Christian reflected that he had, perhaps, been a bit obnoxious to Olli while they'd decorated the bar for the holidays. And, If the rough polyester of the flat -share couch against his cheek was any indication, Olli agreed. It wasn't that Christian was a grinch or anything, he just didn't see the fuss around this time of year. It was cold, he never managed to buy the right presents for anyone, and he was really nearly incapable of receiving gifts with any kind of graciousness. He hated the fake smiling, and the caroling, and truth be told he found gingerbread disgusting and the smell of pine made him queasy. He turned his long frame to lay on his back and let his feet dangle over the edge of the couch. But, these minor quirks really shouldn't mean he was banished from, what technically, was his bedroom, just because Olli was the second incarnation of Cindy Loo who.

Sometimes Olli really was a mystery. He didn't know why his boyfriend had insisted on exchanging presents early, but he felt like an idiot afterward. He'd gotten what he assumed to be a very clever present that would appeal to Olli's wicked sense of humor. Olli had given him the 2,000 € watch that Christian had briefly obsessed over during the summer. To say that they'd gotten their signals crossed, was a gross understatement. After Olli's decidedly less than warm reception and upon further review Christian had to grudgingly admit that maybe a "I'm not Gay, but my Boyfriend is" T-shirt and a lemon yellow butt plug were a little crass and less than sentimental for the holidays. Especially since it was their first one together. He turned on his side again trying to alleviate the pressure in his lower back, and curled his toes, fighting off the drafty flat share probably would've accepted the t-shirt good naturedly if Christian hadn't scoffed at his Christmas present. But honestly what the hell was he going to do with it? It was too expensive to wear casually, and it was damned heavy and impractical to boot. It was nearly as bad as that disgusting bag Rebecca had given him. He really would have to have a talk with that girl. He had to acknowledge that Olli probably wasn't too happy about the fact that he'd scheduled himself to work at the stud farm on Christmas day. But if Olli was realistic about it, Christmas really was just a day like any other. There was no reason to get so worked up about not seeing one another for the whole day that day. Besides, he didn't complain last year when Olli was stretched out on the beaches in Spain, did he? At least Christian was actually doing work.

To add to the stress Olli wanted to have a giant Christmas Eve party for all their friends. Bunch of moochers, Christian thought sullenly, and when the hell did Tristan become a friend anyway? He was so freaking weird. Christian gazed at the lights softly twinkling on the Christmas tree and tried to push his concerns away. He'd do something for Olli, tomorrow to make up for it maybe a day of damned shopping at the Christmas market before dinner or a free shift at No limits. Funny, now that he was an ex employee, he seemed to be behind the bar more than ever. Perhaps Olli was an evil genius. A sexy evil genius. A sexy evil genius who should be wrapped in his arms right now but wasn't.

Christian yawned as his eyelids drifted closed. He'd need his rest if Oliver woke up with the same attitude tomorrow, especially when he saw that Christian had skimmed a little off of the roast for tomorrow's dinner. He was a growing…Mann after all.