AUTHOR'S NOTE~~~ Hey all just wanted to wish you and your families a merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and a bitchin Kwanzaa! Unfortunately I don't know any other holidays celebrated around this time so Happy/Merry/Bitchin *insert your holiday here* to you and your families as well!

Now down to business. I've wanted to do a holiday themed fan fic for a while and I know that the Christmas one is a favorite so my idea isn't too original. basically Fox is in desperate need to get Krystal his wife a present and goes through a whole mess of escapades to get one for her. I wanted this to be a one shot but it got too long rather fast. I would have posted this earlier but I only just got the idea on Christmas eve and since the kid is still in me I woke up a few hours before it's time to open presents (at about 5 am).

Well hope you enjoy don't forget to tell me what you think, more is coming after Christmas!

Fox stroked the sweet smelling blue hair of his wife wondering why couldn't every day be like this? Not that every other day was bad or anything, far from it, but this one was by far the most special of all he had ever shared with her. He leaned in and kissed her sleeping head and kept watching the fire he made a few hours before in the fire place. The lights on the tree shone brightly but not in a discomforting way. All the colors, green, red, yellow, orange and especially blue coexisted and brought out the radiant beauty in each other.

'Two days until Christmas.' Fox mentally sighed.

'Yup just two more days.' Someone else said. Normally most people were shocked, afraid and defensive if another mind invaded theirs but Fox welcomed it. he didn't mind Krystal dropping in at all in fact he welcomed it. She always brought a sense of calm, warmth and love when she came into his mind.

'You're still awake?' Fox asked mentally.

"I've been awake Fox." Krystal said lifting her head off his shoulder and kissed him on the lips. Even after five years full of it Fox always blushed when she kissed him. how couldn't he? To him she was the most beautiful woman in the Lylat and no one could ever prove otherwise.

"Is Marcus also awake?" Fox whispered.

Krystal shook her head. "No he's dreaming right now. Boy he likes cookies."

"That would be Katt's fault, one bite and oh my god." Fox said having a climax in his mouth. Katt made some seriously tasty cookies.

"You never drool over my cooking." Krystal pouted.

"No offense but you catch home made ice cream on fire." Fox chuckled.

"I do not." Krystal said and playfully punched him. Fox just gave her a skeptical look. "Alright maybe once but it wasn't the ice cream it was the blender! Which never worked to begin with!"

"That's because the first week you joined Star Fox you wondered if it could blend rocks not just ice!" Fox laughed.

"I was curious!"

"And curiosity killed the cat or in this case the sexy vixen." Fox smiled then leaned in for another kiss which was not withheld from him. Fox and Krystal sat there locked onto each other's lips for quite a while before Krystal's mouth got tired.

"I don't understand how you can kiss for so long." Krystal said while massaging her jaw.

"Well I guess it's because I get to kiss you and a little discomfort won't be able to stop me. You're just too damn beautiful.

Krystal smiled. "Aren't you the flatterer."

Fox shrugged. "I just call them as I see them."

After another long and intense oral session Krystal asked. "Fox what are we doing for Christmas? I forgot."

"Well after Marcus is through destroying the hours and hours of careful wrapping on his presents we were going to go to Peppy's house and meet everyone there." Fox said and pecked her gently on the lips with his own.

"And we have all the gifts for everyone right?" Krystal asked worrying they didn't even though she helped Fox pick each and every single one of them out.

"Yep we did all that weeks before hand to avoid the final Holiday rush. Falco and Katt are getting that new T.V., Slippy a box of condoms, God knows he needs them how many kids has he got now?"

Krystal tallied them up on her fingers. "About thirteen. Who knows? By the time Christmas is here he'll have doubled that number!"

"True. Anyways for both Slippy and Amanda we got them that robotic nanny to help regulate and do chores, Peppy we got him that special cane he asked for, Lucy a new pair of earrings and Bill that new blaster he practically drooled over."

