Harry walked up to the Headmaster's office and said the password to the gargoyle. He knocked on the door, and heard a merry voice telling him to come in.

Professor Albus Dumbledore looked up with interest as the boy from the rumours walked in. He knew from the first day that the boy was odd and somehow different, but now he had proof that the boy was different because he was so powerful. It was time to take their relationship up a notch and court Harry over to his side, as he was sure Professor Voldemort was doing already.

"Harry, my boy! How are you? I haven't seen you around much since the day I took you to Diagon Alley." Dumbledore greeted him warmly.

Harry looked at the professor warily. What brought on this sudden bout of interest in him?

"Come take a seat my boy! Lemon drops?" the professor offered jovially and after Harry had declined politely, popped one into his mouth and thought deeply on how to best approach this boy.

"Harry, you must be wondering on why I called you to my office. Not to worry my dear boy, you haven't done anything wrong". Dumbledore explained. Not anything that I can legally punish you for since there wouldn't be any traces of offensive magic if I were to check your wand. "Just wanted to have a chat with you. Find out how Hogwarts has been for you."

" Headmaster, I find your sudden interest in me very disconcerting. Surely there are far more influential and accomplished wizards and witches that would better give you an opinion on how Hogwarts is like? Why would you ask someone like me?" Harry asked curtly. He was sick of people trying to be on his good side now after neglecting him for years.

Dumbledore looked at him in a new light. It seemed the boy was perceptive. Too perceptive.

"You underrate yourself too much Harry. Very well, I shall get to the point then. My dear boy, I will like to recommend offers to you for adoption." Dumbledore stated his true motives.

Harry was flabbergasted. " Whaaa..." Before he could continue, Dumbledore interrupted him. "I'm sure professor Voldemort no doubt has offered and claimed custody of you already. Don't worry Harry I have as much influence in the Wizarding Courts as him. I can easily appeal and remedy the situation. You don't have to be pressurized into living with him. One of my good friends Mr Sylvester White, Head of the Magical Enforcement Squad, has offered to adopt you. He has a nice estate somewhere in Wales with a huge quidditch pitch and two lovely nephews, Lucas and Roman who are around your age. I'm sure you will be good friends and have great fun interacting with those around your age."

" Headmaster, I don't know what to say...This is rather sudden. But isn't it impolite to appeal against professor Voldemort's claim of custody? " Harry asked.

" Not to worry my dear boy. I can handle it so long as you agree. I must admit, I'm not supportive of you living with professor Voldemort. He is a excellent wizard, no doubt, but he is a...difficult man. Very stubborn too, too set in his own ways. He also has different ideals which are not very...agreeable to many. You will find hard to live with a man like him. " Dumbledore said.

Harry pondered about what the professor said. It was true. Professor Voldemort was too set in the old pureblood ways and Harry did not share the same view as him about the treatment of Muggleborns and Muggles. If he were to oppose him in this aspect, would he be cast away and neglected again?

The professor saw Harry thinking deeply and smiled. Perhaps it wasn't too late for the boy after all.

"I'll give you some time to think about it Harry." With that, he dismissed the younger wizard.

Harry was about to go and inform Voldemort of the Headmaster's offer when Professor Voldemort and another slightly shorter wizard appeared ahead of him in the corridor.

Harry narrowed his eyes. It seemed the wizard was completely enamoured with Voldemort. He spoke in a low, sensual tone of voice and gazed admiringly at Voldemort every few sentences. There was a hint of longing and desire in his eyes.

He walked up to them and interrupted their little union. " Ahem." He coughed to get Voldemort's attention.

"Harry!" Voldemort seemed surprised to see him. " Well...this is Alexander, a world reknowned Potions Master and a friend." Voldemort introduced, though not quite meeting his eyes.

"On first name basis eh? You're one of his favourite snakes aren't you? Name's Alexander Walt, Potions master and Voldemort's friend." The wizard told Harry, though his eyes clearly suggested they were more than just friends.

Harry felt something stir inside of him. " Goodnight professor, and Master Walt. I shan't disturb your conversation any longer." Harry nodded sharply and hurried off.

