Naruto the Fox Sannin

Chapter 23

A Friend's Return, A war had Ended

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Last Time on Naruto the Fox Sannin

"GRAAHH!" Madara brought down his fist, but there was a sudden flash of light and Naruto's eyes were shut tight, but he opened them when he felt no pain. Naruto looked at himself and found no cuts, he looked around and saw he was still in the crater of the Shinra Tensei, so what happened. Naruto then looked in front of him to see blackness in his vision. Then he heard a scream as Madara was thrown away by a powerful force. Naruto looked up and gasped at what he saw before him.

"I-I-I…can't believe it…y-y-ou're back" Naruto managed to utter. A pair of green eyes with vertical pupils stared back at him, a giant black and white kitsune stood before him with a vulpine grin on its face as it looked down at Naruto, nine, black, white tipped tails swished behind the gigantic kitsune.

"Surprised to see me….Naruto"


Naruto continued to stare at the gigantic, red wood tree sized, kitsune before him.

"Oh come on Naruto, it's only been three and a half years since I left, you're not that shocked are you?" Shizuka asked jokingly. Naruto got up to his feet and then with tears in his eyes he ran towards Shizuka and wrapped his arms around her rather large ankle.

"I can't believe it's really you, it's really you...I've missed you" he sobbed out. Shizuka shrunk down and wrapped her nine tails around Naruto in a hug.

"As did I, luckily I was able to finally finish my Kyuubi training before Kimiko-sensei could send me out of your mind to help you" the black furred kitsune said with a vulpine grin.

"Kimiko-sensei?" Naruto asked.

"Yeah, that's what the Kyuubi's name was, what you didn't really think that her name was really Kyuubi did you?" Shizuka asked chuckling a bit. Naruto blushed a bit.

"No...yes, wait hold on Kyuubi umm I mean Kimiko was a girl" he said flabbergasted.

"Sorry to end this happy reunion, but since this kitsune in front of me is the new Kyuubi if the nine tails didn't give it away, I'll be killing Naruto and taking you with me, Kyuubi no Kitsune" Madara said as he got up. The entirety of his Sharingan patterned mask was shattered and his true face was revealed, it had the same look as it did in the books, except he had a Sharingan and a Rinnengan for his eyes and many scars littered his aged looking face.

"No way Madara, you're not getting your hands on her" Naruto said as he ripped the scroll containing his last Ryu Sennin kagebunshin. He opened the scroll and was about to summon the clone, but Madara held out his hand and used Bansho Ten'in.

"No way are you getting that power you had earlier, I'll kill you before that happens" Madara growled. Shizuka quickly lashed out her tails and wrapped two around Naruto's waist and holding him back. The other seven dug into the earth to anchor them to the ground so as not get pulled by the attraction of the Bansho Ten'in.

"SHINRA TENSEI!" Madara yelled, Shizuka suddenly pushed back by a powerful invisible force that sent her back and made her lose her grip on Naruto. The tails unraveled themselves around Naruto's waist and Naruto flew a few feet away from Shizuka before he made impact with the already destroyed ground. Naruto groaned as he got up, luckily he had managed to seal away his dragon sennin scroll into the pocket dimension due to the seal he had made on his wrist and therefore the last kagebunshin was safe. Naruto groaned and he knew he HAD to get that last bit of sennin chakra he had left. Naruto opened the scroll as fast as he could because Shizuka was now getting back up, and Madara was nearing him, sprinting too fast for Shizuka to reach him in time. The scroll opened, Madara was about ten feet away from him, the kagebunshin appeared, Madara was only four feet away, the kagebunshin opened its amber coloured eyes and saw Madara coming. Madara smirked as he jumped over the kagebunshin and slammed a heel kick to Naruto's head. Naruto yelled in pain as his body made an imprint on the ground. The kagebunshin quickly turned and slammed its fist into Madara's face in order to save its creator. Madara groaned as he was suddenly hit with a knee to his chin followed by a brutal kick to stomach sending the evil Uchiha away from Naruto. The kagebunshin quickly looked at its creator.