"Those are all such nice gifts Fox." Krystal said nuzzling back into his warm, firm chest. "I can't wait to see what you got me."

"Yeah I'm sure you'll-" Fox stopped mid sentence. His world came crashing down and terror swept through his veins like blood. He forgot to get Krystal, his wife of five years, and the love of his life a gift for Christmas.

"Fox are you alright? Your heart is beating faster." Krystal said listening to the soothing beats.

"Yeah I'm fine." Fox said than began to panic mentally. He had figured out that there were ways of fooling Krystal's telepathy but they were hard to master since she was so good. He used the simplest one and that was to think in a different language. Krystal could usually get the gist of it but when he thought in many of them it got harder and harder. He figured she wouldn't press right now because she wanted her present to remain a surprise so he was allowed to panic now.

'Oh crap! CRAP! How the Hell could I forget about Krystal? I don't even have an idea what to get her! She helped me with all the gifts for everyone else! CRAP!'

As Fox's mental roller coaster ride through him all over the amusement park her called a conscious Krystal began to get a little anxious. It was still a little early, Marcus was fast asleep, the setting was more than right but any setting was right when she got this anxious.

"Hey Fox? Let's say we go to bed huh?" She asked ending Fox's mental dilemma.

Panic gave way to excitement within Fox. "Sure why not?" Fox asked and got up. Just as Krystal made a move to get up herself Fox swooped her up in his arms.

Although she knew she was absolutely safe in her vulpine's arms she still held tightly. "What are you doing Fox?" Krystal asked as he nuzzled her neck.

"Escorting the lady to the bedroom." Fox said then kissed her. They kissed for a while but Fox hardly noticed. He could carry Krystal up and down a mountain and his muscles wouldn't complain once.

Fox strolled Krystal to the bedroom slowly. The house was dark and the Christmas lights strewn throughout the house was their only source of light. Krystal always marveled at them like a child and Fox always marveled and her hers. She seemed so innocent and pure, so beautiful and awe inspiring. He never wanted her to feel any differently from that moment.

The lights reflected off her fur and her deep eyes that Fox was drawn to like a moth to a light. He practically stepped on one of Marcus' toy Arwings he was so enthralled by her beauty and awe.

"I wish every day could be like Christmas time." Krystal whispered.

"Me to but the lines and the Christmas ads would drive me insane." Fox jested as he opened the door to their bedroom. There was a string of lights in the room despite the effects it made on Fox's rest but he'd let an elephant live in their room if it made Krystal as beautiful as the lights did. He could see all the colors of the lights reflect of her shiny, sleek, soft, blue fur and it made it hard to look away even more.

Fox laid Krystal on the bed and began to strip away the rest of his clothes. He was already shirtless but the socks, pants and boxers had to go as well. As he took off his clothes Krystal could see a lot more grace in it then most things he did and she knew why. She never was able to bring it up because she knew it would embarrass not just her but him as well. At one point in his life Fox was an erotic dancer, he had to be other wise he wouldn't have been able to buy a pilot's license and save the Lylat from Venom. After he obtained a license however he quit and never stepped near a stage again. As much as she wanted to see first hand Fox's act she could never ask him.

Fox was now down to his bear essentials and the new problem he faced washed away. Tonight he wouldn't worry about it but the next day he'd take care of it. For now he crept into the bed with great agile and positioned himself on top of the vixen he loved so dearly. Putting all his weight into his knees and left hand he kissed Krystal with his lips and explored her perfect figure with his right hand.

"I love you Krystal." Fox said and moved to turn off the lights.

Fox's hand reached the button and as the lights turned off Krystal responded. "I love you to."

The next day Fox woke up especially early so he would beat traffic and the lines. Little did he know that the lines and the traffic always got up a half hour earlier then what ever time he got up at. Fox walked out the door of his house and got into his car. He and Krystal bought a special little place outside of Corneria City in the mountains so there was no sign of traffic. He rolled the car to the front gate but had to get out into the freezing cold to stop Zeta.

