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Chapter 4 Angel

It was almost time for the tournament for the new king of Gryffindor. Harry looked at the kingdom he will start to rule today. It had seemed like just a day ago when he met Hermione and Ron. They found out who he really was and were pretty happy about it. Hermione said something that she heard that the library in the castle of Gryffindor was amazing. Ron said something about the food was supposed to be great. Harry sighed and looked at the brooding man beside him. Severus was the same these last few days as if he thinking that this wasn't the best idea. Harry sighed again and raised his hand to shield his eyes from the sun.

"So what do you think will happen when we get there, Harry?" Hermione asked as she looked at the entrance of the kingdom.

"I hope it will have to be something to do with fighting," Harry told her.

"Doubtful," Severus murmured. "You will properly have three tasks to do and one of them would have to do with book smarts." He sighed. "You're going to fail and I will have to marry that old toad."

"Gee thanks for the vote of confidence Sev," Harry said dryly as they entered the town that was hosting the tournament. There were a lot of people around and it seemed like one of the festival's Severus and Harry went to. People were laughing, dressed up in costumes of dragons and lions. While children played in the streets with their twos. People where calling out what they were selling and giving out discounts.

"If you had just listened to what I had taught you, then you would have gotten more the then a vote of confidence." Severus told him dryly, scaring a little girl when he glared at her.

"Would me being in your bed, be part of the deal?"

Severus looked at him sharply. "No."

Harry smirked. "If you had-"

"I would have gone to your bed." Severus smirked back, only his was more powerful. And with that galloped his horse to the front of the castle gates to tell the guards why they were here.

"I love it when you flirt," Hermione sighed dreamily.

"If only it was helpful," Ron muttered.

Harry frowned and stuck his tongue at the red head.

"Really mature Harry. And Ron how else do you think we got these horses." Hermione told him, glaring at them both. How, they had no idea, and frankly don't really wanted to know.

"No way!" Ron looked down at his horse and tapped him. "You poor beast, having to be taken like that."

"We didn't steal them! The girl just gave them to us when I told her about them."

Harry sniffed. "You used us!"

The bushy haired women just rolled her eyes and looked at Severus who was galloping towards them.

"We are either lucky or in trouble." The King of Slytherin said as he glanced back at the knights, posted around the castle.

"What's wrong Sev?" Harry asked a little worried.

"Well when I told them why we were here was because of the tournament they looked relived. They said they only had one person who would try…all the others were ether run out of the town or got sick for some reason." Severus looked at Harry and noticed his pale face. "Some of them where even found murdered."


Severus nodded and continued. "The good news is that you can have two people to help you out in the tournament. And I cannot be one of them because I am the King of Slytherin."

"Well that's a little bit of good news," Harry murmured thoughtfully.

"Mate, if what you told me about the toad true, then I will gladly help you out." Ron said with a grin.

Harry blinked at him as did the others.

"What?" Ron asked looking around. "Is it weird helping a friend?"

"No its weird helping when there is danger." Hermione told him. Ignoring the look of offence on Ron's face, she turned to face Harry. "I'll also help you."

"You just want to have a peak of the library."

"True. But you're a good friend who deserves the best." She told him before smirking at Severus.

Harry smiled at all of his friends and bowed his head. "Thank you for helping me."

"You better hurry Harry, the tournament starts soon," Severus told the boy. "I will be watching from the sidelines."

Harry nodded and looked at the people who had been with him for such a short time. He was glad that he didn't stay in that tower anymore. He would never had meet Ron or Hermione, seen the world with Sev. For the first time Harry relaxed, no longer tense with the thought of his friends leaving him. Life was finally looking up. He looked at his friends one more time and smiled. "Well what are we waiting for? Let's go!"

Severus was nervous with anticipation. He had found a seat in the castle that would have a good view of the tournament. He softly snorted, if it could even be called a tournament with only two people in the contest. He was thankful that Lucius was also there and had brought a change of clothes for him to wear so that he didn't appear in the dusty and well worn clothes that he had while traveling.

"It was a good idea to send a messenger to me your majesty. In the clothes that you were wearing earlier I would not have noticed who you where, your majesty." Lucius said to the man next to him.

