Naruto the Fox Sannin

Chapter 4

Chunin Exams Part 1

"Alright you gakis take a seat so we can proceed with this written exam" Ibiki said. Naruto went and grabbed a seat between Shikamaru and Chouji.

"Good luck guys" Naruto said to his 2 friends. Shikamaru and Chouji nodded and then looked at Ibiki as he explained the rules of the exam.

"Okay guys the rules are that when the test is over, if you get one of the ten question wrong you lose one point, so you get 9 out of 10 and so on, also if you are caught cheating three times in a row you and your team are completely disqualified from the exam, also the tenth question at the end will be revealed forty-five minutes before the exam is finished, okay and as soon as you receive your test papers you can begin" Ibiki said. The mass of chunin then quickly handed out test papers and then took seats around the classroom, their clipboards at the ready, in order to write down the team that was caught cheating. Naruto then looked at the questions and immediately paled.

'Okay first question, there is a line representing the distance a person can throw a shuriken, the radiur of the semi circle shown is the line of enemy ninja, show the calculations of how the ninja can hit all of his enemies using that one shuriken' Naruto thought reading the question. This question seemed near impossible; Naruto clutched his head as he watched Sakura just blaze past those questions, but only a normal person would have to…cheat. Naruto showed his foxy grin, He then tapped his pencil on the desk, to most people it would only be a person tapping their pencil, but to experienced ninja, it was actually Morse code.

'Hey Shikamaru, we have to cheat' he tapped. Shikamaru nodded and tapped his pencil.

'Yeah I realized, but we have no one to cheat off of' Shikamaru tapped back. Naruto thought and then smiled.

'Don't worry, I have a plan, I can get the answers using a little technique I've been working on' Naruto said. Shikamaru sighed.

'Troublesome, but alright, say does Chouji no Morse code too?' he asked. Naruto thought for a while.

'I think so, let me check' Naruto tapped, Naruto then kicked Chouji's leg. Chouji turned to Naruto and found him tapping his pencil. Chouji looked at the pencil for a few seconds before his eyes widened and he grinned. Chouji then picked up his pencil and began to return the morse message. Naruto's eyes brightened.

'Oh yeah, he does Shikamaru' Naruto tapped to the lazy genius. Shikamaru smiled, Naruto then tapped out the plan to Chouji, Chouji nodded and then Naruto set to work. Naruto used his genjutsu hidden fox ears to listen to the sound vibrations of Sasuke's pencil since he had obviously hit the jackpot with the person he was copying from with his Sharingan. Naruto then quickly wrote down the answers and when he had finished, he quickly tapped them out to Chouji and Shikamaru. While Naruto was tapping the answers to Chouji and Shikamaru, people from Konoha and the other villages were being caught cheating and the numbers dropped like flies, dwindling from over 100 to at least 55 teams left. After that the three friends took a nap on the desk. Kankuro went to go to the bathroom with an escort chunin. While in the bathroom Kankuro laughed.

"Those Konoha nins didn't even notice there was an extra chunin in the ranks, okay Karasu tell me the answers starting with number one" Kankuro said and then the Chunin's face started to crack off revealing a wooden surface underneath.


"Okay gakis pencils down, time for the tenth question, now then before I ask the tenth question does anyone want to drop out, if so do it now" Ibiki said, then immediately at least 11 teams dropped out, leaving 44 teams.

"Ok, as for those of you that stayed here…." Ibiki took a dramatic pause, "you pass" he said with a smile. Everyone in the room gasped.

"What do you mean we passed, what was the tenth question?" Temari asked, not understanding the events that had just occurred.

"You see the tenth question was whether or not you would have the guts to stay, you the point of this test was to be able to gather information, thus you were required to cheat" Ibiki explained, "sometimes information of the enemy is vital to a village, and…" Ibiki then removed his bandana and the whole class was shocked, there on his scalp were numerous burns, slashes and wholes from where screws were punctured into his head, "it can even cost you your life" he finished.

'Cool, I bet his hands are worse' Dosu, an Oto Nin, thought. Then a black…something blasted through the nearby window and then the black thing unfolded to reveal it was a tarp, that read, 'Proctor of Second Exam, the awesome and knock out sexy Mitarashi Anko' and there in front of the tarp was a purple haired woman, wearing anbu leg armour, a orange skirt over a fishnet outfit and to top it off a large full body trench coat, who would obviously be Anko. Anko surveyed the classroom and smiled, everyone was freaked out by her entrance, except for a young Uzumaki Naruto who was…checking her out. Anko grinned at Naruto, who just nodded in acknowledgement.

"Ibiki, you've gone soft, there are 44 teams left in here" anko said.

"Not my fault if they want to die" Ibiki said.

"Well I'll be sure to reduce their numbers by more than half" she said with an evil grin. Everybody shuddered in fear at what she had just said. "Ok boys and girls, follow me to where you're going to have your second exam" Anko said. The entire class got up and reluctantly followed. The class then walked through the village, and then entered an area with a sign that said RESTRICTED SECTION. Naruto grinned in anticipation. Oh he was going to have some fun today. Then Anko stopped in front of a large fence, behind the fence was a large amount of dense foliage, where the sounds roars, hisses, branches snapping and other sounds could be heard.

"Welcome ladies and gentlemen to Training Grounds, number 44, also known as the FOREST OF DEATH" she said. Naruto smirked.

"Sounds fun" he said. Everyone looked at him, like he was crazy nut job, which he might have been.

"It does, doesn't it, at least for now, just wait until you meet all the blood thirsty predators in there, that's when the real fun starts" anko said.

"Like I said, sounds fun" Naruto said. People began to back away from the blonde boy and purple haired woman.

"I like you gaki, but anyways back to the exam, ok the rules are simple, since there are 44 of you, 22 of you will each get earth scrolls the half, heaven scrolls, the object of this is to go and try and get both scrolls by taking out other teams, then when you have gotten both scrolls, you will head to the tower in the centre of the forest where the other half of the exams are to take place" Anko explained. The genin all nodded.

"Now then you will first sign this consent form before you get a scroll" anko said.

"Why?" Sakura asked.

"Because I don't want to be responsible for when the parent start crying when their gakis die" Anko said with a grin. The genin then went took a consent form and then one by one each team got either a heaen or an earth scroll.

"So we don't know who gets which scroll" Sasuke said.

"Yeah, but that just means we have more people to fight" Naruto said. Sakura hid behind Sasuke who was smiling at the thought of fighting people.

"Ok people, your teams will be assigned to a gate and then on my mark the gates will open and the exam will be begin" Anko said.

Team 7- Gate 1

Team 8- gate 2

Team 10- Gate 3

Oto Team- gate 4

Kabuto's Team- Gate 5

"OK, on your marks….get set…" anko began, the genin's legs tensed ready to bolt inside the moment the gates opened, "IKUZO!!!" Anko yelled and the gates sprung open and the teams sped inside the forest not prepared for the horrors that wait within.

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