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Chapter 1: Homecoming

It was a bright and sunny morning in the hidden leaf village. There wasn't a cloud in the sky, a wonderfully easy breeze, and everything seemed to be running smoothly. It was the middle of spring, and so far, nothing bad or alarming had happened.

The attack by Orochimaru and his goons was not repeated since the first failed attempt. It took a week until the villagers cleaned up and rebuilt the buildings destroyed. But since then, nothing was heard about the Sannin, or his plans on destroying Konoha.

Everything was peaceful.

But little did they know, two leaf ninjas were on their way back from their two year trip, and were happy to be back.

"Awesome! I'm finally home!" Cried a very excited blond boy, as he and his sensei neared the gates of Konoha. Naruto Uzumaki and his sensei Jiraiya were now returning from their two year training journey, and Naruto was excited. "I can't wait to see everybody again! And most of all…I can't wait to taste Ichiraku Raman again!"

"I know…" Jiraiya groaned, rubbing the temples in annoyance. "That's what you've been saying ever since I told you we were heading back…three DAYS ago! I swear, if you had trained as much as you talked, you would've surpassed me by now!" The boy huffed, then grinned when they finally came to the large gates to the hidden leaf village. During the trip, Naruto had taken after his father, and had a hard time shutting up.

Jiraiya looked that same as he did when he and Naruto left. But Naruto looked different in both attire and physical looks.

Naruto wore a new protective vest, since the one he had when he left was worn out from all the training. Now, he wore a dark gray vest, similar to the ones a ANBU ninja would wear. On his back were the same Katana swords his father Deadpool gave him the day of his departure. He also wore a pair of crimson red sweat pants, since that has somehow became his new favorite color. And around his neck was a black leaf village forehead protector.

His physical appearance has also improved. Because of all the physical training the Sannin put Naruto through, his arms were well built and muscular. (Not overly ripped…. Think Ryan Reynolds ripped) There were no longer an ounce of baby fat on his face, showing his maturity…. Which wasn't visible, thanks to the mask Deadpool gave him. And while on the trip, Naruto sliced off the top of the mask so his spiky blond hair could stick out.

Not even a millisecond after they entered Konoha, and Jiraiya turned to the masked boy. "You go on ahead of me, kid. I have to get started of my 'research' since SOMEONE kept giving me away." The perverted old man send Naruto, who had a guilty grin on his face, an annoyed glance.

Naruto shrugged, and watched as Jiraiya skipped off in the direction of a couple of beautiful women, who just entered the bathhouse. He then looked at his watch. 10:32am. "Cool. Ichiraku should be open by now."

As he made his way to where he remembered the ramen stand being, he walked a little slower, remembering all the places he passes. He past the park, where he remembered playing with his friends, and celebrating his first birthday. He passed the street, where he first met Deadpool. He remembered a lot of things as he neared the ramen stand.

Behind the counter, stood Ayame, looking exactly the same as when he left. She still wore all white, had the same length of brown hair, and still wore the bandana on her head. Teuchi, her father and owner also looked the same as two years ago. But they had their backs turned when the masked ninja took a seat.

"Hello, you guys. It's been a while." Naruto's voice hadn't changed much, so both cooks' eyes flung open when they heard his voice. Teuchi turned around, and looked at the masked boy.

"N…Naruto? Is that you?" The old man asked. Naruto chuckled, and pulled of the red and black mask. The whisker birthmarks were the first thing Teuchi and Ayame noticed. They had grown a little darker and thicker. Naruto's ocean blue eyes were looked just as beautiful as when he left. And his once short spiky blond hair was a little longer, resembling the hair the forth Hokage had. And his height growth also amazed them. Once the shortest Genin they ever saw, was now the same height as Ayame.

"Yep, it's me old man." He began, as he shot him his classic goofy grin. "I'm finally back from my trip, and am starving for your ramen." Ayame was scanning his body over again, and couldn't help but blush.

"You look very handsome, Naruto. Hinata will be very happy with how her boyfriend turned out." Hearing his girlfriend's name excited Naruto even more. He was about to ask where she was, when Teuchi handed him a large bowl of chicken ramen.