Severus rolled his eyes. His friend cared more about clothes than anyone should. "Well thank goodness you did; now keep quite I want to hear what they say."

Severus was listening to the droning of one of the Council members. He wished he was outside with the rest of the commoners. Because only two people were going to have the chance to become king or queen, the Counsel didn't really see a need to have that many people in the castle now.

Severus snorted at that thought. Who in their right mind would have thought that was a good idea in the first place? He straightened when he saw the two people enter the area. There were whispers and Severus couldn't really blame them. Harry did look so much like his father and with a huge oil painting in the front of the room it wasn't really a surprise that people did a double take. The old hag just glared at the boy and sulked.

"Excuse me sir but are you…" The council member started to say.

"Can we start the contest please?" The toad said in that sickly sweet voice.

"Uh… yes, let's start it." The man said clearing his throat. "There are no rules, except you cannot cheat. The first round will be a questionnaire that has to deal with how well you know about the laws."

This was where Harry interpreted him. "So…it's a test?"

The man looked at him in surprise. "Well I guess it could be said like that."

As Severus watched the devastated look on Harry's face and begin to laugh. Many people glanced at him then took a double take. It was well known that fact that The King of Slytherin was not a person to have a joke told to, nor to have laughed. All the court jesters had been removed upon his rise to the throne so it was a shock to the spectators watching.

"Hey this is no laughing matter Sev!"

The man sobered up. "If you had studied then you would have nothing to worry about."

Harry huffed and crossed his arms. "That's why I have Hermione to help me out."

"If you were in a school with her then you would have copied her homework." Severus told him with a draw in his voice, as he leaned back.

There was a cough from the counsel and they stopped talking to each other. "The test will take place here and you will be given 45 minutes." The man motioned to the guard near the side door. The men nodded and started to open it. "You have been given a choice to get help from someone or not."

The people turned to look at the people who entered. There was a bushy haired person and a red head. Harry noticed that they did not look too pleased and later saw what caused them to look that way. He glared at the blond haired whale that was next them: Dudley. The boy also glared at him, which Harry snorted at.

"If you would please take these papers and take them to the back rooms we have set up." The man said as he pointed to some other doors across the hall.

Hermione and the toad stepped forward and took the papers. Stepping into one of the rooms Hermione waved to Severus and went inside. 45 minutes later, the two contestants came back and gave their sheets to the counselor who gave it to someone to correct. Hermione gave a thumb up to Harry and stood beside Ron again.

After ten minutes the corrector whispered to the council member who nodded. "The first task has been finished and there is a tie for the knowledge task." There were gasps and people began to murmur. They stopped at the glare from the council member. "This test is over, on to the next one," He said and nodded to someone next to him.

The other man brought out a chess board. "This task is to see if the new King or Queen could strategize out army in case of an invasion."

Harry looked at Ron with a hopeful glance. The red head chuckled. "Don't worry no one can beat me." They looked up in surprise as Dudley walked (kind of) up to the chair and sat down on it, which ground under his weight. "Especially with him as my opponent," Ron snorted.

Harry took his arm for a moment, pulling him back. "Be careful, you don't know what may happen with the toad on his team." Ron nodded and sat opposite of Dudley.


The game took a couple of hours, surprisingly. Dudley seemed to be smarter than he had thought, and almost corned Ron a few times. But in the end Ron was the victor.

"Way to go Ron!" Harry said to his friend. Ron looked over at the other boy with a smug look.

"I told you I could do it."

"And you truly did!"

"Ron that was so amazing!' Hermione told him happily, hugging the red head.

"What did that boy say to you when you sat down?" Harry asked.

Ron looked around and sobered up. "He said that Hermione was a slut and once his mistress wins then she will even be more of a slut later on." Ron growled out.

Hermione gasped and looked at the floor in tears.

"Don't worry Herms." She looked up into green eyes. "I will win and you won't have to worry about him again."

She nodded and hugged the boy. "Thank you for being here Harry."

"The last part of the tournament will be starting in a few minutes." The council member told everyone. Harry nodded and grinned at the woman who was glaring at him.

"I wish you all the luck, Toady." Harry told her smirking.

