Naruto the Fox Sannin

Chapter 8

Bloodline of the Uzumaki's

"N-N-Nani?" Naruto stuttered as he couldn't believe the words that came from his mother's mouth. Kushina nodded.

"That's right, the Uzumaki kekkai genkai runs through your veins" she said. Naruto just stood there and then he started to tremble. Kushina became worried when Naruto didn't speak.

"Naruto, daijobou desuka/ are you all right?" she asked her son. Naruto then flashed his trademark foxy grin.

"Yeah, it's just that I'm so happy to finally have a family, not to mention a bloodline so I can kick ass in the finals" he said. Kushina chuckled before walking over to the crippled Jiraya.

"Ok Jiraya, since you have nothing to teach the boy, I'll take over his training from now on" Kushina said. Jiraya got up, slowly as the pain remained from Naruto's ball shattering kick.

"Matteo, take these" the Gama Sannin said a he handed Kushina 2 scrolls, "these are his father's most powerful jutsus, make sure he learns them" Jiraya demanded. Kushina knew Jiraya was being serious this time and nodded. She took the scrolls and walked back over to Naruto. Jiraya left in a swirl of leaves and left Naruto's growth up to Kushina.

"Ok Naruto I'll first explain one of the two bloodlines you have" she started. Naruto's eyes bugged out.

"I have two of them!" Naruto exclaimed. Kushina nodded.

"Yup, mine…and your father's" she stated.

"What was my father like, what's his kekkai genkai, and who is he?" Naruto asked, all in one breath. Kushina sighed.

"Until you become chunin, all I can tell you was that your father was a great man, strong, kind, caring and a hero of Konohagakure, in fact you look just like him" Kushina said as she remembered Namikaze Minato.

"I see, well I guess I'll just have to become stronger then" Naruto said. Kushina smiled and ruffled her son's hair.

"Ain't that the truth, now onto that bloodline, your bloodline allows you to harness lightning itself, and by also mixing the pure lightning with wind and water chakra you create the Uzumaki clan's bloodline jutsu, Ranton/Storm Style." Kushina explained, "now then I'll give you a demonstration" Kushina then raised her arm to the sky, then after a few seconds the once clear blue sky turned a dark grey, storm clouds gathered overhead as wind began to howl violently and rain fell. Then a lightning bolt flew out of a cloud and went towards Kushina's arm, blue electricity covered her body as she was struck.

"OKAA-SAN!" Naruto cried, thinking that the bolt had harmed her. Naruto then looked confused as his mother just gave showed him a warm smile. Kushina then formed some handsigns. Kushina thrust out both her arms in front of her and then she yelled the name of her jutsu.

"Ranton: Raiunkuuha no Jutsu/ Storm Style: Lightning Cloud Wave" she yelled. A large wave of blue electricity was released from the red haired Uzumaki's hands in the form of a large spider web destroying everything 10 ft. in front of her and 30 ft. across. The stormy skies then calmed and the grey became blue again. Naruto and Kushina then shook their heads to get rid of the rain and then admired Kushina's destruction. Everything was fried to a crisp, while rocks were nothing but pebbles and a few stray parks could be seen flying off here and there. Naruto said the only thing that could come to his mind.

"That was fucking AWESOME!" he yelled. Kushina gave the blonde a wide grin.

"Why thank you Naruto and also…" SLAP! "Don't use curse words around me" she said as Naruto's right cheek was glowing red from the pain. Naruto groaned in pain as he didn't want to get slapped again.

"Alright Naruto you try" she said gesturing for him to start his control over lightning. "Now to harness lightning you must clear your mind of all thoughts, focus only on the lightning bolt, bolts if the case may be, and then when you feel like that static energy is about to explode, let it loose and it will fire off and destroy anything in it's path depending on how much of the lightning you choose to control" she said. "But we'll do this in steps, 1st step changing the weather conditions to one's of a storm" she began. Naruto hung to every word his mother said as she explained on how to change the weather conditions. Apparently, you fire off a large amount of chakra, or by just using a high level Katon jutsu into the air, the evaporation and condensation processes will immediately form storm clouds.

"Alright let's do this" Naruto shouted. He then brought his hands together in the tiger handsign and concentrated his chakra. A huge swirl of blue surrounded the blonde Uzumaki, kicking up dirt and rocks into the air. Naruto then charged all of it into his hands and then shot his right arm skyward. A concentrated beam of chakra was released into the clouds creating a huge whole in a couple of them that were right above him. Kushina was amazed by how much chakra her son had as she watched the chakra shoot into the atmosphere. Naruto then panted looking up at the sky and fell to his knees. Kushina ran to her son and checked on him.

"Naruto are you alright, that was an insane amount of chakra you used, I mean I have a lot of chakra too, but yours is just pushing the limit" she said. Naruto chuckled.

"Well, *pant* I guess *pant* I should tone it down then" he said with a smirk. Kushina shook her head, chuckling and then helped Naruto up to his feet. Kushina then looked up and saw that the sky was now becoming overcast; dark grey clouds appeared above the two Uzumakis and then a few seconds later an unexpected storm hit them, winds blew violently as they nearly cut skin, rain fell and hit the ground with enough force that it stung upon contact with you and then thunder boomed and lightning flashed across the sky. Kushina chuckled.

