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Fox first brought Marcus into the house and put him in his crib before he went out to get his intoxicated wife. They were both slept soundly in his arms until he put them in beds where thy both snuggled into the blankets. Fox smiled before leaving, now was his last chance to get Krystal a gift or else he'd be so screwed he'd never get screwed again.

He pulled out of the driveway silently and before long he was speeding towards Corneria City once again looking in hopes of finding a gift. The only flaw in his logic was discovered as he past by every single store that would have sold him something had it not been closed for the day.

"SON OF A BITCH!" Fox shouted and head-butted his steering wheel. There was only one option left, he'd have to ram his car through a store window and then run like Hell. "Yeah this will work… totally!" Fox thought out loud as he revved his car. He would have gone through with it to, had it not been for that cop that reminded him of that woman from earlier in the mall.

"Damn cops! Why are they always around when I want to do something illegal?" Fox groaned and head butted his steering wheel some more. Fox continued his search but to no avail, there was just no body open six hours before Christmas morning. "Damn it all! Damn son of a DAMN!" Fox shouted as he drove by the Sprawl-Mart that said they were open twenty four seven but according to the sign Christmas wasn't included in their schedule.

"I can't find a place!" Fox said pulling over to the side of the road. "I'm finished! Krystal will hate me forever! How could I not get her something? Am I honestly that stupid? Do I have nothing in my head at all? What is Krystal going to think? I am so screwed!" Fox said, his head on the steering wheel and heart in the gutters. It was like he was given twenty four hours to live and he just figured that out with six hours to go.

"What am I going to- oh hey there's a store!" Fox said as he saw an open sign to a store named For Lovers Only. Of course if he wasn't so desperate to find Krystal a gift he would have noticed the sign next to that saying "adults only". He parked just outside and ran inside the shaded windows of the store. With great excited strides Fox moved to the store and opened it but closed it right after.

The things he saw could not be unseen. If he was stupid enough to actually buy her something from this store he'd most likely get shot and he would no longer have a purpose in Krystal's love life.

"Nope, not happening." Fox said as he got back in his car. As he drove away he saw the rambunctious sign saying adults only and hated himself for over looking that one sign. "You idiot! How did you not notice it was a sex toy shop? Wait what kind of sex toy shop is open at one o'clock in the morning?"

Moving along Fox began looking for the next shop that didn't sell things no sane man would buy for his wife.

"Okay closed, closed, closed, coming soon… right… there is only one more option." Fox said to himself and his grip on the wheel tightened. "I have to rob someone!"

Fox's car pulled up next to a building that sold jewelry. He scoped the place out and nodded, shouldn't be too hard, a quick in and out, leave the money on the counter deal. Krystal would get her gift and Fox would keep his life and love life. Not knowing what to do Fox got out of the car and walked around to the back of the building. The alleyway was dark and unlit so he had a few stumbles and trips before he got to the back door.

"Ew." Fox said as he wiped whatever was on him off. "Okay just have to break in through the door and- "Fox whispered to himself but a deep voice scarred the life out of him while as he was about to smash the window in.

"Hey buddy what are you doing?"

Fox yelped and spun around. His heart threatened to rip itself out of his chest but he kept his cool. At least he thought he did. "Uh what? Huh? Me? What? No! He he!" He said, babbling like an idiot with a large "I'm guilty" sign on his chest.

The man shone a light in Fox's eyes. "Do you know who I am boy?" he said with a gruff voice.

"Err no not really… should I?" Fox said, shielding his eyes from the harsh light.

"I am an officer of the law, I protect the populace from civil disobedience, enforce laws and statutes while brining violators to the full brunt justice of the law."

"Wow that is the literal definition of a cop!" Fox said.

"And as a cop I am obligated to ask you just what are you doing back here?"

Fox thought fast. "I was just going to-"

"Steal something?" The officer interrupted.

"WHAT? NO! NEVER!" Fox shouted.

"Then why are you so defensive?" The officer asked getting closer to Fox while pulling out his nightstick.

