Summary: Edward and Bella had a deal, if they were both single by the time their thirty they'd save themselves from being lonely spinsters and marry each other. Years down the track they lost contact, but on Bella's thirtieth, a certain someone comes knocking…Single. AH AU ExB

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The school bell rung through the halls of Forks High School as a signal schools out, I couldn't be more excited. Today was the last day of official school, and tomorrow, I'd graduate.

Alice beamed beside me as she packed her books, her face lit up like a Christmas tree, "Bella, I already have your outfit for the party tomorrow, oh, everything's going to be perfect!"

I rolled my eyes, "Yeah, for you, I will just fade into the back ground. At least your walls are white, I'm sure I could camouflage." Alice and Edward nagged Carlisle and Esme into letting them through a graduation party, and now all the entire school couldn't stop talking about it. All I wanted to do after graduation is crash down somewhere, allowing every bead of my being realize I don't have the stress of finals…Until freshmen in UW.

An arm snuck around my shoulder and pulled me towards a solid object, I elbowed it playfully, "I swear Edward you will be the death of me."

"Death of you? Wouldn't want that now would we Swan." He winked, flashing me his perfect, famous lopsided grin.

I blushed, smiling warmly up at him as I melted to his side like warm caramel. Edward and I have been best friends since before I could remember, Esme adopted him when he was young, and Renee used to always help out as much as she could, sticking Edward and I in the sand pit or the play room together until we were too warn out and fell asleep. Though, mind you, that was before Renee left Charlie, she wanted to take me at first, but because she got Edward and I together, there was no separating us.

I refuse to let anything come between us, even if it means that I have to ignore my romantic feelings for my best friend. He would never feel the same, and I've come to terms with that, just long as he was here, that's all that mattered.

"Hm, I guess not." I agreed, laughing.

Taking my books with the hand that wasn't around my shoulder, he held them under his arm pit as he pulled me towards my locker, "So…We still having the movie night tonight?"

"We've had movie night once every week as a tradition, nothing is going to change that. What are we watching?" I asked.

"Either The Sixth Sense or Notting Hill." Edward's face scrunched up as soon as he announced the last title, I laughed.

"Sixth Sense it is." Slamming my locker closed as soon as my books were put away, then I realized, "Where did Alice go?"

Edward grimaced, "Jasper kidnapped her."

I giggled, "Oh they are so cute."

He rolled his eyes, "Yeah, yeah, whatever," slamming his locker close beside mine, he extended his arm and grabbed my hand before pulling me towards the exit of the school, dodging various students on the way. All the seniors in my year would have been easily spotted from an outsider, all signing yearbooks, hugging, crying. I refused to be like that, as long as my group of friends wouldn't separate, I wouldn't care whether I was in high school or college.

"Do we have to take Alice home first?" I asked.

"No, Jasper brought his car today, she'll get a lift back with him. We may as well go straight to your place." He suggested.

"Charlie won't be back tonight, he's staying over the Black's place, they're going fishing till god now's when tonight."

"Is he still coming to graduation?" Edward asked, concerned.

I laughed, "Charlie wouldn't miss it for the world, plus, it's not only his little girl that's graduating tomorrow. You've been his little boy since we played in the sand box."

Raffling his hair with my free hand, he chuckled and poked his tongue, "Ditto with Esme and Carlisle."

We jumped into Edwards ALFA Romeo- whatever, I didn't know the first thing about cars, only the fact that it was silver and it was the nicest car in the lot. The car ride to my place was quite enough, Edward humming to a tune, I sitting there like a retard staring, listening to his perfectness. He caught me staring, "What?"

I blushed, shook my head, "Nothing."

"Okay." He let it drop, he continued to hum to a familiar tune until he parked in front of the house.

We spent most of the afternoon doing nothing, talking about nothing, just enjoying each other's presence. Once it was six, we played the movie. I would have been lying if I said that certain bits didn't freak me out, or that I didn't jump on Edward for safety. As soon as the movie ended, I knew that I would have trouble sleeping tonight.

"Bella, are you okay?" Edward asked softly, his delicate fingers brushing through my brown locks as a means to calm me down.

It did.

"Getting there." I sighed into his shoulder.

"C'mon, I think we should get you into bed." He laughed.

I frowned, "It's only eight!"

"I know, we'll talk till we fall asleep. Plus, you need sleep for tomorrow, big day." He grinned.

