Yukari- 29

Yuu- 30

Midori: 38

Tsugumu: 42


Ikuto Tsuyomi. The name is nothing unless attached to Utau Hoshina. Ikuto gets kicked out of his apartment after Utau and Kukai leave for Utau's world tour. No place to stay. No place to call home. And it's

Christmas. Then, he gets his gift from god. He makes new friends in a diner, and gets an apartment for free. He is forbidden to go into the spare room. But, at night he hears sounds, wimpers, and sobs from

there. He finds a girl in the spare room, Amu. She doesn't talk, she doesn't smile because of an "incident" that had occured a few years before. He finds out that Amu's state now is somehow linked with his past.

He decides to help her, but she's unwilling to let him get close. He promises to her that he will help her, and he will get revenge for her. Ikuto wants to show her that a promise is today, tomorrow, and forever.

Will Amu take his hand and move on? AMUTO


~Ikuto's POV~

I walked down the snowy street, avoiding little children running around throwing snowballs at each other, with my hands in my pockets. A shiver went down my back, the cause being my thin coat. I

readjusted the strap of my violin case and my duffel bag, which were slung across my shoulders. "Hey you!Mister!" I looked up just in time to see a snowball being thrown at a mistaken target, me.

"SPLAT!" (Trannie: Rayn's onomatopoeia is a bit……yeah) I felt half of my face go numb and cold. "Hey, sorry mister! I tried to warn you!", a small voice called from below me. I looked down to see a kid with a

worried face looking back up at me. "It's alright, don't worry" I tried my best to smile at the kid. "Yo-you're not going to sue. Are you?" I let out a pathetic chuckle. "No. Don't worry about it." The kid grinnedat

me. "Thanks mister! Merry Christmas!" I merely nodded and continued walking, my destination unknown. I rubbed my hands together, trying to warm them, but failed. 'I wouldn't be in this state if Utau was here.

No, she had to go with Kukai to her world tour.' I remembered the incident that had occurred just a few hours ago……


Yukari stepped into my apartment, with a grim look on her face. "You have to empty out this place by 5:00." "WHAT?!?!" I yelled, "But wait. What? Why?" Yukari adjusted her glasses and replied, "It's

what he said." "What did Tadase say?", I demanded. 'Tadase,' I thought, 'Rich, pretty boy. Relies on his parents money for everything. Player. Unnecessary piece of crap.' "I'd rather you don't know, but since it's

important. They feel like you're useless without Utau. No one nowadays wants to hear classical violin music, people only liked it because it played a part in Utau's modern music. Since Utau's gone, on her world tour with

Kukai, you're pretty much useless to them. They want you to get out of here so they can have it for another person, some other rising star. Compared to Utau, the newbie's pathetic." She explained, while remembering

the good times we, being Utau, Kukai, her, and I had. "I'd give you a place to stay, but with Yuu and the baby and all……." "No, don't apologize Yukari, it's not your fault." "I know, but I still feel guilty. If you ever need

anything, please call me. You have my phone number. I'll see you when you're a world class violinist then?" I nodded confidently, "You know it." "Good luck Ikuto, and goodbye." "Take care of the little one, and Yuu.

Goodbye Yukari." And with that she left, wiping tears out of her eyes. I sighed heavily, and looked at my clock. 2:24. 'Only a few hours' Since most of the stuff was Easter's, I just packed my clothes, some of my personal

belongings, and my violin case. I took one last look at the place, and walked out the door, to the elevator. As the elevator went down, I realized that I had no place to stay. "Damn it!" I said out loud. 'They wouldn't be

doing this if Utau were here! Damn businessmen, only looking for profit.' I walked out the building, into to the cold, and into a new life.


As I walked even further downtown, I noticed a diner. The sight of it made my stomach growl. 'Crap, I should've took some food with me' I looked into my wallet to see how much money I had. "$10. And

my credit cards. That should be enough to get me a burger and some fries." I looked carefully both ways, and bolted across the street, into the diner.

As I entered the diner, a young looking girl, whom I assumed to be a waitress considering her outfit (Rayn: Picture's on my profile!!), looked at me, smiled and walked over. "Welcome to Seven Seas

Diner!* You look cold, sit down." She pointed to a booth. I sat down, my body happily adjusting to the warm temperature inside. "What do you want?" I looked up to see the waitress who had invited me in. The

first thing I noticed about her was that her chocolate eyes sparkled. When you looked into them, you saw happiness. On top of that, she had orange hair, which was held in two short pigtails by two very large

red ribbons. She grinned at me. "I'm Yuiki Yaya! I have to work here because I have to have some hours for school. Yuck isn't it?" I looked up in surprise. She talks so much. "Uh, yeah. Can I have a burger, fries,

and a soda?" "Sure! What kind of soda?" "Mountain Dew." "Coming right up!"