"Me defensive? No way! You're just offensive is all-"

"I don't like your tone boy." The large officer said. He towered over Fox and looked like he had eaten too many steroid filled donuts. As he came into light Fox learned the cop was a grizzly bear, portly and buff enough to break Fox with one hand. Sure Fox could kick his ass just as easily he couldn't if he wanted to avoid jail.

"I'm sorry sir I didn't mean to have a-" Fox said trying to apologize but the bear growled and interrupted him.

"There it is again! Am I going to have to take you down town?" The bear growled and tapped Fox's forehead with the flashlight.


"Cause I could!" The bear said and snapped his fingers. "You be in jail for Christmas just as the sound of that snap reaches your ears and by the looks of you they'd pass you around like currency, a peace pipe, or the drunk girl at a party! It's your call boy."

"I'd much rather enjoy my Christmas at home with my family whom I love very much!" Fox whimpered as the cop went for his gun. Fox was torn on beating him to the ground and running or hoping to God that he'd make it out of all this by just keeping his cool.

"I'm serious! I've seen little foxes half your size go in and come out as seasoned prison bitches!" The bear growled. "I can throw you in so fast that-"

"Officer Pane, officer Pane, we have a two four ten in progress at Rainbury and Strain Street."

"A TWO FOUR TEN!?" the bear shouted. Without warning the grizzly grabbed Fox by his shirt's collar and began to drag him with him. "I'm going to need your help for this one!"

"What? Why?" Fox asked desperately. "What is a two four ten?"

"No time to explain!" The bear shouted as he drug Fox through the streets and through the blessed highly alert traffic that stopped just in the knick of time.

When they came to Rainbury and Strain Street the bear released Fox. "Alright I need you to- oh… my… gawd!" the bear said as he watched a man cross the street with out a street signal. "YOU THERE HALT YOU ARE VIOLATING LAW TWO FOUR TEN!"

The raccoon looked to see who was yelling at him but instead saw a large grizzly bear run at him full sprint. The raccoon froze in fear and was tackled to the ground.

"JESUS CHRIST!" Fox shouted when he saw the bear flatten the poor unsuspecting raccoon.

"I'm taking you down town sucka!" the bear said, strapping cuffs to the unconscious looking raccoon.

"Uh officer I really think you hurt him! We need to get him to a hospital-"

You shut up citizen or your next!" the bear snapped making Fox shut up. "Now help me get him into the car!"

Fox looked around but he couldn't see a police car anywhere. "Where is your car?"

"Not my car your car!" the bear growled.

"Whoa you're not taking him and putting him in my car!"

"Yes I am going to unless you want to slow dance in an inmates bunk named Buba. Now grab his legs!"

Fox scowled and grumbled pig jokes under his breath but obeyed the officer anyways. After a half an hour of backtracking thanks to the bear's obvious lack of coordination and directions, they made it back to Fox's car.

"See? I told you I'd find it!"

"We were two minutes away from it before we took your so called short cut." Fox snapped.

"Shut up and help me get him in or you're going in the bag!" the grizzly warned.

"Okay fine but put him in gently- I SAID GENTLY!" Fox shouted when the raccoon's head bumped really hard onto the door.

"That's it!" the bear said then dropped the raccoon. He then pulled out a large plastic bag from his pocket and opened it. "I think you need to calm down sir." The bear said then put the bag over Fox's head. Fox immediately began to suffocate so he didn't spare the idiot cop any mercy.

In an instant Fox's foot slammed into the bear's gun and then his hands lifted the bag off his head while the bear was stunned. Just as the bear was about to retaliate, Fox hit the grizzly in the neck hard enough to stun but not hard enough to be lethal. The next thing the bear knew was fifty thousand volts coursing through his body. When the bear had enough Fox ended the electrical current coursing through the behemoth and watched him fall to the ground.

"I hope he isn't a reflection of the rest of the police force." Fox said as he gasped for air. Then with a quick check on the somewhat okay raccoon and a phone call to the police Fox was out of there. He decided not to take anymore chances and just go home. His car pulled up in the driveway and sure enough Krystal was snuggled up in the bed to a pillow she was mistaking for a giant marshmallow.