I poked my tongue, "You make it sound as if you don't need sleep either."

"Well, maybe I don't, maybe I'm a vampire."

"Pfft, doubt it!" You're way to warm to be one.

Edward followed me up the stairs to my room. My bedroom was tiny compared to his, though my bed was big enough to fit the both of us in. I didn't think Charlie realized that we still shared a bed, I wasn't too sure he would approve of it either, but what he didn't know wouldn't hurt him. Edward sat on the bed Indian style, I following his position opposite him.

"That movie was freaky." I grimaced.

He chuckles, "It's only a movie Bella."

"I know," I rolled my eyes.

"So…You never told me who you liked." His hand went to my knee cap and gave me a teasing push.

My face flamed red, "So? What does it matter? Everyone's going to go down different paths after high school, I don't think it really matters anymore."

Edward frowns, "Of course it matters Bella."

"It's nothing Edward, honestly." Please, please let this go Edward…

"You know you're a terrible liar right?" He chuckles.

"So I've been told." I didn't look at him, I fiddled with my fingers, refusing to look at his intense emerald eyes.

"Bella," He groaned, "If you keep up that attitude you'll end up a spinster."

"I'll have you won't I?" I joked, though still not looking at him.

"Of course," He laughed. I looked up through my bangs and smiled at him, his laughter was memorizing, "How about we make a deal."

"What kind of deal?" Looking up at him, he looked as if he was trying to suppress a grin.

"Just agree."

I eyed him suspiciously, "Depends…"

He admitted defeat and continued, "If, by the time we are both thirty, we aren't in any form of a relationship, then we'll marry each other."

Okay, that was definitely not something I was expecting. I stared at him, wide eyed, not too sure if I was waiting for him to come out and laugh or if he was actually serious. I bit my lip, "Why would you want that? I mean I'm nothing much to look at, I don't think I would be a very good wife anyway."

Edward laughed, "Bella! You would be the perfect wife for anyone! You can cook, you can clean, you don't nag, and you are drop dead beautiful! You're self-esteem is amazingly low you know."

I couldn't resist, I smiled, "Edward, I doubt that you wouldn't have a wife before you were thirty, I think that every girl in college will be all over you." It hurt to admit, but it was true. I could never amount to any college girl, even if we made the deal he would be snatched up by someone else and not give me a second chance before the end of first semester. I also know when that happens I would be shattered. I'd grown attached to Edward, he was my rock, my oxygen, my life, and I wasn't sure what would happen if he would someday just walk out of our friendship and never see me again.

"And you don't think that the same thing applies for you?" Edward smirked, I rolled my eyes, "As I said, if, just so that we won't both end up as lonely spinsters. Stop over thinking this!"

I rolled my eyes, "Fine, but I doubt that you'll even remember this agreement next year let alone twelve years from now."

"Wait, are you saying fine for stopping to over think this, or fine for the deal?" Urg!

"Both." I blushed, looking away.

"Deal." He extended his arm with a goofy grin, shaking my hand.

I try to suppress my bubbly-ness from the surface, "Whatever, I think it's time for bed before you decide some other elaborate plan."

"Aw, but it's only eight-thirty." Edward mimicked my voice.

I glared, "Very funny."

The last thought going through my mind that night, was that I hopped that when we were thirty, he was single.

Getting up, I quickly grabbed whatever clothes I could find and changed, brushing my teeth in the process. When I got out, Edward laid on my bed, the blankets only half covering his body. I blushed deeply as I always did when he slept over, he never brought clothes to change into, he just went to bed in his boxers. Biting my lip, I turned the light off and crawled under the blankets beside him.

Edward shifts instantly, his arms scooping me into his arms, spooning me. I squeaked at the sudden movement, Edward chuckled, "Go to sleep Bella."

It took me a few moments to revive from my state of aw. I almost always slept with Edward in this position every time he'd stay over, but it would always shock me no matter how many times, and my heart would always pound in my chest like there was no tomorrow. My hands rested on his around my stomach, his forehead pressed against the top of my head, I squeezed him hands lightly, "Night."

"Sweet dreams Bella." He whispered, kissing my hair softly.

I couldn't know who fell asleep first, all I knew was that the last thing I thought of before allowing my slumber to cave in around me, was that I hopped that we were both still single when we were thirty.

So what do you think? Yes, I am aware that this is a fluff ball, but hey, are you complaining? XD