"Zeta are you trying to get out again?" Fox asked leading the chestnut horse back to the stables. They had two horses so far and Zeta was always trying to leave on her own free will. They had several acres for them to run around in but Zeta always wanted to see new places.

Zeta flattened her ears at him and neighed. "Oh come on girl it's too cold for you to go out now, even with your coat on." Fox said patting her on her sides and scratching her itchy spots. She seemed to calm down and when she had enough she turned around and started eating her hay. "Good bye to you to Zeta." Fox said and left the stables. He would have said good morning to the other horse James but he was sleeping still and didn't wake up too well.

Fox got back into his car and drove towards Corneria City. Before he even got in it he was stuck in traffic for nearly an hour and finding a place to park was next to impossible. He finally found a place but it was half a mile away from the mall. He didn't mind the long walk in the freezing cold so early in the morning. The lights, happy people and festivities made up for it. people who recognized him stopped, wished him Merry Christmas, saluted, asked for his autograph and everything. Fox was happy to oblige because it was the holidays and he had time but it slowed him down all the same.

The mall itself was a chaotic bee's hive that had been over populated and shaken with a couple of rocks to the core. To put it in a better summery it was an all out battle that wasn't waged with guns, tanks, ships and bombs but pushing, shoving, swearing, biting and occasional trampling. He had been there before and wanted to avoid it this year but he had his own stupidity to thank for this.

The mall wasn't open yet so Fox got in line to get into the mall. All around him people seemed jumpy and on edge all ready, cars filled the parking lot and at any moment a stampede could erupt.

'Okay what am I going to get her? She has enough jewelry from her planet so I don't think that is the best choice. I know Katt is getting her a few outfits so clothes are out also. I don't think a toy is acceptable. Crap what am I going to get her?' Fox thought as he held his ground against the crowd.

Suddenly he got the perfect idea. 'That's it! She always loved the Great Fox's hot tub! That's what I'll get her! Wait do they even sell those here? I'm sure they do… then again. Well all I can do is live in hope. But then living in here won't be all too easy.'

Just as he thought that the mall opened and the line began to move. Already he was being pushed by the guy behind him and with one quick glare the guy stopped. Fox moved down the line praying that they had a store somewhere that soled hot tubs and when he finally got in he was blown away.

This year the mall really went all out, lights, ornaments, mistletoe and sales signs were literally everywhere. The ceiling lights were hardly necessary since all the festive lights provided mostly all the light. All the seasonal holidays were around so not to offend anybody who might happen to celebrate Plamatha.

'What ever the Hell that is.' Fox thought to himself.

Fox gradually walked around for awhile looking for a store but he couldn't shake the feeling like he was being watched. He looked back and didn't see anyone watching him but he didn't think differently because of it. Someone was definitely watching him. Fox finally got to a store called Bed, Bath and Infinity.

'Bed, Bath and Infinity huh? Meh, worth a shot.' Fox shrugged.

He tried to squeeze into the store but there were so many people clogging up the entrance for no reason he just wanted to pull a piece and start a new shopping massacre but he wouldn't this year. This year he wouldn't snap like that other guy and go absolutely crazy.

Once he was through he was able to look around the store. Unfortunately after a half an hour's search he came up with nothing so like an idiot he went to ask the idiot help for help.

"Excuse me do you carry hot tubs?" He asked an acne ridden youth.

The youth wore an orange vest with the company logo on the left front side and looked half baked or just half awake. Fox realized that perhaps he was the wrong choice.

"Dude, wait what?" the kid said in either a sleepy voice or his normal idiotic tone.

"A hot tub." Fox repeated.

"Oh… baths are over there." The kid said pointing to the bath tubs.

"No I already looked there I don't want a bath tub I want a hot tub."

The kid shrugged "Bath tubs get hot to man."