"Boss, are you alright?" the clone asked. Naruto nodded and slowly got up, the kagebunshin nodded to his creator who nodded back. The clone disappeared and Naruto's dragon sennin powers returned to him, the power flooded through his body and Naruto glared at Madara. Naruto was only able to hold the dragon sennin mode for only a half and hour, he had to make every attack count. Shizuka got back up and howled as she ran towards Madara. Madara turned to look at the charging kitsune. Madara jumped out of the way before Shizuka's head could make impact with his body. Shizuka growled and attempted another attack. She opened her mouth and white flames barreled towards the Uchiha. Madara formed handsigns and he disappeared through a spacial rift. Shizuka's ears perked up as they listened for any foreign sounds. Madara silently exited his spacial rift and just and quietly drew his obsidian sword. Madara then jumped and did a few front flips to build up momentum before he brought the sword down. However his blade never made contact for Shizuka had grabbed him with one of her tails. Shizuka turned and smirked at him, sharp teeth were shown to him as Shizuka held the now frightened Uchiha up to her face.

"Nice try Madara, but you cannot defeat me" she said, "Naruto now!" she yelled. Shizuka slammed Madara into the ground before throwing him up into the air. Naruto appeared out of nowhere, like he always did, and slammed a powerful barrage of punches to Madara's mid section before performing an axe kick to his stomach. Madara descended and saw Shizuka's open maw and white hot flame burst out of the new Kyuubi no Kitsune's mouth. Madara spun in the air and avoided the fire attack. He then turned to the side and blocked a kick to his face from Naruto and countered with a punch to the face followed by a round house kick to Naruto's chest. The Uchiha madman then spun and using the centripetal force he had just gained, fired a swift and powerful double kick to Naruto's stomach which sent him into the ground. Shizuka quickly slammed her tails into the ground, Madara landed on the ground, but used his honed reflexes to avoid the giant earth spikes that were erupting from the ground. He began to run towards Shizuka, all the while avoiding attacks from both Naruto and Shizuka. Naruto shot a fireball at Madara who countered with his own before jumping over a tail swipe from Shizuka. Madara then performed a spilt kick, one foot embedded itself in Naruto's face, the other in Shizuka's nose. Shizuka yelped and Naruto flew back from the blows. Shizuka retaliated with a powerful fire blast, which Madara countered by openeing a dimensional rift in front of him sending the fire blast into another dimension, his Eternal Sharingan spinning as he did so. The dimensional rift closed and Madara rolled out of the way just in time as Naruto's fist impacted on the place where he had stood a second ago. A large crater resulted from Naruto's dragon sennin punch. Naruto looked up and quickly grabbed Madara's foot before it mangaed to land a hit on his face. Naruto then pulled Madara towards him and punched the man in the face. Madara went flying before flipping in mid air, avoiding Shizuka's tail swipes in the process and landed firmly on his feet.

"Katon: Goukakyu no Jutsu" Madara yelled. A large fireball basted out of the Uchiha's mouth towards Naruto, but Naruto countered with his own fireball of foxfire. The foxfire blast and fireball connected causing a small explosion. Naruto then ran through the dust cloud and aimed a punch at Madara's face. Madara quickly dodged and countered by slamming an elbow into Naruto's unguarded back. Madara followed up with a palm strike to the spine and then kicked Naruto into Shizuka. Shizuka caught the flying boy and rested him on the ground.

"You okay there, Naruto?" Shizuka asked.

"Yeah" he said as he stretched his back causing it to crack. Naruto sighed running towards Madara, the blonde kitsune hanyou jumped up and formed handsigns.

"KATON: KAZAN GEKIDO NO JUTSU/ FIRE STYLE: VOLCANIC RAGE JUTSU!" the hanyou yelled and then slammed his fist into the ground. The ground beneath Madara began to rumble and shake before giant pillars of blue flame erupted at every spot he stood. Madara kept avoiding the fire pillars before Naruto started flashing through more handsigns.

"YOTON: TAKI NO YOUGAN NO JUTSU/ LAVA STYLE: WATERFALL OF LAVA JUTSU!" the ground once again shook and molten earth blasted out of the ground in front of Naruto and into the sky. The three fighter watched the orange coloured molten rock rise up high into the sky. Nothing happened for a while. Madara sweatdropped.