"Not again." Fox sighed when he pulled the pillow away from her. It was covered in drool and bite marks but she was totally wasted so he wouldn't rub it in too much. Ever since Fox met her she said she always had strange dreams that made her do even stranger things. One time Fox woke up in his uniform even though he went to bed naked and Krystal was in her uniform while talking in her sleep.

"Red alert, have to stop orange slinkies from slinking the entire galaxy." She would say sleepily and then Fox would coax her back into bed. She had all these funny quirks about her that Fox loved and yet could live without as well but she just wouldn't be Krystal if she didn't have them.

"Good night Krystal. Tonight might be the last night we sleep in the same room so I'm going to enjoy it… even if your breath smells like bad eggnog." Fox whispered as he crawled into bed next to her. He spent hours stroking her blue fur and watching her dream. The more he watched her however the more he hated himself. He lost her once and now he might create a rift between them. With a final kiss Fox fell asleep and was prepared for Christmas morning…

"MARCUS NO!" Fox shouted and ducked for cover just in time to dodge his new tool set. "KRYSTAL! HELP!" Fox shouted and ran for the kitchen, unwrapped presents following him like homing missiles.

Krystal giggled but eventually got around to helping the poor vulpine. "Marcus… no." She said and everything floating fell down. Fox's head poked out from behind the pantry door in the kitchen.

"Is… is it safe?"

"It's safe Fox." Krystal replied as she played with baby Marcus.

Fox stepped out slowly and began to pick up the mess. 'He's lucky he's my son.' Fox thought to himself as he picked up the new set of kitchen knives that almost sheathed deep inside of Fox's body.

"Well aside from my thirteenth recent assassination attempt by Marcus… I'd say this Christmas went rather well… at least better than the last one." Fox said and rubbed the back of his head. The scar was still there but under the renewed patch of fur he lost from when Marcus figured out lighters and their functions.

"Indeed it was." Krystal replied. Marcus was slowing down now and he yawned constantly. "I think someone is tired."

"Yeah it's that telekinesis crap that wears him out." Fox growled but smiled at his son despite the close call.

"We should get him to bed." Krystal said when Marcus went out like a light in her arms.

Fox looked outside, it was dark out and Christmas day was another long and arduous one but at least no one died and Krystal still hadn't remembered her gift from him-

"I can't wait to see my present."

'D'oh!' Fox thought to himself as he reached the stairs.

"I've been kept in suspense all day; I wonder how you can top last year's fireworks show." Krystal said trailing off as she walked up stairs and Fox stayed rooted at the bottom.

'Shit! She remembers that?'

"Of course I remember that Fox! How could I forget?" Krystal said after gazing the top of Fox's mind which was running around everywhere. "I'm going to put Marcus in bed."

"Okay I'll meet you in the bedroom." Fox said, his stomach slowly transforming into a pit of despair. He trudged up each stair slower than the last and wished he had an endless staircase.

'Well I guess that's it then… game over, no more continues. Time to face the music.' Fox thought and thankfully Krystal didn't read his mind but it didn't matter, she'd find out in a few short minutes.

The king sized, blue sheeted bed creaked slightly under Fox's weight and he sat there waiting for Krystal to return. Seconds felt like minutes and minutes like hours but finally the doorknob turned.

"I got him in bed and you should have seen it!" Krystal whispered. "He sneezed in his sleep again!"

"That's great Krystal." Fox said, his mouth and throat as dry as a desert. "Krystal?"

"Yes Fox?" Krystal asked and closed the door.

"I… I did something really stupid." Fox said finally.

Krystal bit her lips. Fox sounded strange which meant what he did was probably something absolutely terrible. "What did you do?" She asked.

"I… I…." Fox said not looking at Krystal but the ground and his feet.

Krystal walked over to Fox and lifted his head to look her straight in the eyes. "You can tell me Fox. Whatever you did you can tell me."

Fox wanted to choke on the lump in his throat but it was only in his mind so choking was out of the question. Might as well get it over with. "I forgot to get you a present this year."