"You have no idea how much we all missed you, kid." Teuchi said, as Naruto practically dived into the bowl of noodles. "Things weren't quite the same since you left. It never felt right making ramen unless you were here at least once a day." Then, the old man must've remembered something, because his attention on Naruto turned to the clock. 10:46am. "That's strange…. Your father and his buddies are usually here b…."

"HOLY SHIT! Naruto?!?!" Hearing his father's famous crazy sounding voice forced Naruto to spit the noodles that were in his mouth back into the bowl. Naruto turned, and his eyes lit up when he saw Deadpool standing about yen feet behind them.

Wade Wilson, also known as Deadpool stood there, his eyes wide in surprise. He wore a pair of black slacks and a pair of black combat boots. On his belt were two Mac-10's and grenades, which wasn't new. What was new was what was on his body next. Instead of his regular red/black or all black costume, he now wore a dark red Jonin vest. And on his face, was the ever famous red and black mask.

"Naruto! You're back! Jesus DOES love me!" The mercenary cried as he ran full speed at his son, and stopped right in front of him. He looked at the 16 year old version of his son. "How was your trip, sonny boy? Did you bring me back a T-shirt as a souvenir? I wanted one from Murder World, but the damn Arcade kept on attacking me with his clowns and robots! I was pissed!"

Naruto laughed when he heard his father's psychotic babble. But, Naruto reached into his backpack he was carrying, and pulled out a shirt that said 'My son went to the Suna and all he brought me back was this T-shirt!' and handed it to his father. "Yep…. Figured this would be something you would like to wear." Wade looked at the shirt, and squealed like a school girl.

"I love it! I love it! I love it!" The man repeated, as he pulled the shirt over his vest, making him look lop-sided. He looked at it, and grinned. "Swweeeeet…." Then started striking different poses.

"Wade! There you are!" Kurenai Yuuhi called, as she marched up in their direction. "I thought I told you to do the dishes. You know I'm too busy with the ba…. Naruto?!"

Kurenai looked the same as she did two years ago, except that she replaced her red and white dress with green slacks and a standard Jonin vest. ALSO, in her arms, slept a baby with short wave black hair. She rubbed her eyes, and looked at the blond boy.

"Hey Kurenai sensei." Naruto said, scratching the back of his head. "It's been a while, hasn't it?" A warm smile appeared on the kunoichi's face as she walked up. Seeing the boy she considered a son looking so different was enough to make her forget Deadpool forgetting to do his chores.

"Yes…. It has. You look…handsome." A blush spread across the blonde's face. He was about to thank her, when he noticed the baby sleeping in her arms. He raised a eyebrow, and looked from his father to Kurenai, and back again.

"Who's the baby? You have a D-Ranked mission, and have to baby sit or something?" He asked, as the three of them took a seat on a stool. Kurenai blushed, as Wade hooked a arm around her shoulders.

"Son, I would like you to meet my son, Keith Wilson." Naruto looked down, as the baby boy slowly began to wake up. "Keith Wilson, I would like you to meet my eldest son, Naruto Uzumaki." Keith let out a cute little baby yawn, and opened his eyes. He inherited his eye color from Kurenai, because Keith's eyes were a dark shade of red. Naruto was surprised that Wade and Kurenai conceived a baby together, but he didn't let it show. So he smiled, and got to eye level with his baby brother.

"Hey there, lil bro." Keith saw Naruto, and immediately started laughing. He reached out, and grabbed Naruto by his long blond hair and began tugging. Kurenai giggled as Naruto took Keith from her arms and cradled him.

Then he looked at his father with a raised eyebrow. "You two aren't going to make me baby sit him while you two go out on dates, are you?" The question was met with a chuckle, and a reassuring shake of the head by Deadpool.

"Nah. We leave him with Logan and Tsume. They like it when Keith comes over and plays with their boy…. Oh! Did I forget to mention?! Logan and Tsume are married now!" And as thought, the news of those two getting married and having a kid was a complete shook to Naruto.

Remembering back, he vividly remembered how much those two didn't get along that well…which in itself, was a understatement. He always remembered never seeing them when they weren't arguing, or not ignoring each other. And one time, he recalled them actually getting into a actual fist fight.

"Wow…. I missed a lot, haven't I?" Naruto sighed, looking down, looking a little depressed. Wade saw his son's sad expression, and patted him on the back.

