Get a Life

A Naruto One-shot by TKCat

Summary: Sasuke is now one of the world's most popular musician, but he's still haunted by the precious person he threw away to reach that high. Now, when they meet again seven years later, much has changed. Maybe it wouldn't have been so awkward if they hadn't been stuck in an elevator?

Rating: M

Pairing: SasuNaru

Warnings: Yaoi (Boy/Boy), Shoen-Ai (Boy-Love), Cursing/foul language, Lemon, slight Lime

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Disclaimer: Naruto © Masashi Kishimoto. I do not own it. Nor do I own 'Get a Life' by Stage dolls.

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-Get a Life-

'So what 'cha gonna do with your life?'

'You got any plans? Huh?'

The air was heavy, filled with sweat and shouting. Music blazed from the enormous speakers, the crowd was screaming. Everything was one big mess, but at the same time, it was played out in a perfect sequence. Just like he liked it... Pale fingers slid over the strings, shifting the chords, giving the melody a new sound. The audience was going wild, the drums beat harder, and the music got louder...

He smirked, almost smiled, since no one could really see him through the darkness, even though the spotlights were on him, on the stage. The mass of people were too occupied with everything around them and didn't bother use their time trying to pry through the smoke and find his face. Not that he cared. They were there for him, and for the music he played; for what only he could do. No one else...

Scanning the crowd, his dark eyes easily found what they were looking for, and his gaze connected with the one of azure orbs, clearly shining in the light, reflecting the happenings on the stage; the only pair of eyes that actually bothered looking for his face. Feeling his heart flutter when he looked into those eyes, he couldn't help but wondering why that person caught his attention. Really, he already knew the answer, but for some reason, he felt like he had to remind himself. Yes, this person... This person was the reason that he played: his inspiration.

His Love...

'So what 'cha gonna do?'

'Get a life.'

All of a sudden, the surroundings changed. The crowd disappeared; so did the flashing lights, but the music remained, even though somewhat dulled. Confused, he looked around and found himself sitting on a huge bed in some kind of dimly lit hotel room. He then realized he was naked when he felt the soft sheets on his skin, but his confusion was soon swallowed as he felt an intense heat engulfing his member.

Gasping in pleasure, he looked down to see the same person, the same eyes from the concert, looking lustfully up at him. Now he could also see the person the eyes belonged to. A male, seemingly his age, with brilliant blond hair sat there in front of him, just as nude as himself. That allowed him to gaze over the beautiful bronze skin of the boy and his well sculpted body, making the boy look temptingly delicious where he knelt.

He moaned at the erotic sight, his fingers trembling, wanting to reach out and touch the gorgeous blond. The boy's plump lips were skillfully working on his member, switching between sucking and nipping playfully, taunting him with what more he knew he could have, could get, if he wanted to. And he planned on having just that…

He grabbed a fistful of blond hair and pulled the blond up to his face. Azure eyes were now glazed over with lust, rose-red lips swollen. Up close he could see faint scars on the boys cheeks, which only made him more attractive… irresistible.

"Sasuke…" whispered the blond, his voice low and as lust filed as his eyes.

"Yes…" came his breathless reply before he started closing the distance between them. He wanted to feel those lips against his own, and to touch that skin, feel the warmth of the blond's body against his own, and around a certain part of his anatomy. He was however stopped before he could go that far.

"Wake up, Sasuke."

Beep! Beep! Beep!

"God fucking damn it!" the raven cursed, picking up the beeping alarm clock, throwing it against the wall where it was thoughtfully crushed before it fell to the ground. Sasuke growled in annoyance. Sharply, he sat up, only to be greeted with a raging hard-on. He let out a long, annoyed sigh. Now he'd have to take a cold shower, too…

It wasn't his intention to wake up like that; really, it wasn't. Not that day, anyways. He was used to have these kinds of dreams, since he'd been having them for over five years now. Only this time, it had seemed like he really was there, that boy… it had felt so real. He knew who it was, too. Uzumaki Naruto, his old best-friend from high-school, and ex-boyfriend, had been haunting his dreams the past six years, and left him with painful morning-woods and a desire for cute blonds with blue eyes and a sexy piece of ass.

