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The sun's bright rays probed my eyes open, and then nearly blinded me. I got up with a start then took a few seconds to rub my eyes and full wake up. "Ahhhhhh…" I yawned. Then bam. Last night

came back to me. I looked frantically all around me. No pink. "Amu?" I got up leaving my silky midnight blue covers mangled up. I looked in the bathroom, knocking first of course, and then all around the house.

No Amu. "Wait." I thought for a second. "Was that even real?" Oh God. The last thing I needed was having perverted dreams. I went back into the bathroom and splashed water on my face. The icy water really

woke me up. I looked into the mirror and began talking to myself. "Look Ikuto. You are going to begin a new life. Don't screw up your head now. Especially not for an imaginary girl. Wait, she's imaginary! Got

that? IMA-GIN-ARY." "Ikuto honey? Are you awake?" It was Midori, knocking on the door. "Huh? Oh snap. Midori-san! Coming!" I quickly put a shirt on and ran to the door. "Good morning Midori-san. I uh just

woke up." "Ah. Sorry to disturb you, but I was going to call you down to the kitchen for breakfast." "I'll be right down." She smiled sweetly and turned back as I closed the door behind her.

10 minutes later, teeth brushed and showered I ventured downstairs looking for the kitchen. I was wearing some of the many clothes in the closet in my new room, A nice, already ironed sky blue polo

and dark blue jeans and my own black converse. "Ow!" cried a voice. "Oh crap. Sorry!" I said to the person I just bumped into. It was Kairi. "Ah, Ikuto-san, I was looking for you. Midori-san was getting worried,

and then she remembered you didn't know where the kitchen was." "Yeah, I just kinda realized that myself." He chuckled quietly and started towards the stairs while I followed. He led me to the ground floor

and started towards the kitchen. Although, he didn't need to. The delicious aromas that were wafted towards me could have led me there anyways. Kairi opened the large swinging doors to reveal Midori-san

and Tsugumu-san. Midori-san was at the stove flipping pancakes while Tsugumu-san was arranging them in plates. "Welcome to our kitchen Ikuto!" Midori-san sweetly chimed and Tsugumu-san nodded at me.

"Breakfast!" yelled out a loud voice behind me. The voice belonged to a young looking man. Older than me, but way younger than Tsugumu-san or Midori-san, probably around his late twenties. He had shaggy

longish black hair and sparkling emerald eyes, which looked strangely familiar. "Hey! I'm Jiro!" "Have I seen you before." "That's my pick up line, usually given to the opposite sex, but hey, I can't help it if I'm that

hot." "Er…" I faded off and Tsugumu-san shook his head and Kairi and Midori-san chuckled. Tsugumu-san cleared his throat and said, "Sanjo, Lee, start serving. Ikuto, watch." Uh, I thought I was here to eat. I

stood while Kairi and Jiro started picking up plates. Tsugumu-san looked and me and gestured for me to follow. I followed. Kairi and Jiro pushed another set of large swinging doors into a large yet very cozy

openish area. I looked around and saw the light blue walls were covered with many posters and paintings, of very serene landscapes. There were a couple of small tables, covered with black granite, each

seating two in black metal stools with plushy cushions, that matched the walls. A few people sat at the tables while Kairi and Jiro served them. I watched the people smile at them and dig in. A few minutes later,

the plates where clear. Guess Midori-san is a really good cook. I helped Kairi and Jiro clear up the plates and bring them back into the kitchen. "That's a new record Midori-chama." said Jiro happily. Chama? Jiro

turned to me and explained, "Midori-chama is an amazing cook, and she has a record for how long it takes people to finish her homemade meals, which ranges from minutes to seconds." Midori-san blushed and

replied happily, "You have a way with words Jiro-kun!" Tsugumu also smiled slightly. "Now you boys eat up and enjoy the rest of your day. It's a Sunday, so enjoy your day off!" "Yes Midori-san!" replied Kairi,

speaking for the three of us as Tsugumu-san and Midori-san walked out of the kitchen. Jiro pulled out forks and knives, as Kairi pulled out three stools. We all sat and dug in the slightly warm pancakes in front of

us. "Oh…." I moaned as the delicious pancakes and warm syrup melted in my mouth. "Oh God Ikuto, you sound like you're getting the best blowjob you've ever gotten." Jiro remarked with a smirk. I nearly

choked on my food, and Kairi replied with a red face. Jiro laughing heartily at our plight and finished his plate, and walked out of the kitchen. I gulped down an entire glass of water while Kairi shook his head at

Jiro's back. "Well, you've met Jiro now…." "Yeah…." I faded off, rolling my eyes. "He's…He has a unique personality, and a very unique word choice. Don't mind him." I shrugged. "What can you do?" Kairi smiled

and replied, "Nothing really. So, what are your plans for the day?" I took a minute to think, and then Nagi popped into my head. "I was going to meet up with some friends. Wanna come?" I offered being polite.