"Was something supposed to happen?" he asked.

"Hai, and here it comes now" he said with a grin and he looked up. Madara and Shizuka looked up two and both were wide eyed. Madara saw a large amount of lava fall from the clouds and it was headed straight for him, knowing he wouldn't have time to dodge he quickly flashed through handsigns.

"Suiton: Domu no Sui/ Water Style: Water Dome" he said, the air around the evil Uchiha condensed and formed a large sphere of liquid around him, the lava steamed as it came into contact with the water orb. Shizuka then saw her chance, she dug her tails into the ground and called upon the powers of the nine elements, one tail was surrounded with fire, another with wind, the third tail was surrounded with earth, a fourth with lightning, the fifth water, the sixth with metal, the seventh was coated with ice, the eighth was surrounded by a black storm cloud marking the storm element and the ninth was surrounded by dust particles. Shizuka roared to the sky and large pillars of each element on her tails rose up from the ground surrounding her in a circular pattern.

"GODAIKITSUNE RENDAN/ ELEMENTAL FOX BARRAGE!" Shizuka yelled, the nine elemental pillars then morphed into the head of nine kitsunes, each made up of their individual element. The nine fox heads then rocketed towards Madara's water dome. The lava had finally disappeared and Madara let down his watery defense. He then turned his heads and screamed as he saw nine fox heads barreling towards him.

"AAHHHHHHH!" Madara yelled as he ran away from the fox heads. The fire fox made a quick downward movement and blasted into the ground. The fox blew up in an exploaion of fire sending the Uchiha soaring a few feet forward. The water, lightning and wind foxes merged together before combining themselves with the storm element fox. A giant storm fox was formed and if it wasn't for Madara's dimensional disaplcement jutsu, he would have died as the technique went straight through his body and caused a massive crater in the already ruined battlefield. The ice fox purposely destroyed itself and then a giant mass of hail fell from th sky pelting Madara and began to cut his outfit and cut him as well. The dust element fox howled and then turned itself into a giant tornado as it began to destroy the earth around it on a molecular level, Madara knew only one way to counter dust element justs and that was with another dust element jutsu, luckily he had the necessary chakra natures and he had copied the jutsu from the Tsuchikage during their battle in Tetsu no Kuni. Madara then flashed through handsigns and saw the glowing yellow eyes of the dust kitsune staring through the dust tornado as it neared him.

"Jinton: Genkai Hakuri no Jutsu/ Dust Style: Detachment of the Primitive World Jutsu" Madara yelled, a sphere of golden chakra formed in the centre of his outstrectched hands and then a cube of dust coloured chakra surrounded the sphere. The giant cube of dust was then fired towards the dust tornado, the two molecular destructive jutsus clashed before their powers cancelled each other out and were both destroyed. The earth and water foxes howled before racing towards Madara, there teeth bared in a ferocious manner. Madara could take these two jutsus down easily. He quickly formed a kagebunshin and the two flashed through handsigns.

"Raiton:Raikurai no Jutsu/ Lightning Style: Thunderbolt Jutsu

"Doton: Doryuudan no Jutsu/ Earth Style: Earth Dragon Blast Jutsu"

The clone fired a powerful lightning bolt from its fingertips and it smashed straight through the earthen kitsune's head right between eyes and the thing split in half and fell. The kagebunshin puffed away as a large earth dragon plowed through its existence. The earth dragon and water fox roared at each other before they clashed and created an explosion kicking up a lot of dust. Naruto growled at Madara, his amber coloured eyes filled with rage, he jumped up onto Shizuka's head. The two kitsunes opened their mouths and large fireballs formed in their open jaws. The two fireballs were fired at Madara and then merged together to form a large ball of white fire. Madara looked up at the fire ball and made handsigns.

"Fuuton: Katana no Kaze/ Wind Style: Wind Blade" he yelled, the Sharingan user's arm was then enwrapped in a grey swirl of wind in the shape of a large sword, about ten feet long. Madara spun in a circle before bringing his blade of wind down onto the fireball. The wind blade was coated with fire and since it was Madara's jutsu, the white flames did not harm him. The fireball was cut in half and was decreased to nothing but little white embers. Madara then gave a battle cry and ran towards Naruto and Shizuka. Shizuka looked up at Naruto on her head.

