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- Secret Cooper Exchange –


Christmas is a time of spirit. It's the spirit of giving; where lovers and friends give each other gifts to show their appreciation and love for each other. It's the spirit of joy; where little kids' faces light up when they unwrap the paper that separates them from their gifts. It's the spirit of gratitude; for people who don't receive gifts often, do on Christmas day. It's the spirit of love; where lovers give each other kisses under the mistletoe. It's the spirit of business; entrepreneurs take it as a holiday where they can sell more products to earn cash. But all in all, it's a time of spirit.

It also happens to be my favourite holiday in the year. I know most people would think that I'm the type of person who likes all holidays-and well, they're right. But out of all of them, Christmas is the best. I just love the whole spirit of it. Everything Christmas brings a smile to my face; the Santa ordeal, the presents, the decorations...but most of all, the sketches.

Marshall is letting us do a whole month of Christmas sketches to match with the theme. It's my favourite thing ever to come up with a million and one ideas on funny Christmas sketches. And on the actual Christmas day, there's this huge sketch thing where we have a huge live audience to watch. It's going to be awesome.

And since Christmas is a time of giving, Mr. Condor is allowing us to have a Secret Santa exchange this year too. That I'm not so excited about. What if the person I get doesn't like my gifts? What if I don't like my gifts? Well, the second one is very unlikely since I'm usually grateful for anything. It's the first I'm most worried about.

Plus, I know that no doubt Tawni will want to turn this into a competition to see who got the better gifts, and that's not what Christmas is about. Unfortunately, Mr. Condor insists that we all participate. And when he insists something, we do it.

And sometimes, people might forget the spirit of Christmas. And that's not good. That's why I always try and remember to remember the spirit of Christmas. But nobody's perfect; I forget too.

And what's even worse, is when you have the influence of someone who doesn't even believe in the spirit of Christmas-who never had it to begin with-is actually making you forget. Chad made me forget this Christmas. Because he didn't have any of the Christmas spirit himself. And that's what's so upsetting and sad. Because...

The thing is, the person I got, is...yes, Chad.

~ X*M*A*S* ~

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