"Well Naruto time for step two controlling the lightning bolt" she yelled above the howling winds.

"WHAT!" he cried, "already, but shouldn't we…" Kushina then shook her head.

"No buts son, you're an Uzumaki and Uzumaki's learn fast, now then in order to control lightning you must coat your body with chakra so as to protect it from the static discharge created by the lightning. Now then when you do that, your body literally becomes a human lightning rod and the lightning will strike your body. Now then, step 3, after the lightning strikes you, the chakra surrounding your body can be used to form the Ranton jutsus after combining wind and water elemental chakras of course, and that my son is how to do Ranton jutsus" Naruto was just in shock, all this in a few hours, it was just too much for him, but Naruto knew his mother was right.

"Hai!" he cried as he channeled his enormous amount of chakra around his body. A blue glow surrounded Naruto's body and the glow became brighter and brighter until it was nearly unbearable to look at. Then a few bolts of lightning flashed across the sky and then a stray bolt rocketed towards Naruto striking him. A huge flash was seen, but a few seconds later the flash died down and there stood Naruto, chakra and lightning crackling around him. Naruto then formed the following handsigns that his mother previously formed. Naruto then proceeded to mix his water and wind natured chakras causing the rain and winds and then somehow the rain fell harder and the wind blew faster then before.

"RANTON: RAIUNKUUHA NO JUTSU" he yelled as he thrust his arms out in front of him. Then lightning conducted throughout his entire body and then a huge blast of lightning shot in a spider web formation, from his hands and if you looked very closely you could see small lightning clouds surrounding Naruto's hands. The lightning cloud wave destroyed everything in its path kicking up dirt and rock and the lightning cloud wave continued to destroy until it finally crashed into a huge boulder, the boulder began to crack and break until finally with a huge flash of light the boulder was disintegrated. Naruto then fell to the ground, exhausted from his use of the Ranton jutsu. Naruto grinned as he looked at the destruction; a huge, long trench was formed as its path was lead to the space where the boulder was.

"I did it Kaa-san, I did…" but Naruto never got to finish his sentence as he passed out. Kushina was still in awe at the unbridled power her son possessed and then finally she smiled and looked to congratulate her son, but turned to find Naruto sleeping. Kushina then picked up the blonde and headed in the direction of the Hokage tower. Kushina then paused as she felt like she forgot something, it was lucky she did as Kioshi, Naruto's new dragon friend ran up to her.

"You nearly killed me, you sadistic Uzumakis if I hadn't taken cover in the river I could have died" the young red dragon said, Kioshi then shot a stream of fire over his body causing the water to evaporate, the lava quickly slid off as he jumped up onto Kushina's shoulder.

"Gomen nasai, Kioshi, Ranton jutsus tend to get out of hand, I'll make it up to you with some ramen" she said showing her own foxy grin as she walked to the Hokage tower. Kioshi looked at the red haired woman.

"Ramen?" he questioned, "What's that?" Kushina nearly fell over and dropped Naruto. She looked at the young dragon like she saw a ghost.

"You're joking right, don't tell me you've never had ramen, if you've never had ramen, then you've never lived life" Kushina said panicking. Kioshi shook his head. Kushina then calmed down.

"But don't worry after we get to Sarutobi's place and Naruto wakes up we'll go to the best ramen shop in all the Elemental Countries" Kushina told Kioshi. Kioshi flicked his tail from side to side and shook his head; Kushina could be so annoying sometimes.

Hokage tower

Kushina entered Sarutobi's office to find him still doing the Kami-forsaken paperwork, honestly the stuff never seemed to end. Sarutobi looked up from a paper that was about to be thrown into the trash.

"Ah Kushina-chan, you're back, guessing from the wet hair, unconscious Naruto and a little dragon on your shoulder that Naruto's been successful with his bloodline and summoning" Sarutobi said with a grin. Kushina grinned.

"Of course he's my son, what else would you expect him to do, finish the training in a day, no way he finishes in hours" Kushina bragged, rather loudly too.

"Kushina, you've been out for quite a while, but even though you have I still think that your skills are still as spectacular as they were before you went into a coma, now then I have one thing to ask of you" Sarutobi said. Kushina tilted her head to the side in confusion.

"Would you like to rejoin Konoha's shinobi ranks as a jonin?" the Sandaime Hokage asked the last daughter of Uzugakure. Kushina thought for a while and shrugged.

"Why not, it'll be fun to be a ninja again" she answered. Sarutobi grinned and then he opened a drawer and pulled out…an Icha Icha Paradise Volume 5. Kushina giggled, as Sarutobi blushed.

"Whoops, wrong drawer, you won't tell anyone will you?" he asked. Kushina, still giggling nodded and then the Sandaime went through a different drawer and pulled out a Konoha hitai-ate on a piece of red cloth. Kushina accepted it and tied it around her left arm.

Just then a young Mitarashi Anko walked in the office.

"Hey Hokage-sama, can I get the day…" Anko paused as she saw her old friend. Anko rubber her eyes and pinched herself to see if she was dreaming. She felt pain which means it wasn't. Anko then got a wide grin on her face, along with Kushina.

