Let down your hair!

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Summery: The boy looked down from the tall tower;and seemed to have a long braid. He asked his question: "Do you know where the Wolfsbane is?" HP/SS Slash! AU

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Chapter 1

In another world that still had Kings and Queens, evil witches and even dragons around, there lived King James and his Queen; Lily. Their subjects lived happily under their rule, and wish for happiness for their beloved rulers, who wanted to have a child. And when Lily was found pregnant it was a ecstatic occasion for everyone.

One day, Queen Lily was looking out the window of their summer cottage, she spotted a garden. It was full of fruit and vegetables that can make the most nick picky child want some. She leaned out the window to examine the produce, when she spotted some lettuce. Immediately she wanted some and went to ask her husband, to ask the person next door if they could give them some lettuce.

"James?" Queen Lily poked her head into one of his favorite rooms that had his broom collection. Inwardly she sighed. 'Men and their sports', she thought.

"Yes Lily? What do you need?" He asked in concern, going over to her immediately.

"I want some of the lettuce that's next door. They have the most beautiful lettuce that I have ever seen!" Lily said, smiling dreamily.

James hesitated. "That is a evil witches garden…She would not take any money I give her…"

"So find out what she wants and give me the lettuce!" Lily snapped placing her hands on her hips.

James went to the Witch like a good boy and knocked on the door. The door opened and James stood in shock. The doorman was a large man and with a handlebar mustache. On his coat was the name 'Dursley'.

"Can I help you?" The man's eyes had fear in them and his three chins wobbled in fright. 'Oh please don't make me get my mistress.' the man thought.

"I need to speak with…" James looked closely at the frightened man. "The women who owns this property."

The door man shook in fear and called for a small, large eyed creature to show him where to go. Dursley knocked on the door, interrupting the Witch, who heard what he had to say and then killed him. She pointed her wand at him, making him disappear into the dungeons. She didn't want clutter in her rooms.

James was lead into a sitting room and waited for the witch to come. Hearing a creaking noise, James spun around and saw the door open. He stood up nervously when the witch walked into the room. He had to swallow down his vomit as he got his first look at the evil witch. She looked like a toad and had horrible hair. And the worst part ever was that she was wearing a pink bow in her hair and the same color was on her horrid and outdated clothes.

"Yes?" The women asked smiling at James. The voice caused him to cringe, it was sickly sweet and high.

"Er yes. My wife is having a child soon-"

Did that smile widen?

"-and she saw your garden. I was wondering if I could have some of your lettuce."

"And what would you give me in return?" He was right-the grin had widen.

"You are a king are you not?"

James nodded.

"Those plants are like my own children…but I have never had one…"

James did not like the way this was going.

"If you give me your child when it is born, then I will give you the lettuce."

"No! Never! I will just find another way!" And with that King James of the Kingdom Gryffindor left, not seeing the smirk that graced the witches face.

30 minutes later…

"James! Why didn't you just go over there and give into her demand?" Lily whined. She wanted that lettuce, not the others that James had been brought home.

"Lily! Didn't you hear me? She wants to have our child for payment!"

Lily snorted. "So? We could always have another child."

James looked at her flabbergasted. "Lily…that is our child!" He shook his head in amazement. "What is the matter with you? You never acted like this when we were dating."

"Fine…then we use someone else's child," She said, ignoring what her husband had said. "Do you think that would be alright?"

"Lily! What is the matter with you? No! We are not going to do that!" James gave her an angry look and walked toward their bedroom door. "This will be the end of the discussion."

"But James!" Lily protested.

He left tying to forget the words that his wife had spoken.

But Lily had something else planned. If James wouldn't do it, then she will!

The next day

James had left the house to talk to some of abassordores form other lands, and Lily had immediately went over to the Witch next door and knocked. A thin horse faced women opened the door.

She swallowed hoping the women in front of her would not want her mistress.

"I would like to speak to the owner of the house." Lily said as she brushed past the women and into the sitting room.

The other women swallowed and walked nervously up the stairs and knocked on the door.

"What do you want?" The witch shouted.

"There's someone waiting for you downstairs mistress." The women whimpered.

The Toady Witch killed her servant and went downstairs angry at being interrupted. She paused when she saw a red haired women heavy with child. A smile twisted her features even more.

"Hello. What may I do for you?" The women jumped and turned to see who had spoken.

Getting over the sight of the toady women she answered, "You are the witch who has the lettuce that I want, correct?'

