The Chosen Duelists

The Legend

Long ago, after the reign of the mighty pharaoh Atem, Egypt's current pharaoh was in crisis. The pharaoh was at war with Nubia, and was being forced into Shadow Games. But the pharaoh managed to hold his own, since he was gifted with the Ka of Arcana Force EX, the Light Ruler. This power made him invincible, not a duelist could overcome him.

In response to this, the Nubian king found one young man, and two young women, who were happy to do the extreme. The made a pact with a dark demon known as Nightshroud, the apprentice of Zorc himself. With Zorc's destruction, Nightshroud took his place as the embodiment of evil and darkness. The three duelists made a deal that if they could defeat the Egyptian Gods, then they would establish Nightshroud as their patron deity, AND, they would give Nightshroud the power of the Gods if they won, or their souls if they lost.

In exchange, Nightshroud created three dark entities, which were dark versions of the Egyptian Gods, and they were known as the Wicked Gods. With these powers, the Light Ruler was no match.

With no other choice, the Egyptian Gods chose three young people, one young man, and two young woman, like the Wicked Gods. These young people were allowed to command the Gods, and control them.

With the great powers of Egypt behind them, the Wicked Gods squared against the Egyptian Gods. A great battle broke out that nearly caused the Nile to dry up, and Thebes to collapse into dust. In the end, Egypt triumphed over Nubia, and the Wicked Gods were sealed away.

Nightshroud, however, wasn't pleased with getting the souls. He decided that he would get the Egyptian Gods even if it took him five millennia. With that, he cursed the souls of the Nubian duelists, so that as long as the spirits of the Wicked Gods stayed at force, then they would be reincarnated to battle the Chosen Duelists.

And now, so long after the battle, and long after the Egyptian Gods were put to sleep when Atem returned to the afterlife, the Wicked Gods have stirred from their slumber, allowing the three duelists to be reborn.

In response, the Egyptian Gods must now wake from their slumber, and chose the next duelists.