Harry Potter knew he was different from the other children at the orphanage. He was both admired and feared for his talents. Admired for his prodigal academic achievements, frightening learning pace and startling grasp of strategy and concepts, and feared for his " freakish" powers. He was labelled as a sorcerer or a practitioner of evil arts and thus was isolated from rest. He was always alone and nobody wanted to play with him for as long as he could remember. H e was alone, neglected and forgotten-abandoned at the doorstep of the orphanage, ostracized by the children and glared at by the staff for being "freaky".

At the age of four,he found he could move things from across the room and change objects. He would often change his tattered pajama jumpers to new ones of his favourite colour and repair his glasses whenever they got trampled on by the bullies. Of course this made the staff fear and hate him even more, as they thought he stole from other kids though they never caught him at it.

Harry kept practising, becoming more adept at controlling objects as time gone on. He also had a insatiable thirst for books and knowledge, the former being his solace from loneliness. He read whatever he could get his hands on, and was knowlegeable enough to skip a few grades at school. His burning desire to understand everything consumed his days at the orphanage. Of course, this made him a target for jealous bullies.

He was constantly bullied. Every corner he turned there would always be a leg sticking out, sending him sprawling to the floor, glasses askew whilst the rest stood by and just watched; some afraid to do anything for fear of bringing the bullies' attention onto them, and some just cruelly laughing away at his predicament. Luckily, no one physically attacked him ever since that incident.


" Awww, the little potty is crying cause he is in pain...Do you want to run to your mommy? Oh wait i forgot, she abandoned you....and you got nobody who will stick up for you...not a singe kid here, not even the nicelady at the counter who always gives us treats will take a second look at you..No one you hear? You are just a pathetic little freak" taunted John, one of the oldest and strongest boys at the orphanage. He had just delivered a punch to harry's face, instantly breaking his trickled down, spilling onto harry's dirty white shirt.

It was at that point that harry decided to defend himself. He knew that if he did not do anything now, the bullying would get worse and a broken nose would be the least of his worries. He summoned up his powers, stuck out a hand, and willed John to be in as much pain as he was. The onlookers looked on fearfully as harry's eyes emerald eyes glowed as he towered over john, who was now rolling on the ground twitching and begging harry to stop. Harry felt a sadistic glee as he watched his childhood tormentor paying for his crimes.

" Please stop..please..oh god my body is on fire and it hurts...please please have mercy please" begged John, who began to foam at the mouth.

Harry immediately zoned back in, and saw people looking at him with growing horror. He willed the pain to stop, and walked away without a word, heart thumping painfully as he realised he could have destroyed John.

Harry sat at a corner of the playground, reminscing that moment. He remebered feeling a surge of power and a rush of adrenaline. He remebered barely controlling himself as he willed pain onto John. He remembered the sudden withdrawal of power, almost disappointingly he swore he felt, as he stopped. He remembered walking away in terror of what he had done, but more on the fact that he wanted and could do more than that to John.

Ever since that day, he was more alone than ever. He went unpunished, as the staff could not find any physical damage to John, even though the kids swore seeing him hurt John. Nevertheless, the staff knew his freakish powers were at work again, and as an unspoken punishment, left his broken nose unattended to. Harry scoffed. As if i cant fix them myself, thank you very much. The look of disbelief and fear on their faces as they saw his nose back to normal in the same day made it almost worth it.

Harry was jolted out of his musings when a medium sized beautiful green snake with black eyes and silver scales slithered on the grass before him.

"Ssstupid human boy, taking up my sspot in the sssun..why i should bite him ..that should teach him a lesson" the snake hissed angrily.

Harry was startled. He could understand what the snake was hissing. Perhaps he couldtalk to it!

" Erm hello.." Harry hissed nervously.

" hello? HELLO??? Thats all you can sssay after ssstealing my spot? Why i oughta sstrangle you...how dare you talk down to me in a sssuperior fashion just because you have two legs??! Why my venom could....WAIT! what did you sssay? "

Harry looked on in amusement. The snake was definitely entertaining and he liked her immediately.

" I said hello" Harry hissed again in amusement.

" i know damn well you said hello! Im not deaf nor sssstupid you know. But you can sssspeak. Human sssspeakers are very rare...little boy whatss your name?" The snake hissed in wonder.

" Harry. My name isssss Harry Potter."

From then on, Sephora-as she wanted to be called- was his constant companion and friend. She followed him everywhere, sometimes from a distance, and sometimes curled around his waist under his shirt. She had come to find the boy fascinating and extremely gifted for one so young. She knew he was powerful and would become even more powerful in future.

Sephora took it upon herself to watch over him as some sort of protector. Though Harry warned her not to bite the other kids, she could always hiss threateningly whenever the bullies came too near Harry. She could do nothing about the tripping and the verbal insults though. She could not understand why Harry would not retaliate. She knew the extent of harry's amazing powers yet the boy would not lift a finger in defence. When she asked harry, all she got was a baffling reply : " I dont want to lose control."