"Alright. Let's meet back here in 10 minutes." "Right." I replied, while Kairi picked up both our dishes and washed them. I ran back upstairs to grab my wallet and a coat.

I opened the closet and took a good look inside. "Wow." I muttered in surprise. There were A LOT of clothes in there, and most of them looked new. This was such a sweet deal. I took a bluish grey coat

out and pulled it on. Looking out the window, and the pure white snow I also grabbed a pair of dark blue and grey striped gloves and a matching hat and scarf. I took my black leather wallet and stuffed it into

the pocket of the coat along with my sleek Blackberry. I ran back downstairs and saw Kairi in the lobby, chatting with Midori-san. "Ikuto-kun! You look so handsome!" Midori-san gushed. I quickly looked down to

hide my most likely red face. Kairi laughed behind his hand as Midori-san smiled sweetly. No one over the age of 22 has called me handsome. EVER. "Uh, thank you Midori-san. Kairi and I should get going."

"Right, have fun boys!" Midori-san said as she waved Kairi and I through the front door. "Where are we going?" Kairi questioned as we began walking towards the Seven Seas Diner. He was wearing black

formal pants with a dark green trench coat. Not the long detective kind, Kairi's only came up to his knees. His head had a dark green heat, similar to mine, and matching gloves and a scarf. "To the Seven Seas

Diner." I replied. "Seven Seas Diner…I've heard of it." I nodded, "Yeah, my friends work there." After about 10 minutes of walking in silence, we finally reached the diner. Kairi opened the door and walked in as I

followed. The entire diner was filled with boxes. A rather plump lady, with short black hair and bright green eyes in a red cheongsam was ordering Rima around to put the paintings in the boxes. She looked up at

us and smiled brightly. "I'm sorry, but the diner is closing for good." No way. "Bu- I just came here yesterday!" I cried in surprise. She smiled sadly. I'm sorry. But the Hotori Royalties bought this place. We had it

on rent and we are being forced to move out." My expression went dark and Kairi said, "Of course. What else can be expected of the Hotori's?" I looked at Kairi and was surprised to see his expression matched

my feeling. "Kairi, how do you know abo-" He looked at me sadly as he cut me off, "Let's just say the Hotori Royalties and I have had some…disagreements." I nodded slowly, someone who will understand my

pain. "Same." Rima finally saw me and yelled, "PURPLE HEAD!" Nagi came running in with a about 3 large boxes in his hand. "Yes Rima-chan?" he cried frantically. "Your not imaginary friend's here." Nagi put down

the boxes and looked at me as he wiped his brow. "Ikuto! Hey!" "Hey Nagi." Kairi had managed to slink behind me back, I brought him out and introduced him. "Hey guys, this is my friend Kairi Sanjo. He works at

the hotel, the one I'm living at and also my new work place." Nagi patted both of us on the shoulder and congratulated me happily. Rima managed to bring a small smile. The plump lady grinned at me and

hugged me. "I'm so rude, I haven't introduced myself yet. My name is Ruby Lee. I'm the owner, along with my husband, Tim, of this restaurant. Well, actually not anymore." She smiled sadly. I looked over to Rima

and Nagi, who continued packing things up. "What are you guys gonna do now?" Nagi smiled and said, "Well, we have to look for a new place to stay, we used to stay in the apartment above the diner," he

explained, :And a new place to work. So do Tim and Ruby." Rima pushed a large box towards the door. Kairi cleared his throat. "Um…If you don't mind, may I suggest something." Ruby looked at him with wide

eyes. "Or course dear." Kairi cleared his throat again and spoke, "Well, the hotel that Ikuto and I work at, the Hinamori Inn, needs more workers, and the owners the Hinamoris' are willing to give places to stay

for the people who work there. So I-" He was cut off by a big hug from Ruby. "What a wonderful idea! Thank you so much!" I laughed as Rima and Nagi looked on and then began laughing as well. This just

keeps getting better and better I thought has happiness filled the air around me.

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