"I'm afraid so, Whisker Face…. But now's not the time to fret, me lad. We be needing to head yonder to ye old drunken princess's castle and reintroduce ye." Deadpool began talking with a Irish accent. But even in that code of old words and metaphors, Naruto knew who he was referring to.

"OK…" He finished his ramen, paid Teuchi, and walked off with his father. Kurenai then let out a long sigh, then went in the direction of the Inuzuka estate.

(With Tsunade)

Tsunade was asleep at her desk, with a pile of papers she needed to sign and a couple of bottles of sake lying on the floor. This, unfortunately, have became a daily thing. Every time Shizune handed her a stack of papers to read and sign, she would do SOME, drink and pass out.

Today was no different.

Shizune walked in, reading from a clip board. "OK, Lady Tsunade. You have some more papers to sign." For a tired drunk, Tsunade had good hearing, and good reflexes. The voice of her assistant woke the blond woman up instantly. And before Shizune looked up from the clip board, Tsunade was sitting up straight in her chair, with a convincing 'I wasn't sleeping' smile on her face.

"Thank you, Shizune." Her voice sounded tired, but her face was enough to make the short haired girl believe her…at first.

Shizune was about to leave, when she saw something on Tsunade's cheek. Something black and in a straight line. When the assistant looked closer, it turned out to me words. The ink from the document Tsunade was sleeping on seemed to transfer onto her face, marking her a liar.

"Lady Tsunade! You were sleeping again, weren't you?!" Shizune asked, with her hands on her hips and a stern look on her face. The older woman groaned, and slumped her head onto her desk. She was in for another scolding by her assistant…again.

"Come on, Shizune…" Tsunade moaned, placing her arms over her head. "I'm not cut out for this boring job. Can I just give the title back to Sarutobi and…" In the middle of question, the front door was kicked off it's hinges, followed by Deadpool's voice.

"Ladies and…Tsunade!" Wade shouted, as if he was announcing a movie. The drunken woman buried her head deeper into her arms, suffering from Wade's loud voice and her hangover. "It is my honor to introduce the newest craze sweeping the village! He's new! He's improved! He's addicted to ramen! You know and love him…. NARUTO UZUMAKI!"

Hearing Deadpool mention his son's name caused Tsunade's and Shinuze's heads to twirl around. Wade strutted in, with Naruto walked in behind him. The two women looked at the boy in amazement.

He was taller then before, and had more muscles, too. His body was in great shape, not too buff and not to skinny. His face had matured, making him look handsome, instead of cute. Shizune stared wide eyed at the blond boy, not knowing what to say.

"Hey guys, long time no see, huh?" Naruto began with a nervous laugh. He smelt the air, and smelt Sake. Since Jiraiya was known to have a few drinks now and again, Naruto learned what alcohol smelt like. He smirked, and looked at Tsunade. "Still drinking, huh?"

"Like a fish…" Deadpool whispered, as he picked up bottle after bottle, checking what brand they were. Tsunade soon regained some of her composure, and answered Naruto's question.

"N…not much…." She lied, trying not to slur her words. "Is…is that really you, Naruto?" The woman then rubbed her eyes, making sure she wasn't seeing things. "You look…." Tsunade's mind was going back and forth, thanks to the sake's influence. She tried to compose a full sentence, but she could never finish.

"Looks like she needs some coffee, huh?" Naruto chuckled. "Jiraiya is the same way…. Wonder why you two haven't gotten together." Tsunade blushed, and looked away.

"Cause' he's a perverted old goat." Wow… a full sentence.

Naruto then let out a hearty laugh. "Yeah, that's what he figured too! He told me about the time you two were still Genins, and while you were in the bathhouse…." The trip down memory lane caused the Hokage to send a look that said 'Quiet… or die.' straight at the blond boy. Naruto got them message, and turned back.

"Nice seeing you two again." He waved at Shizune and Tsunade, as he whispered, "I'll tell you later," into his father's ear. The two waved back. And before he left, Naruto decided to get back at his sensei for leaving him to do 'research' when he was supposed to be training him. "Oh, just so you know, Jiraiya is currently peeping on some women in the bathhouse near the front gate." And with that said, Naruto and Deadpool left the office. A tick-mark formed on Tsunade's forehead, as she tried to get to her feet.

"You pervert…." She growled, cracking her knuckles.

