AN: Something for my friend, with one of my favourite pairings. I hope she likes it.
Pairing: Rude/Reno
Warnings: Blood, gore, men kissing, Reno talking dirty.

"How ya feelin' par'ner?" Reno beamed at Reno, his long red hair covering his eyes. He smiled up at him, eyes drinking in the other's sexy body. "Be' ya can' wai' till we're back home, yer gonna fu' me, lay me down on the bed an' take me har'... yer the bes' thing in my worl'..." He wasn't normally so strong with his emotions, but he wanted to comfort the other. He knew the last mission hadn't gone so well.

"Pretty good Reno...I can't wait." He smiled, looking down at the other, making sure to keep his breathing slow, calm. He leant forwards, kissing Reno's cheek, licking away the splatter of blood. "You'll be mine again."

Reno smirked.
"Ya know par'ner... I think tha's the mos' I've heard ya say all week..." He smiled, kissing his partner gently, tasting blood. It felt so good to be together like this. Their arms were around each other, and Reno snuggled against Rude's lap.

Rude smirked.
"You do that to me." He grinned at his partner's eager expression. "You know what? I'll let you choose dinner tonight."

Reno beamed, even more delighted than before. He loved getting to choose the food.
"Hmm...'m gonna go fer pizza... an' then fer dessert, think'm gonna go fer ya."

Rude nodded, smiling as Reno ran his hand down his chest and drew a heart in the blood that was staining the other's shirt. Reno smirked up at him, and Rude nodded encouragingly.

Reno grinned, kissing him deeply.
"Well I love ya fere'er too." He was far more vocal than Rude, far more likely to admit love in times of heightened emotion. Normally love, but right now it was fear. He shifted Rude's position, stroking the top of the bald's man head, feeling him pass out. The bleeding still hadn't stopped. "Yer hol' on Rude...Don' ya leave...yer nee' ta ge' better....don' ya dare leave..."

He looked up at the sky, and laughed in relief. He could see a chopper. The rescue team were here.