"KUSHINA!" Anko yelled. Kushina raised her arms in the air in surprise, causing Kioshi to fall off the red head's shoulder and the dropping of Naruto on the ground with a THUMP.

"ANKO!" the two females ran towards each other and hugged. "How have you been Anko, I mean I've been a fucking coma for fucking thirteen years" Kushina said. Anko chuckled.

"I'm a jonin and I happened to be judging the second part of the chunin exams and your gaki passed with flying colours, did the little gaki show you his pet fox yet, it's awesome it can like make fire and stuff" she said as she threw her arms every which way to show her exaggeration of the topic that is Uzumaki Shizuka. Naruto woke up; he smacked his lips and yawned. He looked around, he was Sarutobi's office, Kioshi was on the ground nursing his damaged claw after falling and his mother was chatting with the sadistic snake lady. Naruto shrugged, everything was normal. The blonde then got up and stretched, and then Kushina ran into Naruto.

"Good you are up, let's go to your apartment I want to see your pet fox that apparently has special powers" Kushina gushed. Naruto scratched his head before glaring at Anko, Anko shrugged with a weak smile.

"Sure Kaa-san let's go" he said taking his mothers hand and as he was about to leave, Anko stopped them.

"One more thing, Naruto today's the Konoha Spring Festival, who's your date and Kushina are you coming?" the former apprentice of the Hebi Sannin asked. Naruto shook his head and Kushina nodded.

"Nah, I have someone in mind though and no it is not a boy Anko so shut the hell up" Naruto said.

"Of course Anko, I never miss out on a night to beat you in a drinking contest…again and also Naruto I want to hear about this girl you want to ask and also" SLAP! "I told you no foul language in my presence" she said. Naruto nursed his damaged cheek as he picked up Kioshi who then crawled up onto Naruto's head and the two Uzumakis and the young dragon left to Naruto's apartment.

Naruto's Apartment

Naruto and Kushina were jumping on the roof tops of the village and then finally Naruto jumped down in front of his apartment building, his mother right behind him. Naruto and Kushina then climbed the steps to the top floor of the building stopping at the last door. Naruto flicked out a key from his pocket and unlocked it. Kushina and Naruto entered and Kioshi just jumped off of Naruto's head and onto Kushina's and Kushina was in complete awe. His apartment was actually clean and Kushina shook her head in approval. The living room had a nice comfortable couch, a television and a small table, next was a kitchen with all the usual kitchen equipment, stove, microwave, etc. with a few stray ramen cups here and there, and finally his bedroom which had a small one person bed and a closet.

"Sugoi/Amazing, Naruto for a boy living by himself for 13 years you've done pretty good on your own, but I think you should move out of this dump and come live with me in my house. Naruto turned and had shock written all over his face.

"Really, you want me to live with you?" Naruto asked, not trusting what his ears had just heard. Kushina grinned.

"You're my son of course I want you to come with me" she said. Naruto got tears in his eyes, but quickly wiped them away before glomping his mother.

"Arigato Kaa-san" he whispered into her chest. Kushina rubbed her son's back gently as he cried tears of joy. After a few minutes Naruto calmed down.

"Ok Naruto, where's this Shizuka I've been hearing about?" Kushina asked. Naruto smiled and then whistled. A bark was them heard from the room across from the kitchen as the black four tailed kitsune bounded across the floor and tackled her master to the ground licking his face. Naruto laughed as Shizuka showed how much she missed Naruto.

"Ok, down girl" Naruto commanded as the black fox got off. Kushina was in awe at what she saw before her, the green slitted eyes of the young kit looked at Naruto and then at her. Shizuka sniffed Kushina before nuzzling her leg. Kushina smiled and petted the young kit, but was still in shock about the four tails. Kioshi jumped down to the floor and then the young dragon and fox stared at each other, red slitted eyes stared into green slitted eyes. Shizuka then barked a greeting before extending a paw, Kioshi growled a friendly growl before extending out his clawed paw (A/N: What do you call a dragon's hand?). The two then ran into Naruto's living room and sat on the couch as they talked to each other in animal language. The two Uzumaki's were glad to see the two get along so well.

"I'm going to go pack now" Naruto informed his mother.

Naruto then entered his bedroom to go pack. He retrieved a duffel bag and stuffed in his clothes that Kakashi got him, his toothbrush, some ramen, his little fox plush doll whom he dubbed Aisu and a few of Shizuka's fox toys. Naruto then walked back in front to the living room.

"Okaa-san, I'm ready to go" he called. Kushina got up off the couch and then before leaving they stuffed Shizuka and Kioshi into the duffel bag and headed off to the Uzumaki household. A few minutes later, the two arrived at the Uzumaki compound. The place wasn't as big as the Hyuga or Uchiha estates, but it was around there.

"Welcome to your new home, Naruto" Kushina said. Naruto was in awe as he stepped through the gates. The Uzumaki compound (secretly Namikaze compound) had a large yard with a few trees here and there along with a large amount of flowers in full bloom. The house was a golden colour with a red tile roof and had 8 windows. Naruto stepped up to the front door. Naruto held the door knob and then slowly turned the knob, but it didn't open.