"The last part will be a fighting test between the two contestants. If the women wins then there will be another task if not then we will have a new king!" The spectators clapped and cheered. "Each of you will pick a weapon from our collection." He nodded to someone who came in holding knives and swords. "Choose one and you will start when I give the signal."

Harry looked over at the pile and saw a sword that caught his eye. The scabbard looked old and brittle but was sharp at the same time. The hilt was black with different patterns on it. It seemed to be calling to him. Harry stepped forward and grasped the hilt of the sword not hearing the indrawn breath of the council member. He held it gently and looked at the surprised look of the council member. "I'll take this one."

A very annoying voice laughed at him. As Harry turned and narrowed his eyes at the toad. "Only you would choose an old sword." She laughed and took a very pretty scabbard sward that was pink on the handle.

The council member looked closer at the young man. He seemed to be about the age of the lost child. And he looked so much like the king…could it be? Shaking his head on the thoughts that were clouding his mind, he moved away and raised his arm. He watched the two people take their stances and take the swords out of the scabbards and brought his hand down. "Begin!"

Harry didn't move just like he was taught. He was waiting for the toad to move so that he would have the advantage. She ran towards him with speed that no normal person could have. Harry jumped above her and landed behind the toad women. Before he could counter attack he saw that she had left again. 'Damn it! Were the hell is she?' Harry thought as he looked around for the women. He heard a sound and turned around at the right time to block her blow. Harry kicked her but she got out of the way before any damage was earned.

'Crap! She disappeared again!' Harry thought angrily. He stood still and before he knew it he got punched in the face, sending him to end of the room. There was a silence that permeated the room to see if the boy would get. Severus just smirked as he watched the dust settle around the boy. He shook his head at how long the boy was taking.

"Why are you not getting up Harry?" The witch crackled. "Don't you want to save your friends from what Dudley would do to them once I become queen?"

Harry groaned and opened his eyes. "You got a mean punch you old hag." He got to his feet and held his sword to his side. "But Sev's is worse."

The toady women looked over at the King of Slytherin and licked her lips.

Severus cringed and tried to think of better things…like a dog pissing on Lucius.

"Yes…So this was the one who took you from me…I don't know why." The women sniffed. "But I heard once I become Queen I will get married to him." She smiled and everyone shuddered. "I'm sure we will have a great wedding night."

The people in the audience started to vomit.

"No way are you having him!" Harry shouted and ran towards her when she was distracted. He lifted his sword and swung at her. She blocked and kicked him in the stomach.

Hermione whimpered and turned her head in Ron's shirt.

"You seem so adamant that I shouldn't get him, yet you're not winning." She grinned and everyone cringed. "Do you like this man here? Do you want him for yourself? Well you will not! You're weak just like your parents!" She told giggling.

"You fucking killed them!" Harry shouted as he got up from the floor again.

"Yeah? So what? Let me tell you about that day. Your father came to me saying that your mother needed to have some of my lettuce." The toad snorted. "So I gave him a deal: my lettuce for you. He refused and told your mother. Apparently your mother had no qualms about giving you up and agreed to my terms. Funny huh, that your family never wanted you…and neither does no one else! That man will never like you the way you want to, and you have no friends! You were born to be alone and you will die alone!" All the while that she was talking she was moving forward until she was standing in front of him. "And I will gladly send you to the grave!" She shouted while bringing her sword down, hitting thin air.

"Huh?" The toad said. The boy had left and there was no one there. She heard a sound and before she turned around was hit with a kick that flew her into the wall. She looked up into blazing green eyes.

"I will defeat you coward! I Have friends!" The black haired boy rushed forward and almost impaled her with his sword. She got away but not before not getting a cut through her face, the blood splattered her jacket and onto the floor.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!" She screamed.

Harry vanished and appeared in front of her cutting her stomach, the intestines falling to the floor. "My mother may not have wanted me but my father did!"

He cut off her arm and she screamed in pain. "And I will have Severus as my husband instead of you." His eyes soften momentarily. "I love him." he whispered.

Harry grasped his sword and pointed to her. "Today is my birthday…"Harry told her "I get my full powers and with them I will destroy you!" he growled out as his hair grew long.

"No no no no no no no no no!" The witch said mumbling. "I put a power restriction on you!"

"Not a very good one it seems." Harry committed. Two white wings sprung from his back and unfurled.