"But not as hot as a hot tub now do you have them or not?"

The kid gave him a blank look and he looked like he was chewing his own cud. After about five minutes of patient waiting the kid asked. "How can I help you?"

"A hot tub." Fox repeated trying not to envision himself strangling the little stoner.

"Oh." The kid pointed to the baths. "Bath tubs over-"

"No I don't want a bath tub I want to know if you people carry a god damn hot tub. Hot tub! Say it with me. HOT FUCKING TUB!" Fox shouted beginning to lose his cool and unfortunately he was only beginning to lose his cool. Something about this holiday could bring out the best and absolute worst in him.

"Oh why didn't you say so man? Follow me dude." The kid said and led him to the help desk. After waiting half an hour in a line Fox almost put his hands around the young squirrel's neck.

"Hey Clara this guy wants to know if we have hot tubs." The squirrel said to the rather cute but young feline.

Clara looked up form her desk and practically had an aneurysm. "I don't think so… let me take him into the back and check." She said.

"Will it take long?" Fox asked.

The feline smiled. "Oh no sir not too long." She said taking out a closed sign and put it on the desk.

'Fuck!' Fox thought mentally. When they said that it usually took forever but she seemed nice enough so swearing at her wasn't the way Fox was going to go. At least not yet.

Clara led Fox into the back room and for a few minutes they looked around. Little did Fox know she was trying to find a deserted part of the store.

"So Mr. McCloud who is this hot tub for?" Clara asked while pretending to look in a box.

"Someone really important to me." Fox said starting to lose more patience.

"I think this is it… why don't you have a look?" Clara asked motioning to the box. Fox shrugged and looked in it but found nothing.

"Err I don't think-" Fox said trying to take his head out of the box but something grabbed him. He yelped and jutted his head out but hit it on the hard metal shelves above him. He rubbed his head and once again something gripped his ass. "HEY! What the Hell-" Fox growled once he was out of the box but Clara began to assault his face with her lips.

"You know Mr. McCloud I've been dreaming of a day like this, where you walk into my store and I-" Clara began but Fox stopped her.

Fox pushed her away and when he found words he said. "Hey listen Clara, I'm flattered but I can't do this! I'm married and just how old are you?"


"There you go!"


"I'm sorry Clara but the answer is no." Fox said firmly but that brought Clara close to tears. She began to sob a little and immediately Fox felt like a jerk despite his innocence. He patted her on the shoulder and began to comfort her. "Hey listen Clara it's not your fault or anything. I just can't get involved because I'm married and you're too young. Now considering those two factors were eliminated I'd be more than happy to get to know you more but the fact is-"

"Do you think I'm pretty?" she asked, water on the eyes.

"Yeah but-"

"And I'm not fat?"

Fox looked her over "Hell no." he said truthfully. In fact she had almost as good a figure as Krystal. Almost.

"And you'd sleep with me if I were older and Krystal wasn't your wife?"

"I didn't say that, I would consider it maybe but I can't say that I would since I'm married and well…. This is confusing!"

Clara wiped her eyes. "I'm sorry sir but Bed, Bath and Infinity does not carry hot tubs."

"You don't? Damn it! Well fine then. Are you going to be oka-"

"Thank you come again." Clara said firmly and pointed to the exit.

Fox shrugged and left before there was a scene. She was a cute kid and not the first who tried to seduce, touch or even rape him. There had been many women before her, young and old, slender and fat, rich and poor. Unfortunately there were men to but he handled them differently. Depending on if they touched him or not he did or did not kick the crap out of them. If they didn't touch him he explained firmly that he was not gay but being gay wasn't bad or good to him, he just didn't care if a person was or not.

Fox left the store and once again that feeling of someone watching him came over him. He had to resist the urge to fade into the crowd and hide somewhere so he could possibly spot the stalker but he had a mission to do. Get Krystal the perfect gift in no man's land.