Get a Life
Get a Life…

But no matter how much he tried to forget the blond, the dreams only seemed to get worse. Hell, Sasuke hadn't even seen him in the past seven years! Not that he should be complaining. It was the raven's own fault that they had ended it, anyway. It was somewhere in high-school, he remembered. He was playing in a normal band at the time, but they never really got anywhere, and because most of the other members were in it for fame, they broke it up. It was around that time some guy saying his name was Orochimaru had shown up. He came to him, asking if he wanted to join some kind of rock-band in need for a guitarist for a concert that'd be held a few weeks from then.

Of course, being the fool he was, he accepted at once, and that was his first mistake. The concert had been a blast, and Orochimaru soon came up with an offer for a contract with that band, and once again, he foolishly accepted. He had tasted the sweet fruit of fame and now he was carving for more. If he only had realized that he already had everything he needed… He had friends, good grades, a bright future, enough money, and most importantly; he had Naruto, the one person that he actually cared for.

Got my first gig back in '72
I'm still a rebelwithout a clue

The two of them had it all planned out. He would help Naruto get better grades so they could go to the same college, and after finishing up there, Sasuke would take over the Uchiha corp. that had been in the family for ages while Naruto would become a doctor, like the blonde had said his father had been. They were going to get married, and then buy their own house (and adopt at least two kids, the blonde had decided, and Sasuke had no problems with that as long as the kids came after he'd turned thirty so they wouldn't take of his time with the blonde while he still was young and horny…).

It all changed when he signed that contract. Of course, at first Naruto was happy for him, but when it was decided that Sasuke was going on a tour that would last for about a year (if not longer), already the week after, that support also changed. He knew Naruto wouldn't want such a relationship, but if Naruto came with him, he wouldn't get his education in medicine like he wanted. But he had been a fool, and refused to stay. It had all ended with a screaming blond stomping out the door, telling him what a selfish bastard he was…

He never saw the blond again after that.

Thirty years later
Stuck in an elevator

Back then, he didn't really care. If Naruto would hinder him to reach his goal, he had to remove that obstacle. And so he did…

The next months went by smoothly, and by the end of the half-year he could see his name everywhere. He could hear everyone talking about this new talented singer and guitarist, and how fast he had reached the top. There wasn't one time he would pass a bunch of chattering school-girls without hearing his name mentioned, and there wasn't one day he didn't hear his own voice coming from a radio-show or music-channel. It was like there was a big neon-sign everywhere he turned saying 'Uchiha Sasuke'.

Seeing how his skill and popularity level was way out of the other band-members' league, Orochimaru suggested a solo carrier for him. He hadn't exactly become the best of buds with the rest of the band, anyway, so he'd thought "Why not?" before jumping into it. And if the neon-sign wasn't enough, his name was written in the stars by now…

The lights are on but no one's home still knockin'
got my own little paradise

Everything had seemed so perfect. It was only over a year after he signed the contract he started wondering if what he had done was the right thing to do. He had been onstage, as usual, singing a new song he had composed the week before. It was the he'd seen it… It was a girl out in the crowd, but it wasn't the girl that had caught his attention. It was what she was doing that disturbed him. She stood there, lips locked with a male that obviously was her boyfriend. No, the whole deal about the couple didn't mean anything to him. It was the fact that they were together… happily together… Perhaps it was because it mixed well with the song he had been playing at that moment, but it really had a deep impact on his brain that had been doing his heart and hormones' job over that last year.

That night he had the first dream about Naruto.

It had been that time they went mountain climbing together the first year of high-school. He remembered it very well. That day, when they had reached the top of the mountain, was the day he had first asked the blond out. At first, the dream went just like he remembered it, but it had differences too. Most notable was that they didn't have any of the security gear on them. In the numb state of dreaming, that really hadn't mattered. At least not until his blond companion had slipped on a loose rock. On reflex, he had reached out for the blond as he fell, but suddenly he had pulled his hand back and continued climbing, alone, like Naruto falling didn't matter.

Can't get away from all this High School Rockin'
She says, 'Baby - Get a life'

The last thing he remembered before waking up were the azure eyes, filled with hurt and betrayal… Afterwards, the dreams started to become more sexual, taunting him with what he had within his grasp and let go of. He started to become sexually frustrated and began taking blonds, both males and females, back with him almost every night. Not that they complained, but after every time the dreams became worse, so at last he ignored his desire and stopped.

