AN: Smut smut smut!!! ok not that bad, a little sweetness thrown in for good measure. :)

Epilogue: Part the Last: In Which Herr Sabel is Divested of Certain Garments, and Herr Mann Reaches the Apex of His Contentment.

For Christian, the solid weight of his lover, and the ability to actually touch him after a night of insubstantial existence had been so gratifying. He'd known Olli was having fun at his expense all day, but he was so ridiculously grateful that they were both young and alive and, more importantly, that they had time, that he allowed it – though that Santa had smelled a bit…ripe. No matter. He drank Olli's kisses like ambrosia, nearly trembled at the simplest of touches, and luxuriated in the all-encompassing warmth of Olli's smile and laughter. Watching the flakes swirl past the flat share window with Olli in his protective embrace, Christian couldn't think of anything that could have made the day more perfect. Well that wasn't exactly true, he could think of one thing.



"We have some unfinished business."

"We do?"

Nuzzling Olli's ear, he whispered " Yes, from this morning"


Christian knew that Olli's hum either meant he was half tired or already on his way to half hard. If it was the latter, then great. If it was the former, then it was time to wake his lover up. Christian bit Olli's neck softly, while drawing him closer, his tongue darting out to sample the skin there. Then he moved on to an earlobe as one wandering hand untucked Olli's sweater. He slid his hands along the fever hot abdomen down toward the waistband of his jeans, down further to grasp his lover fully. He growled as Olli's head fell back onto his shoulder and he began lazily but insistently swiveling his hips against Olli's firm posterior, reveling in the microscopic gasps and sighs this elicited from the older man.

"Lose the shirt," Christian muttered, as he bit Olli's trapezius and took an even tighter hold of his boyfriend, establishing an excruciatingly slow rhythm up and down. Olli whimpered and pushed back against Christian, relishing their mutual excitement, and eager to increase that delicious friction. He screwed his eyes shut at the triple sensations of Christian's tongue bathing the side of his neck, one hand scraping a taut nipple, the other skimming relentlessly over his sensitized, engorged head.

In a flurry of motion Olli threw his sequined knit Frosty the Snowman sweater to the ground and reached behind him to undo Christian's jeans. He turned to face Christian and smirked mischievously, as he grasped the younger man through his boxers.

"Right. I definitely owe you."

He slunk down to his knees taking Christian's boxers with him, and didn't break eye contact until Christian's member was buried to the hilt in Olli's very eager aperture. With one hand gently stroking Olli's firm jaw, and the other firmly braced in front of him, Christian alternated his focus between the dark fan of Olli's lashes against his hollowed cheeks, and the corona of heat radiating outward from his own hand in contrast to the cool window. To his credit, he managed not to go completely insane at Olli's first intruding digit, but he felt the rational thought abscond as Olli gently massaged his prostate. He came apart completely, thrusting, convulsing and shuddering around Olli's bent form, eyes tearing with the pleasure of it. Olli released him with an audible 'pop' and stood up. "Come, Schatz. let's go to bed." Christian had just enough presence of mind to kiss the wantonly plump lips of his lover before following him into their bedroom.

An eternity of tensed muscles, sharply drawn breaths, and hushed cries later, Christian felt his logic return while he contemplated Olli sleeping beside him in bed. He was cognizant of only two things; one,his boyfriend really was an evil genius when it came to sex, quite brilliant actually and two, although he was actually sad that he had to wait another 365 days for Christmas, he was quite glad of the fact that he'd have another year to plan out the perfect proposal for his future husband. He'd have to remember to consult Luise. He shut his eyes and joined Olli in smiling slumber.

Wolfgang deposited one of his discarded lottery tickets on the foosball table. If his son was going to get married, he'd need to have a good nest egg to start off with, and it should be enough to cover Christian's upcoming expenses, and enough to take care of Gregor too. He floated over to his son's bedroom, and ran an ephemeral hand through Christian's glossy hair.

"Merry Christmas, Son," he said lightly. "Don't spend it all in one place like your old man would."

He drifted out of the bedroom window into the beyond, buoyed by the love and happiness in his son's heart.