"Naruto the door opens with blood" Kushina said. Naruto nodded and then bit his thumb and blood flowed freely from the bite mark. Naruto then swiped it onto the door knob and then the door was instantly covered with intricate symbols signifying the use of seals. The markings glowed a piercing teal colour before turning black and the door opened with a click. Naruto stared at his mother with a wide open mouth and before he could ask Kushina answered.

"Your father was good with seals" was all she said. Naruto forced his mouth closed and then opened the door. Naruto gasped the house was huge. The first floor was a normal living room with 2 couches that could seat about 7 people each and 4 reclining chairs along with a plasma screen television, a cabinet filled with different movies and below the TV there was a fire place. A small ledge above the fireplace rested a small statue of the elemental gods, Hijin, Raijin, Kazejin, Suijin, and Tsuchijin all surrounding a statue of what the artist depicted Kami to look like, a silver haired man with golden streaks, he wore a white robe with gold and silver flames decorating it and a necklace with finely cut gems and the finishing touch a golden outline giving off a look as if the statue was shining in the light. And then next to it was a statue of a black dragon breathing out a stream of fire and finally the last thing Naruto looked at, a photo of his mother next to a man with blonde spiky hair like his except wilder and longer and had the same blue eyes the man was wearing a white cloak and he and his mother were smiling both bearing foxy grins on their faces. Naruto continued to stare at the picture. Kushina saw her son staring at the photo and then quickly pulled him away from it. The rest of the first floor was a huge kitchen, and a dining area.

"Come on Naruto let's go look around some more" she said. Naruto complied, but the picture was forever etched into his mind and he couldn't get his mind to wander from it. The second floor of the five story house was a training room, the third was a library filled with scrolls of jutsus and other important information. The fourth floor had split down into pathways, one leading right and the other left.

"The one on the right leads to my room and the left is yours, you might want to put some stuff in there because since we never had time to put stuff in, all you have is a bed, a closet, and a bathroom" the secret wife of Yondaime said. Naruto nodded and walked into his room. The place was empty except for the queen sized bed and a huge walk-in closet. Naruto quickly rested his duffel bag on the ground. When he heard a yelp he quickly remembered about Kioshi and Shizuka. He opened the bag and the fox and dragon instantly clambered out, the two animals were sweating from the heat of being cooped up in a bag for so long.

"God damn it Naruto, you could have let me and Shizuka-chan out" Kioshi said. Naruto scratched his head from embarrassment.

"Gomen nasai, Kioshi-san, Shizuka-chan, kinda got caught up in the moment of how huge this house is" he said. Kioshi just shook his head and then he and Shizuka went to explore the house.

"Don't go outside okay guys" Naruto called.

"Sure" Kioshi replied. Naruto then looked at his room, the walls were painted with a nature looking theme. A forest took up the front wall in front of the bed and many varieties of animals were painted in the forest, the wall on the left was the edge of the forest leading to a narrow the stream, a few fish were painted into the flowing waters and a few deer were there too taking a drink too. The back wall was a clearing in which the river led to a small lake. Cliffs were above the lake as a painted waterfall sent cascading waters into the lake. Two dragons could be seen diving from the sky towards the water about a few meters away from entering the lake. Finally the right wall showed an entire horizon area. The sunset painted in looked almost as real as the other paintings on his other walls. The mixtures of oranges, reds and yellows were a sight to behold.

"Well what do you think?" Naruto turned to see his mother leaning on the door frame.

"It's so beautiful I never thought art could look this realistic" he commented. Kushina smiled and then took her son's hand come on we gave to see the last floor" she said. Then Naruto and Kushina ran up the stairs to the final floor which was just a big room filled with boxes. Naruto looked at one that read 'Kushina's clothes No Touchy'. Naruto sweatdropped, Kushina could be so childish sometimes.

"So what do you think of the house?" she asked. Naruto grinned his foxy grin.

"It's perfect" he stated. Kushina ruffled the boy's blonde locks.

"Great, now come on, we have to get some kimonos for the festival tonight also I want to see you ask out your little friend" she said. Naruto blushed when she mentioned Sora and then left. Kushina chuckled. 'He's got it bad for whoever he's thinking of asking' she thought.

Kimono Shop

A young Remei Sora was about to purchase her kimono, which was an aqua colour which accented her eyes and had a green flowers on it. Sora sneezed and wondered who the hell was talking or thinking about her. Sora shrugged and then returned to the task at hand, getting a kimono to impress Naruto.

Back with Naruto

Naruto and Kushina walked into the Kimono shop, but as soon as Naruto stepped in glares were fired at him from all sides. Naruto's head dropped, but then he felt all the eyes stop glaring and he felt his other's killer intent as they walked through the shop. Naruto smirked, Okaa-san rules. As the two headed for the male section Naruto ran into a familiar face.

"Sora-chan?" he questioned. The blonde haired, azure eyed girl stopped when she heard her name. She looked around the shop and spotted the jinchuriki and waved while walking towards him.

"Oooh she's cute, nice curves, good dresser, Naruto my son way to score one for the team" Kushina whispered. Naruto blushed a shade of red at what his mother said before turning to Sora.

"Hey Naruto-kun" Sora told the blonde Uzumaki, "are you coming to the Spring Festival tonight?" she asked. Naruto nodded.