Krystal blinked once and let Fox's head go. Without using verbal or body language Krystal walked over to Fox's dresser. Slowly she got out some clothes and put them down right next to Fox. Fox knew she was kicking him out and he just sat there watching her for the last few seconds he'd have with her when suddenly she went to her dresser and pulled out some men's clothes he had never seen before and were definitely not his.

"Is that all?" Krystal asked when she put the tribal like outfit down next to Fox. There was a grey loincloth like the one Krystal used to wear, wrist cuffs, metal leggings, a Speedo, red scarf and sandals.

"Huh?" Fox said when the shock that another man's clothes were in his wife's dresser all this time.

"I knew you forgot before you did. You can't hide anything from me, like the fact you're worried that since you didn't get me a present you'd never find me willing to love you again." Krystal said then went to her dresser one more time.

"You knew?" Fox gasped.

"Yes, your little barriers you put up would have worked had you not been stressed out of your mind. In fact I was also trying to keep you from remembering until it was too late so that-." Krystal said but stopped when she pulled out a little box. She walked back over to Fox and handed the box to him. "This is your present."

Fox took the box but his ears drooped. "No I don't deserve this Krystal." Fox said and tried to hand the box back.

Krystal only giggled. "Fox there's been something I've wanted to ask you for the longest time but could never find the perfect way to make you act on it. Please open your present and I'll explain."

Fox sighed and opened the box but it was full of upside down photographs. He looked at Krystal and she motioned for him to continue. Fox reached in and grabbed the photos but nearly had a heart attack from the very first one.

"Th-th-th-th-this is!" Fox stuttered and gasped for air as he gazed at the photo that got his adrenaline, drive and blood going faster than anything had before in his life.

"Yep. That's me and Katt… kissing."

"WITH YOUR TONGUES!" Fox shouted and began to drool. He wanted to throw Krystal on the bed and turn off the lights then and there but he remembered that he was still in trouble so instead he looked at the next of many pictures. The next one made his leg cramp up. "Y-y-y-y-y-y-y-y-y-y-y-y-y-you're"

"Naked… that's right." Krystal said looking at the tease shot of her and Katt. They were naked but either a random object, their hair or their own hands kept the photographs from becoming pornographic.

"How did you get Katt to go along with this?" Fox gapped.

"Well it turns out that Katt was game after all… but only to a point." Krystal sighed.

Fox shook his head and put the pictures away for later. "Why would you do this for me?"

Krystal smiled. "Four reasons. First is I love you, second it was fun, third it might stop your rather annoyingly frequent fantasies and finally I wanted to find the perfect bartering chip to get you to strip for me like you used to before we met to pay for your pilot's license."

The blood, drive, adrenaline and lust rushed out of Fox's body like he had taken a laxative to get rid of them. "You… you know about that?" Fox said when he confirmed that he wasn't in a nightmare.

"I knew when you first saw me on Sauria. I saw everything about you and your life."

"Oh God." Fox said and buried his face in his hand. "Krystal please you have to believe me! I didn't do it because I wanted to but because I had to and-" Fox began to explain but Krystal stopped him and handed him the clothes she laid out.

"Don't talk… just dance." She whispered.

Fox nodded and stood up. He chose the new outfit Krystal had first and went to go change. While he did he was shouting for joy in his mind. All was forgiven and one of the darkest secrets of his past was finally out in the open and Krystal didn't mind, in fact from the way she was handling it, it seemed like she was excited he was once a male stripper.

"Okay I'm coming out. But I'm a little rusty-"

"Just get out here!" Krystal giggled, her tail swishing around. Fox stepped out from behind the bathroom door and Krystal took it all in. He looked almost like a Cerinian except without the blue fur and turquoise eyes. "Men of my people used to wear that outfit." Krystal said finally. "You don't know how happy this makes me." She said and wiped a tear of joy out of her eye.

"Yeah merry Christmas to you to Krystal." Fox said and began his Christmas strip of a present for Krystal.

And merry Christmas one and all... even if it isn't Christmas anymore XD