"Oh wow!" People muttered "Is he an angel?"

It was true. Harry looked like an avenging angel…the sword completed the look. Severus looked at the boy in awe. What was that light that had flood the room? It was soothing and calming everyone. Well everyone but the witch, who looked like she was about to piss her pants.

"Beware toad, for the day of reckoning has come." Harry whispered. The sward was brought down and sliced her neck form her shoulders. Her head rolled to the council member, who didn't even notice it. The man stepped forwarded to look at Harry in awe.

"You are the rightful king…" he whispered in awe in the silence. "The true king was to have wings as pure as his soul and will avenge himself." He kneeled on the floor with his head bowed. "It will be a pleasure to serve you My Lord."

Everyone also did the same. Harry looked at the crowed not really caring until he saw Sev bowing. He walked over to the King of Slytherin, stepping in the blood and tracking it on the floor. Stopping in front of the man he didn't say anything, but pulled him up. "The royal family is to not to bow before each other." Harry made a face. "No way will I bow to you."

Severus smirked. "In our bedroom you will."

Harry blushed and so did a lot of other people. "Shut up Sev!"

"So I am yours huh?"

The other people started at the erupted change of topic.

Harry crossed his arms and glared at the older man. "You better believe it buster."

"And that means that you are mine too right?" Harry started to nod than stopped himself.


All he got was an evil look in Sev's eyes

After that scene Harry found out his true heritage. His great great great great great grandmother had been an angel who had accentually fallen from heaven. But while here she met a man and fell in love, and decided to stay here on earth.

Harry sighed as he leaned against the inside door in his room, locking it. Afterwards Harry had shown them his scar and his reappearance had been told throughout the castle in about an hour. And it had seemed that the sward that he had picked up was the kings before he had died. He had been accosted by most of the castle workers after that, and had talked to them for about three hours and had finely escaped the people who wanted to see his scar. Ron and Hermione, after congratulating Harry, had left to talk to their parents. They will most likely be living in the castle by the end of the month if Harry had any say in it. But the one person who he was looking for had disappeared awhile ago and Harry was wondering if he had left.

Harry looked around the room, not really noticing anything. Just some dressers, a big bed, Severus, curtains that were light blue, a soft rug….Harry turned his head around and did a double take.

"Severus?" Harry asked stepping forward. This could not be a dream could it?

Severus smirked and bowed his head slightly. "It is an honor to meet you King of Gryffindor."

Harry walked forward and smacked him on the arm. He wasn't as tall as he would have liked but that wouldn't have stopped him. "Where the hell were you? I was looking everywhere for you!"

"I had hoped you would have been wise enough to think of the only place I would be rightfully in." His smirk grew wider. "After all we will be spending all lot of time in here." He whispered as he leaned down to kiss him on the forehead.

"Yeah you would like that you pervert."

*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*- Sex Scene!*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-

Severus scooped him up, ignoring Harry's protesting and laid him on the bed taking off his clothes. "Only with you."

Harry groaned as he felt the teeth bite and suckle on his neck. "Sev…" Harry muttered.

"You make the most wonderful noises, Harry." Severus told him as he took off the last of the clothes leaving him in nothing but a pink flush. "You look wonderful on the bed like this Harry…in need and wanting my touch." And leaned down to kiss him, thrusting his tongue in the panting mouth, claiming it…possessing it. He broke the kiss, a string of saliva still connecting them both. He pulled apart and watched as the string broke. Severus brought his mouth down on Harry's chest and bit his nipple slightly, enjoying the sound of Harry's breathing becoming heaver.

"Oh Sev…" Harry told him panting, as he tried to get Sev to take off his shirt.

Severus complied and stripped down until he was as unclothed as Harry was. He went back to teasing the lithe creature before him and petted his wings.

Harry drew back from the touch slightly embarrassed. "They won't go away…" Harry muttered to him.

"I know this sounds corny but…you are my angel Harry. I wouldn't care if you had cat ears in and tale of wings that were black." Severus nipped one of Harry's hands. "You're perfect just the way you are." And with that went back to tasting the fest before him. "Did you know that the first time camping with you, I was trying to keep myself away?"

Harry looked at him puzzlement and gasped as he felt a tongue lick his crease.