'Got any plans?'

'Go get a life'

Stepping into his bedroom again after having taken his shower, he glanced over at his clock. 11:36 AM it showed… He knew he was going to sing in some birthday-party that night. Normally, he wouldn't have accepted, and it wasn't like they paid a lot of money for it, either (not that he needed the money, anyway), but the party was in Konoha. For a long time he had been looking for an excuse to visit his old home city again, and even though he knew he was going to have a concert there the week after, coming the week before would leave him with more time to look around and see what had changed.

After all, he also needed a vacation once in a while…


Get a life

Get- Get a life

Get a life

Get a life…

'Get a life, will ya!'

Sasuke swore soundly where he stood outside an elevator, waiting for it to reach his floor. He was already half an hour late having gotten caught up watching some stupid music-show on TV, and now it looked like he was going to have to add another if the elevator didn't hurry up. Finally the two metal doors opened and a woman holding the hand of a small boy walked out before the raven could walk in, pushing the button to the seventh floor.

As he did so, he realized that about every button up to his floor were pushed. Stupid brat! He cursed silently, glaring daggers at the child's back before the doors closed. The elevator started moving, stopping at the second floor where an old-looking and a younger man entered. The younger of them exited the elevator at the next stop. Sasuke snorted. What a lazy-ass

No one entered at the fourth floor, and the old man went off on the fifth. He had to close the door again on the sixth, seeing there was no one coming on. On the next floor another male entered, pushing the button for the first floor before he went to stand in the corner furthest away from Sasuke. The doors closed slowly, and Sasuke came to remember that he was supposed to exit the elevator there. It was too late, though, and the elevator started to sink. Frustrated, Sasuke pushed the button for the seventh floor, hard.

All of a sudden, the elevator stopped midway between the fifth and the sixth floor. A clank was heard, lights flickering on and off before they finally decided to go for 'off', leaving only the battery operated emergency-phone sign on, which gave little light to the small room. It became silent…

Top of the world is there nowhere to climb
out on the edge Rock 'n' Roll Re-defined

A now really frustrated and annoyed Sasuke growled before picking up the phone, waiting for someone to answer. When no one did, he slammed the phone back on its rightful place before sliding helplessly to the floor, resting his head in his hands. Just his luck he hadn't brought his phone with him. Another sigh and rustling of clothing confirmed that his co-passenger had also taken a seat against the elevator's wall.

Aside from the sound of breathing, Sasuke could hear music coming from one of the floors close to them. It was his latest song that had been released just the last week. It had become a real hit, he remembered Orochimaru had told him.

"It's at times like these you should bring your iPod…" he heard the other male in the elevator mutter, obviously also having heard the song playing. It kind of annoyed the raven; that person was indirectly saying that his song sucked.

Thirty years later
Stuck in an elevator

"So you're basically saying you don't like Uchiha Sasuke," Sasuke stated, catching the other mans attention.

"No, not really…" he replied, and somehow Sasuke couldn't help but take in the softness of the voice. "I think he's a bastard."

Sasuke almost chocked on the words. He didn't, though. He was an Uchiha. Uchiha's doesn't choke. "He doesn't think any different of you," he snapped, not able to hold it any more, having enough of that stupid day. Now he just wanted to go to sleep, maybe have another dream about his dobe, where they'd perhaps get a little closer to the actions of Sasuke's little fantasies (namely the blonds behind)… Why had he opened his mouth and started this stupid conservation with the stranger anyway?

"Ah, actually he does. He thinks I'm a poor idiot who'd always suck up to his shit, even if I never meant and will never mean anything to him at all, thank you very much," the male snapped back. What the hell was he implying?

"Why would you mean anything to him at all, anyway? You've surely never even met him." Sasuke turned to glare at the male.

At the same time, the male turned to him. "For your information, Sir, I have actually –"

The words became stuck in the stranger's throat when he turned to Sasuke. The raven's glare turned into a look of surprise and shock as his coal-black eyes connected with brilliant, azure ones. Even through the darkness he could still see their unique color. When he saw the blond hair he knew there was no mistake…

"Sasuke…?" the blond asked, shocked.