(At Naruto's House)

The house Naruto grew up in had a few changes done to it. It has been painted over, since Kurenai wasn't too fond of living in a bright red house. So, by her request, it was painted over with dark blue paint. Inside was pretty clean for having a baby living there. In the living room, there was a large toy-chest, filled with various types of stuffed animals. Also, a corner had been made into a little play area, for when Logan's and Tsume's boy came over to play with them.

And another addition was added to their house. Another room had been added for Keith. It was light blue, with elegant cloud patterns pained on the walls and ceiling. In the middle was his crib.

And much to Naruto's delight, his room was still there. And everything was the same. His weapon collection still hung on the walls. His bed was the same as he left it, and so on. So, besides Keith's room, nothing has changed.

"Louise, I'm home! And I brought Jimmy, the paperboy from down the block." Since Naruto hasn't been around his father in two years straight, he no longer found his crazy babbling annoying. Instead, now he found it quite funny. As Naruto and Wade laughed, Kurenai walked out of the kitchen, with Keith in her arms, and a bottle of warm milk in his mouth.

"Welcome home, you two…" She smiled warmly at Naruto. "It's wonderful to have you back, Naruto. You have no idea how much we've missed you." Naruto grinned, and basked in the feeling of having a family again. And as Naruto remembered how he met Kurenai, there was a knock at the door.

"Arc! The castle door is under attack! Mend your stations, men!" The mercenary gasped dramatically, sneaking to the front door. He opened the door, and a devilish grin came across his face. "Oh Naruto!" He sang. Naruto, who was lazily laying on the couch, looked up. "Your girl is here to see you!" Naruto's eyes widened when he saw who his father was referring to.

Standing at the door, stood Hinata Hyuuga.

The changes the Hyuuga heir had gone through in the time frame of two years were breath taking. She was now almost as tall as he was, making her among the tallest kunoichi of her graduating class. She no longer wore her tan coat…. Now, she wore a long sleeved blazer, with purple and white being the only color on it. The slacks she wore were tight, and ended a little above her ankles.

But her clothing didn't matter to Naruto as much as her physical changes.

Her body was slender, and showed off her curves with unmatchable beauty. Her legs were nice and slender, and as he went up, he couldn't help notice her BIGGEST change. Her…. Ahem…. Chest area has filled out quite nicely, and filled out her blazer comfortably. Going up some more, he saw that her face has matured and lost every ounce of baby fat, just like him. Her eyes were a little bigger, but the lavender color of them had Naruto in a daze. And finally, he finished up with her hair. She no longer had her hair in a duck call style. Now, her dark blue hair hung down her back, looking like blue silk in the wind. (At this time, a little breeze of wind for added effect)

Naruto's face took on a deep shade of red at the new form of his girlfriend. And the same could be said about Hinata, who's face was redder than his, but only by a little. The boy bolted from the couch, and stumbled in front of her with frantic clumsiness. He stopped right in front of her, and stared her right into her beautiful lavender eyes.

"H…hello Hinata….." Naruto's voice was small and shaky.

"H…hello, Naruto…." The girl answered, sounding no different then Naruto. A few seconds has passed, when Naruto allowed himself to drift towards Hinata's face.

Not resisting, Hinata slowly began to drift his way, her eyes half lit. slowly, their faces got closer. Soon, they could feel each other's breath on their face. Their eyes closed entirely when their lips met in their first kiss in two years.


Jiraiya, the legendary Toad Sage and originator of the book "Make-Out Paradise" lay on the ground, badly beaten and bruised. He suffered a black eye, and busted lip, and a bloody nose. Standing above him was the furious, and now sober Tsunade.

"First off, never, and I mean NEVER, tell you students about perverted stories, especially when they include me!" She fumed, grabbing Jiraiya by the collar if his shirt, and moving it closer to hers. "Second, when you are with your student, NEVER be a pervert in front of them. I swear, if I find that you turned Naruto into a miniature version of you, I'll make you regret it."

The Toad Sage opened the eye that wasn't swollen shut, and grinned. "It's nice to see you too, Tsunade." He chuckled. "You still have a nasty left hook, I see. Nice to see having a desk job hasn't made you completely useless…." Tsunade let out a long sigh, before smiling slyly at the man in her clutches.

"You moron…." She whispered, before gently pressing her lips against his.

To Be Continued……..

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