"Because I knew that if I went to you, I would have had my wicked…kingly why?" He muttered thoughtfully then smirked down at Harry. "With you and enjoyed ever moment as you came screaming my name…only my name!" Severus emphases it with a thrust of a finger in Harry.

"Oh God, Severus!" Harry moaned out, feeling the thrust of the finger and the way he tightened around it. The finger left him and Harry looked at the man before him, wondering why the man had stopped. He saw two fingers enter Severus' mouth and then they both entered him. Harry winced as he was stretched father then he had ever been. Then he let out a gasp as he felt something being touched inside him. But…he felt that he needed something bigger. The boy then felt a wet heat on his hard cock and realized that Severus was giving him a…a...

"Ah! Sev-Severus! Please!"

Another finger entered him and started to thrust inside of him. Harry's hips where following the motion, trying to get more of them inside of him. He was about to cum when a sharp squeeze on his penis stopped him. The teenager opened his eyes and glared at the man before him.

"Ah, ah, ah. You can't finish this fast Harry." Severus said as he took his fingers out of the teen. Harry whimpered as those wonderful fingers left him. He felt something else on his opening and looked at it. The teen then gave a pained gasped as he was entered in one full thrust. Harry heard mummers and a soft voice telling him that he would be okay in a while. There was a few moments to get Harry used to the feeling of something inside him. When Severus felt Harry relax around him he moved making sure he hit the spot that he had a little while ago. He listened to the sounds coming from Harry and it seemed that he got even harder. Severus moved his hand to Harry's weeping manhood and fisted it. He enjoyed the looked of pleasure on Harry's face and came a little after.

Panting, lightly Severus pulled himself out of Harry and looked down to see if anything was wrong. He saw his cum dripping out of the hole but no blood. He felt a tug on his hair and lifted his head to look at the flushed face of Harry.

"I have wanted this the first time I saw you," Harry murmured. "I may be your angel but that goes both ways."

Severus smiled, softening the lines on his face making him look years younger…his true self. "It seems that we saved each other."

*-*-*-*-*-End Sex Scene *-*-*-*-*-*-

"So Herm's…"

The girl looked up from her book. Just like Harry had thought, she and Ron (and his whole family) had moved into the castle with them. They were going to have a double wedding in a few mouths with Harry and Sev. When Harry had asked him if it was okay the man had just grunted and went back to his new potions lab.

"What do you want to have happen to Dudley?" Harry asked innocently with his wings flapping on his back. It seems that he was stuck with those things just like the counsel had told him. Harry gave up hope after the first few weeks, but there was no way of getting rid of them…for now. Somehow his father got rid of them, but no one knew how and the man didn't leave a dairy of anything like that around.

"Harry," Hermione said while putting the book down. "I know you have an idea already, and you know I will be against it-"

"Did I tell you that Dudley wreaked Ron's family's business so that he could try to get you?"

"Do whatever you want Harry. I have no problem with it."

Harry smirked at her. "Thought so."

There was a silence that went through the room. 'Well considering this is the library, it should be silent.' Harry thought as he drummed his fingers on the table.

"So…" Hermione said after turning the page.

"So?" Harry asked.

"What is going to happen to him?"

"Oh you know those old fairy tales in the good old days."


"Well they had a darker side to them then what is told now."


"So I thought using one of the punishments would work wonders."


"Yes, Hermione?"

"What was it?"

"Oh I put him in a barrel that had nails hammered in the sides and hooked it to a wild horse."

"You WHAT!"

"And that's what happened Sev!" Harry told his lover five minutes later, as the man feed him a potion to ease the swelling of the lump on his forehead.

"You couldn't think of anything else to do to the boy?" Severus asked. He saw a grin and shook his head. "Really Harry, you could have asked her what she thinks before you decide on a punishment."

"Well it got the job done, I don't see the problem." Harry told him, grimacing at the taste of the potion he just drank.

"Harry, Harry, Harry. I don't know why you have white wings when there has to be a devil inside you."

Harry looked up and smirked. "But you like that side of me."

"True," Severus said kissing him in the forehead. "I like each of your sides."

"Just like?"

"Fine I love each side of you. Happy know?"




And needless to say they lived happily ever after.

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