"Naruto…" Sasuke whispered, no, breathed the name. His eyes wandered over the blond's body and features, noticing how his desire seemed to have grown up (meaning the younger boy of his dreams no longer applied to reality). What the raven remembered as chubby cheeks had now become strong jaw lines, and if he looked close enough, he could see the whisker-scars that hindered the blonde from losing his adorability. His hair seemed to have become a tad brighter and more golden, and his body even more muscular. The only thing that hadn't changed on the blonde was his eyes, which still had their bright, blue color which gave the male his look of innocence, even though he was far from innocent by now. Sasuke almost had to pinch his arm to make sure it really was the dobe who was sitting in front of him.

He was still as beautiful as ever…

The lights are on but no one's home still knockin'
got my own little paradise.

Naruto's look changed from shock to disbelief. Then he frowned. "You're late for the party you're supposed to be in," he stated calmly, glaring slightly at the raven.

"And how would you know that, dobe?" Sasuke asked, snapping out off his daze.

"It's my party."

The raven raised an eyebrow. "Your party?" he asked in disbelief. The blonde nodded. "Why would you want me to come and sing for you, then? Didn't you say you never wanted to see me again?"

"Whatever makes you think it was I who hired you?"

"It is your party, isn't it?"

"Yeah, it is. It's my surprise birthday-party."

There was a silence before Sasuke spoke. "You're turning twenty-five…"

"Oh, you remembered! I'm flattered, Sasuke-kun!" the blonde said, sarcasm coating his voice. Sasuke cringed at the use of 'kun' in the end of his name. It reminded him too much of his old high-school fan-girls.

Sasuke sighed heavily before the silence took over again.

"Why aren't you at the party, then? You seem to be going everywhere but there," the raven asked, uncomfortable with the lack of sound.

"What do you think?" Sasuke sent him a 'just-answer-the-damn-question' look. Naruto huffed. "I left once I heard you were coming."

Oh, that one stung. "Nice to know, dobe," Sasuke replied sarcastic.

"Can't help it when it's the truth," Naruto said, looking away. More silence.

Can't get away from all this High School Rockin'
She says, 'Baby - Get a life'

"You… What do you do for a living now?" the raven questioned, kind of hesitating. After all, he had promised he'd help the blond with his grades in high-school, but after he left…

It took a while before the blond replied. "I'm a doctor. Head-doctor for the children-section, actually, so it's pretty busy," he said, still not looking at the raven. Sasuke sighed, almost not notable, in relief. It was good to know that the blond had at least reached his goal for life. Deep down, however, Sasuke still felt regret for not being there with Naruto, for Naruto.

They once more slid back into an uncomfortable silence. Sasuke faintly wondered if he should try the emergency phone again, but decided against it. He looked over at Naruto again, who still sat looking at the wall, tracing a pattern on the elevator-wall with his fingers. God, how much he wanted to reach out and entwine his own fingers with those slender, alluring ones.

One could easily see they were the ideal hands for a doctor – soft and steady, giving you a secure feeling just by looking at them (unlike his own, that were also quite strong and steady, but all roughened up from years of hard guitar playing). Sasuke couldn't deny that knowing those hands had touched other humans – children or not – and not himself sent a rush of jealousy and envy through him. But he also felt more of the regret that had been building up in him these past seven years. Those hands could have been with him every day of his life; touching him tenderly, comforting him, teasing him, pleasuring him, stroking his hair – all that shit if he hadn't screwed it up as badly as he did.

He willed his gaze to travel away from the hands, following the blond's arms to the shoulders – perfectly shaped shoulders for his own hands to grab onto and pull the other closer…

Home, still knocking, life gets colder

Trains ain't stopping, want to hold her

He just had to take it all in at once – the legs, the neck, the face, the lips – and, oh, fuck… stop taking it in parts already! He had the whole Naruto right in front of him! Naruto, as in the blond of his wettest dreams and his ideal future, and here he sat, just waiting for the blond to slip away – again. Oh, hell no if Sasuke was going to let this chance pass.