"Oh no, Naruto, whatever shall we do?" she asked the blonde hanyou in a sarcastic tone. Naruto chuckled before charging his fist with sennin chakra. Naruto roared as he jumped and slammed his fist into the ground.

"Doton: Dosokanwareta no Jutsu/ Earth Style: Earth Shatter Jutsu!" Naruto growled and then the earth split open and a large chasm opened up seperating the powerful Uchiha from the two foxes. Naruto and Shizuka smirked at each other and looked at Madara who was glaring at them from over twenty feet away. Madara then thought it was time to end this fight and capture the Kyuubi no Kitsune. Madara held out his right hand.

"SHINRA TENSEI!" he yelled, a powerful force rocketed across the chasm and hit both Naruto and Shizuka. Shizuka was hit in the face and Naruto was hit in the chest with the gravitational energy. Naruto went flying a good few miles before landing on the ground with a thud. Shizuka was skidding across the ground before coming to a stop. Madara then charged up a great deal of chakra, the chakra was so intense and concentrated that it formed a giant cloud of blue around him. Madara held his hands together, their palms only a few inches away from touching so that it looked like Madara was praying. The chakra began to spiral and concentrated itself into a tiny black orb of gravitational energy in between Madara's hands. MAdara launched the tiny ball at Shizuka and then ball landed underneath Shizuka's stomach.

"CHIBAKU TENSEI/ PLANETARY DEVASTATION!" (In literal english, Chibaku Tensei means Heavenly Body bursting from the Earth) The tiny black sphere expanded and launched itself upwards, slamming into Shizuka's stomach and knocking the wind out of her lungs. The orb grew bigger as it floated higher and when it reached a high enough altitude, the earth beneath Shizuka's floating form began to rise, the forest trees, dust, rocks, boulders and other pieces of the Earth rose up into the sky and began to surround Shizuka. The pieces began to compress together, rocks and trees wedged themselves into Shizuka flesh, but her healing factor activated and forced the foreign objects out of her body and the youkai healed her, but this onslaught of cuts and stabs continued with Shizuka being cut and healed. Finally it was too much and Shizuka was finally a giant spherical prison of stone formed in the sky trapping Shizuka, a large crater was left to show where and how much of the Earth's pieces were taken up into the stone entrapment. Naruto stared in awe at the giant floating object in the sky. The thing nearly resembled the shining silver moon next to it as it floated in the midnight blue sky.

"You know this technique was used by the Rikudo Sennin to seal away the body of the Juubi, but Nagato's Rinnengan is inferior to that of the Rikudo Sennin's as the Rikudo Sennin was the one who created the moon as a result of this technique" Madara explained. Naruto stared at Madara as the evil shinobi jumped over the chasm formed by Naruto's doton jutsu. Madraa then broke into a run as he landed on Naruto's side of the crevice. Naruto got up and rubbed the dust of his clothes, his dragon sage mode had about ten minutes before it would leave him. Naruto roared and ran towards Madara. The two powerful ninja neared each other before going into a fierce taijutsu battle. Naruto aimed a punch to Madara's face, but the man caught the fist which surprised Naruto. Madara saw his opening and fired a chakra enhanced punch to Naruto's gut. Naruto was then sent away with a strong roundhouse kick to the head. The hanyou got up and blurred away before slamming the side of his foot into Madara's back, the Uchiha went to his knees and Naruto surrounded his fox tail with chakra.