"Hai, just came for a kimono with my Okaa-san" he said gesturing to Kushina. Sora looked at the red haired woman.

"It's a pleasure to meet you Mrs. Uzumaki" Sora greeted the red head. Kushina waved politely.

"Well kids, I have to find myself a kimono why don't you two chat while I go look" she said, "don't forget to ask her" she whispered into Naruto's ear and then left with a mischievous smirk. Naruto and Sora then stood looking down at the ground as if it was suddenly the most interesting thing in the world.

"So" Naruto started, "how has your training been going so far?" he asked. Sora looked up into Naruto's eyes.

"Pretty well, I've been learning some new jutsus, you?" she asked. Naruto grinned.

"I got a summoning contract and" Naruto looked around and then whispered, "I found out I have kekkai genkai from Okaa-san" Sora's eyes widened.

"Sugoi, Naruto-kun you are so gonna kick Gaara's ass at the exams" she complimented, "Say what's your contract with and what's your bloodline?" she asked eager to know. Naruto smiled.

"That's for me to know and you to find out at the exams" he said mischievously. Sora pouted cutely before a light bulb went off in her head. Sora then turned back to Naruto and then said, "Please Naruto-kun, I'd be very, VERY grateful to you if you tell me" she said in a seductive tone. Sora pressed her body up against Naruto's. Naruto would have fainted on the spot had he not been in a shop of people who hated his guts. Naruto turned nearly 50 shades of red. Using all his will power he forced himself to say no. Sora grinned and then stopped her advances making Naruto stop blushing. Naruto then looked at Sora as she was observing her newly bought kimono.

"Well I have to go, need to get ready you know" she said and then walked away. Naruto contemplated on what to do, it was now or never.

"Matteo Sora-chan" he called. Sora turned around and smiled.

"Yes Naruto-kun?"

"W-w-w-well, you see for the f-f-festival people are c-c-cary-ying d-d-a-t-t-tes so I was wondering if you would maybe, could go with me" he asked her with a huge blush. Sora was blushing also.

"Of course" she replied a bit too quickly causing her to blush even more. Naruto looked up with a surprised expression.

"Gomen I don't think I heard right did you just say…" Sora nodded her head rapidly. Naruto grinned his foxy grin before whooping with joy and then hugging the blonde kunoichi.

"I'll meet you at the festival at seven thirty in front of Ichiraku's, okay" Naruto said. Sora nodded with a blush on her face and then left. Naruto grinned before going off to look for a kimono. He went in the males section looking around.

"No too emo" he said long looking at a black one, "too happy" he commented on a pink one. "Too creepy, too stupid, too gay, too… oh no wait this is the one" he said taking a kimono off the rack. He grinned and then he found his Kaa-san and then they both paid for their kimonos and then headed back to the Uzumaki compound. Naruto continued to train in his bloodline abilities and other powerful jutsus his mother taught him. Kushina finally thought he was ready and gave him the two scrolls she received from Jiraya.

"What are these?" the blonde jinchuriki asked, observing the scrolls.

"These are jutsu scrolls, with very powerful jutsu inside" she told him. Naruto's eyes brightened when he heard the 'p' word.

"Sugoi, what are they?" he asked. Kushina chuckled and then said, "Find out for yourself". Naruto was about to do just that, but then looked at the clock in the living room, it said 6:00.

"Kuso I'm gonna be late, gotta shower and get dressed to meet Sora-chan" he said as he rushed to the bathroom in his room. Kushina chuckled as she watched her son.

"Ah, to be in love" she said and then went to get dressed also.

7:30 p.m- Konoha Streets

Young Reimei Sora was waiting in front of Ichiraku Ramen for Naruto to arrive. She looked at het watch, it was still 7:30 and she knew Naruto was not the type of person to stand up someone, but he couldn't help, but have doubts. The young kunoichi was snapped out of her thoughts when she heard her name being called. She looked down the road to see the young Uzumaki running up to her.

"Gomen nasai, I needed to get some things done before coming" Naruto explained, "Am I late?" he asked.

"No, not at all" Sora said and then flashed the Kyuubi jinchuriki a smile. Naruto took the time to look over Sora, she was dressed in the flower patterned, aqua kimono. Her hair was let loose settling at her lower back and she had on a slight bit of make up.

'Beautiful' he thought. Sora was also looking over Naruto, his hair was still wild and unruly, but it suited him, he wore an ocean blue kimono which accented his eyes, and was patterned with purple and black dragons.

'He's handsome' was all she could think. There was a period of silence between the two, but Naruto decided to break the ice.

"Well, Sora-chan, I must say you look absolutely gorgeous tonight" he said with a foxy grin. Sora blushed and replied, "Yeah you look very handsome, the blue suits you" Naruto scratched the back of his head.

"Arigato, so how about we part take in the games" Naruto said offering his arm. Sora grinned and took his arm.

"To the games, Mr. Uzumaki" Sora said and the two set off. Along the way, Naruto was playing one of the shinobi games, one which was to throw all ten kunai through a ring hitting the bulls-eye, in which Naruto excelled in and won a stuffed dog for Sora that looked like a brown version of Akamaru.

