A/N: Hi again!!!! :D Righty-ho, this is the sequel to my story 'An Ex in Eighty Two', and if you haven't read that then I highly recommend you do otherwise parts of this story will be confusing (: hopefully you guys will enjoy it! Roxannaaaax

"Aaaarrrgghhhh!" Alex Hunt screamed, her vocal chords threatening to explode. Panting and huffing ridiculously, the pain seared through her body once more. "URGHHH!"

"That's it, Mrs Hunt, you're doing absolutely brilliantly," the midwife said calmly, seemingly unaware of Alex's pain. "The baby's nearly on its way, you just need to –"

"Gene," Alex whimpered, "Get Gene…I need him…"

"Mrs Hunt –"


The midwife scuttled out of the room, nodding, and found a pale man sitting on a chair, hands covering his ears. Gene Hunt looked up.

"Is it –?"

"Nearly, Mr Hunt, but your wife's calling for you. She wants you there."

Gene leapt to his feet and was in the room in seconds. Grabbing hold of Alex's hand, he felt his emotions surface.

"C'mon sweetheart, yer doin' so well…"

"It hurts, Gene," Alex whimpered, "please, make it stop – aaaaarrrrgggghhhhh!"

Alex squeezed Gene's hand so tightly that it almost hurt him.

"It's crowning!" another midwife shouted out. "Come on Mrs Hunt; PUSH! PUSH!"

"Oh bloody hell," Gene panicked, feeling completely out of his depth. Normally he was all for Alex moaning and groaning beneath him, but this was just taking things a step too far…


When things had become too much, Gene had had to leave Alex with the midwives moaning and screaming. Hospitals were never really Gene's thing. Ever since he had to have stitches as a kid when his dad pushed him down the stairs, he had never taken to the place. The minutes ticked on by and felt like hours; all Gene wanted to do was to see his wife, to see his child…his son or his daughter…

A small smile tugged at Gene's mouth as he recalled the afternoon spent five months ago deciding on baby names. They had just come back from their honeymoon after a beautiful wedding that took place three months after Alex announced to Gene was she pregnant, and now they were focussing on the baby and the joys of being newlyweds. Choosing the baby names had been a fun, tiring, stressful and argumentative afternoon, but it did end in one of the best kisses Gene and Alex had ever shared together.

Gene leant backwards into the wall, the happy memory taking over…

"Gene," Alex pondered, flicking through the pages in the baby names book, "what about Caroline for a girl? That's a nice name –"

"I am not cursing our daughter with the same name as that Caroline Price," Gene decided forcefully.

"It was my mother's name," Alex snapped. Gene sighed.

"Fine. How about Caroline for the middle name? I can live with that."

Alex stroked his arm. "You know, I don't mind if you want to name our daughter after your mother, Gene."

Gene snorted. "My mother was called Gladys, Bolly, and if you think we're calling our little girl bloody Gladys you've got another thing coming!"

Alex laughed out loud. "Okay, okay. What if it's a boy though? We could…we could call him Sam?"

Gene visibly stiffened. "S'nice of you, Bolls," he mumbled, "but I wouldn't want my lad bein' called Sam. It would just bring back the memories. But…but once again, Sam for the middle name wouldn't be too bad."

Alex nodded in understanding. "Well my love, we've got the middle names sorted. Any chance of the poor darlings getting first names?"

Gene smiled, thinking. "I want somethin' pretty if it's a girl," Gene said finally, "because I know she's goin' ter be pretty. Especially if the prettiest woman on Earth's her mother."

Alex kissed him lightly. "Turning into a right old softie, aren't you," she teased him.

"Only for you," Gene winked, "still a miserable bastard for the boys at CID."

"That's my Gene," Alex giggled, flicking through the book some more. "Ooh, I like this one. Melanie."

"Melanie," Gene repeated, frowning, "s'nice…but maybe if we name her somethin' a bit different ter yer usual…how about Melody?"

"Oh Gene, I love it," Alex beamed. "Melody Caroline Hunt…it's perfect. And…could we name a boy something beginning with 'M' too? Only…" Alex swallowed, "my other daughter…she lives with her godfather…her name was Molly. I'd like it if I could still remember part of her through this baby."

Gene squeezed her shoulders lightly. "Of course, love." He sighed, thinking and then smirking. "How about Mickey Mouse?"

Alex laughed out loud and slapped him playfully. "I don't think so…though I quite like Michael."

Gene wrinkled his nose. "Nah. Imagine 'im getting nicknamed Mike…now try sayin' his name and surname pretty damn fast, Bolls."

"Mike Hunt, Mike Hunt, Mike Hunt," Alex frowned, suddenly realising and erupting into a beautiful, sunny laugh. "Okay, I get you. What about…Max?"

"Max. Max. Maxy boy. Maxy. Yeah. I like Maxy."

"Maxy Samuel Hunt," Alex beamed, "Gene, I love it."

Gene kissed her. "Now we just got ter wait ter find out who's coming," he grinned.

Gene laughed lightly as he recalled their pure sense of excitement, not littered with an ounce of worry. Now, he was seconds away from being a dad.


When Gene was called back into the room, he was shaking with fear and excitement. Would he be a good dad? He had vowed long ago never to be like his father, and he hoped that he would be allowed to do his best.

Seeing the sight of Alex lying in bed with a small bundle in her arms was enough to cause a few stray tears to spill down his cheeks. He was a father.

Gene leant over Alex and kissed her on the forehead. "Congratulations, sweetheart. Well done. I am so, so proud of you."

Alex beamed, still tired. "We have a daughter," she smiled, "Melody Caroline Hunt. You can hold her, you know."

Gene was overwhelmed with happiness as he took the tiny baby in his arms, looking down at his daughter's face. Unashamed by his tears, he knew this little bundle was the most precious baby in the world. She was beautiful, so tiny, so delicate. Gene knew that he loved her with all his heart and he was going to do everything to protect this little girl from the world but also show her the wonders of it. Suddenly, two tiny little fat fists reached upwards, as if reaching for Gene.

"She knows her daddy," Alex whispered.

Gene smiled. "I'm here, Melody. Always where I'm needed, me."

Alex smiled too. "You're going to be an amazing father, Gene," she assured him, "I can tell."

Gene turned to her. "How do you know?"

Alex winked. "Female intuition."