Slowly, he let his hand move to the tan one that was tracing the wall. When close enough, he grabbed a hold of it and looked at the blond who held a confused gaze at the Uchiha's action, lips slightly apart as if to question the raven, but to Sasuke it was only an invitation to start what he had planned. He leaned forward, using his other hand to grab a hold of the back of the blond's neck, preventing him from turning away. Then, without warning, he crashed his lips upon the others.

Get a life--!

The kiss was rough, lusting, and filled with the longing Sasuke had built up the past years. To be able to kiss Naruto again was cloud nine to the raven, but Naruto's lack of respond irritated him. He released the hand he had first grabbed a hold of and snaked it around his dobe's waist, pulling his body closer, nibbling and biting at his lower lip, causing the blond to stiffen, as if trying to hold back the noises building up in his throat. Sasuke, however, would have none of that. Roughly he ground his hips down onto Naruto's, making his arousal known to the other male. At this, the blond could no longer stop the moans that were threatening to slip past his lips. He groaned into the kiss, hands unconsciously reaching up to grab a hold of dark, raven tresses, pulling the taller male closer.

Oh, you get a life—

Sasuke almost smirked at his victory, but refrained from doing so as he made himself busy with pushing his tongue into Naruto's mouth, exploring and renewing his memories by mapping every part he could reach, making the blond mewl into the kiss, hands tightening in the raven's hair. Oh, how Sasuke had longed for him to make those sounds for him again. He pushed the blond up against the elevator-wall, the hand he had secured around Naruto's waist sliding lower, gently caressing the curved, soft flesh before grabbing a handful, kneading his now self claimed possession.

Naruto gasped in pleasure at the feeling of the ravens hand on his ass. His back ached, wanting the raven to give him more of the delicious feeling of being touched. And who was Sasuke to deny his dobe's wish? Breaking the kiss, Sasuke started to trail kisses from Naruto's neck and down the blond's throat, sucking at a spot on the neck, right above the collarbone. He bit down hard, letting his teeth sink into the flesh, drawing blood.

"Ah!" he heard his blond suppress a pained yelp, but it was quickly followed by mewling as he licked the swelling wound. He moved on, letting both his hands start at the job of tearing the blond's jacket off of him. Ridding the t-shirt was done quickly once he finally got the blond to let go of his hair, almost regrettable as the tugging only showed Naruto's willingness. He felt his mouth water when his price came to view. An all-over tanned and well built chest with two almost perfectly rounded, dusky nipples, followed by hard and well trained abs – and though Naruto was no bodybuilder, he was more than respectable for an average man his age. He wasted to time in getting rid of his own shirt so he could press his own pale chest against the other.

Looking down at the panting dobe's face he was met with hazed, azure eyes that held the same lust and longing that he knew was shown in his own.

He smirked knowingly. "You've wanted this too, haven't you, Na-ru-to?" he whispered teasingly. Blushing, Naruto quickly glanced away. Annoyed, yet amused with the blonds suddenly shy behavior he let his hands grab a hold of each of the Naruto's cheeks, forcing him to look at the Uchiha. Sasuke leaned down to nibble at his companion's ear, earning him another – though suppressed – mewl from the blond underneath him. He briefly wondered if the elevators carpet was soft enough to be comfortable for the dobe. His tongue darted out to lick the shell of his prey's ear. "Shush… It's okay to want me. Don't turn away. I want to see your beautiful face as I taste you again… thoughtfully."

Get a life--…

Naruto scowled at the handsome man above him who just minutes ago had been vampire-ing his neck. "Pft… You say that like you haven't been the one wanting me. I wasn't the one who suddenly decided to make out with the ex you haven't seen in seven fucking years," he spat, but the words lost their venom due to the atmosphere and aroused look in his eyes.

Sasuke sniggered, his hands letting go of the dobe's face and starting their travel south, sliding down the blonde's neck. "Why, of course I have wanted you, Naruto…" he breathed, hands traveling down the blonde's chest now, brushing over his nipples and making him shiver. "… Longed to touch you like this again… it has been so long since the last time… It was after that concert, wasn't it?" At this, Naruto sent one of his more powerful glares at the raven, but the effect was drowned by his lust-hazed state of mind.