" Wait Harry! " Voldemort's voice echoed down the corridor but Harry paid no heed to him. He stomped off to his common room, shouted out the password and slammed the door shut, not understanding why he suddenly felt irked.

Then it suddenly came to him. Oh god, am I jealous?

Roman White was currently in a sour mood. He had just come out of the Headmaster's office and was unhappy that the old wizard had dragged him halfway across the continent to Hogwarts to ask for a favour. He had been attending balls and parties invited by the pureblood aristocrat father of his good friend. The balls and parties were grand and magnificent, and offered plenty of opportunities to establish many important contacts. He had even met the Assisant Head of the Unspeakables, whom rarely made appearances at gatherings. There were also many intelligent and powerful wizards who caught his interest. Therefore he felt justified in his anger when he received an owl forcing him to leave all the glamour and come to Hogwarts as a favour to Dumbledore, to befriend some wizard named Harry whom his father had offered to adopt. Truth be told, he was a little curious of this Harry person. He had to be pretty powerful or talented to get special attention from an important Minstry Head like his father and a famous and venerable wizard like Dumbledore. Well, at least there was a potential contact.

He lounged lazily on the dark leather sofa in the Slytherin common room, waiting for someone of Harry's description to emerge from the portrait hole. The minutes ticked by and he grew increasingly bored and slightly frustrated. Just as he was about to give up and go Dumbledore to stuff it, a lithe young wizard with enchanting green eyes and a thick aura pulsing with power emerged from the portrait hole, carrying a huge stack of books.

He stood up, transfixed by what he saw. The wizard in front of him was absolutely gorgeous and totally his type.

He gracefully sauntered over to him and introduced himself. "Good evening. Are you Harry Potter?"

Harry nodded, and stumbled a bit. "Pardon me, where are my manners? Let me help you with that." Roman took half of the books from Harry's hands and together they walked to a more private corner of the common room and set the books down on the table.

"Thanks. Who might you be?" Harry thanked him gratefully.

"Roman White. Pleased to make your acquaintance Harry." Roman took Harry's hand and brushed his lips over it.

Harry blushed. The wizard in front of him was tall, well-built and handsome. Wavy blonde hair framed his aristocratic face and his light blue eyes pierced Harry's green ones. It was like looking into a calm bottomless ocean. And when the wizard kissed his hand, Harry had felt a little jolt. His touch wasn't repulsive like Lesalier Lestrange. Not disgusting at all. In fact, it was surprisingly...pleasant. Glad to know Lesalier Lestrange hadn't turned him off from physical contact.

"I came to Hogwarts to run an errand for Professor Dumbledore." Roman told him. It wasn't the total truth but it wasn't a complete lie either. "I'm almost done and was hoping to meet the wizard whom my father had offered to adopt. Perhaps you could show me around this magnificent castle and we could get to know each other? I would also like to tell you more about me and my family if you are going to be living with us."

"Thanks. I think I would like that." Harry accepted.

Over the next few days, Harry avoided Voldemort like the plague and showed Roman around Hogwarts and Hogsmeade, as professor Dumbledore had given them special permission so long as they return before dark. They spent many hours flying around on their brooms, chatting about inconsequential stuff while drinking Butterbeer at Madam Rosmerta's and trying to pull one over the other with tricks from Zonko's. Harry found Roman to be a very amicable and carefree wizard. Nothing could keep him down for long and he knew how to have good fun. Once Harry thought he had gone too far when he pranked Roman and made a pair of butterfly wings sprout from his back but Roman just laughed it off and then proceeded to get revenge by lifting Harry up into the air with him until Harry admitted defeat. He was extremely easy to get along with, and was probably the ideal type of guy girls go lovestruck for. He was a perfect gentleman, and could be very charming and charismatic whenever he wanted to. Harry still did not know how Roman managed to convince him to dive and explore the Great Lake with him the next day. Perhaps he was more easily persuaded since it was the first time he had such great fun with another wizard who was around the same age as him. Certainly Severus was a great friend and intelligent companion but he didn't have Roman's sense of fun and humour. His witty, sarcastic comebacks weren't quite the same as Roman's way of teasing and poking fun at him.

