They had waited so long. Both in different times, both in different places, but now they were here. United forever.

1988 could not have been introduced in a better way. It had been nearly a year since Molly had arrived in the 80s with her mother, and what a year it had been.

Gene had dropped the case on child prostitution once they discovered who the young girl was and that she was not a mini hooker, and he couldn't believe that he was meeting the famous Molly at last. Seeing his wife absolutely burst with happiness was wonderful, and he made no hesitations in adjusting their small house to accommodate a twelve-year-old girl.

Molly and Gene took to each other instantly. Molly of course missed her friends, MSN, the fashions of her time and the music of her favourite bands, but after a long, serious talk with Alex she began to understand what had happened. Alex and Molly both agreed not to mention that they were from the future unless they really, really had to. They didn't want anything spoiling their life here.

Molly got on with her half-brother and half-sister brilliantly. She loved having a five and four-year-old to look after and play with, especially as Melody was as feisty as she was and Maxy was the cutest little thing. Molly enjoyed dressing Melody up and doing her hair and she secretly loved playing cars with Maxy, although she would never admit it to her new friends at her school in 1988.

Molly particularly liked Gene. Normally her mum's boyfriends were given the third degree and never got her approval, but there was something different about Gene. He didn't suck up and try to impress her but he didn't completely ignore her and act like she didn't exist either. In fact, one of her favourite moments with Gene was in the second week of living with her mum's new family…

"Molly!" Alex yelled from the kitchen. "Can you set the table please?"

Molly groaned from where she was sat watching 80s TV with Gene. "Muuuuuum, I did it last night. Make Melody do it."

"Melody's five, Molly. I'm not having her handle knives. And I cooked last night, and the night before, but I'm still here…"

Molly looked at Gene for back-up and her rolled his eyes and mimed 'blah-blah-blah', using his hand to effect. Molly sniggered.

"Better just do it or she'll go on for eternity," Gene winked.

"Yeah," Molly giggled, "Mum? What have we got for dinner?"

"Stew and dumplings. It's Gene's favourite and we had fish and chips last night for you."

Molly pulled a disgusted face, outraged. "Yuck!" she protested.

"Hey, you heard yer mum," Gene said sternly. Molly turned to glare at him, annoyed about being told off, but then Gene smirked. "It's my favourite, ain't it? I'll nick some when she's wiping snot off Maxy's face or somethin'."

Molly burst out laughing. "Thanks, Gene," she grinned.

They could not have been a better family unit. Molly loved her school in the 80s and found she was one of the brightest students, especially in Science due to the fact she had learnt much more complicated equations and methods twenty years in the future. Melody was in her first year at school and seemed to have inherited Gene's attitude.

It was February 1988 when Alex had to have a stern word with her daughter as Molly and Gene sniggered from the sofa and Maxy gawped in awe.

"Melody, how many times do I have to tell you?" Alex said in exasperation, "I know you don't like being in Blue Class because it's not the colour of Daddy's car, but you can't go into Red Class every morning. AND," Alex continued, shooting furious glares at Molly and Gene as tears of laughter ran down their cheeks, "you cannot say 'shut up you bastard' to your teacher!"

"Daddy says it!" Melody insisted indignantly.

Alex turned to Gene, fuming. "Would you care to discipline your daughter, Gene, or am I going to be the bad cop?"

Gene coughed and then got up off the sofa to kneel down at Melody's level. "Mummy's right," Gene said firmly, "that is very, very naughty, Mel, and –"

"Don't call her Mel; she'll think it's not serious –"

"Yes thank you, Alex," Gene tutted. He sighed. "Look Melody, you've been a very naughty girl at school for the past few months. You need to be like yer big sister Molly. She's an excellent girl, and gets lots of gold stars for when she's good."

"I don't get gold stars, that's for primary –"

"You get gold stars, Molly," Gene insisted, "don't you? When yer good."

"Oh," Molly realised, "yeah, Melody. Lots of them. They're great."

Alex smiled at the teamwork between Molly and Gene as they told Melody off. Melody nodded, staring at the floor.

"I got a gold star once," she revealed, "when I was the quickest in Numeracy."

"There we go!" Gene encouraged her. "That's my girl, 'ey. Brightest girl in the class."

Alex, Gene and Molly smiled at each other as Melody grinned smugly to herself.

"I'm going to be a good boy when I go to school," Maxy chirped, "and I'm going to be in Red Class."

Melody looked thunderous. "No! No, Mummy, Daddy, Maxy can't be in Red Class! I want to be in Red Class!"

Alex and Gene laughed lightly, intertwining their hands lovingly as Molly went to calm Melody down.

"I love you, Bolls," Gene smiled, kissing Alex on the lips gently. Molly saw and grimaced dramatically, deciding to take Melody and Maxy upstairs to get away from her mother kissing Gene.

"I love you too, Gene," Alex said softly, claiming Gene's lips with her own once more.


That night, Alex couldn't sleep. She was thrashing about in the bed feeling sick, the voices never leaving her mind.

"We're losing her…we're losing her…"

"We'll give it one more go…or we'll have to turn it off…she's not fighting…"

Alex's chest felt like it was going to explode. She jolted involuntarily.

"She's not fighting…we're losing her…"

Alex let out a scream as pain seared through her chest and her head pounded.

"Bolly? BOLLY! ALEX!"

"Gene…" Alex whimpered.

"That's it…she's going…she's going…"



"It's over…she's gone…"

Alex's eyes shot open as she gasped, the pain leaving her. Gene pulled her into his arms, soothing her and vowing to never let her go.

"Christ, Alex, are you okay? Bolly…Bolly, look at me, sweetheart…"

Alex stroked Gene's cheek lovingly. "I'm fine, Gene, I'm fine…it was just a nightmare…"

"Yer sure?"

"Yes. I'm fine, my love."

They settled back down in bed enveloped in each other's arms. Alex knew what had happened. She had died in 2008, just like Molly. Just like Jack Drake had died in 1987.

Alex smiled to herself, finally content.

Jack was bounded to the future. Alex and Molly were bound to the past with Gene, Melody and Maxy. They were safe.

Alex smiled up at Gene from resting on his chest and he bent down to kiss her lips tenderly.

"I love you, Alex," Gene promised, "forever."

"Oh Gene," Alex sighed in bliss, "I love you. So, so much my darling."


Within an instant, Molly, Melody and Maxy had burst into the room.

"Mum, it's two in the morning right, and Melody and Maxy came through to my room moaning that they're having nightmares," Molly complained, clambering onto the bed with Gene and Alex and swiftly followed by her younger siblings, "why can't they wake you up?"

Gene and Alex laughed as they switched the bedside light on.

"Come on, you two," Gene smirked, "cuddle up. No monsters are gonna get yer when yer with the Gene Genie."

Melody and Maxy snuggled in between Gene and Alex triumphantly, hogging the bed and getting comfy.

"You too, Molls," Gene insisted.

"Come on, Molly, you're not too big for cuddles," Alex grinned, pulling her into the bed as well. Molly chuckled as the five of them squashed up together, hanging on for dear life.

"Night," Molly yawned, "and don't wake me up, you two."

"We won't," Melody promised.

"Not scared anymore," Maxy said happily.

"No, I meant Mum and Dad. Don't want them snogging and waking the whole neighbourhood up."

Gene was about to protest, but then he caught Alex's eye and his mouth opened slightly in comprehension.

It may have been a slip of the tongue, but the young girl had still said it. Dad.

Alex beamed as she leant over her three darling children to interlink her fingers with Gene's, giving them a loving squeeze. Settling down to sleep, they all realised that this is where they belonged. Safe. Together.

All was well.

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