"Kitsunebi Hanma/ Fox Tail Hammer" Naruto cried and slammed his tail down on Madara's body. Madara quickly performed the spacial displacement Sharingan technique and the fox tail passed harmlessly through Madara's body. Naruto was in surprised, but quickly followed up with a rasengan to Madara to the back. Madara screamed as the raw chakra ball shredded his flesh. Madara roared a battle cry before elbowing Naruto in the face knocking the hanyou away. Madara then stood up and blurred towards Naruto, but Naruto drew a number Hiraishin kunai and threw them at Madara. Madara stared as he ran, the kunai neared him, but then he saw a yellow flash, then he heard a demonic roar and a blast of blue flame followed the roar. Madara grunted in pain as the fire blast knocked him into the ground. Madara knew this technique, the legendary yellow flash technique, Hiraishin no Jutsu. Madara had fought the Yondaim Hokage before and had worked endless years on a way to combat the flying thunder god attack and he had succeeded. Madara drew a blue kunai from his weapons pouch on his left thigh and jammed it into the ground, the world began to slow as Madara saw one yellow flash hit him in the face, and two more blasts of blue flame burned his arms. Madara smirked, although he was being attacked, the blue kunai had done its work, a blue chakra pulse expanded from the kunai and then time seemed to slow down because it really did, the Hiraishin technique was more of a space-time attack rather than a movement of pure speed so Madara had managed to find a way to actually affect the spacial rifts and the time stream themselves. Madara laughed as he saw the surprised face of Naruto's as the blonde haired teenager had a fist held out behind him ready to smack Madara, his eyes were able to move, but other than that he was motionless. Madara smirked and then saw a little yellow stream behind Naruto marking his movement. Madara grabbed Naruto's face and then Madara grabbed Naruto and began to pummel him with barrages of punches and kicks and the occasional jutsu, luckily Naruto's ryu sennin abilities hadn't disappeared yet and he was able to endure most of the attacks. Madara's time was nearly up, the kunai was only able to pause time for three minutes and he had about twenty seconds left. Madara quickly formed a Shinra Tensei plowing Naruto into the ground and followed up with multiple kicks to the face before time returned to normal. Naruto gasped as he grabbed his pained face and stomach. Blood was dripping from his mouth and bruises most likely covered his body. Naruto groaned as he got up, he had about three minutes left before the dragon sennin powers wore off, the fading blue markings around his eyes, looking a bit faded, were identification of that. His wounds quickly healed, but his stamina was running out, he quickly blurred away from a punch aimed at his head by Madara and was up in the air. naruto coated his tail with chakra and performed a series of front flips with his descent.

"KITSUNEBU HANMA/ FOX TAIL HAMMER" Naruto exclaimed, Madara quickly performed his dimensional displacement jutsu and the chakra coated fox tail passed harmlessly through him. Madara then punched Naruto away, but Naruto quickly stood up, but Madara had grabbed Naruto's head and slammed it into the ground using the combination of a shunshin and chakra enhanced strength. Naruto panted and his dragon sennin powers were on the brink of leaving him, with only about half a minute left. Seconds ticked by as Madara used a Shinra Tenseu to slam Naruto's body into the ground after a ferocious uppercut. Naruto groaned and with that his ryu sennin abilities left him. Madara chuckled as he stood in front of Naruto's spiky blonde hair. Naruto looked up, his eyes filled with hatred towards the man, but also the fear of being killed by this powerful being before him.

"You know, Naruto, I remember this position we were in, just before your little fox friend interfered, but now I will finally finish you off and with that kitsune-teme locked away and imprisoned in my Chibaku Tensei and the entire resistance against me knocked maybe dead, there can be no one left to save you" Madara cackled and then raised his fist into the air ready to bring it down. Naruto shut his eyes and prepared for the pain, but his cerulean eyes quickly reopened as he and the evil Uchiha before him felt a large chakra surge. The chakra surge was so powerful and large that it woke up everyone who was unconscious on the battlefield. The kages and their ninja, the nin-ken and Kioshi all rose to their feet as they felt as if a jolt of electricity had just circulated through their systems. Everyone turned to see Madara standing over a fallen Naruto, his fist raised probably for the final blow, but then they saw the two powerful shinobi looking up at something. They all turned heads to see what they were looking at and were flabbergasted at the sight. A giant ball of rock and vegetation was floating in the air above a gigantic crater, but there was an enormous amount of killing intent, bloodlust and chakra being emitted from the sphere.