I took that time to take off my coat, and settle my bag and violin case in the space next to me. Then, I looked around the diner. I saw a few couples, old, middle-aged, and young. The rest of the place was

pretty empty. 'Nice, I like it……' "Here's your order. You want the bill now or after?" A light, yet firm voice interrupted my thoughts. I looked up to see yet another waitress, I could tell because of the uniform. This

one looked a bit less happy. Actually she looked like she could be in a thousand more places more important than here. She was short, had long curly blond hair, and browns eyes, that weren't nearly as bright

or sparkling as Yaya's. "I'll take it now." "Here." And with that she slapped the bill on the table.

"You could be a bit gentler Rima-chan." a voice called to the petite blonde, who I guessed was Rima. As I payed the bill, I looked across the diner to see a unusual person. I mean, not ugly unusual, he

wasn't bad looking, actually pretty good-looking. It was that he had purple hair. Purple hair. Who has purple hair?!?! The guy must has caught me staring. He grinned and said," I know, purple. But you have blue

hair." I was taken back but the guy was right. I do have blue hair. I grinned back in return, kind of a welcome gesture to the guy, so he sat down across from me. "Hey! I'm Fujasaki Nagihiko. Call me Nagi." "Or

you can call him purple-head." called Rima, as she walked back into the kitchen. I chuckled. "I think she likes me." "I HEARD THAT FUJASAKI! I DO NOT LIKE YOU!!" "Yup, she sure does." We both laughed. "Hey, I

didn't ask you your-" "Tsukyomi. Tsukyomi Ikuto." "Hey! Aren't you the a-" "Yes." "So, what's it like working with Hoshina Utau?" "Working? Ask me what it's like living with her! I mean, she's a typical annoying

little sister!" He gave a little chuckle. "Kind of like Yaya here. She like my little sister. She set on getting me and Rima-chan together." "Oh, Utau's my real sister, sh-" "No way!" I grinned, I often got this reaction

from people. "Yes way. Anyways, Utau's tried to get me together with so many girls. I was ready to declare that I'm gay. I hated every single one of those girls. They feel for me the second they saw me. It got

pretty annoying." "I wish Rima-chan would do that." Nagi murmured. I raised an eyebrow. He looked back at me, flustered. "Uh, um." "Uh, um what?" "Eh, I guess you figured it out. Yeah, I like Rima-chan." "So,

tellher!" "I can't." he replied flatly. But I wasn't going to give in. "Why not?" "You saw her, she's not exactly an open person." "So, make her open up to you!" "How?" "Become friends with her! Find out interests

that you share! Then become friends, and then slowly progress from that!" "Hmm," he looked thoughtful for a minute then replied, "You know what?" "What?" "It's a great idea! I'll try it!" He gave me a cocky

grin then walked off into the back. 'Looks like I made a friend.' I then noticed that the diner was empty. No one besides me and the workers. "Hey is it closing time or something?" I called. Yaya came out front

and replied, "Nope! It's just that we don't get many people here. This place is old." "I see." "You need anything else?" "Nope…Where's Nagi?" " He's flirting with Rima-chi. I'll call him" "Thanks." Just then an ear

splitting yell rang out, "NAGIHIKO!!! THE BLUE HEADED GUY IS CALLING YOU!!" "My name's Ikuto." I said as I tried to regain my hearing. Nagi came in with a grin. "Yo. Thanks for the advice! We're going out to a

comedy act the day after tomorrow!" I grinned. "Great! I told you." "I know you did, now here's my phone number," he was saying while scrawling a phone number onto a napkin, "If you ever need anything. Call

me. I'll keep you posted about me and Rima." I took the number and added it into my phone. "You better keep me posted!" "I will. Anything else you need?" "Actually, I need a place to stay." "Hmmm, come to

think about it, there was a sign for a apartment for rent on the bulletin board." He walked over to a bulletin board, which you couldn't see under all the flyers and ads, and ripped a little slip of paper with a

phone number on it off of the flyer. "Here, call."

I quickly dialed the number, and put the phone up to my ear. I could hear the phone ringing. "Hello?" a deep voice answered. "Um, Hi. I'm calling for the apartment to rent." "Ah, yes. If you want anymore

information, please come visit me." "Okay, where." The man gave me an address, which I wrote down on a napkin. "Thanks, I'll see you in a few minutes." "Alright." "Thanks again Nagi! I'll call you later!" "I'm

sure you will!" I gave him my phone number, which he inserted into his phone. "Bye!" "Bye man!" "Bye Ikuto-san!" "Bye purple head's only friend!" "RIMA!" I chuckled as I waved Nagi, Yaya, and Rima goodbye. I

walked a couple of blocks down to the building address the man on the phone had given me.

I stepping into the building to see a pretty, and cozy place. It wasn't lavish, but it was pretty homely. A man walked up to me. "Are you the one from the phone?" I asked. "Yes, you wanted the apartment."

"Yes." "Follow me: was what the man simply said, and he started towards the elevator. I followed. We both got into the elevator and the man pushed the 10th floor button, the highest floor. No one said

anything. I took this time to study the man. He looked was a bit over middle-aged maybe 40ish. He had dirty blonde hair, he had a lot of hair for his age, and dark eyes. He was a bit taller than me, and pretty

built. In other words, he was pretty young looking for his age.