The Toad women smirked and nodded. "I am sure your husband told you what I want for the exchange."

Lily nodded. "You may have my child. I'm sure we could have another one anyway." She waved her hand dismissively. She didn't care what happen to the child.

The witch grinned. "You made the right choice…"

A month later…

"Congratulations! You have a beautiful baby boy!" The birthing nurse said, smiling at the king. She handed the child to him and went back to the Queen, making sure that everything was alright.

"Your beautiful…"The King whispered to the little boy in his arms. The baby gurgled and opened his eyes. He hoped the child would have the Potter hairstyle. And the birthmark that proved the sign of the Kingdom of Gryffindor; a lighting bolt on his forehead. "My beautiful Harry...your going to break a lot of hearts later on," He whispered.

"Harry…what a nice name."

The voice sent shivers down his spine. He turned to see the one person that he never wanted to see again. "What are you doing here?" He hissed.

The witch smirked. "I am taking the bargain that I said."

James was confused, and held tighter to his child. "Leave now! Guards!" He shouted.

The smile widen. "Your lovely wife has agreed to my demands."

The look of horror that crossed his features would be etched in many minds forever. He looked over to his tired wife. "Lily…please tell me that's not true…" She turned her head and did not look at him. "Lily, how could you?" James whispered, hurt evident in his voice. Lily bowed her head, ashamed

The witch cast a spell, rendering them immobile. The toad women then took 'her' son and walked out of the house. Little Harry fast asleep in her arms. When she left the house and was far away, the evil witch turned around and whispered a spell, giggling. The home went up in flames as screams of terror and horror cut though the air. After she watched the house burn to the ground, she turned and walked back to her own home. Laughing she spoke once more. "I never said that I wouldn't kill you."

15 years later.

Years later there turmoil spread throughout the land of Gryffindor. The King and Queen had died fifteen years earlier and the throne was still empty. The townspeople had decided that if the supposed prince would not come in 16 years, they will elect a new King or Queen with a tournament.

The witch was originally going to kill the prince and proclaim herself as a relative of the King and Queen after hearing about the tournament. But then she found out that he had power in him. She knew that he would get his magical inheritance when he turned sixteen which was seven mouths away. So she put him in a tower with only one window, when he was ten years old. She knew that no one would come into the forest anymore. There was barely any deer or animals hunt, and the forest was large, making it difficult for people to get out.

Harry was a beautiful child with bright green eyes and lovely black hair. The witch never cut his hair anymore because she was too lazy flying her broomstick to the tower. Also the boy might climb on her broomstick and she decided to grow his hair so long that it could reach the ground out side the tower and she would climb up it.

Now today in, December on the 26th, was the day that everything changed.

Harry was a good kid despite the only contact he had was the witch. He read a lot of books that he was given every now and then and lots of papers with his drawings on them. The round room, he was housed it, was covered in blue and silver; the carpets, the bed, the pillows, all had different shades of those colors. There was a round table that had many papers of his drawings, and a plate with some cheese and bread on the table.

Harry looked out the window, feeling board, hoping to see an animal for him to draw. He sighed, rested his head in his arms, when he heard a sound coming from below. Harry lifted his head up, his eyes glowing with excitement, and then a confused look came over his face.

The…thing…didn't really look like him came out of the forest and into his line of sight. He was tall, had black hair, and was wearing a black button up coat and black boots. He had a large nose that Harry could see from all the way up here, and was older then him. The thing paused, looked up at Harry and glowered at him.

"Do you live here?" He shouted angrily.

Harry nodded mutely. Who was this thing? Was it a person like him and Toady?"

"Then why the hell is there no sign for travelers about the thorns? Someone like me could be minding their own business, trying to find Wolfsbane, and then get a face full of the dratted crop? Do you know how dangerous that could be?"

Harry did not know what to say to the man. He never talked to anyone but Toady when he was in here. The snow that covered the ground crunched as the nameless thing walked up to the tower.

Severus was pretty angry at the boy…girl. Hard to tell. But he was going up that tower to give the brat a piece of his mind! He walked around the tall building to find a door…but there was a problem…there was no door. Just how the hell did the brat get up there? Severus sighed and went back to the part with the window.

Now that he noticed it the kid up there had a long braid. Why didn't he/she cut their hair? Must be terrible in the summer. Severus looked up and asked his question: "Do you know where the Wolfsbane is?"

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