Shizuka growled as she woke up, the endless amount of rocks and trees to her skull had taken its toll to knock her out, but now she was up and mad as hell. So angry that the devil himself would have shit his pants. Shizuka's body was surrounded by a red fiery aura of demonic chakra also known as youkai. Her green eyes, filled with anger and hate, pierced the darkness withing the earth sphere. She opened her large jaws and the kitsune grew to her full size in the confinements of her prison, which was 170 ft. tall. A large ball of white flame formed in her open maw before Shizuka emitted a loud roar and the fire ball was launched moving at a rocket's velocity. The fire ball took the form of a white kitsune with glowing red eyes. The fireball then made contact with the point she aimed at causing it to melt as it continued to tear its way through the rock. Everyone on the outside of the Chibaku Tensei stared at the red spot on the giant stone object.

"Impossible, she's burning through it" Madara muttered. The red spot then exploded into a million pieces of stone that fell to the ground as miniature meteors. They fell like rain and Madara had quickly formed a Domu no Sui around himself, accidentally saving Naruto in the process due to the large size of the water dome and Naruto's proximity to Madara. When the meteor shower ended, Madara let down the water shield and saw Shizuka's angry face reveal itself, her head, body and all nine of her raven coloured tails revealed exited the Chibaku Tensei and she roared in anger when she impacted with the ground, landing with a loud crash that caused many to jump from the force. Shizuka roared, which generated a chakra pulse and knocked Naruto unconscious from the force. Shizuka noticed Naruto's unconscious form and used her speed to grab Naruto, gently I might add, and placed him in front of the shinobi army. The medics quickly came to aid the unconscious kitsune hanyou, but just like everyone else, kept their eyes glued to the scene of Shizuka standing a good fifty feet away from Madara. Madara had to steel his nerves to not shit and piss his pants and to not run away screaming like a little girl.

"UCHIHA MADARA" Shizuka roared in a deep voice, the voice of her demonic side, "YOU HAVE CAUSED MANY TROUBLES HERE IN THE HUMAN REALM, KILLING INNOCENTS, ATTEMPT AT WORLD DOMINATION, AND THE ATTEMPTS TO KIDNAP MY FELLOW BIJUU AND THEIR JINCHURIKI AS WELL MY PREDECESSOR, THE FORMER KYUUBI NO KITSUNE, KIMIKO-SENSEI" Shizuka glared at Madara as her black and white orbs of chakra were expelled from her body, Madara noticed that that amount of chakra in one single attack could kill him, so the Uchiha quickly took a number of chakra restoration pills and began to channel chakra and gravitational energies into his hands.

"ALSO YOUR WORST CRIME, THE ATTEMPTED KILLING OF MY FRIEND AND ONE OF THE PEOPLE I SEE AS FAMILY, NAMIKAZE UZUMAKI NARUTO...AS THE KYUUBI NO KITSUNE, I PASS JUDGEMENT ON YOUR SOUL AND YOUR JUDGMENT IS DEATH AND A SENTENCE TO SERVE THE DEVIL, LUCIFER IN A LIFETIME OF SERVITUDE IN HIS DOMAIN IN HELL!" The black and white chakra orbs began to merge and compress to form a large sphere of red and black. The large orb then shrunk in size and Shizuka swallowed it, steam expelled from her mouth as her eyes seemed to glow with even mightier intensity. Madara's chakra and gravitational energy mixed and resulted in the formation of a greyish sphere about the same size as him.

"NOW DIE, MY ULTIMATE MOVE, BIJUUDAMA/TAILED BEAST BALL OF DESTRUCTION!" she yelled and then a blast of red energy erupted from her open maw, speeding towards Madara with great momentum. Madara glared.

"NEVER, I WILL NEVER LOSE, I WILL DEFEAT YOU HERE AND NOW KYUUBI!" he yelled and then let off his own attack, the greyish energy ball turned a striking blue colour and was fired in the form of a beam of concentrated blue energy (A/N: Think Kamehameha from DBZ). The two attacks neared and the shinobi on the sidelines were watching, waiting for when the two attacks would meet. Time slowed down for the two attackers, their attacks slowly seemed to meet and when they did, a large amount of energy was felt from the collision and that energy was felt by all in the elemental continent. A bright white light formed and the entire shinobi army had to cover their eyes to shield their corneas, Naruto however, had chosen this time to wake up and when he opened his eyes, he nearly singed his cornea as he quickly covered his blue eyes with his hands. Madara and Shizuka both struggled to hold their own, althought Madara's attack seemed to be smaller, it met Shizuka's own in terms of power. The two continued to try and overpower each other, but Madara, the man who was thought to be a god, was actually just a human for he was pushed backwards a bit when Shizuka's attack began to dominate the clash of powers. Shizuka noticed this and with a roar, her eyes seemed to glow even brighter and her attack grew larger before finally pushing back Madara's.