"Mhm… you should remember that night. I certainly did." Sasuke purred, interrupting the blond, his hands now continuing their journey down Naruto's sides, stopping at the waistband. Tugging the blonde's pants ever so slightly down, he teased the sensitive flesh there only to slide up to once again brush over the sensitive nipples. Sasuke's lips started moving back down again, trailing kisses all the way down the tanned neck, lingering a bit longer at the fresh love-bites.

"Who knew–" A skilled tongue was now making its way down to one of the pert nipples. One of the hands started twirling and pinching the one not being targeted by the tongue while the other worked its way south again. "–that ever so innocent little Naruto…" Taking one into his mouth he licked and sucked gently, rubbing the bud with his teeth, the stimulating in all making the blonde shiver and pant. "…could be so–" All the teasing going on at his chest made Naruto oblivious to the last hand that was hovering over his crotch. At the same time, Sasuke's teeth were stopping the stimulating of the now wet and hardening bud. But this was only the predator preparing to leap. Softly he let his breath linger over the hard flesh "- kinky."

Without warning dipped down and bit down – hard.

Naruto screamed out in a strange sort of mixed pain and pleasure. The pain was due to the teeth piercing the sensitive flesh around his nipples, making a bleeding wound on him for the second time that evening. Pleasure was drowning out most of the pain, though, as Sasuke's ignored hand had clamped down on his crotch, grabbing his now fully-erect and needy manhood through the material of his pants.

The lights are on but no one's home still knockin'
got my own little paradise

"S-Sasu… ke…" he found himself breathing the other man's name huskily. It was true that he had missed Sasuke. Missed his bastardly voice, his bastardly attitude, bastardly face, looks, smirks, touches… He missed the kind of bastard he used to be before he turned into that cold, idiotic jerk of a bastard that had left him with his hopes and future crushed. But like heck he was ever going to admit that to Sasuke. He was still the same bastard that had left – and now only out for his body! How did that freaking jerk even dare to come back when—?!

Naruto froze as he felt strong arms wrap themselves around him, pulling him into the other male's embrace. "I've missed you."


Sasuke really didn't know himself what made him act like this – however, he knew that he had missed the blond idiot (or maybe not-so-idiot any longer, but he'd still be Sasuke's idiot!) and that he had to say it. His head was still buried into Naruto's chest because he didn't know if he could face his reaction. Yet, he had to make Naruto understand how much he regretted leaving him and how much he regretted the way he had acted. It was truly his fault – and they both knew that. Now he was accepting it and trying to make up for it. If only he could do this, he might be able to fix this… fix everything.

Naruto was at loss of words. Sasuke – Uchiha Sasuke, successful musician, rich bastard, his ex-boyfriend and still one and only true love – was confessing his regret. He was even stating that he had missed him. Sasuke had missed him, during all those years! A million different feelings came crashing down on him, and he had to blink rapidly to hold back the tears that threatened to fall from his eyes. Anger, hurt, happiness, relief… it confused him so very much, though he was sure of one thing.

He pulled the raven up to face him and gazed into those dark eyes, gleaming with the regret he had spoken of. There was also a tint of fear in the mix, covered by the thin layer of lust and arousal from earlier. A warning sting struck through the blonde when he thought over just what he was about to do… but there was no stopping now.

Naruto smiled softly resting his forehead against Sasuke's, before whispering;

"I've missed you, too."

The relief that shone in the other male's eyes at his words turned his smile into a small grin. The expression made it clear to Naruto that he hadn't been telling lies after all.

I bought a ticket but the trains ain't stoppin'
She says, 'Baby - Get a life'

Sasuke knew he couldn't have been more relieved. He swiftly dove down, sweeping the blond – his blond – into a hug which was returned, nuzzling his nose into the golden tresses and breathing in the scent. Enhanced by the lightness he felt after getting those words off of his chest, he bent his head down to stare his blond into the eyes, their noses touching slightly.