"Hey Naruto" a loud voice called. Sora and Naruto turned to see his friends. Shikamaru was dressed in a leaf green kimono with a deer pattern, Ino was dressed in a yellow one with purple cosmos scattered across the surface. Chouji was dressed in a deep red kimono with pictures of bears all over it, Hinata was in a lavender kimono with a lilac pattern, Kiba's was grey with a wolf pattern, Shino was in a black kimono with golden butterflies etched across it, Sakura was obviously in pink with a picture of a cherry blossom tree on it, Arashi and Shinji were in similar kimonos, dark blue with black shuriken all over it, Neji was in a white kimono with silver birds on it, Tenten's was red with tigers on it and Lee's was green and had orange squirrels.

"Hey guys" Naruto greeted his friends, and Sakura whom he said hello to in a monotone.

"So Naruto who's your girlfriend over their?" Ino teased. Naruto and Sora blushed at being mentioned as a couple.

"We're not like that" Naruto and Sora said at the same time.

"She's my date for the festival" Naruto explained, but then the young boy got a sly look in his eyes. "Who are you guys going with?" he asked with a foxy grin.

"Ino, Chouji and I had to go together because tou-san said so" Shikamaru complained, "Troublesome" he muttered. Naruto chuckled.

"What about the rest of you?" Naruto asked.

"We came in our teams so we don't really have dates" Arashi said. Naruto then smiled.

"Guess I'm the only one got a girl" Naruto joked making the genin laugh. The group then left, but Kiba walked up to Naruto before leaving.

"Make sure you give her a goodnight kiss after this is over" the dog fanatic whispered. Naruto blushed, but forced it down so Sora, who was chatting with Sakura, wouldn't see it. Naruto nodded and then returned to Sora.

"Well Sora-chan care to play some games" he said.

"Once I kick your ass" she said.

"Yeah right, I'm the best game player ever" Naruto bragged.

"Well we'll see if that's true" Sora replied with a sly smirk. Naruto and Sora then ran off to play the shinobi games. After Naruto won 7-6, he and Sora then went to get something to eat. Naruto waited in line and noticed Ino, Chouji and Shikamaru ahead.

"Hey guys, hungry are you?" he asked. Ino nodded.

"Yeah, all that walking and playing games made me hungry" Chouji said as he rubbed his stomach. Naruto then turned to Shikamaru.

"Hey Shikamaru, I saw a sign for a shogi tournament a few stands back, you should sign up" Naruto suggested to his academy class pranking buddy. Shikamaru yawned.

"Yeah all right, it'll give me something to do" he said and then walked to the stand. Shikamaru then signed his name and then sat at a table facing off against an older man who appeared a bit too over confident. Before he started, the Nara heard a female voice.

"Fancy seeing you here" Temari said as she walked up to him dressed in a purple kimono with green striped that looked like the flowing wind.

"Ditto" he replied.

"I'm going to win the 5000 ryo prize and trophy" she said with a smirk.

"Ok, good luck with that" Shikamaru replied. Teamri fumed before stomping off to her table to face her opponent. Shikamaru turned back to his table mate.

"Prepare to lose kiddo" the man said. Shikamaru just yawned which annoyed the man and the games began.

Back with Naruto and Sora

"So Ino, why don't you have a date, I expected you of all people to come with one" Naruto said. Ino huffed and didn't say anything.

"She got stood up" Chouji said.

"Ah, I see" Naruto said, "Ino walk with me" Naruto said. Ino was puzzled and stepped off to the side with Naruto.

"What do you want dobe?" Ino asked with an annoyed tone. Naruto knew Ino was just upset and ignored the jab at his status.

"Well, Chouji told me you got abandoned by your date" he said. Ino remained quiet. "why don't you go with Chouji, he's a nice guy with a kind heart"

"Well, Naruto it's obvious, Chouji's a just a pig who would rather eat than…" Naruto glared halting Ino's insult at Chouji.

"Listen Ino, have you ever heard the phrase 'never judge a book by it's cover' well Chouji's like that, give the boy a chance and you'll find something in him you'll like" Naruto said with a kind smile.

"Demo, it's Chouji, he's my teammate and…" Ino was once again shut up when Naruto put his hand on her shoulder.

"Ino, stop judging people by outward appearances and get to know them better, now I'm hungry let's go back to Sora-chan and Chouji. The two blondes then walked back to the fire manipulator and the Akimichi. Sora was waiting for Naruto at a table who walked towards her and sat down to eat a meal of ramen and onigiri.

"Hey Ino, what were you and Naruto talking about?" Chouji asked his friend. Ino just shook her head.

"Nothing important" she stated.

"Here I got a vegetarian meal for you" the young Akimichi said gesturing to the tray beside his on the table. Ino looked at Chouji who was grinning at her before returning to his meal. Ino smiled, Naruto was right, she'd give Chouji a chance. Naruto and Sora were eating when Sora looked up at the dragon summoner.

"So, what were you and Ino talking about?" she asked. Naruto swallowed before talking, manners before talking.

'Thank goodness Okaa-san told me what to do when you're on a date' he thought before answering. "I was just telling her to get over her date standing her up" he said. Sora looked at Naruto as if telling him to go on.

"AND?" she told the blonde boy. Naruto looked at the yellow haired girl, her light blue eyes staring into his.