"NO, IT'S NOT POSSIBLE, I CAN'T LOSE NOOOOOOOO, AAAAHHHHHHH!" Madara's screams were the only thing heard as Shizuka's bijuudama pushed back with one final movement and Madara's blue energy blast was gone and the red blast of Shizuka's bijuudama completely destroyed Madara and continued its path before causing a large explosion a few kilometres away from the battlefield that was larger than the Hokage Monument. The explosion died down and everyone unshielded their eyes. Shizuka howled in victory as the sun began to rise over the horizon that only she could see. Everyone was silent before one random guy happened to scream, "WE DID IT!" This resulted in a chain reaction of victory cries from the entire army, Naruto jumped high into the air whooped, but as he descended he saw Shizuka form a red portal, the new Kyuubi smiled and Naruto and saluted with her tail and added a foxy grin that matched Naruto's. Naruto nodded to her and the Kyuubi no Kitsune, Shizuka left to take her place on the throne of demon kitsunes in the demon world. The many shinobi continued their victory cries. It was done, the Fourth Great Ninja World War, was over.

Well, that was the end of the war. All the shinobi left the battlefield to go home and drink away their troubles. New friendships had been forged on the day of the war and the many injured shinobi were healed in time, some taking as much as a few years to heal, but they eventually made it through to fight and live another day. The sun shined bright and the futures of the younger generation of shinobi looked bright, but none shined quite so bright as that of Namikaze Uzumaki Naruto's.

Ten Years Later (A/N: Naruto and the others are twenty five)

Tongight was a special night in the village of Konohagakure no Sato. The entire village had gathered at the Hokage Tower to witness this historic day that would be known throughout the elemental continent. This was so important that Tsunade saw fit to invite the other kages. A, Gaara, Mei and Onoki all sat in their V.I.P seats looking at Tsunade waiting for when she would announce the newest member to the elemental shadows, the Rokudaime Hokage. Tsuande silenced the crowd and they listened intently.

"Greetings, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, we have gathered you all today to witness this great day, but first let's welcome our V.I.P's, Raikage-dono, Mizukage-dono, Tsuchikage-dono and Kazekage-dono as well as the leader of the nine bijuu and mistress of the demon kitsune clan, Namikaze Shizuka" she said as the villagers and shinobi clapped for them. The four village leaders and the Kyuubi no Kitsune nodded to their applauders. Tsunade cleared her throat before continuing.

"Now then, I am here to tell you that I am stepping down as the Godaime Hokage because let's face it I mean I'm too old for this job even though I don't look like it" she said earning a few laughs from the crowd, even Gaara snickered, "and like my predecessor, Sarutobi Hiruzen, the Sandaime Hokage who had died three years ago from old age, had once said and I quote, 'I leave you in good hands, with some I trust greatly' end quote. This man is known throughout the elemental nations as the Furasshu no Akumahi, he is the son of the the Yellow Flash, Namikaze Minato and the red haired seals mistress, Uzumaki Kushina. He is a bit of a gaki, but we still love him, I present to you, Konoha, your newest leader, the Rokudaime Hokage, NAMIKAZE...UZUMAKI..NARUTO!" she exclaimed. The crowd roared in applause as Naruto stepped up to the railings, he had grown to be a whopping 6 ft. 2 inches, his blonde spkiy hair had grown so that he looked so much like his father you could swear it was the Yondaime himself, his spiky bangs being held back by his black Konoha Hitai-at,e and he wore a pair of black pants, black ninja sandals, a dark green t-shirt with a dragon and fox on it and over that was a white cloak with red flames on the bottom and the sleeves that was like his father's except it had 'Rokudaime Hokage' stitched in kanji on it. Naruto smiled down as he remembered his life, his horrible childhood, to his genin days, to his chunin escapades, to his training wth Jiraya and finally to his battle with Madara. He then held out his hand. The crowd stopped clapping and cheering.