"Please, Naruto…" he breathed almost desperately, cradling the blonde's head in his hands. "Let me have you… please…"

Naruto gave a short laugh before replying. "Didn't you already say you'd…'taste' me?" He then smiled gently up at Sasuke, lifting a hand to stroke one of the pale cheeks. He leaned up and breathed into the raven's ear, "Please have me, Sasuke. Take me, right here, now… please, Sasu–"

Before he could finish, Sasuke had his lips covered with his own in a new, passionate kiss. Pants and undergarments were quickly taken care of and discarded as with the rest of the clothes. More touching and kissing was included, as well as moaning and groans from both parts. Having Naruto's back pressed up against a wall Sasuke used his own hips to keep the blonde a little off the ground. His left hand was caressing the blonde's inner thighs while his right was tracing his rounded behind; Naruto's own hands were circled around his neck.

The lights are on but no one's home still knockin'
got my own little paradise

His fingers were long since slicked up with his own saliva (due to lack of other means of lubrication), though he still felt a little bad for giving the blonde only so much as he parted the delicious cheeks of the blonde's ass. He heard a slight hitch of breath as his fingers started tracing the twitching entrance – God how much he'd give just bury himself in that cavern all at once…! He slapped himself mentally for having that thought, though the lust for his blonde still thickened.

He slid the first finger in – with some slight difficulty due to the intense tightness – while he watched Naruto's face scrunch up into a slightly pained and annoyed grimace as he endured it. Moving it around a little and remapping his blonde's insides, Sasuke could feel the tight cave beginning to slicken up a little. The relaxing of muscles was his cue to continue.

Another finger was shoved in, to join the other, making Naruto wince a little louder now, but only mewls of pleasure and excitement escaped his lips as Sasuke began moving the fingers around. "Hurry up already…" he huffed, and the raven complied, adding a third finger which moved around with the others, moving and curling inside the withering blonde.


At a particularly load moan, Sasuke couldn't help himself any longer.

Pulling out his fingers rather roughly, he turned around with the blond still sitting on his hips so that it was his own back leaning against the wall. Quickly smearing some of his pre-cum around his tip, he positioned himself at the dazed (though slightly surprised) blonde's entrance. Maybe he should've added a fourth finger too, just to make sure he'd loosened him up enough, but all the blood rushing about in his lower regions left all up to his instincts.

"S-Sasuke…! You..!" came Naruto's weak protest.

"Shh, I'm sorry. I can't wait any longer," Sasuke replied, pressing his tip to the twitching ring of muscles, making Naruto's back arch a little, pressing his chest to Sasuke's. Now the only thing keeping him off of the aching member under him was Sasuke holding him. So if the raven let go now… "And after all, you were the one telling me to hurry up."

"But I—"

"Too late,"

A scream of pain tore through the small room, mixing with a groan of pure ecstasy. Sasuke could feel the entire blond – from the torso pressing tightly against him, the arms keeping a tense grip around him, to the slender legs wrapped around his hips and the tight, hot muscles clenching at his cock. He closed his eyes as they rolled to the back of his head as he concentrated only on the clenching tightness and pleasure surrounding him. How could he ever have gone away from this? Even worse, how could he ever have thought of sleeping with others (yet alone, do it!) when he could've had this all this entire time!?

A curse snapped him out of his daze. His attention then quickly went to his groaning companion, and though his mind was still clouded by lust he couldn't help but worry a little. He nuzzled Naruto's neck in remorse, comforting the blond a little.

Can't get away from all this High School Rockin'

She says, 'Baby - Get a life, Get a life'

Naruto hadn't felt that much pain since the time he'd first had the raven in him. And the last time had been many years ago… though he had been a horny teenager in his days, he'd never been keen on sleeping around since Sasuke left, and only now he could feel how it had paid off. Perhaps he should've taken up on some of the offers he had gained in college, but on the other hand, knowing it had only been Sasuke… felt kind of nice.

The raven hadn't gone all the way in, though he was already more than halfway buried in him, and to say the least; Sasuke was way bigger than some fingers…and way bigger than he used to be… But he could've been a little more considerate!

"You… ha… are a fucking… ha…bastard!" he bit out at Sasuke between pants and puffs. The raven in question seemed to be out of this world until he had thrown the insult. He was instantly at his neck, nuzzling into the crock of it in a form of an apology. Sighing softly, Naruto loosened his grip around his companion, relaxing a little, but instantly regretted doing so as he ended up sliding even further down on the Uchiha's member.