"I told her to give Chouji a chance, he's actually a nice guy minus the eating constantly" he said as he took a bit out of his onigiri. Sora's eyes widened.

"Well look at you, being the Love Doctor of Konoha" she teased. Naruto chuckled.

"Please I'm anything, but a match maker" he said. The two continued to eat in silence. When they finished eating, they proceeded to walk through the lantern lit streets when they heard a voice over a few of the intercoms placed throughout the streets.

"COME ALL NINJA CHILDREN, COME AND JOIN THE NINJA THREE LEGGED OBSTACLE COURSE, YOU AND ONE TEAMATE WILL GO THROUGH A SERIES OF OBSTACLES IN ORDER TO REACH THE END AND GAIN A WHOPPING 10000 RYO HERE IN STAND 67!" the intercom then shut off with buzz and zap. Sora and Naruto looked at each other and grinned, knowing what the other was thinking.

"We're going to win that thing" they both said and then raced off to stand 67. When the two blondes arrived they found a number of genin there to take part. As well as the rookie 9 minus Shikamaru, Team Gai and Sora's team. The genin all observed the obstacle course, it consisted first of a run through a 50 meter field while jumping over hurdles, then climbing a 20 ft. wall without chakra, then hopping across 20 rocks that were placed over a small pond and then finally a 30 meter sprint to the finish line.

"Well this should be exciting" Neji said.

"YOSH, MY FLAMES OF YOUTH WILL SHINE IN THIS DARK AS I WIN THIS RACE!' Lee yelled, flames burning in his eyes. The teams then lined up at the starting line. The teams then tied a firm knot around their ankles, but not enough to restrict blood flow. The teams are as follows.

Shinji and Arashi

Sora and Naruto

Hinata and Kiba

Lee and Shino

Neji and Tenten

The teams then got ready to take off. The referee guy then stood off to the side with a kunai and exploding note in hand.

"On your marks" the ref said. He then lit the note, the flame burned the note. "Get set" the flame was now half way across the note. The ref threw the kunai high into the air and then a few seconds later a boom echoed throughout the night sky. At that the teams sped off. Neji and Tenten held the lead, with Naruto and Sora not far behind. Shino and Lee in third, Shinji and Arashi were in fourth with Kiba and Hinata in last place. After the hurdles they reached the wall. The teams tried to climb the wall, but had no luck. Then Naruto got an idea. He released the genjutsu on his hands revealing his sharp claws and then told Sora to hold on to him. Naruto then dug his claws into the wooden wall and moved upwards. Kiba used his claws also and began to follow Naruto's movements. Naruto and Sora finally made it over the wall with Kiba and Hinata a few meters behind. Lee and Shino had made due to Lee's 'youthful power' (A/N: Shino used his bugs to help them climb). The three finalists then ran to the rocks. Naruto and Sora were quickly making their way across the rocks with ease. Lee and Shino had gotten ahead of Kiba and Hinata and were now on the rocks, but Lee's sandal caught on the hem of his kimono and the two teammates tumbled into the waters below. Lee and Shino climbed onto a rock and saw Kiba and Hinata hopping across the rocks, with Naruto and Sora having a huge lead.

"Gomen nasai Shino-san, I seem to have tripped on my kimono, forgive me" Lee said wit anime tears. Shino shook his head. "It's alright Lee, lets' just see who'll win Naruto or Kiba" the bug user said.

Naruto and Sora nearly fell, but they regained their footing. Kiba and Hinata were quickly catching up, so Naruto decided to up the pace. Sora nearly fell over since they were joined at the ankle by the rope. Sora adjusted to the speed and the two then began to reach the final rock. With one final jump the two jumped over it and landed on the other side of the pond. Kiba and Hinata tripped on the last rock and fell into the cold waters.

"Gomen, Kiba-kun, I-I-I mes-s-sed up" she stuttered with her head down.

"It's okay Hinata-chan, we near to the end that's good enough for me" he said. Hinata blushed when Kiba grabbed her waist and helped her out and they watched as Naruto and Sora crossed the finish line. The crowd, that had gathered, cheered for the winners while some booed because they didn't like Naruto for his tenant. Naruto didn't care though, he took the golden trophy from the referee and Naruto and Sora cheered for their victory. The two hugged and jumped up and down as their friends gathered around them, four of them soaked and lifted the two blondes onto their shoulders, the two were so happy they didn't realize they were holding hands. Shikamaru was walking with Temari to the place where Naruto and Sora were being thrown up into the air and down and up again. Shikamaru was holding a gold trophy and a check in his pocket.

'Another one to add to the collection I guess' he thought with a sigh, as he ignore Temari's rants about he cheated to beat her in the final round.


Temari had left to the hotel where she and her brothers were staying and the genin were all walking home. The Rookies had all split up to go home, but Naruto decide to stay with Sora to walk her home. The two blondes walked down the road side by side, Naruto was holding the trophy under his arm.

"It sure was a fun day today" Naruto said with a chuckle. Sora giggled and brushed off her kimono.

"It sure was good idea to use your nails to get us up that wall" she complimented. Naruto blushed.