Harry had also received a letter from Voldemort, whom he wasn't on speaking terms with now though he wasn't sure what brought on this silent war, ordering him to stay away from Roman. Harry felt that was rich coming from Voldemort. The wizard could go around cavorting and fooling around with wizards like that bloody Potions Master, but Harry wasn't allowed to have fun with his friends? Stuff Voldemort and his opinion on how Roman was a 'silly ,vapid, frivolous wizard who thinks of nothing except partying and would only hold him back"! Friends weren't made based on their worth or value. They were based on feelings and trust. Harry totally ignored that letter.

"Roman are you sure this is safe? I still don't know how you convinced me to go along with this crazy idea of yours, or how you managed to persuade professor Dumbledore to provide us with gillyweed." Harry said, feeling gills beginning to grow on the sides of his neck. It was an awkward sensation, one that Harry would not care to repeat.

" Aww scared little Harry? Don't worry the only thing that can cause us great harm is the giant squid, and it is hibernating now." Roman teased. "If anything happens, I promise to protect your pretty little neck." Roman added cheekily with a grin.

"Roman!" Harry yelled in mortification and splashed water at him.

"Ready Harry? Let's go!" Roman shouted as both of them divided headfirst into the icy depths of the Great Lake.

"Brrr...Roman its freezing in here!" Harry complained and cast a warming charm on himself and Roman.

" Ahhh...they say the sea is the coldest, but it carries the hottest blood of all." Roman purred.

"What is that supposed to mean?"

"Nothing." Roman flashed Harry a wide grin.

They swam around for a while, getting used to their webbed fingers and toes. "Look merpeople!" Roman suddenly pointed out.

"Merlin, you're right! Wow the textbook illustrations don't do justice to their beauty. They really are beautiful creatures." Harry exclaimed.

"Mermaids are the maidens of the waves while mermen are the guardians of the sea. In Greek legend, Alexander the Great's sister Thessalonike was said to turn into a mermaid after she died. They are very beautiful and graceful creatures, and whose romance rivals that of the vampires. The voices of some females are rumoured to be so enchanting that once you hear their song, you are bound and forever in their thrall." Roman told Harry.

"Wow..." breathed Harry, captivated.

They swam and explored the great depths of the Great Lake, witnessing the courtship of a few merpeople, seeing many fascinating underwater herbs, fungi and aquatic creatures. Roman had even found a rare conch shell that changed colours every now and then and presented it to Harry as a souvenir. Overall, it was an amazing experience and Harry,albeit exhausted, was in great mood at the end of the dive.

They sat down on a huge rock overseeing the Great Lake, exhausted from their dive and recollecting their adventure.

" Harry...do you like me?" Roman asked out of the blue.

" Of course I do. You're very fun to be with, and make a very charming companion" Harry told him.

" That I know." Roman said arrogantly with a smirk. " What I'm saying is that do you find me attractive Harry? Do you want to be with me? I really like you Harry." Roman confessed.

"Y-you like me? Why?" Harry stuttered. His very first confession!

" Why? There are many good reasons why wizards would fall for you Harry. You exude a powerful magnetic attraction. Did anyone tell you you have the most beautiful and mesmerising eyes? They are like precious emeralds, calling out to me and willing me to me enraptured and trapped in your gaze...enchanted in your thrall..." Roman purred in a low voice. At first my only intention was to befriend you, yet along the way I had somehow fallen for you...

Harry blushed. " I don't know Roman... I really don't know...But I know for sure that I want you as a good friend." Harry found Roman handsome but that didn't mean he liked him romantically. After all, he appreciated the beauty of many Hogwarts witches yet still harboured no romantic feelings for them.

"I'm leaving tomorrow. Won't you come live with us? Even if we can't be together as a couple, I would be a good friend and companion to you. We will treat you splendidly." Harry could hear the plea in his voice.

"I...I haven't decided." Harry told him in a small voice.

Roman gave him a wry smile. He tucked a stray strand of hair behind Harry's ear and whispered, " I'll miss you."

"I'll miss you too Roman. It was fun hanging out with you." Harry said a little sadly.

Meanwhile, a pair of crimson eyes watched the pair's interactions intently from their position at the window overhead, its gaze intense and furious.

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