He let out a surprised and slightly pained yelp, though it quickly turned into a scream of pure pleasure as the pulsing member inside him pressed hard against something. He clenched his eyes tightly as small white dots danced across his vision, barely making out the sound of the raven moaning along with him.

Sasuke watched as Naruto tried to relax again. The slight movement from before had resulted in burying him even deeper into the other's heat, hitting his sweet spot quite hard. Now only his own willpower was keeping him from pounding Naruto into the elevator-floor. A couple of minutes later, the blonde started lifting himself up from the raven's member, leaving Sasuke a little confused and disappointed, though only until Naruto suddenly sat down again, impaling him fully, making him gasp in pleasure.

"Ah! Fuck!" Naruto yelled as he rose and sat down again, making the dick inside him brush against that spot again, though not hitting it completely. Though it didn't really matter; never before had he felt so full before! He repeated the action again, and again, feeling like the more he did so the more of Sasuke was buried in him. "Sasu—ah..! Sasuke..!"

The lights are on but no one's home still knockin'
got my own little paradise

The broken moan of his name sent Sasuke up running again. Grabbing Naruto's hips for support, he pushed the blonde gently onto his back. He pulled out to hang the blond's legs over his shoulders earning him a disappointed moan which he quickly erased by plunging back into the tight heat, this time going all the way to the hilt, balls pressing up against Naruto's rear end, creating a wonderful friction for him. He was also rewarded with the loudest pleasured scream yet.

Naruto could nothing but drag his fingers across the short hairs of the elevator's carpet and scream as Sasuke drove into his prostate with full force this time, but not stopping there as he continued on an even phase, speed increasing with every few thrust. He bit down onto his own fist to stop the screaming, though Sasuke would have none of that.

Taking advantage of Naruto's flexibility, he pushed his knees up to his tan chest, giving him better access as well as a better hold on the blond. Using a free hand, he grabbed Naruto's wrist, forcing the hand stopping those delicious sounds above the blond's head. He continued thrusting, always somehow pressing against the right spot which earned him more of those delightful sounds. The blond had also started moving his hips along with his thrusts, making him groan in delight.

"Ha… Sasuke! Oh God, yes!! Harder!"

"Oh fuck…I'll give you ha-harder…!"

Sasuke kept up his thrusting for what seemed like an eternity, feeling himself nearing his release. Releasing the blonde's wrist, he went for his blond's member, thrusting it in his hands along with his thrusts inside Naruto, dragging out more delicious sounds from his partner.

Little paradise-!

Giving a scream as the only warning, Naruto released his load, spurting it onto both of their stomachs. The tightening of muscles around him made Sasuke give final thrust into the blond where he released his own load with a groan of his Naruto's name, halfway listening to his partner's own groans.



Can't get away from all this High School Rockin'

The elevator doors finally opened at the first floor, and the couple stalked out, Naruto in front and Sasuke tagging behind. He couldn't help but stare at the beautiful body he'd been able to have for himself barely a few minutes ago. Thinking back at the intense satisfaction he felt, he couldn't help but let out a content sigh.

Naruto turned around (unaware of the lusting stares he'd received just now) and spoke up. "Guess I'll go home then."

"I guess…"

A silence, much like the ones from earlier lingered between the two as they stared wondering at each other, just looking into the depths of their eyes, trying to find some sort of silent reply. Naruto broke it off with a small smile.

"Good bye, then."

He turned around and was about to go for the exit when Sasuke grabbed his wrist, stopping him. "Wait!"

He raised an eyebrow at the superstar's panicked voice. "Huh?"

Sasuke hesitated a bit before continuing. "I… I know I've been… well, you know… but I was wondering if it was a possibility that I… that we could… perhaps, you know, try something out and…"

"Start over again?"

Sasuke swallowed, but nevertheless gave a curt nod in reply.

Naruto chuckled, and stepped up to the raven, fumbling with something in his pocket. He pulled put a piece of paper and put it into one of Sasuke's hands, closing it around it.

"You know what Sasuke?"


"I… No…" he said, a little confused as Naruto turned his back to him and walked to the entrance. Just before closing the door after him, the blonde threw his head around, giving the raven a playful smirk.

She says, 'Baby –'

"Get a life."


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