"Aww, you're too kind" he said. The two shared a laugh before everything went silent, the chirping of crickets echoed throughout the night as the two continued to walk. They finally stopped when Sora reached the door to her house. Sora then faced her date and smiled.

"Arigato for a fun night tonight, Naruto-kun" she said.

"Anytime, Sora-chan" he replied. Sora then began to fidget and tug on her kimono. Naruto noticed she looked a bit nervous.

"Is something wrong, Sora-chan?" he asked. Naruto's eyes widened as his question was answered with a kiss on the lips. Sora kissed the boy, a lot of passion and love was put into that one kiss. Naruto was too shocked to do anything, as Sora pulled a way a huge blush was on her face.

"Want to meet again, when we're not training?" she asked, the blonde jinchuriki. Naruto just nodded, his brain still trying to process what just happened. Sora grinned and then left Naruto alone with his thoughts as Naruto walked back home.

Uzumaki/Namikaze Compound

Naruto entered his home, a look of thought etched on his face. Kushina was sitting on the living room couch with an angry expression n her face.

"Where have you been young man I've been worried…" Kushina stopped when she saw her son's face. Kushina got p and walked to him as Naruto sat on one of the recliners. "Naruto, daijobou desuka?" she asked.

"She kissed me" Naruto whispered, Kushina's eyes widened when she hear that.

"Ah, so she kissed you, and how do you feel?" she asked him sitting on the recliners arm.

"That's the problem Okaa-san, I don't know how I feel about her, I mean I only met her a few days ago, and then, THIS!" he yelled. Kushina ruffled her son's hair.

"Let me guess, you're feeling confused, happy and have a weird sensation in your stomach. Am I right?" she asked. Naruto looked at his mother as if she just grew a second head.

"That's exactly it, Okaa-san" he said, "How'd you know?" he asked.

"Honey, you love that Sora girl" she stated and then Kushina got up and left to go to bed. Naruto sat in the chair thinking over what his mother just said.

'I love her?' he thought to himself. Naruto then went to bed to think about this another time. The past weeks, Naruto and the other finalists have training for their matches. Naruto trained more in his bloodline ability and learned a multitude of jutsus related to his bloodline, a lot more elemental ones and began to learn the jutsu from the first scroll his mother gave him. Naruto and Sora, when not training, had began to see each other more often and became very close. He and Sora discussed the results of their training and Sora often found Naruto with his right hand covered in chakra burns and a spiral mark on his palm. Then Naruto knew his mother was right, he loved the young kunoichi. A few days later Naruto confessed he loved Sora and was met with a kiss on the lips as her response. Now the time has come the month is over and the Chunin Exam Finals are about to begin, the daimyo's of Wind, Fire, and the new and improved Wave Countries have all gathered to watch the exciting matches.

At the Konoha Arena, the stands were packed to the brim with cheering fans and fellow shinobi, the finalists were all waiting on the field below for the matches to begin. They were all lined up, looking at the cheering fans, all the finalists except Sasuke. Naruto was puzzled.

'Strange, I would have expected Sasuke of all people to show up on time for the matches' he thought.

Don't worry about that emo kid, kit just focus on that Garra kid, there's something off about him, but I can't place it. Kyuubi said via mental contact.

'Alright Kyuu-sensei' he replied. Kyuubi growled, the lord of foxes hated that stupid nickname the little gaki came up for him. Naruto looked over at Sora, his now girlfriend, who smiled at him. Naruto smiled back before getting serious and staring at Gaara. The stands quieted as the Hokage, and the newly arrived Kazekage stood up. Sarutobi stood up and looked over the people in the stands.

"Welcome citizens of Konohagakure no Sato and distinguished guests" he said gesturing to the daimyos. "I welcome you all to the fifth annual Konoha Chunin exams and hope you all will enjoy the exciting matches our finalists will present to us today" Sarutobi exclaimed. The crowds' cheers echoed throughout the stadium and then Hayate, who had survived the attack from Baki with critical injuries, but survived, looked at the finalists along with his assistant, Shinranu Genma.

"Alright you guys, this is the final exam, the judges in the stands will see if you're ready to become chunin, now then the rules are the same, the match is over if one of you is knocked unconscious, killed, if you surrender or if one of us referees declares the match over" Genma explained. The genin nodded in understanding.

"Good, *cough, cough* now then the first match, Fuuma Arashi vs. Aburame Shino, these two competitors will remain here on the field while the rest of you can go up to the balcony and watch from there." Hayate said and then coughed some more.

"Honestly Hayate, do something about that cough" Genma said with an anime sweatdrop on the back of his head. Hayate ignored his fellow jonin and then the other fighters walked up to the balcony. Arashi and Shino stood across from each other and shook hands.

"May the best man win" Arashi said with a grin. "Which is obviously me" he added. Shino stopped shaking and put his hand back in his pocket.

"Don't count you chickens before they hatch" Shino replied and then the two warriors slipped into their respective fighting stances. (A/N: I think that's the saying) Genma then stepped between the two as Hayate waked away from the 3 of them. Genma then raised his arm up into the air.

"You two ready?" he asked. The two nodded in confirmation. Genma then brought his arm down in a chop motion and jumped away with a yell of, "HAIJIME!" The two then rushed each other and the Chunin exams began.

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