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They were liars. Of course everyone knew that now: as evidenced by Puck's black eye and the fact that Quinn was now living with Rachel. Rachel of all people. Still no one knew the extent of the lies that ran between them because, hell, they had been lying to themselves from the start. Both of them refusing to admit to each other or themselves that it had been more then Puck taking advantage of a drunk Quinn on a day she felt fat.

Of course that's here it had started. Finn had been out of town and Puck had offered to pick Quinn up for Santana's birthday party. It wasn't an uncommon occurrence the Cheerios and football players had been friends for years. But this event would set Puck apart from the rest of their friends because only he alone had ever heard Mrs. Fabray's cruel words about how Quinn could never live up to Gail. How Gail had been 2 sizes smaller at her age and maybe if Quinn laid off of junk food then she'd be thinner.

Puck wasn't supposed to have heard that, it was totally against the image the Fabray's liked to paint of themselves; so when Mrs. Fabray had greeted him as graciously as usual but had been obviously flustered and had hurried off to the club or whatever it was they did on the weekends. Puck also wasn't supposed to see Quinn cry when she excused herself to grab her jacket. He also wasn't supposed to feel like someone had punched him the gut at the sight of her in tears.

That's the exact moment that all of the lying started. He lied to himself about his feelings for Quinn. They both lied and said that their first kiss had been after they stole Quinn's mother's wine coolers, not after Puck had wrapped his arms gently around Quinn and whispered reassurances that Quinn was the most beautiful girl he knew. They would lie to the entire world and themselves, nobody would ever know that Puck had kissed her gently first on the forehead.

When the questions started (because they would, everyone was going to want to know all the stupid details) they would both lie and say that Puck had initiated the first real kiss, they wouldn't think that it was Quinn who pressed her lips to his. Quinn who had wrapped her arms around his neck. Quinn who wanted to take things further.

They would lie.

Puck would lie because he had a rep to uphold. He was Noah Puckerman, he hooked up with girls and didn't care a damn thing about them. Hell, he generally was the cause of tears. He wasn't in love with Quinn that was for damn sure. Besides it made him feel better if people thought he hooked up with his best friend's girl because they were drunk not because he had feelings for her. And certainly not because she smelled like vanilla and he loved the way she felt in his arms.

Quinn lied because she was supposed to be too good for Puck. She was supposed to save herself for when she was married (to some well educated doctor or lawyer, of course) who would sweep her away from all of the Lima losers. Puck was the epitome of a Lima loser, he was never going to make it out of their podunk town and she couldn't settle for that. She wouldn't

So they lied because it was easier that way. The truth was out now and it was easier to let everyone believe that Puck was a douchebag and Quinn was a slut then to admit that there had been actual feelings behind their actions. That maybe he wasn't the douche and she wasn't a slut and they really wanted to make a relationship work.