"Arigato, Obaa-chan" he said, Tsunade held back the urge to punch the man before her, "now then, as Rokudaime I will do all I can to protect this village and all those who are in it, I would like to say, that although I am strong, I could never have done it all without the help of friends, Sasuke, Sakura, Fu, Sora and all the rest of them. So this goes out to the younger ninja in the crowd, remember that whether it be on the battlefield or catching that damn cat, Tora" Naruto said, the ninja's the crowd laughed at that, Naruto chuckled also, "remember that you should never be alone" Naruto said. Naruto and the crowd then heard a roar in the sky. In the starlit sky, kanji made of blue fire spelt out a message for Naruto, this is what it said.

'Congrats Naruto on achieving your dream of becoming Hokage, continue to be the best- Kioshi' and underneath the message was Naruto's catchphrase, 'I Never give up, that's my Nindo, DATTEBAYO!' Naruto thanked Kioshi as the dragon roared before flying through his message erasing it from the sky, fireworks flew into the sky a few minutes later and the crowd cheered and clapped.

"ALRIGHT GUYS!" he yelled, the crowd quieted once again to hear what their Hokage had to say, Naruto looked at evryone with a harsh gaze and had an angry expression before he grinned his foxy grin "LET'S PARTY!" the crowd showed their agreement with cheers and claps once again.

Naruto and his friends were known by many names throughout the elemental nations. Naruto, Sora and Sasuke were named the new Sannin, Naruto was the Kitsune Sennin, Sora was Finnikus Sennin and Sasuke was the Taka Sennin. They all got married and had children of their own, Sasuke with Sakura, Kiba with Hinata, Shino with Fu, Neji with Tenten, Lee had somehow found a girl who liked him and Shikamaru, surprisingly married Temari.

Naruto of course married Sora and they had five children together, all of them were hanyous, with one blonde fox tail and a pair of fox ears poking out through their blonde covered heads. They had one boy, twin girls and finally twin boys. Time flew by and times had changed, the newest generation of shinobi were made and soon their names will be known in history also.

Twelve Years Later

Five blonde children ran through town laughing as they had pulled their latest pranks on each of their teachers. The eldest of the five was a blonde boy with spiky hair and azure eyes who looked to be 12, there were twin girls who looked to be around 9 years old and twin boys who were at least 5 were all with the elder boy. All of them were blonde, the girls had long flowing hair which reached their mid back and had startling cerulean eyes and both had whisker marks on their faces and the twin boys had straight hair, but seemed to spike up in the back and they both had sky blue coloured eyes and they all had fox ears and a single fox tail marking them as kitsune hanyous, like their father. They were all running from multicoloured chunin ranked ninjas and were laughing their heads off as some jonin joined the chase.


"NEVER!" the five siblings retorted.

Up on the Hokage Monument

A blonde haired man with spiky hair and cerulean blue eyes was dressed in a jonin uniform underneath the cloak of the Rokudaime Hokage as he stood next to a blonde haired woman with azure eyes and her hair flowed from her head like silk ending at her waistline. The two of them chuckled as they observed the scene from atop the Yondaime Hokage's head.

"So Naruto-kun, are you going to punish them?" the woman asked. Naruto looked at wife with a serious expression.

"Of course I am Sora-chan" he said before his eyes obtained a loom of mischief which only enhanced his already fox like features, " I mean come one pelting your teachers with rainbow paint filled balloons, that's too common, I had taught them much better than that, I'll have to teach more in my pranking arts" Naruto said as both he and wife laughed. Sora and Naruto calmed down and continued to watch their children get chased by the ninja. Naruto and Sora looked at each other.

"Should we get them?" she asked. Naruto smirked.

"Yeah...I'll race you there" he challenged. Sora smirked, "You're on" The two high classed ninja waited for a while and then the wind blew through their hair.

"IKUZO!" and the two disappeared in swirls of fire, their laughter being carried by the wind across the village of Konohagakure no Sato.

And the Legend goes on

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