In a short time, the elevator door opened. I stepped out after the man. I looked around, there were only two doors. "Which one is the apartment?" I asked. The man simply walked toward the door to the

right. I followed. He took a key out of his pocket and opened the door. He walked in, and so did I. I looked around to see an apartment similar to mine. It was pretty nice, and it surely was big. (Rayn: Pictures

on my profile!!!) I saw the kitchen, which was connected to the living room, had modern appliances. The living room had a plush looking couch with a big television. "Do you like it?" "It's great! But the price…."

"Don't worry about it." "Huh?!?!?" Yup, free of charge, as long as you work for us." I knew there was some catch. "Work? As in…" "As in working in the front desk. This is a hotel." "Oh…" A hotel….An apartment?"

"We needed to give this room to a permanent resident." Okay. I don't mind working for you." "Good. I'll give you a few days to adjust to the place, then I'll give you your work schedule." For the first time, the

man looked friendly. "If you need anything, ask me or my wife"

As is on cue, a average height, slim woman walked in. She was wearing a knee length chocolate skirt with a forest green blouse. I looked up at her face, she had her chocolate brown hair in a ponytail, and

thin glasses in front of her honey eyes. "Honey, is this the new boy?" The man suddenly looked a whole lot nicer, "Yes, he is. He'll be working in the front after he gets adjusted." "No problem. He looks like a fine

boy." "I'm sure he is." The woman's face suddenly turned serious. "Did you tell him to…" "I was getting to that." He turned to me and said very seriously, "Whatever happens, don't go into the room next door."

"I won't. Don't worry." "I shouldn't have to." "You won't" I reassured him. He looked like he believed me, smiled and then said, "Well then, I'll have someone send you dinner up here." "That'd be fantastic! Thank

you!" I exclaimed, thanking the man. The man smiled and left. The woman spoke up, "Oh my! I didn't even tell you my name! Midori! Hinamori Midori. My husband is Hinamori Tsugumu. Excuse me if he's a bit

cold." "He's not cold, he's just quiet." "I guess you could put it that way." She got a lost look on her face and murmured, "He was so happy before…." "Before?" I asked. She jumped, obviously startled. "Sorry, I

didn't meant to say that! Anyways, you should find some clothes, they should fit you and I think it's what boys your age wear nowadays, and necessities in your room. The bedroom is right there", she said while

pointing to a door. "Thanks! I'll put away my stuff, and freshen up a bit" She smiled and got ready to walk out, but then she called "Remember! Don't go into the other room!" "I won't!" I promised. "Merry

Christmas!" "Merry Christmas!" I called back.

With that, Midori left. I went into my new room, collapsed on the bed after putting my violin case propped up on a wall and throwing my bad on the bed. I replayed the events that had occurred. I had gotten

kicked out of my apartment, made new friends, gotten one of my new friends a girlfriend, and gotten a new apartment. All in one day, and on Christmas. What a present god had given me. I sighed, I was tired,

but somewhat excited. After all, this was a new beginning!


* The Seven Sea Diner is an actual diner! It's next to my orthodontist building. I thought it was

ironic because of Ikuto's Chara Nari into Seven Seas Treasure.

Rayn: ^_^ Did you like it?

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Ikuto: Around……..

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Ikuto: ….Around?

Rayn: Oh. My. God. Where. The F-*cut off by Yaya hugging, more like strangling, Rayn*

Yaya: Rayn-chi!!!! Trannie-chi!!!!! Kitty-chi!!! Merry Christmas!!!!!

Trannie: Merry Christmas!!

Ikuto: ._. Kitty-chi?

Rayn: Yaya! Get off me!! *takes deep breath* Merry Christmas!!!

Trannie: Merry Christmas!!!!

Rayn: Hey, Ikuto. You still didn't tell me, where IS Amu?

Ikuto: Around……*whispers: the bedroom*

Rayn: Wait- WHAT?!?!?!

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Ikuto: Don't lie.

Rayn: Right, sorry. I love all you guys except the cosplaying kitty hentai.

Ikuto: HEY!!!

Amu: *walks in, rubbing head* My head hurts so much………..

Rayn: I knew it!!! Trannie go get the Bloody Mary!

Trannie: Hai! *runs into Rayn's room*

Ikuto: Why'd she have to go in your room for the Bloody Mary?

Rayn: Uh…………eh……..because.

Ikuto: Because?

Rayn: *sweat drop* Because Amuto is the best coupling ever?

Ikuto: *grin* Yes it is!!!!

Rayn: *releases breath* Thank god for Peach Pit.

Trannie: Here.

Rayn: Amu drink.

Amu: *gulp gulp* I feel a bit better.

Rayn: Good. This was my own personal cure for a hangover. Next time, think it over before having

"fun" with Ikuto.

Amu: WHAT?!?!?! I just banged my head on the headboard!!

Ikuto: Next time, it'll be something else you'll be banging *smirk/smile*

Rayn & Trannie & Amu: PERVERT!!!!

Ikuto: *grin* You guys know me so well…….Anyways, everybody!


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