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- Secret Cooper Exchange –


The little girl-the feeling-was something I never experienced before. It was a weird feeling. And I liked that feeling, though. I felt...peaceful.

When I first saw the girl, she was dirty. That was all I was thinking. She was dirty. She didn't even wait in line-she just pushed past me to be first. I was glaring at her all the while; thinking what a cruel world this was.

And then she started to talk about her mom. And I...the feeling came. Of sympathy; and of understanding. Because I realized this has to be the sweetest thing in the world.

And I thought, if her mom saw Jesus tonight, would she also see my mom? Maybe if I did that one act of kindness, her mom would be able to tell my mom.

We were sitting in the car now, and I hadn't spoken a word. I was staring out the window, when suddenly, Sonny stopped the car.

"Chad..." I turned to her slowly, and saw her eyes were glassy. She wasn't crying, but she was teary-eyed. She had a small smile on her face. "That was the sweetest thing ever."

I looked out the window again, and then a small smile came to my face. "She'll tell my mom I said hi, right?"

I could see Sonny's confused expression reflected on the window. But she didn't ask what I meant by that. Instead, she just nodded. "Yeah, she will."

I felt Sonny's soft hand in mine, as she patted it gently. Then she started the car, and dropped me off at my house.

And in that moment-in that one moment of epiphany-I realized I had to call my father. I had to call him, and tell him to come home. Because mom gave us a present today. She gave me that little girl, and told me that we had to spend Christmas as a family.

"Sonny, how would you and your mom like to eat dinner with us?"

Sonny's eyes widened, and she jerked her hand back. Then she placed her small hands on my forehead, and then leaned in to check my pulse.

I chuckled. "Seriously. I think it's time I called my dad."

Sonny was confused; I realize that. But again, she just smiled her usual toothy smile and nodded. "And I'll call my mom. We'll be there at six."

"Great." I opened the car door, and stepped out. "Merry Christmas, Sonny."

"Merry Christmas, Chad." And it was a merry, merry Christmas.

~ X*M*A*S* ~

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